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The Mineral Resources Program (MRP) offered a grant and/or cooperative agreement opportunity to universities, state agencies, industry, or other private sector organizations that have the ability to conduct research in topics that meet the goals of the Mineral Resources Program in March 2004. Thirty-four proposals were submitted to the Mineral Resources External Research Program (MRERP) that met the goals of the MRP. The proposals were reviewed by a panel of 6 research scientists (5 from USGS and 1 external to the USGS) and the MRP is pleased to announce that it supported the following six proposals, listed in alphabetical order by principal investigator:

Principal Investigator: John Dilles
Affiliation: John Dilles
Proposal Title: The mineralogy and origin of hydrothermally altered Quaternary volcanic rocks on the south flank of Lassen volcano, California

Principal Investigator: Richard Fifarek
Affiliation: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Proposal Title: Magmatic fluid evolution during the transition from porphyry Cu-Au to high sulfidation Au-Ag deposits: Fluid inclusion evidence from the Pierina (Peru) and Summitville (USA) deposits

Principal Investigator: Paul Layer and Rainer Newberry
Affiliation: University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Proposal Title: A long-term effort to determine 40Ar/39Ar ages of Alaskan mineral deposits

Principal Investigator: Reed Lewis and Jeffrey Vervoort
Affiliation: Idaho Geological Survey, University of Idaho, and Washington State University
Proposal Title: Identification of Proterozoic basement domains southwest of the Belt-Purcell basin, northern Idaho

Principal Investigator: Joann Mossa
Affiliation: University of Florida
Proposal Title: Geospatial analysis of channel planform change in mined river floodplains: Impacts and implications for resource extraction policy

Principal Investigator: Philippe Ross and James Ranville
Affiliation: Colorado School of Mines
Proposal Title: Evaluating the influence of soil geochemical characteristics on metal bioavailability

The goals of the Mineral Resources Program, as described in the Program's five-year plan for fiscal years 1999-2004, are as follows:

  1. Understand the geologic setting and genesis of the Nation's mineral resources in a global context, in order to ensure a sustainable supply of minerals for the Nation's future.
  2. Understand the influence of mineral deposits, mineralizing processes, and mineral-resource development on environmental integrity, ecosystems, public health, and geologic hazards.
  3. Provide objective information and analysis related to minerals issues to support those who make decisions regarding national security, land use, resource policy, and environmental or public health and safety.
  4. Collect, compile, analyze, and disseminate data and develop and maintain national and international databases for timely release of information to users.
  5. Apply mineral-resource expertise and technologies to non-mineral-resource issues.

The use of firm, trade, and brand names is for identification purposes only and does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. government.

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