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Coal Combustion Products
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Coal combustion products (CCP's) are the solid residues generated by coal-burning electric utilities in the production of electricity.  In 1998, electricity accounted for about 35% of the primary energy use in the United States and was produced by electric power generators designed to convert different fuel types into electricity.  More than one-half of the electricity in the United States was generated by burning coal.  As a result, approximately 100 million metric tons per year of CCP's were generated by the electric utilities.

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Minerals Yearbook

The U.S. Geological Survey has ceased publication of a separate Minerals Yearbook chapter on coal combustion products (CCPs). Information on two CCPs, synthetic gypsum and fly ash, however, will continue to be published in the gypsum and cement publications, respectively. Flue-gas desulfurization material is used to make synthetic gypsum, which is used mostly for wallboard manufacture, and is discussed in the gypsum publications. Fly ash, which is increasingly used in cement and concrete, is covered in the cement publications.

Production and other data for CCPs may be found on the Web site of the American Coal Ash Association. Readers interested in receiving an e-mail notice when new publications become available on the USGS Gypsum and Cement Web pages may subscribe to the MI-GYPSUM and MI-CEMENT list services. Please visit Minerals Information E-mail List Services for instructions on how to subscribe.


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