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Project Objective: Provide geographic information systems (GIS) management and technical support to projects of the Eastern Minerals and Environmental Resources Science Center (EMERSC). The project facilitates geospatial data development, compiling, documentation, visualization, analyses, modeling, guidance, and product requirements using the GIS framework. The GIS scheme of the project has two defined tasks: (1) GIS Technical Support, and (2) GIS Management and Coordination.

Another objective of this project is to support the EMERSC Information Technology infrastructure in order to carry out GIS, scientific visualization, image processing, modeling, and map production functions. The project maintains Windows Server 2008 print, enterprise backup and application servers. The project also supports a common-use GIS laboratory with workstations, large-format plotters, color laser printers, Sharp Document System, large-format color scanner, and GIS and Image processing software (including ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, Global Mapper, GeoSoft, and ENVI).

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Accomplishments 2013-2015:

  1. Improved operational efficiency and reduced IT support costs by reducing the number of workstations and laptops by > 25%, server consolidation, and decommission of outdated IT assets.
  2. Each year, continue to improve GIS management and coordination of limited available GIS resources required by EMERSC projects and amongst Mineral Program Science Centers.
  3. Upgraded existing LTO5 tape enterprise backup system with redundant RAID5 disk based system.
  4. Produced multi-year EMERSC IT Hardware Life Cycle report and future technology upgrade plans for IT/GIS computer lab.
  5. Provide GIS training and technical user support for newly hired Federal and contractor personnel.
  6. Improved process for EMERSC employees to comply with new DOI IT security requirements for international travel.
  7. Developed a standardized procedure and provided technical support to configure and purchase all IT hardware and software for EMERSC personnel.
  8. On a yearly basis, new and/or upgraded GIS hardware and software are evaluated to identify the analytical benefits to EMERSC scientific research.
  9. Provided GIS technical support, geospatial data development, GIS modeling, and product requirements for EMERSC research scientists.
  10. Strengthened cyber security posture of EMERSC IT assets by implementing DOI Cyber Sprint 1.0 mandates.
  11. Reduced Project OE costs by 20% (inflation adjusted) in less than five years while still providing the same quality of IT/GIS technical user support.
  12. Documented and archived (hard drive & LTO tape backup) digital scientific data for EMERSC employees that have left the EMERSC within the past five years.
  13. Reduced EMERSC facility costs by >$25,000 per year by consolidating GIS/Computer labs and server room space (reduced >800 sq. ft. of space).
  14. Support IT Department standardization efforts coordinated by DOI management and the USGS System Change Advisory Board.
  15. Completed the Windows XP to Windows7 Operating System migration with no impact to EMERSC personnel IT operations. Developed technical purchase specifications and performed system configurations for all new Windows 7 systems. Performed all required post processing operations including data restore, software installation and system customization.
  16. Implemented DOI IT Transformation policies including DOI Data At Rest, DOI mobile encryption and DOI IT security directives.
  17. Started cost sharing IT procurement plan for future purchasing of IT enterprise equipment for EMERSC and EERSC to lower future system support costs.

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