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EMERSC - Research Projects

Research Themes:

Minerals and the Environment:

  • Geoenvironmental Model Refinement and Advancement
  • Emerging Geoenvironmental Issues Related to Proposed Mining in the Lake Superior Region
  • Application of the National-Scale Soil Geochemical and Mineralogical Data for the Conterminous United States
  • Midcontinent Region, USA:

  • Emerging Geoenvironmental Issues Related to Proposed Mining in the Lake Superior Region
  • Synthesis of the Tectonic, Magmatic, and Metallogenic Evolution of the Midcontinent Rift System
  • Assessment of Undiscovered Resources:

  • Integration of remote-sensing alteration mapping and regional geochemistry into new geospatial-statistical, quantitative mineral resource methods
  • Mapping Mineral Resources using HyTES and WorldView 3 data
  • Critical Minerals:

  • Beryllium: Economic Geology, Material Flow, and Global Importance of a Key Critical Mineral on the International Scene
  • Rare Earth Element Accumulation Processes Resulting in High-Value Metal Enrichments in Regolith
  • Data Inventory and Delivery:

  • Mineral Resource Online Data Catalog (See data site mrdata.usgs.gov)
  • Lab/Analytical R&D and Support:

  • Radiogenic and Stable Isotope Methods
  • Mineral and Environmental Resources Computer and GIS Support
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    Outreach and Inquiries:

  • Eastern Mineral and Environmental Resources Outreach
  • Completed Projects from past years:

  • Global Assessment Applications
  • Setting and Origin of Iron Oxide-Copper-Cobalt-Gold-Rare Earth Element Deposits of Southeast Missouri
  • United States Critical Mineral Resources in a Global Context
  • Unconventional Resources of Rare Elements: The Bearing of Source and Process on the Genesis of Residual Deposits
  • Environmental Geochemistry to Evaluate Risks Associated with Past and Future Mining in the Lake Superior Region
  • Midwest Mining Initiative
  • Synthesis, Analysis, and Applications of the Global Copper Assessment
  • Measurement of Mercury Mobilization and Accumulation in Fish in Response to Prescribed Fire in a Boreal Forest Ecosystem
  • Emerging Environmental Geochemical Challenges for Future Mining
  • Minerals at Risk and for Emerging Technologies
  • Critical Mineral Resources for the 21st Century
  • Quantitative Global Mineral-Resource Assessments
  • Updated National Mineral Resource Assessment - Planning Phase
  • Development of Mineral Environmental Assessment Methodologies
  • Assessment Techniques for Concealed Mineral Resources
  • Geologic Controls on Contaminants in Crystalline Bedrock Aquifer Systems
  • Meteorite Research
  • Remote Spectral Characterization of Terrestrial Life Forming Environments for Planetary Exploration
  • Tintina Metallogenic Province, Alaska: Integrated Studies on Geologic Framework, Mineral Resources, and Environmental Signatures
  • Industrial Mineral Studies in the Eastern US
  • Mineral Surveys and Analyses, Eastern US
  • Advanced Spaceborne Thermal and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER)
  • Environmental Behavior of Mineral Deposits
  • Orchard Arsenic and Changing Land Use in the Great Valley, Virginia and West Virginia
  • Geochemical Backgrounds and Baselines -- Northern Wisconsin
  • Tracers of Surficial Processes Affecting Mineral Deposits in Humid Environments
  • Long-term environmental effects of Roman mining, Plasenzuela silver-lead district, Extremadura, Spain

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