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All Washington dockets

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Map showing all  Washington DMA, DMEA, OME dockets

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Washington by County
Docket Agency File size PropertyName County State AllCommodities
0699 DMA 65 MB Black Warrior Mine CHELAN WA Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
0932 DMA 8 MB Glacier & Davenport Lode Claims CHELAN WA Zinc, Lead, Copper
1353 DMA 18 MB Pickwick Mine CHELAN WA Copper, Silver, Gold
3142 DMEA 234 MB Holden Mine CHELAN WA Copper
4509 DMEA 13 MB Fortune Creek Property CHELAN WA Copper
6229 OME 1 MB Caldo, et al., Claims CHELAN WA Gold, Silver.
6460 OME 65 MB B-Reefs CHELAN WA Gold
6579 OME 17 MB Lease 58405, WA state. CHELAN WA Gold
0922 DMA 3 MB Littleton Mine CLALLAM WA Manganese
2928 DMEA 8 MB Crescent Mine CLALLAM WA Manganese
3417 DMEA 10 MB Bear Creek Mines CLALLAM WA Manganese
3638 DMEA 44 MB Cresent Mine CLALLAM WA Manganese
4543 DMEA 19 MB Bear Creek Mine CLALLAM WA Manganese
6279 OME 1 MB O&O Manganese Prospect CLALLAM WA Manganese
1775 DMA 2 MB None Identified CLARK WA Mercury
0525 DMA 100 MB Talisman Mine FERRY WA Copper, Lead-Zinc, Cadium, Silver, Bismuth
0747 DMA 14 MB Five Mining Claims FERRY WA Tungsten
1436 DMA 1 MB Copper Bullion & Morning Star Claims FERRY WA Copper, Gold, Silver, Lead
1590 DMA 13 MB Shamrock Group FERRY WA Nickel, Lead, Silver
1681 DMA 5 MB Mitchem FERRY WA Fluorspar
1954 DMA 8 MB Gig Chief Group FERRY WA Tungsten
2504 DMEA 10 MB Silver Lief Mine FERRY WA Tungsten
2985 DMEA 50 MB Lone Star Mine FERRY WA Copper
3376 DMEA 5 MB Consolidated Mines FERRY WA Manganese, Copper, Molybdenum
3723 DMEA 3 MB Nine Mile Mine FERRY WA Tungsten, Cobalt, Manganese, Nickel.
4128 DMEA 7 MB Sec. 21-22,T36N,R37E. FERRY WA Uranium
4438 DMEA 3 MB Bonnie Group FERRY WA Uranium
4678 DMEA 6 MB Blue Jay & Chena Claims FERRY WA Uranium
4767 DMEA 6 MB Dandy, et al., Claims FERRY WA Uranium
4831 DMEA 10 MB Valley Mine FERRY WA Selenium
4988 DMEA 5 MB Mary Jane Claims FERRY WA Uranium, Thorium, rare earths
6101 OME 1 MB Copper Butte Claims FERRY WA Copper
6725 OME 33 MB Burbank Property FERRY WA Gold, Silver
2682 DMEA 24 MB Cook Creek, Stevens Creek, Skunk Creek Claims GRAYS HARBOR WA Manganese
6018 OME 2 MB Various Pacific Beach Properties GRAYS HARBOR WA Titanium
1491 DMA 16 MB New Elkhorn Group JEFFERSON WA Manganese
0942 DMA <1 MB Quartz Creek Property KING WA Molybdenum
1379 DMA 26 MB Snoqualmie Mines KING WA Antimony, Manganese, Silver
1591 DMA 4 MB Langer Claim Group KING WA Copper, Zinc, Lead, Antimony
1658 DMA 16 MB Devil's Canyon Mine KING WA Tungsten, Molybdenium, Silver, Copper, Gold
1744 DMA 10 MB Devil's Canyon Mine KING WA Quartz, Molybdenium, Tungsten
1746 DMA 6 MB Devil's Cayon Mine KING WA Molybdenum
1979 DMA 8 MB Copper Prospect KING WA Copper
2341 DMEA 51 MB Rainy Mine KING WA Copper
3557 DMEA 3 MB Devils Canyon Mining Co. KING WA Copper, Molybdenum
4775 DMEA 13 MB Royal Reward Mine KING WA Mercury
1598 DMA 4 MB Blue Bonnett Mine KITSAP WA Asbestos
1278 DMA 5 MB Dolphin Tunnel KITTITAS WA Cobalt, Nickel, Uranium
1450 DMA 5 MB Lucky Strike & Silver West KITTITAS WA Zinc, Gold, Silver, Lead
1599 DMA 5 MB Iias Group KITTITAS WA Copper, Gold, Silver
4530 DMEA 5 MB Camp Creek Silver Mining Property KITTITAS WA Zinc, Antimony
4839 DMEA 4 MB Antimony Claims KITTITAS WA Antimony
4810 DMEA 5 MB West End Cinnabar Prospect LEWIS WA Mercury
4843 DMEA 4 MB Fern Hill Cinnabar Mine LEWIS WA Mercury
6432 OME 2 MB Roy and Apex Properties LEWIS WA Mercury
1816 DMA 7 MB Fouress Mine LINCOLN WA Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper
3955 DMEA 3 MB Crystal Mine LINCOLN WA Tungsten
5054 DMEA <1 MB None Identified Lincoln WA
6031 OME <1 MB Crystal City Mine LINCOLN WA Lead, Silver.
6560 OME 16 MB Fouress Prospect LINCOLN WA Silver
0311 DMA <1 MB Kimberly Group OKANOGAN WA Lead-Zinc, Silver
0979 DMA 13 MB Antimony Queen Mine OKANOGAN WA Antimony, Tungsten, Gold
0992 DMA 2 MB Mohawk Group OKANOGAN WA Copper, Lead, Zinc
1196 DMA 7 MB Bales Prospect OKANOGAN WA Antimony
1767 DMA 8 MB Sherman Brothers Mining Property OKANOGAN WA Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
1940 DMA 3 MB Last Chance Mine OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
2193 DMEA 61 MB Bales Group OKANOGAN WA Antimony
2422 DMEA 13 MB Copper Glance Mine OKANOGAN WA Copper
2461 DMEA 5 MB Gourlie property OKANOGAN WA Cobalt
2510 DMEA 40 MB Alder Mine OKANOGAN WA Copper
2586 DMEA 90 MB Bounbary & Border Lord Groups OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
3419 DMEA 7 MB Tungsten Queen Claims OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
3790 DMEA 41 MB McDaniel Lease OKANOGAN WA Uranium, Tungsten
4022 DMEA 20 MB Riverside Claims OKANOGAN WA Uranium
4402 DMEA 1 MB Little Andrews Creek Placer OKANOGAN WA Platinum
4436 DMEA 5 MB Four Metals Group OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
4790 DMEA 3 MB Blackbird Mine OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
5060 DMEA 3 MB Starr Mine OKANOGAN WA Molybdenum
6144 OME 13 MB Holden - Cambell Property OKANOGAN WA Copper
6160 OME 5 MB Walter A, Hart Property OKANOGAN WA Silver, Gold.
6226 OME 2 MB Buckhorn Property OKANOGAN WA Gold, Copper.
6380 OME 2 MB Copper Glance mine OKANOGAN WA Silver, Zinc, Copper.
6538 OME 4 MB Ramore Group OKANOGAN WA Silver
6765 OME 18 MB Murray Claim OKANOGAN WA Silver
6826 OME 5 MB Silver Peak Mine OKANOGAN WA Silver
1724 DMA 1 MB Bear River Quarry PACIFIC WA Limestone
4668 DMEA 1 MB Chinook Deposit PACIFIC WA Rutile, Monzanite, et al.
1166 DMA 57 MB Mineral Rights Mine PEND OREILLE WA Zinc, Lead
1494 DMA 5 MB Comstock & Conquest Mines PEND OREILLE WA Lead, Silver, Zinc
2388 DMEA 30 MB Blue Bird Mine PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
2475 DMEA 26 MB Jim Creek No. 14 PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
2779 DMEA 9 MB Oriole Mine PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc, Silver
2894 DMEA 26 MB Little Noisy Mine PEND OREILLE WA Tungsten
2908 DMEA 3 MB Lucky Strike Claims PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
3077 DMEA 9 MB Red Ridge Claims PEND OREILLE WA Tungsten
3957 DMEA 3 MB Oriole Property PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
4090 DMEA 34 MB LaSota Jones Property PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
5072 DMEA 1 MB Moonbeam & Blue Bell Claims PEND OREILLE WA Uranium
6208 OME <1 MB Fairview Claims PEND OREILLE WA Lead, Copper, Iron, Scheelite.
6294 OME 9 MB Lost Creek Claims PEND OREILLE WA Uranium
6684 OME 9 MB Fairview Claims No. 1 through 6. PEND OREILLE WA Silver, Copper.
1608 DMA 47 MB Starbo Mine PIERCE WA Copper, Molybdenum, Gold, Silver
2024 DMA 1 MB None identified PIERCE WA Lead-Zinc
6703 OME 15 MB St. Regis Paper Co. PIERCE WA Mercury
1831 DMA 23 MB Johnsburg Mine SKAGIT WA Lead, Silver, Gold
2629 DMEA 2 MB Lilly Talc & Bridge Talc Claims SKAGIT WA Talc
2718 DMEA 4 MB Diamond Mine SKAGIT WA Copper, Lead, Zinc
3412 DMEA 33 MB Meadow and Leader Chrome Deposits SKAGIT WA Chromium
3666 DMEA 84 MB Alamether,Begonia, and Shaft Deposits SKAGIT WA Chromium
3944 DMEA 4 MB Johannesburg Mine SKAGIT WA Lead, Silver
6127 OME 2 MB Diamond Property SKAGIT WA Lead-Zinc, Copper.
6233 OME <1 MB Diamond, et al., Claims SKAGIT WA None identified
6302 OME <1 MB Diamond Mine SKAGIT WA Gold, Silver
6386 OME 2 MB Diamond, et al., Claims SKAGIT WA Silver, Gold
3444 DMEA 3 MB Copper Canyon et al. Claims SKAMANIA WA Copper
6147 OME 4 MB Wind River Mine SKAMANIA WA Gold, Silver.
0091 DMA 1 MB Mackinaw Nickel-Copper Property SNOHOMISH WA Copper
1254 DMA 3 MB Sunset Mine SNOHOMISH WA Copper
1487 DMA 2 MB Condon- Burke Claims SNOHOMISH WA Zinc, Lead, Copper, Antimony
1733 DMA 27 MB Sauk Group SNOHOMISH WA Iron, Magnetite
2421 DMEA 5 MB Lake Serene Mine SNOHOMISH WA Copper
2434 DMEA 11 MB Calumet Lode Mining Claim SNOHOMISH WA Copper, Zinc
2435 DMEA 49 MB Mint Claims SNOHOMISH WA Copper
2612 DMEA 93 MB Sunset Mine SNOHOMISH WA Copper
2729 DMEA 14 MB Orofrite & Tiemannite Mercury Claims SNOHOMISH WA Mercury
3007 DMEA 34 MB Silver Coin Claims SNOHOMISH WA Lead-Zinc
3113 DMEA 8 MB Doris Group, Sultan Basin SNOHOMISH WA Copper
4220 DMEA 2 MB Calumet Claims SNOHOMISH WA Copper
4605 DMEA 2 MB Lot 4,Sec.2.T27N.R9E. SNOHOMISH WA Copper, Tungsten
4687 DMEA 24 MB Calumet Claims SNOHOMISH WA Copper
4724 DMEA 2 MB Lost Pick Claims SNOHOMISH WA Uranium, Copper
4938 DMEA 27 MB Mint Claims SNOHOMISH WA Copper
6103 OME 1 MB Lost Pick Claims SNOHOMISH WA Gold
6593 OME 7 MB Silver Creek Mine SNOHOMISH WA Copper, Silver, Gold.
6701 OME 33 MB Sunrise Prospect SNOHOMISH WA Copper, Molybdenum, Tungsten
6818 OME 1 MB Nugget Chief Claim SNOHOMISH WA Copper, Gold, silver.
6894 OME 4 MB Bornite Mine SNOHOMISH WA Copper
3885 DMEA 26 MB Dahl Uranium Mine SPOKANE WA Uranium
4151 DMEA 41 MB Sprague lease SPOKANE WA Uranium
4661 DMEA 20 MB Lehmbecker Lease SPOKANE WA Uranium
4800 DMEA 31 MB Hanson Lease SPOKANE WA Uranium
0144 DMA 12 MB Germania Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
0287 DMA 10 MB Togo-Turk Mines STEVENS WA Copper, Silver, Gold, Lead, Nickel
0316 DMA 6 MB Lead Trust Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Silver
0318 DMA <1 MB None identified STEVENS WA Lead, Antimony
0325 DMA 63 MB Scandia STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
0432 DMA 31 MB Iroquoise Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Cadium
0520 DMA 12 MB Columbia Tungsten STEVENS WA Tungsten, Molybdenum, Silver
0562 DMA 8 MB Orient Eureka Gold Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Copper, Talc, Gold, Silver
0688 DMA <1 MB Blue Grouse Mountain Tungsten Deposit STEVENS WA Tungsten
0776 DMA 16 MB Edna Mine and Wells Fargo Mine STEVENS WA Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Antimony
0785 DMA 1 MB Black Rock, et al., Claims STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
0984 DMA 7 MB June - Echo Mine STEVENS WA Copper, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Silver, Gold
1466 DMA 18 MB Addy Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
1654 DMA 11 MB Sierra Zinc Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
1882 DMA 3 MB Lucile Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten, Lead, Zinc, Silver
2123 DMA 84 MB Lucile Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Silver, Tungsten, Cadinium, Antimony
2131 DMA 53 MB Germania Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
2156 DMEA 36 MB Railway Dike Pegmatite STEVENS WA Beryl, Tantalum-columbium, Mica, Uranium
2166 DMEA 23 MB Farmer Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
2223 DMEA 7 MB Clevland Mine STEVENS WA Lead, Zinc,Silver
2266 DMEA 25 MB Pioneer Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
2269 DMEA 100 MB Advance Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
2447 DMEA 24 MB Germania Consolidated Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
2539 DMEA 13 MB Hartbauer Property STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
2694 DMEA 10 MB Blue Grouse Mountain Tungsten Group STEVENS WA Tungsten
2803 DMEA 5 MB Maxwell Baker's Prospect STEVENS WA Tungsten
2929 DMEA 25 MB Hartbauer Prospect STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
3037 DMEA 31 MB Blue Grouse Mountain Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
3072 DMEA 8 MB Anderson Prospect STEVENS WA Lead, Zinc
3073 DMEA 78 MB Dosser-Maki-Lotze Prospect STEVENS WA Lead, Zinc
3198 DMEA 84 MB United Copper Mine STEVENS WA Copper
3218 DMEA 32 MB Oregon-Washington Copper & Tungsten Claims STEVENS WA Tungsten
3296 DMEA 5 MB Copper Mountain Mine STEVENS WA Copper
3300 DMEA 25 MB Bonanza Mine STEVENS WA Lead
3596 DMEA 10 MB Gladstone Mine Group STEVENS WA Lead
4036 DMEA 4 MB Chief Joseph Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Copper
4049 DMEA 3 MB Copper Find Mine STEVENS WA Copper
4125 DMEA 102 MB Peters and Boyd Permits STEVENS WA Uranium
4192 DMEA 7 MB Edna Group STEVENS WA Copper
4297 DMEA 2 MB Sec.1T39N,R41E STEVENS WA Uranium, Lead
4460 DMEA 8 MB Sec. 11.T27N,R37E. STEVENS WA Uranium
4671 DMEA 58 MB Sec.15,T29N,R38E. STEVENS WA Uranium
4772 DMEA 7 MB Addy Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
4902 DMEA 3 MB Frostad Homestead STEVENS WA Nickel, Chromium, Talc.
4954 DMEA 5 MB Spokane Indian Reservation Land STEVENS WA Uranium
4958 DMEA 50 MB Lowley Lease STEVENS WA Uranium
5012 DMEA 4 MB Brooks- Ashley Property STEVENS WA Tungsten, Uranium.
6605 OME 3 MB Uranawish Claims No. 1-5 STEVENS WA Silver, Gold
1193 DMA 3 MB Unknown UNKNOWN WA Mercury, Graphite, Quartz, Radium
0596 DMA <1 MB Cleopatra Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY WA Silver
2216 DMA 6 MB Eagle Peak Copper Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY WA Copper, cobalt
2191 DMA 8 MB Western Slope Const., Sauk Claims WHATCOM WA Iron
2335 DMEA 18 MB Glacier Mine WHATCOM WA Copper, Gold, Silver
3921 DMEA 6 MB Claim No. 1 WHATCOM WA Lead-Zinc, Copper
6007 OME 2 MB Midas, et al., Claims WHATCOM WA Copper
6099 OME <1 MB Kidney Creek Claim WHATCOM WA Mercury
6172 OME 4 MB Church Mountain Claims WHATCOM WA Copper
6246 OME 1 MB Midas, et al., Claims WHATCOM WA Gold, Silver, Copper.
6659 OME 30 MB Gold Hill Property WHATCOM WA Silver
6819 OME 34 MB New Light Mine WHATCOM WA Gold
2297 DMEA 22 MB Indian Creek Cinnabar YAKIMA WA Mercury
3291 DMEA 8 MB Hidden Treasure Mines YAKIMA WA Copper, Uranium
3594 DMEA 8 MB Indian Creek Mercury Prospect YAKIMA WA Mercury
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