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USGS Mineral Resources Program Supports Year 2 Extensions of External Research Projects

The USGS Mineral Resources Program is pleased to announce that satisfactory Year 1 Progress Reports have been received and funding approved for completion of three research projects from the Fiscal Year 2006 Mineral Resources External Research Program (MRERP). The following projects were selected through a competitive process and support the goals of the Mineral Resources Program:

Principal Investigator: Kenneth A. Hickey and Richard M. Tosdal
Affiliation: University of British Columbia
Proposal Title: Defining spatio-temporal patterns in hydrothermal flow using apatite fission-track thermochronology; implications for the genesis of Carlin-type Au-deposits in north-central Nevada

Principal Investigator: Jeffrey L. Mauk
Affiliation: University of Auckland
Proposal Title: Magnetite in hydrothermal orebodies and host rocks in the Proterozoic Belt Supergroup

Principal Investigator: Eric Seedorff
Affiliation: University of Arizona
Proposal Title: Dismembered Laramide porphyry deposits in southern Arizona: Links to Catalina core complex

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