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Days of week abbreviated M,T,W,TH,F

 Ashley, Roger P.(Emeritus)  650-329-5416
 Balistrieri, Laurie S. (U of WA.)  206-543-8966
 Bishop, Kenneth R. (Rick)  650-329-5456
 Bliss, James D. (Emeritus)  520-670-5502
 Bookstrom, Arthur (Emeritus)  509-368-3119
 Box, Stephen E.  509-368-3106
 Bramschreiber, Lori Admin  520-670-5578
 Bultman, Mark W.  520-670-5503



 Cocker, Mark (Emeritus)  M 520-744-3490 T,W,Th,F 520-670-5506
 Cossette, Pamela M  509-368-3121
 Cox, Dennis (Emeritus)  650-329-5328
 Dunlap, Pamela  520-670-5573
 Dusel-Bacon, Cynthia (Emeritus)  650-329-5719
 Evans, James G. (Emeritus)  509-368-3115
 Foster, Andrea  650-329-5437
 Frank, David G.  509-368-3107
 Frost, Thomas P. Deputy Center Director  509-368-3103
 Gettings, Mark E.  M,W,F 520-670-5507 T,Th 520-797-1572
 Gray, Floyd  M,W,F 520-670-5582 T,Th 520-744-2492


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 Haxel, Gordon B. (Emeritus, in Flagstaff)  928-556-7191
 Hayes, Timothy S.  520-670-5024
 Jenkins, Kimberly L. Administrative Officer  509-368-3104
 John, David A.  650-329-5424
 Kamilli, Robert J. (Emeritus)  520-670-5576
 Koski, Randolph A. (Emeritus)  650-329-5499
 Long, Keith R.  M,W,Th 520-323-0091 T,F 520-670-5512
 Ludington, Stephen D. (Emeritus)  650-329-5371



 Martinez, Gary  509-368-3120
 Mihalasky, Mark J.     509-368-3118
 Miller, Robert J. (Volunteer)  650-329-5407
 Moore, Thomas E.  650-329-5713
 Moring, Barry  650-329-5360
 Mosier, Dan  650-329-5050
 Mossotti, Victor  650-329-5284
 Orris, Greta J.  520-670-5583
 Piper, David Z. (Emeritus)  650-329-5187



 Rytuba, James J.  650-329-5418
 Schumacher, Patty Admin  775-784-5366
 Sharon, Joanne B. Admin  509-368-3102
 Singer, Donald A. (Volunteer)  650-329-5370
 Stillings, Lisa L.  775-784-5803
 Theodore, Ted G. (Contractor)  650-329-5365
 Vikre, Peter  775-784-5597
 Wintzer, Niki E.  509-368-3110
 Zientek, Michael L.  509-368-3105

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