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DMA, DMEA, OME mineral exploration assistance program file downloads

All Wyoming dockets by County

File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1MB to nearly 500MB. Download times for large files will vary based on internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed.

Map showing all Wyoming DMA, DMEA, OME dockets by County

File size is shown, download scan by selecting the property name link. All scans are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) which require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Wyoming by County
Docket Agency File size PropertyName County State AllCommodities
1253 DMA 5 MB Utopia Mining & Milling Company ALBANY WY Manganese, Bismuth, Cobalt, Gold, Aluminum, Iron
1507 DMA 4 MB Independence Claims ALBANY WY Platinum
1611 DMA 8 MB Ione, Muscovite, Redysar & Opal Claims ALBANY WY Beryl, Tantalum, Columbium, Mica
2549 DMEA 15 MB Kyanite No. 1 Mine ALBANY WY Kyanite
2923 DMEA 3 MB Kyanite & Palmer Lode Claims ALBANY WY Kyanite
4390 DMEA 7 MB Albany Claim ALBANY WY Uranium
4965 DMEA 13 MB Knight Owl Claims ALBANY WY Uranium
4278 DMEA 3 MB Amsden and Hellbroth Claims BIG HORN WY Uranium
4564 DMEA 63 MB Jet Claims BIG HORN WY Uranium
4849 DMEA 128 MB Cave Line, et al., Claims BIG HORN WY Uranium
4897 DMEA 10 MB Porcupine Group BIG HORN WY Monazite, Beryl
3777 DMEA 7 MB A & B Groups CAMPBELL WY Uranium, Thorium
3835 DMEA 59 MB North Pumpkin Buttes Properties CAMPBELL WY Uranium
4259 DMEA 19 MB Trix and Cora Claims CAMPBELL WY Uranium
4386 DMEA 5 MB Hank Claims CAMPBELL WY Uranium
1052 DMA 13 MB Deforest Copper Mine CARBON WY Copper
2584 DMEA 3 MB Express Lode CARBON WY Copper
3092 DMEA 10 MB Big Creek Mine CARBON WY Copper
3587 DMEA 9 MB Little Man Mine CARBON WY Uranium
4194 DMEA 27 MB Shawano Poison Basin Mine CARBON WY Uranium, Selenium
4403 DMEA 1 MB Sec.36.T17N,R88W. CARBON WY Uranium
4707 DMEA 1 MB Red Rock, et al., Claims CARBON WY Columbite-Tantalite, rare earths, Uranium.
4865 DMEA 5 MB Ajo Claims CARBON WY Uranium
5033 DMEA 7 MB Norb Claims CARBON WY Uranium
6314 OME 106 MB West Shirley Basin CARBON WY Uranium
6408 OME 7 MB A B Claims CARBON WY Uranium, Selenium
4026 DMEA 21 MB Box Claims CONVERSE WY Uranium
4649 DMEA 7 MB Fox, et al., Group Leased CONVERSE WY Uranium
4716 DMEA 3 MB Lux Claim CONVERSE WY Uranium
4740 DMEA 4 MB State Lease No. 0-19050 and 0-19051. CONVERSE WY Uranium
4820 DMEA 320 MB Spook and Skul Claims CONVERSE WY Uranium
4822 DMEA 212 MB T37-38,R73W CONVERSE WY Uranium
1462 DMA 8 MB Fluorspare CROOK WY Fluorspar
2670 DMEA 7 MB Home Guard Nos.1,2, & 3 Claims CROOK WY Iron
2739 DMEA 1 MB Dakota - Wyoming Claim CROOK WY Tin
3762 DMEA 68 MB Laymon Property CROOK WY Uranium
4889 DMEA 85 MB Laymon Property CROOK WY Uranium
0727 DMA 3 MB Rock Creek Platinum FREMONT WY Platinum
1349 DMA 4 MB None Identified FREMONT WY Manganese, Habnerite, Tungsten
1764 DMA 11 MB Quien Sabe et. al. FREMONT WY Tungsten, Beryl, Felspar, Tantalum, Mica
2227 DMA <1 MB Scheelite Placer Claim FREMONT WY Tungsten
3174 DMEA 7 MB Quien Sabe No. 2 Claim FREMONT WY Beryl
3345 DMEA 3 MB Whippet Claims FREMONT WY Beryl, Tantalum
3462 DMEA 9 MB Beatrice,Helen May, and Fred's Folly Areas FREMONT WY Uranium
3688 DMEA 145 MB Crooks Gap Mine FREMONT WY Uranium
3788 DMEA 2 MB Anderson Prospect FREMONT WY Copper
3817 DMEA 56 MB Helen May Mine FREMONT WY Uranium
3875 DMEA 7 MB Cirrus Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
3952 DMEA 12 MB Mack-Lang Group, et al. FREMONT WY Uranium
3992 DMEA 28 MB Trey and Cindy Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
3996 DMEA 87 MB Jackneese & Blackstone Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4047 DMEA 122 MB Clyde, Marsh, And Longport Claim Group FREMONT WY Uranium
4179 DMEA 8 MB Roger No. 1 & 2 Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4182 DMEA 307 MB George and Ver Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4184 DMEA 49 MB Ames, Ann & Ray Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4330 DMEA 19 MB Echo Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4510 DMEA 64 MB Paydirt Claims Group FREMONT WY Uranium
4644 DMEA 86 MB Rim Group of Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4684 DMEA 5 MB Poor Richard, et al., Groups FREMONT WY Uranium, Selenium
4709 DMEA 53 MB Mint, et al., Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4713 DMEA 433 MB Thunderbird Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4747 DMEA 32 MB Dubois Uranium Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4991 DMEA 4 MB Shawver, et al., Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
6047 OME 1 MB Betty Claim FREMONT WY Uranium
6210 OME <1 MB Uranium Point and Zone Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
6297 OME 4 MB Allied, Battery, Subway, and Dead Horse Groups FREMONT WY Uranium
6602 OME 3 MB May and Jump Claims FREMONT WY Copper, Gold, Silver.
6636 OME 25 MB Beaver Rim Area FREMONT WY Uranium
1318 DMA 27 MB Brutch Sulphur Deposit HOT SPRINGS WY Sulphur
0422 DMA 9 MB Mead Manganese property JOHNSON WY Manganese
1861 DMA 4 MB Mead Manganese JOHNSON WY Manganese
2701 DMEA 11 MB Mangan Mine JOHNSON WY Manganese
3161 DMEA 6 MB Horne Venture Mine JOHNSON WY Thorium
4256 DMEA No scan Del., et al., Claims Groups JOHNSON WY Uranium
0647 DMA 4 MB Copper King Mine (see also docket 2655) LARAMIE WY Gold, Silver, Copper
2655 DMEA 5 MB Copper King Mine LARAMIE WY Copper
4921 DMEA 5 MB Comstock Mine LARAMIE WY Copper
2035 DMA 5 MB Auburn Hot Springs Sulphur Deposits LINCOLN WY Sulphur
1211 DMA 4 MB Casper Mountain NATRONA WY Asbestos
4577 DMEA 34 MB Skyline Claims NATRONA WY Uranium, Selinium
6084 OME 6 MB Dry Lake Area NATRONA WY Uranium
3735 DMEA 6 MB Silver Cliff Mine NIOBRARA WY Uranium
4704 DMEA 7 MB Silver Cliff Mine NIOBRARA WY Uranium
0080 DMA 4 MB Sunlight Basin PARK WY Sulphur
0103 DMA 57 MB Wyoming Sulphur Deposits PARK WY Sulphur
1769 DMA 32 MB Yellowstone Sulphur Group PARK WY Sulphur
6822 OME 7 MB Sunlight Mining Region PARK WY Copper, Silver, Gold
2963 DMEA 1 MB Nightingale Mine PLATTE WY Iron
2964 DMEA 74 MB Good Fortune & Nightingale Mines PLATTE WY Iron
2173 DMA 9 MB Chance Mine SHERIDAN WY Monzanite
2883 DMEA 1 MB Lost Creek Claims SWEETWATER WY Uranium
6565 OME 2 MB Phillip E. Flananga & Associates Claim Groups SWEETWATER WY Uranium
1296 DMA 1 MB Rare Earth Deposit UNKNOWN COUNTY WY Columbite-Tantalite, Beryllium.
2098 DMEA 2 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY WY Lead-Zinc, Silver
3153 DMEA 3 MB Gheen Mining Claims WASHAKIE WY Manganese
0973 DMA 1 MB Weston and Crook Counties WESTON WY Bentonite
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