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USGS products from Mineral Resources Program activities can be searched for, and are freely available, to download from the USGS Publications Warehouse.

Minerals Statistics and Information

The National Minerals Information Center products focus on the worldwide supply of, demand for, and flow of minerals and materials. These products are available online (or for purchase) and are organized by mineral commodity, geographic area, or monthly/annual statistical compilation.

Statistics and Information: Commodity | Country | State | Materials Flow | Recycling | Mineral Commodity Summaries | Minerals Yearbook | Metal Industry Indicators | Mineral Industry Surveys | Nonmetallic Mineral Products Industry Indexes

Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data

Spatial data, including interactive maps and downloadable data covering mineral resources, geologic, geochemistry, and geophysical data is available at the Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data portal.

Other data portals on this site: Map Interfaces | Topical Index | Mineral Resources | Geological Data | Geochemistry | Geophysics | Geochronology | Soil Geochemical and Mineralogical Data Maps (conterminous U.S.)

Selected Mineral Products Listed by Publication Year

2011 to Present | 2001 to 2010

Previously, static lists of selected MRP pubs (1996 – approximately 2007) were compiled by USGS publication series. Links are shown to these pages which are no longer updated due to funding cuts.

Bulletins | Circulars | Data Series | Fact Sheets | Maps | Open-File Reports | Professional Papers | Scientific Investigations Reports | Other Product Types

In addition to the USGS Publications Warehouse, product and project pages within Program-funded Science Centers are sources for additional products.