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The majority of the reports are presented as PDF files. If you cannot fully access the information on this page, please contact Jeff Doebrich.

Reports from Program Year:

2012 Final Reports
Principal Investigator(s) Award Number Final Report Files Provided
John Cottle G12AP20049 Evaluating mechanisms for rare earth phosphate mineralization in Proterozoic gneiss, Music Valley, California G12AP20049 report
[PDF file 2.2 MB]
Lang Farmer G12AP20052 Collaborative Research with the University of Nebraska and University of Colorado on the Age and Origin of the REE-Rich Elk Creek Carbonatite, Southeast Nebraska, USA Not available at this time (Due 1 June 2014)
Richard M. Kettler and R. M. Joeckel G12AP20053 Collaborative Research with the University of Nebraska and University of Colorado on the Age and Origin of the REE-Rich Elk Creek Carbonatite, Southeast Nebraska, USA Not available at this time (Due 1 July 2014)
Lin Ma and Lixin Jin G12AP20050 Systematic investigation of REE mobility and fractionation during continental shale weathering G12AP20050 report
[PDF file 7.82 MB]
Virginia T. McLemore and Nelia Dunbar G12AP20051 Rare earth element (REE) potential and origin of the Cambrian-Ordovician syenites/episyenites in the Caballo and Burro Mountains, southern New Mexico Not available at this time (Due 1 Mar 2014)
Paul G. Spry G12AP20054 Mineralogy and chemistry of tellurium in the hypogene and supergene environments Not available at this time (Due 1 July 2014)
2011 Final Reports
Principal Investigator(s) Award Number Final Report Files Provided
Mark Barton G11AP20118 Studies of hydrothermal Fe oxide (± Cu, Au, Ag, U, P, REE, Co) systems with a focus on SW North America Not available at this time (Due 30 Sept 2013)
Paul Jewell G11AP20050 LiDAR Identification of Hydrothermal Alteration Styles: A New Tool for Revealing Concealed Mineral Deposits G11AP20050 report
[PDF file 1.2 MB]
2010 Final Reports
Principal Investigator(s) Award Number Final Report Files Provided
John Dilles G10AP00052 Footprints of Porphyry Cu Deposits: Vectors to the Hydrothermal Center Using Mineral Mapping and Lithogeochemistry G10AP00052 report
[PDF file, 5.7 MB ]
Adriana Heimann G10AP00051 Major and Trace Element Composition of Zincian Spinel and Spessartine Garnet as Exploration Guides to and Indicators of the Genesis of Rare Element (Li, REEs) Granitic Pegmatites G10AP00051 report
[PDF file, 2.2 MB ]
William Lassetter G10AP00054 Stratigraphic Modeling for Concealed Phosphate Deposits in Virginia's Coastal Plain G10AP00054 report
[PDF file, 318 KB ]

Table 1 [PDF file, 39 KB]
Craig Lundstrom and Thomas Johnson G10AP00053 Using 238U/235U Analysis to Understand U Ore Deposit Formation at Redox Fronts G10AP00053 report
[PDF file, 854 KB]
Thomas Monecke G10AP00055 Development of New Mineralogical and Geochemical Vectors to Uranium Roll-front Deposits Not available at this time (Due 25 Apr 2011)
LeeAnn Munk G10AP00056 Lithium Brine Resources: A Predictive Exploration Model G10AP00056 report
[PDF file, 756 KB ]
2009 Final Reports
Principal Investigator(s) Award Number Final Report Files Provided
Robert J. Bodnar G09AP00041 Genetic Model And Assessment Criteria For Coles Hill-Type Uranium Deposits G09AP00041 report
[PDF file, 4.1 MB ]
Jaroslav Dostal G09AP00039 Geological Investigation Of Uranium And Rare Earth Element Deposits Of The Bokan Mountain Granite Complex, Prince Of Wales Island, Southeastern Alaska G09AP00039 report
[PDF file, 33.6 MB ]
Craig J.R. Hart G09AP00038 Magmatic Signatures Of The Cretaceous Pebble Porphyry Mineralizing Event: Foundations For Exploration Targeting And Mineral Assessments For Concealed Mineralizing Systems Not available at this time (Due 1 July 2010)
Michael McKibben G09AP00037 Release Rates Of W And Li From Dissolution Of Common Ore Minerals In Aqueous Environments G09AP00037 report
[PDF file, 1.9 MB ]
2008 Final Reports
Principal Investigator(s) Award Number Final Report Files provided
Mark Barton, Lukas Zürcher, and Eric Seedorff 08HQGR0060 Comparative Study of Jurassic To Early Tertiary Igneous-Related Metallogeny in the Basin and Range Province 08HQGR0060 report
[PDF file, 154 KB]
Jean S. Cline and Haroldo L. Lledo 08HQGR0059 The Searchlight Mining District: Linking Low Sulfidation Epithermal Mineralization with an Underlying Granitic Pluton Using Melt and Fluid Inclusion Chemistry 08HQGR0059 report
[PDF file, 28.4 MB]
Paul O’Sullivan and Raymond Donelick 08HQGR0061 Thermal History and Landscape Evolution of the Pebble Deposit, Southwest Alaska: Applying Thermochronology to the Study of Concealed Mineral Deposits 08HQGR0061 report
[PDF file, 3.6 MB]
2006 Final Reports
Principal Investigator(s) Award Number Final Report Files provided
Martin S. Appold 06HQGR0178 Comparative Analysis of Fluid Inclusion Geochemistries from World-Class and Small-Scale Zn-Pb Deposits in the Ozark Plateau Using Laser Ablation ICP-MS and Raman Spectroscopy 06HQGR0178 report
[PDF file, 1.3 MB]
Robert B. Blodgett 06HQGR0199 Devonian-Pennsylvanian Paleographic Reconstruction of the Arctic Alaska Terrane and Its Relation to Sedimentary-Hosted Ore Deposits 06HQGR0199 report
[PDF file, 494 KB]
Jean S. Cline 06HQGR0179 Collaborative Research on Fluid Pathways and Metal Transport in Carlin-Type Gold Deposits: Insights from the Getchell Deposit 06HQGR0179 Report
[PDF file, 7.2 MB]
Virginia S. Gillerman 06HQGR0170 Geochronology of Iron Oxide-Copper-Thorium-REE Mineralization in Proterozoic Rocks at Lemhi Pass, Idaho, and a Comparison to Copper-Cobalt Ores, Blackbird Mining District, Idaho 06HQGR0170 report
[PDF file, 13.9 MB ]
Matthew T. Heizler 06HQGR0172 40 Ar/ 39Ar Geochronology of Colorado Mineral Belt Magmatism 06HQGR0172 report
[PDF file, 10.6 MB ]
Kenneth A. Hickey and Richard M. Tosdal 06HQGR0182 Defining Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Hydrothermal Flow Using Apatite Fission-Track Thermochronology; Implications for the Genesis of Carlin-Type Au-Deposits in North-Central Nevada 06HQGR0182 report
[PDF file, 2 MB]
Christopher S. Kim 06HQGR0181 Characterizing the Speciation, Distribution, and Correlation of Heavy Metals in Mine Wastes Using Synchrotron Radiation Techniques 06HQGR0181 report
[PDF file, 1.4 MB ]
Andreas Luttge 06HQGR0175 Sulfide Dissolution Rates Studied by Vertical Scanning Interferometry: Comparison with and Application to Studies in Laboratory and Natural Setting 06HQGR0175 report
[PDF file, 500 KB]
Jeffrey L. Mauk 06HQGR0173 Magnetite in Hydrothermal Orebodies and Host Rocks in the Proterozoic Belt Supergroup 06HQGR0173 report
[PDF file, 2.3 MB]
David B. Mueller and Thomas E. Graedel 06HQGR0174 Service Lifetimes of Mineral End Uses: Analyzing Potential for Increased Use of Secondary Metals 06HQGR0174 report
[PDF file, 278 KB]
John M. Proffett 06HQGR0171 The Geology and Genesis of the Yerington Porphyry Copper District: A Four Dimensional Study 06HQGR0171 report
[PDF file, 198 KB]

Fig. 2 [PDF file, 368 KB]; Fig. 3.1 [PDF file, 984 KB]; Fig. 3.2 [PDF file, 1 MB]; Fig. 3.3 & 3.4 [PDF file, 240 KB]; Fig. 3.5 & 3.6 [PDF file, 206 KB]; Fig. 3.9 & 3.10 [PDF file, 196 KB]; Fig. 4.4 [PDF file, 677 KB];; Fig 5.1A [PDF file, 2.4 MB]; Fig. 5.1B [PDF file, 45 KB]; Fig. 6.1A [PDF file, 3.9 MB]; Fig. 6.1B [PDF file, 58 KB]; Fig. 6.2 [PDF file, 1.2 MB]; Fig. 6.4 [PDF file, 911 KB]; Table 3.1 [PDF file, 76 KB]; Table 3.2 [PDF file, 160 KB]; Table 6.1 and Fig. 6.3 [PDF file, 1 MB]
John Ridley 06HQGR0180 Differentiating Crustal Fluids in the Eastern Tintina Gold Province of Alaska and Yukon: Implications for the Genesis and Distribution of Gold Ores 06HQGR0180 report
[PDF file, 1 MB]
Timberley M. Roane 06HQGR0196 Microbial Community Structure: A Biological Assessment Tool For Metal-Impacted Watersheds in the Central Colorado Assessment Project 06HQGR0196 report
[PDF file, 642 KB]
Eric Seedorff 06HQGR0176 Dismembered Laramide Porphyry Deposits in Southern Arizona: Links to Catalina Core Complex 06HQGR0176 report
[PDF file, 821 KB]
Tom Trainor 06HQGR0177 Controls on Antimony Speciation and Mobility in Legacy Mine Tailings Environments: A Case Study of Mineral Occurrences in the Tintina Gold Province, Alaska and Yukon 06HQGR0177 report
[PDF file, 1.6 MB]
2005 Final Reports
Principal Investigator(s) Award Number Final Report Files provided
Michael Brown, Boswell Wing, Sarah Penniston-Dorland 05HQGR0158 Petrogenesis of the Platreef, Bushveld Complex, South Africa, Interrogated Using Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotopes 05HQGR0158 report
[PDF file, 1.3 MB ]
Lang Farmer 05HQGR0160 Petrogenesis of Cretaceous, Gold-Related Plutons, Eastern Tintina Gold Province (TGP), Alaska and Yukon: Implications for Ore Genesis and Resource Distribution in the Northern Cordillera 05HQGR0160 report
[PDF file, 591 MB]
Edmond A. Mathez 05HQGR0155 Investigations of the Geochemical Evolution of the Stillwater Complex and Origin of Platinum Group Element Deposits from Analysis of Lead Isotopes 05HQGR0155 report
[PDF file, 414 KB]
Pat Mueller, David A. Foster 05HQGR0156 Relationship of Lithospheric Age and Composition to Mineral Resources Within, Beneath, and Adjacent to the Belt Basin 05HQGR0156 report
[PDF file, 278 KB]
James A. Saunders, Willis E. Hames 05HQGR0153 Geochronology of Volcanic-hosted Low Sulfidation Au-Ag Deposits in the Winnemucca-Sleeper Mine Area, North Great Basin, USA 05HQGR0153 report
[PDF file, 696 KB]
Aaron J. Slowey, Gordon E. Brown, Jr. 05HQGR0154 Environmental Chemistry of Mercury in Sulfidogenic Sediments: A Key to Understanding the Ecological Impact of Mercury and Gold Mining 05HQGR0154 report
[PDF file, 308 KB]
2004 Final Reports
Principal Investigator(s) Award Number Final Report Files provided
John Dilles 04HQGR0164 The mineralogy and origin of hydrothermally altered Quaternary volcanic rocks on the south flank of Lassen Volcano, California 04HQGR0164 report
[PDF file, 1.4 MB]
Richard Fifarek 04HQGR0171 Magmatic fluid evolution from porphyry Cu-Au to high-sulfidation Au-Ag deposits: Fluid inclusion evidence from the Pierina (Peru) and Summitville (USA) deposits 04HQGR0171 report
[PDF file, 1.4 MB]

Download 4 Excel data tables:
Table 1 [24 KB], Table 2 [84 KB], Table 3 [54 KB], Table 4 [188 KB]
Paul Layer and Rainer Newberry 04HQGR0163 A long-term effort to determine 40 Ar/39Ar ages of Alaskan mineral deposits 04HQGR0163 report
[PDF file, 3.3 MB]
Reed Lewis and Jeffrey Vervoort 04HQGR0153 Detrital zircon analysis of Mesoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic high-grade metasedimentary rocks of north-central Idaho: Reduction of the mapped extent of the Belt basin 04HQGR0153 report
[PDF file, 1.5 MB]
Joann Mossa 04HQGR0178 River corridor sand and gravel mining, Louisiana and Mississippi: A database and comparison of different data sources AND Planform change rates in rivers with and without instream and floodplain sand and gravel mining: Assessing instability in the Pascagoula River and tributaries, Mississippi 04HQGR0178 report 1 (River corridor …)
[PDF file, 2.3 MB]

04HQGR0178 report 2 (Planform change …)
[PDF file, 1 MB]

Download Sand-Gravel-Mines Access database
[Access database file, 44.2 MB]

Metadata files [XML format]: 1 [12 KB], 2 [16 KB], 3 [16 KB], 4 [16 KB], 5 [16 KB], 6 [16 KB], 7 [16 KB], 8 [12 KB], 9 [16 KB], 10 [12 KB], 11 [12 KB], 12 [12 KB]
Philippe Ross and James Ranville 04HQGR0154 Evaluating the influence of soil geochemical characteristics on metal bioavailability 04HQGR0154 report
[PDF file, 5.1 MB]

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