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In August 2010 the USGS Mineral Resources Program announced a grant and/or cooperative agreement opportunity through its Mineral Resources External Research Program (MRERP) to any individual who had the ability to conduct research consistent with Program goals and who was not employed by a Federal agency. Applicants can be affiliated (but are not required to be affiliated) with universities, State agencies, Tribal governments or organizations, industry, or other private sector groups. The 2011 MRERP received seven proposals that were reviewed by a panel of 6 research scientists (2 from USGS and 4 external to the USGS).

The FY 2011 MRERP solicitation included a call for research proposals (1) to improve our assessment for concealed mineral resources in general, (2) to help define limits of layered and sediment-hosted stratiform deposits for the purpose of constructing global grade and tonnage models for these types of deposits, (3) to develop advanced models and methods that can be used to reduce uncertainties and risks in probabilistic resource assessments, or (4) that would contribute to accurate and comprehensive mineral deposit or mineral environmental models for a select number of nonfuel mineral commodities, as well as uranium. A total of $103,000 was awarded to the top two ranked proposals. The USGS is pleased to announce that it supported the following two research projects in the FY 2011 MRERP, listed in alphabetical order by principal investigator:

Principal Investigator: Mark Barton
Affiliation: University of Arizona
Proposal Title: Studies of hydrothermal Fe oxide (± Cu, Au, Ag, U, P, REE, Co) systems with a focus on SW North America

Principal Investigator: Paul Jewell
Affiliation: University of Utah
Proposal Title: LiDAR Identification of Hydrothermal Alteration Styles: A New Tool for Revealing Concealed Mineral Deposits

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