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Synthesis, Analysis, and Applications of the Global Copper Assessment

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Task 1, GIS compilation
Task 2, Economic analysis of global copper assessment
Task 3, Global assessment of undiscovered copper resources
Task 4, Fact sheets
Task 5, Analysis and applications of the global copper assessment
Task 6, An assessment of the first global mineral resource assessment: Lessons learned

Task 1, GIS compilation

Synthesis of the results of the global copper assessments completed in 2012 requires
compilation of the GIS product that includes all of the data from regional reports.
We will compile a GIS of the global copper assessment as a digital data product. The
GIS will include permissive tract polygons, tract attributes (tract area, geologic feature
assessed, estimates), tables of assessment results, point locations for deposits and
prospects attributed with geologic and resource information, and references.

Task 2, Economic analysis of global copper assessment

We will apply economic filters and aggregate results of the global copper assessment.
We will evaluate and assign appropriate depth distribution and setting for permissive tracts, apply
the economic filters, and summarize the economic analysis in a journal paper.

Task 3, Global assessment of undiscovered copper resources

Results of the global copper assessment were released in a series of regional reports. There
is a need for a compilation of the key assessment results on a global scale to provide ready
access to information on areas of the world that are likely to contain undiscovered copper
resources. By presenting information in standardized format, policymakers, other U.S.
government agencies, other governments, non-government organizations, and the
mineral industry will be able to readily access information on areas of interest.

One of the outcomes of the global assessment is the recognition of a need to explicitly
document the quality of the data used for an assessment and a level of confidence in using
the data to delineate permissive tracts and make estimates. Map scale, map quality and
recency, availability of geophysical, geochemical, or remote sending data all affect
outcomes. A simple scheme will be developed to attach a data quality indicator attribute to
each tract, based on the range of data used for the entire assessment.
We will prepare a Scientific Investigations Report of global copper results in a 2-page per tract format that
summarizes the key findings for each tract. (return to top)

Task 4, Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are needed for distribution of global mineral resource assessment results to
inform policymakers, other scientists, and the general public.

We will prepare six fact sheets summarizing results:

  1. Global copper assessment,
  2. Copper assessment of Africa and the Middle East,
  3. Copper assessment of Asia and the Pacific,
  4. Copper assessment of Europe and Central Asia,
  5. Copper assessment of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean, and
  6. Copper assessment of South America.
These will include summaries of endowment by region and compare identified,
undiscovered, and potentially economic resources.

Task 5, Analysis and applications of the global copper assessment

The global mineral resource assessment project amassed a large amount of data on a
regional-scale that requires analysis on a global scale. Analysis of results and
demonstrations of applications of mineral resource assessment data adds value to USGS
assessments by making our data available to a larger community.

We will analyze assessment the results and implications, prepare invited papers, update
the project website, communicate with cooperators and end-users, and prepare
presentation materials.

Task 6, An assessment of the first global mineral resource assessment: Lessons learned

We will provide an administrative report documenting the history and project strategies of the global
mineral resource assessment with an evaluation of what did and did not work as a guide to
future large-scale assessment projects. (return to top)


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