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DMA, DMEA, OME mineral exploration assistance program file downloads

All Nevada dockets

File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1MB to nearly 500MB. Download times for large files will vary based on internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed.

Map showing all Nevada DMA, DMEA, OME dockets

File size is shown, download scan by selecting the property name link. All scans are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) which require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Nevada by County
Docket Agency File size PropertyName County State AllCommodities
1537 DMA 3 MB Basin Range Province
NV Copper, Zinc, Lead, Fluorspar, Tungsten
1774 DMA <1 MB None Identified
2115 OME <1 MB None identified
NV Copper
3169 DMEA 3 MB Raduim et al.
NV Gold, Silver
0968 DMA 3 MB None identified CARSON CITY NV Copper
1320 DMA 5 MB Nickel Mine CHURCHILL NV Nickel, Cobalt, Copper
1621 DMA 9 MB Bell Flat CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
2288 DMEA 7 MB Red Top & Red Ant claims CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
3127 DMEA 4 MB scans/nv/dmea/3127_DMEA.pdf CHURCHILL NV Copper
3180 DMEA 22 MB Hilltop Mine CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
3268 DMEA 19 MB Midnight Mine CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
3332 DMEA 25 MB El Pequito CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
4620 DMEA 7 MB Tungsten Properties CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
4795 DMEA 101 MB Hilltop Mine CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
6532 OME 4 MB Golden Rod Group of Claims CHURCHILL NV Silver
6658 OME 23 MB Pyramid Mine CHURCHILL NV Silver
6697 OME 21 MB Homestake Group and Edith Claims CHURCHILL NV Gold, Silver
6699 OME 21 MB New Pass Mine CHURCHILL NV Gold, Silver
6896 OME 5 MB Pyramid Mine CHURCHILL NV Silver
6907 OME 11 MB New Pass Mine CHURCHILL NV Gold, Silver.
0724 DMA 1 MB None identified CLARK NV Mica
1190 DMA 7 MB Mineralking CLARK NV Lead, Silver, Zinc, Vanadium
1432 DMA 3 MB Copper Flower CLARK NV Cobalt, Nickel, Uranium, Copper
1482 DMA 5 MB Casino Claim CLARK NV Lead, Copper, Zinc
1626 DMA 5 MB Green Monster Group CLARK NV Uranium, Copper, Lead, Zinc
1649 DMA 4 MB None Identified CLARK NV Mica
2012 DMA <1 MB May, Desty, John and Black Line Mines CLARK NV Lead-Zinc
2717 DMEA 12 MB Santa Cruz Mine CLARK NV Mica, Beryl
2836 DMEA 6 MB Lead King Mine CLARK NV Lead-Zinc
2972 DMEA 6 MB Hilltop Mine CLARK NV Samarskite
3479 DMEA 21 MB Key West Mine CLARK NV Copper, Nickel
3544 DMEA 6 MB Blackrock No. 1 Claim CLARK NV Beryl
4185 DMEA 7 MB Broken Ridge Property CLARK NV Uranium
4383 DMEA 3 MB Lucy Gray Group CLARK NV Tin
4761 DMEA 6 MB Walker & Condie CLARK NV Tungsten
6600 OME 2 MB Lakeside Mine CLARK NV Copper
6868 OME 1 MB Hell's Kitchen Property CLARK NV Gold, Copper, Tungsten.
6881 OME 9 MB Carnation Mine CLARK NV Gold, Silver.
0142 DMA 8 MB Last Laugh Tungsten Mine DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
0172 DMA <1 MB Buckskin Mine DOUGLAS NV None identified
0368 DMA 1 MB Corundum Prospect DOUGLAS NV Corundum-Andalusite
0446 DMA 18 MB Sweetwater Mine DOUGLAS NV Tungsten, Copper
1116 DMA 9 MB Pioneer Tungsten Mine DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
2072 DMA 4 MB Buchskin Mine DOUGLAS NV Copper, Gold
2352 DMEA 43 MB War Bond, Old Discovery, and Knight Claim DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
2696 DMEA 2 MB Last Laugh Tungsten Mine DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
3363 DMEA 7 MB Medium Shot Claims, Divide & Short Shot Claims. DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
4074 DMEA 32 MB Copper Chief Mine DOUGLAS NV Copper
0067 DMA 69 MB Marshall Mine ELKO NV Copper
0309 DMA 1 MB Blue-Jacket Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver.
0367 DMA 7 MB Bullshead Mine ELKO NV Copper
0475 DMA <1 MB None identified ELKO NV Lead-Zinc
0496 DMA <1 MB Lime Creek Mine ELKO NV Lead, Fluorspar
0766 DMA 14 MB Nob Hill ELKO NV Lead-Zinc, Silver
0872 DMA 4 MB Aladdin Mine ELKO NV Lead, Copper.
1101 DMA 13 MB Errington - Thiel ELKO NV Beryl, Mica
1295 DMA 65 MB Kille Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc
1298 DMA 2 MB None Identified ELKO NV Iron, Sulphur
1314 DMA 13 MB Dead Cedar ELKO NV Copper, Gold, Silver, Lead, Iron
1452 DMA 16 MB Star Tungsten Mine ELKO NV Tungsten
1458 DMA 7 MB Big & Little Dick Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
1548 DMA 23 MB Sylvania Mine ELKO NV Copper, Lead, Silver, Zinc
1948 DMA 64 MB Rip Van Winkle Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc, Silver
1953 DMEA 25 MB Lucky Boy and Jackson Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc
2010 DMA 11 MB Silver Butte Mine ELKO NV Lead
2083 DMA 3 MB Tungsten Property ELKO NV Tungsten
2239 DMEA 7 MB Mohaw Group of Claims ELKO NV Tungsten
2454 DMEA 2 MB Hartwell Prospect ELKO NV Copper, Manganese
2531 DMEA 15 MB Aladdin Mines ELKO NV Copper, Lead-Zinc
2554 DMEA 22 MB Arizona Mining Claims ELKO NV Copper
2630 DMEA 4 MB Little Joe ELKO NV Tungsten
2680 DMEA 8 MB Apex Claims ELKO NV Tungsten
2695 DMEA 12 MB Gribble Quartz Claims ELKO NV Tungsten, Antimony
2820 DMEA 63 MB Garnet No.1 & 2 Claims ELKO NV Tungsten
2932 DMEA 11 MB Burns Mine ELKO NV Tungsten
3005 DMEA 7 MB Aladdin Mines ELKO NV Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tungsten
3193 DMEA 5 MB Vestalee Mine ELKO NV Copper
3195 DMEA 8 MB Noonday Mine ELKO NV Tungsten
3450 DMEA 28 MB Nevada Monarch Consolidated Mines ELKO NV Tungsten
3754 DMEA 5 MB Prince Group Mining Claims ELKO NV Uranium
3958 DMEA 3 MB Dumb Mine ELKO NV Uranium
4114 DMEA 4 MB Garnet Claims ELKO NV Tungsten
4190 DMEA 2 MB Anchor Claims ELKO NV Uranium
4264 DMEA 16 MB Fox,Silver Cloud, and Butte Claims ELKO NV Mercury
4333 DMEA 5 MB Dead Cedar Mine ELKO NV Copper
4370 DMEA 2 MB Summit king Property ELKO NV Lead
4400 DMEA 1 MB Pink Horse Claims ELKO NV Uranium
4425 DMEA 54 MB Aladdin Mine ELKO NV Lead, Copper
4575 DMEA 3 MB Queen, et al., Claims ELKO NV Manganese, Uranium, Titanium.
4607 DMEA 3 MB Deerhorn Claims ELKO NV Uranium
5024 DMEA 2 MB Staggs-Quilici Mining Claims ELKO NV Mercury
6048 OME 4 MB Pyramid Claims ELKO NV Copper
6485 OME 11 MB Golden Eagle Mine ELKO NV Silver, Gold
6756 OME 31 MB Silver Cloud Mine ELKO NV Mercury
6788 OME 103 MB Aladdin, et al., Group of Claims ELKO NV Copper, Molybdenum, Silver.
6804 OME 14 MB Lucie Claims ELKO NV Copper, Silver, Molybdenum.
6854 OME 45 MB Good Hope Property ELKO NV Silver, Gold.
1164 DMA 6 MB Mustang Group ESMERALDA NV Copper, Silver
1183 DMA 1 MB None identified ESMERALDA NV Platinum
1624 DMA 3 MB Comstock Claims ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
1625 DMA 5 MB Shooting Star ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
1640 DMA 15 MB Bed rock Quicksilver Mine ESMERALDA NV Mercury
1802 DMA 5 MB Dawes Talc Mine ESMERALDA NV Talc, Tungsten, Uranium
1890 DMA 3 MB Homer or Last Chance Claims ESMERALDA NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
2381 DMEA 72 MB Rock Hill Tungsten Mine ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
3201 DMEA 2 MB 4 Acres Mine ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
3349 DMEA 4 MB 4 Aces Mine ESMERALDA NV Lead, Zinc
3551 DMEA 25 MB 4 Aces Mine ESMERALDA NV Lead, Zinc
3604 DMEA 7 MB The Micro Metals Mine ESMERALDA NV Mercury
3639 DMEA 5 MB Last one Group of Claims ESMERALDA NV Mercury
3914 DMEA 6 MB South Randolph Mine ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
4860 DMEA 5 MB Paymaster Groups and Mann Claims ESMERALDA NV Lead-Zinc, Copper, Selenium
5028 DMEA 4 MB Red Rock Quicksilver Mine ESMERALDA NV Mercury
6068 OME 84 MB Sally Louise Claim Group ESMERALDA NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
6317 OME 17 MB Los Compadres Silver Property ESMERALDA NV Silver, Gold
6512 OME 25 MB Inspiration and Boundary Claims ESMERALDA NV Silver
6526 OME 18 MB Big Horn Extension Group of Claims ESMERALDA NV Silver
6530 OME 3 MB Evergreen Mine ESMERALDA NV Silver
6539 OME 4 MB Klondyke Mine ESMERALDA NV Silver
6649 OME 2 MB Silver Chain Claims ESMERALDA NV Silver
6739 OME 5 MB Two Jim Claims ESMERALDA NV Silver, Gold
6749 OME 15 MB Red Rock Mine ESMERALDA NV Mercury
6763 OME 21 MB Los Compadres Silver Property ESMERALDA NV Silver, Gold
0074 DMA 95 MB Richmond Eureka Mine EUREKA NV Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
0143 DMA No scan Mt. Hope EUREKA NV Zinc
1563 DMA 78 MB Modarelli EUREKA NV Iron
1838 DMA 2 MB September Morn Copper Deposit EUREKA NV Copper
2992 DMEA 22 MB Diamond Mine EUREKA NV Lead
3395 DMEA 18 MB Niganz Mine (Gibellini Mine) EUREKA NV Nickel
6253 OME 40 MB Diamond Mine EUREKA NV Gold, Silver
6427 OME 22 MB Moco Claims EUREKA NV Silver
6436 OME 106 MB Cortez Mine & Rossi Property EUREKA NV Silver
6728 OME 17 MB Aspen, et al., Claims EUREKA NV Gold
6825 OME 4 MB Rossi Mine EUREKA NV Mercury, Gold, Silver
6890 OME 16 MB Mount Hope Mine EUREKA NV Silver, Copper.
1123 DMA 1 MB Black Diablo HUMBOLDT NV Manganese, Silica
1544 DMA 3 MB Crane Deposit HUMBOLDT NV Uranium, Vanadium
1571 DMA 10 MB New Er Claims HUMBOLDT NV Copper, Beryl
1655 DMA 3 MB Antimony Prospect HUMBOLDT NV Antimony
2283 DMEA 8 MB Ogee & Low Prospect HUMBOLDT NV Copper
2307 DMEA 6 MB Wholey Mine HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
2332 DMEA 14 MB Dutch Flat Mine HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
2455 DMEA 45 MB McAdoo Mine HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
2817 DMEA 9 MB K & K Quicksilver Mine HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
2848 DMEA 5 MB Vermillion Group HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
3110 DMEA 12 MB Defense Tungsten Mine HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
3166 DMEA 5 MB Humbolt King Mine HUMBOLDT NV Cobalt, Copper
3203 DMEA 8 MB Mountain Queen No. 5 HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
3264 DMEA 18 MB Leonard Creek Ranch HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
3305 DMEA 18 MB Moonlight Mine HUMBOLDT NV Uranium
3359 DMEA 8 MB Granite Point Claims HUMBOLDT NV Uranium
3609 DMEA 29 MB Mountain Green Claims HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
3782 DMEA 18 MB Saddle Mine HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
4376 DMEA 7 MB Longhorn & Dexter Claims HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
6536 OME 16 MB Silver Cloud Mine HUMBOLDT NV Silver, Gold
6547 OME 5 MB Johnson Prospect HUMBOLDT NV Silver, Gold
6846 OME 17 MB Iron Point Property HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
0433 DMA 17 MB Bentley Mine LANDER NV Lead-Zinc, Silver, Manganese
0703 DMA <1 MB Copper Basin LANDER NV None Identified
1422 DMA 8 MB Goldacres Mine LANDER NV Tungsten, Gold
1454 DMA 9 MB Charlou LANDER NV Copper, Silver
1791 DMA 2 MB None Identified LANDER NV Tin
1949 DMA 37 MB Lucky Strike Mine LANDER NV Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
1964 DMA 2 MB T-Bone Tungsten Property LANDER NV Tungsten
2033 DMA 8 MB Grey Eagle Mine LANDER NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
2171 DMA <1 MB Black Bird Claim LANDER NV Tungsten
2172 DMA 10 MB Black Bird Claim LANDER NV Manganese
2567 DMEA 19 MB T-Bone Tungsten LANDER NV Tungsten
2632 DMEA 8 MB Mayflower LANDER NV Tin
2774 DMEA 9 MB Grey Eagle Mine LANDER NV Lead-Zinc
3191 DMEA 49 MB Coper Canyon Mine LANDER NV Tungsten
3398 DMEA 19 MB Iowa Canyon Fluorospar Property LANDER NV Fluorspar
3478 DMEA 19 MB Last Chance Mine LANDER NV Manganese
3676 DMEA 7 MB Lakin Property LANDER NV Tungsten
3713 DMEA 4 MB Hart Group of Claims LANDER NV Uranium
3715 DMEA 6 MB Eldorado, et al., Claims Group LANDER NV Uranium
3753 DMEA 5 MB Lucky Stone, et al., Claims LANDER NV Uranium
4207 DMEA 29 MB Mercury Mine LANDER NV Mercury
5063 DMEA 3 MB Black Devil Claims LANDER NV Manganese
6350 OME 158 MB Pixie,et al., Claims LANDER NV Silver
6449 OME 83 MB Betty O'Neal Mine LANDER NV Silver
6884 OME 14 MB Mardon Lode Group LANDER NV Gold, Silver
6906 OME 12 MB Marden Lode Group LANDER NV Gold, Silver
0066 DMA 64 MB Ely Valley Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Manganese
0138 DMA 2 MB Tem Piute Tungsten Mine LINCOLN NV Tungsten
0285 DMA 4 MB Cherokee Mine LINCOLN NV Copper
0356 DMA 29 MB Pennsylvania Mine LINCOLN NV Copper, Silver, Lead, Gold
0406 DMA 3 MB Silver Lead Properties LINCOLN NV Lead
0420 DMA 99 MB Bristol Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Silver
1108 DMA 45 MB Caselton - Black Prince LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Manganese
1244 DMA 3 MB Bernice & Rosie Claims LINCOLN NV Silver, Lead, Copper
1644 DMA 7 MB Blackhawk Mine LINCOLN NV Lead, Silver, Copper, Iron
1671 DMA 8 MB Comet Mine LINCOLN NV Tungsten, Lead, Zinc
1726 DMA 7 MB Groom Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Silver
2309 DMEA 119 MB Comet Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc
2317 DMEA 5 MB Cherokee Mine LINCOLN NV Copper
2482 DMEA 66 MB Caselton Plant LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc
3106 DMEA 66 MB Lucky Star Mine LINCOLN NV Manganese
3273 DMEA 66 MB Scholfield Mine LINCOLN NV Tungsten
3396 DMEA 63 MB Yuba Dike Mining Claims LINCOLN NV Lead, Zinc
3512 DMEA 47 MB Lincoln Mine LINCOLN NV Tungsten
3629 DMEA 119 MB Castleton-Black Prince Area LINCOLN NV Lead, Zinc
4096 DMEA 18 MB Pan American Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc
4097 DMEA 61 MB Bristol Silver Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
4309 DMEA 5 MB Blue Bird,et al., Claims LINCOLN NV Uranium
4660 DMEA 25 MB Andies Claims LINCOLN NV Mercury
4688 DMEA 6 MB Jerry Claims LINCOLN NV Copper, Lead,Zinc.
4813 DMEA 39 MB Southpaw Claims LINCOLN NV Manganese
6479 OME 43 MB Schofield Mine LINCOLN NV Silver
6537 OME 44 MB Sterling and South End Group of Claims LINCOLN NV Silver
6611 OME 40 MB Bradshaw, et al., Claims LINCOLN NV Silver, Gold
6667 OME 44 MB East Bristol Area LINCOLN NV Silver
6833 OME 59 MB Atlanta Mine LINCOLN NV Gold, Silver
6855 OME 2 MB Nevada Park Mining Co. Property LINCOLN NV Silver, Uranium
0266 DMA 6 MB Yerrington Copper Project LYON NV Copper
1629 DMA 12 MB Dayton Iron Deposit LYON NV Iron
2458 DMEA 5 MB Osborn Bassman Property LYON NV Uranium
3181 DMEA 8 MB Ruth No. 1 Claim LYON NV Tungsten
0474 DMA 2 MB Millsite, Last Hope, Oscar, Nugget, et al. MINERAL NV Tungsten
0969 DMA 12 MB Baxter Fluorspar Mine MINERAL NV Fluorspar
1288 DMA 13 MB Schulite Extension Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten
1312 DMA 19 MB Simon Mine MINERAL NV Lead, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Sulphur
1619 DMA 15 MB Blue Jacket Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten, Copper, Silver
1830 DMA 7 MB Hill-Frick Claims MINERAL NV Tungsten
2512 DMEA 129 MB Green Talc Mine MINERAL NV Corundum-Andalusite
2749 DMEA 4 MB J. W. Hefler & George L. Birks Property MINERAL NV Tungsten
2808 DMEA 10 MB Redwing Mercury Claims MINERAL NV Mercury
3033 DMEA 13 MB Desert Scheelite Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten
3289 DMEA 3 MB Qualey Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten
3393 DMEA 19 MB Windup Claim MINERAL NV Tungsten
3948 DMEA 10 MB Pine Tree Claims MINERAL NV Copper
4165 DMEA 52 MB Nevada Scheelite Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten
4172 DMEA 7 MB Holliday & Falcon Claims MINERAL NV Uranium
4489 DMEA 6 MB Redwing Mercury Mine MINERAL NV Mercury
4562 DMEA 3 MB Lucky Susan Group MINERAL NV Uranium
4743 DMEA 4 MB Sunday Claims MINERAL NV Uranium
4806 DMEA 4 MB Geen Brook, et al., Claims MINERAL NV Uranium
5075 DMEA <1 MB None Identified MINERAL NV
6032 OME 1 MB Redwing Quicksilver Mine MINERAL NV Mercury
6500 OME 29 MB Silver Hill Property MINERAL NV Silver, Gold
6551 OME 1 MB Pointsetta Group of Claims MINERAL NV Mercury
6861 OME 7 MB Potosi Mine MINERAL NV Gold, Silver
6886 OME 28 MB Blue Sphinx Mines MINERAL NV Gold, Silver
0204 DMA 5 MB Copper King Group NYE NV Copper
0369 DMA 6 MB King Solomon Group NYE NV Antimony, Gold, Silver
0626 DMA <1 MB New Moose Mine NYE NV None identified
0772 DMA <1 MB Old Troy Lode Mine NYE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
0823 DMA 1 MB Alexander-Brooklyn Mine NYE NV Tungsten
1431 DMA 1 MB Antimony & Antimony Extension NYE NV Antimony
1480 DMA 4 MB Jim Dandy Mine NYE NV Lead-Zinc
1659 DMA 4 MB Indain Creek Group NYE NV Manganese
1782 DMA 3 MB Tungsten King NYE NV Tungsten
1918 DMA 2 MB None Identified NYE NV Fluorspar
2093 DMA 13 MB Round Mountain NYE NV Uranium
2209 DMEA 3 MB Giant Tungsten,Tungsten View, et al. NYE NV Tungsten
2279 DMEA 1 MB New Moose Mine NYE NV Tungsten
2305 DMEA 13 MB A & B Quick Mine NYE NV Mercury
2346 DMEA 6 MB Jo Jane Claims No. 1,2 and 3. NYE NV Tungsten
2560 DMEA 23 MB Copper King prospect NYE NV Copper
2609 DMEA 13 MB Giant Tongue, et. al. NYE NV Tungsten
3637 DMEA 31 MB El Capitan Mine NYE NV Tungsten
3906 DMEA 3 MB Bonita Uranium Mine NYE NV Uranium
4029 DMEA 4 MB Lottie Claims NYE NV Mercury
4169 DMEA 5 MB N half of New Moose and Moose No. 1 Claims NYE NV Tungsten
4301 DMEA 31 MB Climax Mine NYE NV Tungsten
4485 DMEA 4 MB Hannapah Mine NYE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
4547 DMEA 3 MB White Gold Claims NYE NV Tungsten
4814 DMEA 20 MB Rainbow and Cord Claims NYE NV Uranium
4819 DMEA 8 MB Van Ness Mine NYE NV Mercury
4994 DMEA 5 MB Mike, Kate, Bill Claims NYE NV Antimony, Selenium
6025 OME No scan Old English NYE NV Uranium
6033 OME 24 MB Chicago Lode and Allied Group NYE NV Fluorspar
6163 OME 40 MB Old English Mine NYE NV Gold, Uranium.
6540 OME 2 MB Pee Wee Group of Claims NYE NV Mercury
6568 OME 52 MB San Rafael Mine NYE NV Silver
6575 OME 16 MB Silver Bow Mining District NYE NV Gold, Silver
6723 OME 43 MB Ophir-Dexter, et al., Group of Claims NYE NV Silver
6731 OME 6 MB Baxter Spring Claims NYE NV Gold, Silver
0345 DMA 2 MB Stalins Present Propsect PERSHING NV Uranium
0600 DMA 16 MB Purkerson - Mead PERSHING NV Tin, Mercury
0616 DMA No scan Pollard Canyon PERSHING NV Manganese
0624 DMA 12 MB Henrietta Mine PERSHING NV Zinc, Lead
0919 DMA 3 MB Silver Tip Mine PERSHING NV None identified
1623 DMA 8 MB Barrell Spring PERSHING NV Tin, Gold
1898 DMA 4 MB Oreana, Ragged Top, Alpine & Star Mines PERSHING NV Tungsten
1943 DMA 5 MB Releif Mine PERSHING NV Tungsten
2278 DMEA 12 MB Gold NoteMine PERSHING NV Gold, Silver,Lead, Zinc, Copper
2302 DMEA 11 MB Stromy Bay Mine PERSHING NV Tungsten
2470 DMEA 62 MB Stalin's Present Claim Group PERSHING NV Uranium
2750 DMEA 14 MB Red Hawk PERSHING NV Tungsten
2925 DMEA 75 MB Stormy Day mine PERSHING NV Tungsten
2930 DMEA 3 MB Vernon Claims PERSHING NV Tungsten
3074 DMEA 4 MB Star Tungsten Claims PERSHING NV Tungsten
3163 DMEA 13 MB Pollard Manganese Mines PERSHING NV Manganese
3263 DMEA 8 MB Star Point Cobalt Mine PERSHING NV Cobalt, Copper
3401 DMEA 4 MB Green Mine PERSHING NV Antimony
3494 DMEA 10 MB Forge Property PERSHING NV Tungsten
3647 DMEA 70 MB Redbird Quicksilver Mine PERSHING NV Mercury
3936 DMEA 4 MB Vulture Calims PERSHING NV Mercury
4240 DMEA 39 MB Stormy Day, et al., Groups PERSHING NV Tungsten
4345 DMEA 5 MB Hot Group Claims PERSHING NV Mercury
4346 DMEA 5 MB Joe Group of Claims PERSHING NV Mercury
4715 DMEA 17 MB Mount Tobin Group Claims PERSHING NV Mercury
4818 DMEA 2 MB Cinnabar Lode No. 3 PERSHING NV Mercury
4861 DMEA 9 MB Stormy Day Mine PERSHING NV Tungsten
6518 OME 9 MB Plainview Mine PERSHING NV Silver, Gold
6527 OME 9 MB Land Rover Group of Claims PERSHING NV Silver
6563 OME 8 MB Wabash, et al., Claims PERSHING NV Silver
6598 OME 4 MB Bonanza Mine PERSHING NV Silver
6641 OME 21 MB Inca Group of Claims PERSHING NV Silver
6712 OME 36 MB Arizona Mine PERSHING NV Silver
4459 DMEA 8 MB Castle Peak Mercury Mine STOREY NV Mercury
4838 DMEA 6 MB Castle Peak Mine STOREY NV Mercury
6584 OME 5 MB Silver Slipper Prospect STOREY NV Silver
0281 DMA 1 MB Battle Mountain UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
1148 DMA 2 MB Stump Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Cobalt, Zirconium
1585 DMA 1 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Mica
1690 DMA <1 MB Sink Float Plant UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Manganese
3036 DMEA 1 MB Scotia Claim UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Mica
0135 DMA 2 MB Galena Hill Mine WASHOE NV Lead
0524 DMA 7 MB Various Claims WASHOE NV Copper
1386 DMA <1 MB Mount Davidson WASHOE NV Tungsten
1852 DMA 2 MB A to Z No. 3 WASHOE NV Phosphate, Potash
3684 DMEA 12 MB Swingle Mine WASHOE NV Lead-Zinc
3836 DMEA 18 MB Cal-Alta (Blowout ) Mine WASHOE NV Tungsten
4296 DMEA 7 MB The Guanomi Mine WASHOE NV Copper, Molybdenum
5015 DMEA 4 MB Armstrong, Vissing, and Bedrock Groups WASHOE NV Uranium
0089 DMA 33 MB St. Lawrence Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Silver Tungsten
0145 DMA 11 MB Grand Deposit Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
0212 DMA 3 MB Deep Ruth Mine WHITE PINE NV Copper
0229 DMEA 61 MB Cherry Creek Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
0439 DMA <1 MB Mike Piscovich Lease WHITE PINE NV Zinc
0745 DMA 5 MB Stacey Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten, Gold, Silver
0866 DMA 20 MB Rocco-Homestake Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Silver
1077 DMA 4 MB Cabin Gulch Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
1234 DMA 8 MB Lage Antimony Prospect WHITE PINE NV Antimony
1504 DMA 9 MB Kansas Mine WHITE PINE NV Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver
1973 DMA 1 MB Snake Creek Canyon WHITE PINE NV Manganese
1974 DMA 4 MB Snake Creek Canyon WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2082 DMEA 194 MB Mt. Wheeler Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2137 DMEA 27 MB Schafer Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2138 DMA 10 MB Hilltop Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2163 DMA 3 MB Tipple Claims WHITE PINE NV Lead, Zinc, Silver
2203 DMA 9 MB Climax Claims WHITE PINE NV Iron
2257 DMEA 67 MB Ward Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
2289 DMEA 13 MB Black Horse Tungsten Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2400 DMEA 5 MB Three Partners Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2577 DMEA 4 MB Fay Mine WHITE PINE NV Copper, Lead, Zinc
2645 DMEA 14 MB Monte Christo Tungsten Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2688 DMEA 134 MB Minerva Tungsten Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2801 DMEA 32 MB Pine Nut Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2815 DMEA 2 MB Last Chance Claim WHITE PINE NV Lead, Silver
2979 DMEA 4 MB Lady Smith & Randall Claims WHITE PINE NV Lead
3103 DMEA 58 MB Essex Claim WHITE PINE NV Manganese
3217 DMEA 15 MB Kolchek Tungsten Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3368 DMEA 8 MB Big Wash Tungsten Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3428 DMEA 107 MB Mt. Wheeler Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc
3520 DMEA 10 MB Piedmont Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3616 DMEA 4 MB Grand Deposit Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead
3641 DMEA 29 MB Teresa Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3650 DMEA 9 MB Hub Basin Mining Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3654 DMEA 9 MB Antelope Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3744 DMEA 19 MB Valley View Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
4508 DMEA 4 MB Geordia Group of Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
4869 DMEA 11 MB Monte Cristo Claims WHITE PINE NV Copper
4924 DMEA 63 MB Hamilton Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
6093 OME No scan Hamilton (Onetha) WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper.
6219 OME 35 MB Morning Star Mine WHITE PINE NV Silver
6411 OME 12 MB South Taylor Project WHITE PINE NV None identified.
6845 OME 12 MB Reese Mine, Antelope Claims WHITE PINE NV Silver, Copper.
6892 OME 9 MB Silent Friend-Fay Property WHITE PINE NV Silver, Copper, Gold
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