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Sample Weight: 2.00 g


Major elements are determined in rocks by Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (WDXRF). The sample is fused with lithium metaborate/lithium tetraborate flux and the resultant glass disk is introduced into the WDXRF and irradiated by an x-ray tube. The method also provides a gravimetric Loss on Ignition (LOI).

Method 15 Major Element Oxides and Reporting Limits
Major Elements as Oxides Concentration (low) Concentration (high)
Al2O3 .01% 75%
BaO .01% 10%
CaO .01% 60%
Cr2O3 .01% 10%
Fe2O3 .01% 75%
K2O .01% 30%
MgO .01% 10%
MnO .01% 10%
Na2O .01% 30%
P2O5 .01% 25%
SiO2 .01% 90%
TiO2 .01% 25%
SrO .01% 10%
V2O5 .01% 10%
LOI .01% 50%

Analytical Performance

Data will be deemed acceptable if recovery of each major oxide is ±5% at five times the Lower Limit of Determination (LOD) and the calculated Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) of duplicate samples is no greater than 5%.

Project Contact

Jaime Azain
Phone: 303-236-9376
Central Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center

Mineral Resources Program Science Priority

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