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Eastern Mineral and Environmental Resources
Science Center Staff

We are based at the USGS National Center,
12201 Sunrise Valley Dr., MS 954,
Room 4C200
Reston, VA 20192
fax (703) 648-6383
Phone: See table below.
For directions to our center, see http://www.usgs.gov/visitors/ .

Director: Daniel Hayba

(703) 648-6327

Associate Director: Margo Corum

(703) 648-6488

Science Center members:

Name and position Telephone number E-mail address
Robert Ayuso, Geologist 703-648-6347 rayuso@usgs.gov
Damon Bickerstaff, Geologist 703-648-6351 dbickers@usgs.gov
E. G. Boyce, Computer Specialist 703-648-6149 egboyce@usgs.gov
William Cannon, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6345 wcannon@usgs.gov
Sandra Clark, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6115  
Margo Corum, Associate Center Director 703-648-6488 mcorum@usgs.gov
James Crowley, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6356 jcrowley@usgs.gov
Connie Dicken, Geologist 703-648-6482 cdicken@usgs.gov
Avery Drake, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6931  
Larry Drew, Volunteer 703-648-6483 ldrew@usgs.gov
Gaby Duchene, Administrative Operations Assistant 703-648-6310 gduchene@usgs.gov
Nora Foley, Geologist 703-648-6179 nfoley@usgs.gov
Helen Folger, Geologist 703-648-6346 hfolger@usgs.gov
Larry Gough, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-4404 lgough@usgs.gov
Carlin Green, contractor 703-648-6331 cjgreen@usgs.gov
Andrew Grosz, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6314 agrosz@usgs.gov
Jane Hammarstrom, Geologist 703-648-6165 jhammars@usgs.gov
Daniel Hayba, Geologist,
Science Center Director
703-648-6327 dhayba@usgs.gov
Carter Hearn, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6768 chearn@usgs.gov
Bernard Hubbard, Geologist 703-648-6155 bhubbard@usgs.gov
Rani Indela, contractor 703-648-6504 vindela@usgs.gov
John Jackson, Physical Science Technician 703-648-6321 jjackson@usgs.gov
Jane Jenness, contractor, Outreach 703-648-6341 jjenness@usgs.gov
Kate Johnson, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6110 kjohnson@usgs.gov
Marguerite Kingston, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6369  
Thomas Kress, Physical Scientist 703-648-6328 thkress@usgs.gov
Bruce Lipin, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6430 blipin@usgs.gov
John "Lyle" Mars, Geologist 703-648-6302 jmars@usgs.gov
Shirlie McManus-Hunt, Administrative Officer 703-648-5825 smcmanus@usgs.gov
Jim McNeal, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6650 jmcneal@usgs.gov
Suzanne Nicholson, Geologist 703-648-6344 swnich@usgs.gov
Nadine Piatak-Hackley, Geologist 703-648-6254 npiatak@usgs.gov
Gilpin Robinson, Geologist 703-648-6113 grobinso@usgs.gov
Sayon Robinson, Chemist 703-648-6508 srobinson@usgs.gov
Lyndsey Schneider, Budget Analyst 703-648-6311 lschneider@usgs.gov
Ruth Schulte, Geologist 703-648-6506 rschulte@usgs.gov
Klaus Schulz, Geologist 703-648-6320 kschulz@usgs.gov
Peter Schweitzer, Geologist 703-648-6533 pschweitzer@usgs.gov
Robert Seal, Geologist 703-648-6290 rseal@usgs.gov
John Slack, Scientist Emeritus 703-648-6337 jfslack@usgs.gov
Stephen Snyder, Geophysicist 703-648-6384 ssnyder@usgs.gov
Federico Solano, Physical Science Technician 703-648-6335 fsolanoc@usgs.gov
Kathleen Spiegelberg, Secretary 703-648-6407 kspiegelberg@usgs.gov
Laurel Woodruff, Geologist (Mounds View, MN) 763-783-3291 woodruff@usgs.gov
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