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The column "Mineral Resource of the Month", featuring the work of USGS mineral commodity specialists, now appears in the American Geological Institute's (AGI) magazine Earth at, with selected articles online at the Mineral of the Month Archive. For more information about these and other mineral commodities, visit the USGS Commodity Statistics and Information site.

stibnite specimen


David Guberman
January 18, 2015
Image Credit: PepperedJane.

orpiment specimen


George Bedinger
August 16, 2014
Image Credit: ©Elke Wetzig, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Shroud of Charlemagne, with Tyrian purple dye which utilizes bromine atoms in seawater.


Emily K. Schnebele
September 6, 2015
Image Credit: French National Museum of the Middle Ages.

Red beryl, Harris Mine, Utah.


Donald W. Olson
July 23, 2015
Image Credit: ©Rob Lavinsky, CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Gold Nugget


Michael W. George
June 26, 2015
Image Credit: ©Rob Lavinsky, CC BY-SA-3.0.

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site

Iron and Steel

Michael D. Fenton
February 3, 2014
Image Credit: Sara E. Pratt.

Buckingham Palace, showing roads and walkways dyed red with an iron oxide pigment.

Iron oxide pigments

Arnold O . Tanner
May 29, 2015
Image Credit: ©хенрик, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Sheets of muscovite and biotite mica on the ground.


Jason Christopher Willett
November 22, 2014
Image Credit: ©James St. John, CC BY 2.0.

NASA coil amplifier


John F. Papp
July 9, 2014
Image Credit: Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Peat bog


Lori E. Apodaca
July 26, 2014
Image Credit: ©markjhandel/CC-BY-2.0.

Phosphate Mine Panorama, Taken near Flaming Gorge National Resource Area, UT.

Phosphate Rock

Stephen M. Jasinski
December 2, 2013
Image Credit: ©Jason Parker-Burlingham, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

Brazil nuts


Micheal W. George
May 12, 2014
Image Credit: Gabriela Ramirez Galindo/Center for International Forestry Research.

Alexander coin.


Florence C. Katrivanos
February 22, 2015
Image Credit: I, PHGCOM, CC-BY-SA-3.0.

fireworks display


Joyce Ober
December 24, 2014
Image Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist David Rush.

Talc specimen.


Robert Virta and Brad Van Gosen
March 3, 2014
Image Credit: USGS; right: Minerals Education Coalition.

Thallium lamp.


David E. Guberman
November 4, 2013
Image Courtesy of James D. Hooker, Museum of Electric Lamp Technology.

Vermiculite after heating and ready for use. Credit: I, KENPEI.


Arnold O. Tanner
September 16, 2014
Image Credit: ©Kenpei, CC BY-SA 3.0.

Wollastonite mine.


Robert Virta and Brad Van Gosen
April 14, 2014
Image Courtesy New York State Museum, Albany, NY.

Chazabite specimen.


Robert Virta
October 1, 2014
Image Credit: ©Didier Descouens, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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