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All Oregon dockets

File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1MB to nearly 500MB. Download times for large files will vary based on internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed.

Map showing all Oregon DMA, DMEA, OME dockets

File size is shown, download scan by selecting the property name link. All scans are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) which require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Oregon by County
Docket Agency File size PropertyName County State AllCommodities
0137 DMA No scan None identified BAKER OR Copper
0253 DMA No scan Trickle-Bull Run Mine BAKER OR Manganese
0322 DMA 1 MB Lucky Sticke Claims BAKER OR Antimony
1484 DMA 8 MB Argonaut & Wilmot Claim Groups BAKER OR Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold
2014 DMA 2 MB Nickel Dome No. 1 & 2 Claims BAKER OR Nickel, Asbestos
2081 DMA 10 MB Cliff Gold Mine BAKER OR Tungsten
2487 DMEA 3 MB San Luis Claims BAKER OR Antimony
2786 DMEA 24 MB Oliver & Pierce Lease BAKER OR Copper
3189 DMEA 6 MB Jewell Black Manganese Claims BAKER OR Manganese
3243 DMEA 5 MB Red Mound Claims No. 1 & 2 BAKER OR Copper
4106 DMEA 7 MB Nickel Claims BAKER OR Nickel, Tungsten
6461 OME 2 MB Silver Queen Prospect BAKER OR Silver, Gold
6597 OME 40 MB Argonaut Claims BAKER OR Gold, Silver
6616 OME 15 MB Pine Creek Property BAKER OR Gold
6702 OME 11 MB Bourne Group of Claims BAKER OR Gold, Silver.
6086 OME 25 MB Nisbet Mine CLACKAMAS OR Mercury
3308 DMEA 10 MB North Bend, Myrtle Point, and Coquille Group of Cl COOS OR Chromium
6149 OME <1 MB Galena Property COOS OR Gold, Silver
2222 DMEA 3 MB Planter Mercury Mine CROOK OR Mercury
2628 DMEA 52 MB Strickland Butte Mine CROOK OR Mercury
3382 DMEA 24 MB Pinkey No.1 & 2 Calims CROOK OR Mercury
3499 DMEA 4 MB Stickland Butte Mine CROOK OR Mercury
3537 DMEA 4 MB Endicott Mine CROOK OR Mercury
3617 DMEA 1 MB Farmer mand Mc Manmon Property CROOK OR Mercury
3938 DMEA 38 MB Log Cabin, Ridge, and Camp Claims CROOK OR Mercury
4428 DMEA 11 MB Mother Lode Quicksilver Mine CROOK OR Mercury
4434 DMEA 12 MB Independence Claims CROOK OR Mercury
4752 DMEA 1 MB Mother Lode Claims CROOK OR Mercury
4757 DMEA 3 MB Platner Mine CROOK OR Mercury
6141 OME 89 MB Mother Lode, Cobar, and Lookout Mountain Group CROOK OR Mercury
6456 OME 15 MB Maury Mountain Mine CROOK OR Mercury
1435 DMA 1 MB None identified CURRY OR Copper
2413 DMEA 6 MB Horseshoe and Blue Grouse Claims CURRY OR Tungsten
3052 DMEA 23 MB Red Flats CURRY OR
3080 DMEA 3 MB Agness Mining District CURRY OR Nickel
3773 DMEA 9 MB Red Flat,et al., Claims CURRY OR Nickel
4774 DMEA 25 MB Red Flat Claims CURRY OR Nickel
6533 OME 9 MB Canyon Consolidation Claims CURRY OR Gold
2920 DMEA 134 MB Bonaza Mine DOUGLAS OR Mercury
2953 DMEA 21 MB Silver Peak Mine DOUGLAS OR Copper
4413 DMEA 12 MB Nonpareil Quicksilver Mine DOUGLAS OR Mercury
4953 DMEA 36 MB Elkhead Mine DOUGLAS OR Mercury
6443 OME 1 MB Bonanza Mine DOUGLAS OR Mercury
0206 DMA 6 MB Standard Mine GRANT OR Cobalt, Gold
0681 DMA <1 MB Yankee Boy, et al. GRANT OR Cobalt
1355 DMA 5 MB Tillicum Group GRANT OR Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Silver
2349 DMEA 45 MB Roba and Westfall GRANT OR Mercury
2553 DMEA 22 MB Standard Mine GRANT OR Cobalt
2659 DMEA 13 MB Stithem Prospect GRANT OR Asbestos
3017 DMEA 3 MB Thornton Mine GRANT OR Tungsten
4823 DMEA 7 MB Berry Prospect GRANT OR Nickel
5006 DMEA 7 MB Dixie Mt. GRANT OR Cobalt
6311 OME 8 MB Star, etal., Placer Claims GRANT OR Gold
6790 OME 2 MB Portland Consolidated Mine GRANT OR Silver
6834 OME 1 MB Boulder Ridge Claim GRANT OR Gold, Silver, Platinum.
2347 DMEA 7 MB Farnham-Cooney Copper Property HARNEY OR Copper
4760 DMEA 24 MB Timber Beast Group HARNEY OR Uranium
0031 DMA 3 MB Blue Jay Mine JACKSON OR Antimony
0319 DMA <1 MB T. & M. Antimony Prospect JACKSON OR Antimony
1784 DMA 2 MB War Eagle Mine JACKSON OR Mercury
4011 DMEA 5 MB Blue Star Propspect JACKSON OR Tungsten
4574 DMEA 2 MB Stibnite No. 1 & 2 Claims JACKSON OR Antimony
4600 DMEA 9 MB Grand Cove Claims JACKSON OR Copper
4723 DMEA 2 MB Sec.25,T35S,R3W. JACKSON OR Uranium
6313 OME 1 MB Gold Plate No.1 & 2 Claims JACKSON OR Gold, Platinum
6335 OME 1 MB Chisholm Mine JACKSON OR Manganese, Cinnabar
6336 OME 1 MB Flora Belle Mine JACKSON OR Mercury
6438 OME 2 MB Ashland Mine JACKSON OR Gold, Silver.
6753 OME 14 MB Ashland Mine JACKSON OR Gold, Silver
6780 OME 7 MB Iron Hat Mine JACKSON OR Gold, Silver
4641 DMEA 32 MB Axehandle Mine JEFFERSON OR Mercury
6027 OME 36 MB Big Muddy Cinnabar Prospect JEFFERSON OR Mercury
6319 OME 56 MB Oregon King Mine JEFFERSON OR Silver, Gold
6772 OME 14 MB Horse Heaven West Property JEFFERSON OR Mercury
6835 OME 22 MB Roy Mining Prospect JEFFERSON OR Silver
0130 DMA 3 MB Horsehead Limestone Deposit JOSEPHINE OR Limestone
1534 DMA 8 MB South Queen of Bronze Mine JOSEPHINE OR Copper
1907 DMA 7 MB Ray Consolidated Placer Mine JOSEPHINE OR Platinum, Gold
3185 DMEA 9 MB No. 1 Chrome Dome JOSEPHINE OR Chromium
4465 DMEA 4 MB Blackbird 1,2, and 3 Claims JOSEPHINE OR Chromium
6044 OME 1 MB Eastate of Ida G. Archerd JOSEPHINE OR
6157 OME <1 MB Mint and Bullion, et al., Groups JOSEPHINE OR Gold
6421 OME 5 MB Oak Mine JOSEPHINE OR Gold, Copper,Lead, Zinc.
6754 OME 6 MB Siskron Mines JOSEPHINE OR Gold
6842 OME 5 MB Brass Ledge Mine JOSEPHINE OR Copper, Gold
3808 DMEA 10 MB Glass Buttes Prospect LAKE OR Mercury
3819 DMEA 4 MB Fremont Property LAKE OR Mercury
4545 DMEA 3 MB Digmore Holdings LAKE OR Mercury, Uranium
4718 DMEA 3 MB S & S & Cascade Group of Claims LAKE OR Cinnabar
4725 DMEA 2 MB Marty K Claims LAKE OR Uranium
4263 DMEA 68 MB Black Butte Mine LANE OR Mercury
6111 OME 93 MB Musick Mine LANE OR Lead-Zinc, Copper
6675 OME 6 MB Forty Four Prospect LINN OR Silver, Gold, Copper.
0076 DMA 7 MB Cayote Group MALHEUR OR Antimony
3778 DMEA 39 MB Bretz Mine MALHEUR OR Mercury
4050 DMEA 84 MB Jordan Mine MALHEUR OR Mercury
4290 DMEA 4 MB Brandon Mining Claims MALHEUR OR Mercury
4440 DMEA 6 MB Ontario & Pearl Groups MALHEUR OR Mercury
6318 OME <1 MB Sugar Quartz Claims MALHEUR OR Gold
6375 OME 1 MB Cat Track MALHEUR OR Silver, Antimony, Bismuth.
2372 DMEA 4 MB Crown Mine MARION OR Copper
0077 DMA <1 MB Bohemia District UNKNOWN COUNTY OR Lead-Zinc
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