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Overview screenshot
A screen shot of the Mineral Resource Online Spatial Data website,

The purpose of this work is to make the digital spatial data produced by the Mineral Resources Program effective in solving scientific and technical problems encountered by people who work within and outside the Federal government. Visit the Mineral Resources Online Spatial Data site:

Project activities:

  1. Creating a topically-indexed catalog of published scientific data
  2. Developing interactive map interfaces that help people understand what data we have to offer as well as how different data sets are connected and related
  3. Developing specialized web interfaces that help people download the specific data that meet their needs
  4. Developing geospatial web services and application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable applied scientists to exploit the connections between USGS work and their own
  5. Coordinating the composition, documentation, and delivery of all spatial data products generated by Mineral Resources Program research and technical staff.


sample map from mrdata web site
Example of catalog's map interface, displaying multiple selected data sets, for a selected geographic area

General interactive map interfaces:

Scientific Topics

Go to Mineral Resources Online Spatial Data site:

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