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DMA, DMEA, OME mineral exploration assistance program file downloads

All New Mexico dockets

File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1MB to nearly 500MB. Download times for large files will vary based on internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed.

Map showing all New Mexico DMA, DMEA, OME dockets

File size is shown, download scan by selecting the property name link. All scans are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) which require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

New Mexico by County
Docket Agency File size PropertyName County State AllCommodities
1752 DMA 11 MB Various Leases CATRON NM Tin
6784 OME 2 MB Free Gold and Emerald Claims COLFAX NM Gold
1502 DMA 4 MB Rickardite Mines DONA ANA NM Lead-Zinc, Silver
2900 DMEA 4 MB Blackie Claims DONA ANA NM Manganese
3325 DMEA 11 MB Rincon Manganese Claims DONA ANA NM Manganese
1836 DMA 4 MB None Identified EDDY NM Potash, Phosphate
0248 DMA 4 MB Grand View Lead Zinc Group GRANT NM Zinc
0371 DMA 76 MB Grant County Mine GRANT NM Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
0457 DMA 1 MB Austin Amazon Copper Mine GRANT NM Copper
0900 DMA 2 MB None Indentified GRANT NM Zinc, Lead, Copper
0967 DMA 16 MB Black Hawk Mine GRANT NM Cobalt, Uranium, Silver, Nickel
1294 DMA 8 MB Leach & Leach GRANT NM Uranium
1325 DMA 179 MB Bullfrog Mine GRANT NM Lead-Zinc
1549 DMA 19 MB Houston-Thomas Group GRANT NM Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper
2954 DMEA 28 MB Alhambra Mine GRANT NM Nickel
3319 DMEA 5 MB Black Eagle Manganese Claim GRANT NM Manganese
3850 DMEA 9 MB Pacemaker Group GRANT NM Tungsten
4009 DMEA 7 MB White Signal Property GRANT NM Uranium
4295 DMEA 2 MB Springfield Group GRANT NM Uranium, Copper
4546 DMEA 6 MB Deero Copper, et al., Claims GRANT NM Copper
6403 OME 5 MB Twinn Peaks GRANT NM Silver
6486 OME 31 MB M. & M. Enterprises Claims GRANT NM Silver, Gold
6543 OME 2 MB Ontario Mine GRANT NM Silver, Gold
6677 OME 2 MB Lucky Strike Claims GRANT NM Gold, Silver.
6883 OME 12 MB Chloride Flat Property GRANT NM Platinum, Silver.
0268 DMA 10 MB Bonney-Manila & Miser's chest HIDALGO NM Copper, Gold, Silver
1172 DMA 12 MB Atwood Copper Group HIDALGO NM Copper
1476 DMA 12 MB Eagle Point Group HIDALGO NM Tungsten
2426 DMEA 97 MB Bessie and Harry Clay Claims HIDALGO NM Copper, Silver, Gold
2727 DMEA 6 MB Nelly Bly Group HIDALGO NM Copper, Cobalt
3276 DMEA <1 MB Eagle Point Claims HIDALGO NM Tungsten
3701 DMEA 46 MB Eagle Point Claims HIDALGO NM Tungsten
4630 DMEA 3 MB Big 3, White Cloud, Ruth and Owl Group of Claims HIDALGO NM Lead-Zinc, Copper
6228 OME 34 MB Henry Clay Claims HIDALGO NM Copper, Gold, Silver
6394 OME 7 MB Venus Mine HIDALGO NM Silver
1308 DMA 6 MB Old Abe Mine LINCOLN NM Tungsten
1465 DMA 7 MB House & Kadaw Mining Property LINCOLN NM Asbestos, Tungsten, Iron, Fluorspar
2316 DMEA 30 MB Carrizozo NM. LINCOLN NM Copper, Lead
4792 DMEA 34 MB Abo, et al., Claims LINCOLN NM Uranium, Thorium
0243 DMA 5 MB Ogre and Bogle Tungsten Claims LUNA NM Tungsten
0859 DMA 13 MB American Group of Claims LUNA NM Manganese
1137 DMA 13 MB Greenleaf Fluorspar Mine LUNA NM Fluorspar
1152 DMA 10 MB Excess Mine LUNA NM Lead, Silver, Tungsten
1613 DMA 32 MB Mahoney Mine LUNA NM Lead-Zinc
2605 DMEA 5 MB American Group LUNA NM Manganese
3055 DMEA 8 MB One Standard Mining Claim LUNA NM Manganese
3162 DMEA 164 MB Manganese Valley Mine LUNA NM Manganese
4310 DMEA 51 MB Killion Mine LUNA NM Manganese
4817 DMEA 5 MB Muller Manganese No.1 & 2 Claims LUNA NM Manganese
6633 OME 7 MB Georgia Bell Mine LUNA NM Silver, Copper.
2765 DMEA 26 MB Garcia & Blue Peak Groups MCKINLEY NM Uranium
2897 DMEA 14 MB Flat Top-Vilatie Hyde Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3089 DMEA 64 MB Monol Mine MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3151 DMEA 23 MB Flat top No. 4 & 5 Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3152 DMEA 7 MB None identified MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3190 DMEA 47 MB Flat Top- Vilatie Hyde Claims No. 1,2 and 3 MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3225 DMEA 5 MB Group Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3226 DMEA 6 MB Black Rainbow Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3632 DMEA 128 MB State Claims in Sec. 8, T. 13 N., R 9 W., NMPM &B. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3727 DMEA 21 MB Santa Fe Tracts MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3854 DMEA 34 MB Red Rock Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3869 DMEA 18 MB Sec. 1,2,3,13,15. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3886 DMEA 12 MB Silver Spur Mine MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3939 DMEA 45 MB Sec.7,T13N,R9W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3943 DMEA 58 MB Sec. 9,T13N,R9W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3966 DMEA 53 MB Betty Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3988 DMEA 13 MB Sec.1,T13N,R10 W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3989 DMEA 199 MB Sec. 29, T.13N., R.9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4017 DMEA 60 MB Sec,10.T13N,R9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4070 DMEA 178 MB Sec.32.T14N,R9W.;Sec.36.T14N,R10W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4101 DMEA 26 MB Divide Claims 25-28 inclusive MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4156 DMEA 51 MB Sec17,18,20,27,30,31.T14N,R9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4180 DMEA 37 MB Sec. 12.T14N,R10W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4411 DMEA 37 MB Sec.6,T13N,R9W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4442 DMEA 3 MB Sec11.T14N,R10W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4526 DMEA 9 MB Sec.28,T14N,R11W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4590 DMEA 103 MB Sec.14.T14N,R10W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4665 DMEA 96 MB West Limestone Group MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4682 DMEA 3 MB Flat Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4842 DMEA 189 MB Sec,32T14N,R8W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4845 DMEA 113 MB Sec17.T13N,R9W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4872 DMEA 78 MB Sec16.T13N,R8W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4995 DMEA 14 MB San Mateo Dome Project MCKINLEY NM Uranium
5009 DMEA 127 MB Sec.21T13N,R9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
5010 DMEA 7 MB Sec.29T13N,R9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
1819 DMA 16 MB Alabama Group OTERO NM Zinc, Lead, Copper, Manganese
0055 DMA <1 MB Columbite deposit RIO ARRIBA NM Columbite-Tantalite
1113 DMA 11 MB Placer Deposit RIO ARRIBA NM Columbite-Tantalite
1800 DMA 3 MB DeAnza mica flake Mill RIO ARRIBA NM Mica
2568 DMEA 16 MB Coulter & White RIO ARRIBA NM Beryl, Mica
2766 DMEA <1 MB C & S Mining Claim RIO ARRIBA NM Copper
2955 DMEA 2 MB Elpha Mining Claim RIO ARRIBA NM Mica
3348 DMEA 4 MB Miller Group RIO ARRIBA NM Beryl, Mica
3903 DMEA 5 MB Pajaro Azul Claims RIO ARRIBA NM Uranium
4197 DMEA 6 MB Gail, et al., Claims RIO ARRIBA NM Uranium
4401 DMEA 6 MB Abby Group of Claims RIO ARRIBA NM Uranium
4550 DMEA 3 MB St. Jude Group RIO ARRIBA NM Uranium, Copper
4904 DMEA 10 MB Rockin Chair Claims RIO ARRIBA NM Beryl, Mica,Columbite, Tantalite.
2623 DMEA 10 MB Donet Nezz Claim SAN JUAN NM Uranium
0738 DMA <1 MB Fortune Mica Mine SAN MIGUEL NM Mica
1756 DMA 4 MB Lucky Strike Group SAN MIGUEL NM Asbestos
2272 DMEA 4 MB Beryl Prospect SAN MIGUEL NM Beryl
3207 DMEA 6 MB High Peak Monzanite Claim SAN MIGUEL NM Thorium, Monzanite
4035 DMEA 4 MB Mars 2 and 3 Claims SAN MIGUEL NM Uranium
4118 DMEA 8 MB Sparks & Stone Mine SAN MIGUEL NM Uranium
1109 DMA 6 MB San Miguel Mine SANDOVAL NM Copper
1221 DMA 10 MB Black Rose Uranium Prospect SANDOVAL NM Uranium, Coal
3880 DMEA 49 MB Canoncito Area SANDOVAL NM Uranium
4729 DMEA 8 MB Cuprite Claims SANDOVAL NM Uranium, Copper
4846 DMEA 2 MB Titanium Mine SANDOVAL NM Rutile, Brookite
0015 DMA 8 MB San Pedro Mine SANTA FE NM Tungsten, Copper
0247 DMA 21 MB Tom Payne Mine SANTA FE NM Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Gold
1387 DMA 29 MB Ortiz Mine Grant SANTA FE NM Tungsten
1427 DMA 17 MB Evelyn Gold Group SANTA FE NM Copper, Silver, Gold
2383 DMEA 27 MB Pennsylvania Mine SANTA FE NM Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
2866 DMEA 4 MB Fulton Prospect SANTA FE NM Tungsten
3141 DMEA 5 MB San Francisco Mine SANTA FE NM Copper, Tungsten
3651 DMEA 71 MB San Pedro Mine SANTA FE NM Copper
3749 DMEA 3 MB Bosier Group of Claims SANTA FE NM Uranium
3826 DMEA 47 MB Bottom Dollar and Black Hornet Prospects SANTA FE NM Lead, Zinc
3895 DMEA 4 MB Rockin Chair Group of Claims SANTA FE NM Beryl, Mica
4214 DMEA 70 MB San Pedro Mine SANTA FE NM Copper
4506 DMEA 4 MB BAT Mining Claims SANTA FE NM Mica, Beryl, Columbium, Tantalum.
4613 DMEA 29 MB La Bajada Mine SANTA FE NM Uranium, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt.
0771 DMA 8 MB Keystone and Iris Claim SIERRA NM Lead, Silver, Zinc, Copper
1220 DMA 11 MB Lookout Mine SIERRA NM Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
1884 DMA 2 MB Indian Head Group SIERRA NM Manganese
1892 DMA 5 MB Superior & Dip Down Claims SIERRA NM Copper
2369 DMEA 2 MB Skylight Mine SIERRA NM Lead-Zinc
4499 DMEA 4 MB Paran Hill, et al., Claims SIERRA NM Uranium
4595 DMEA 4 MB Carbonate Lead No. 1 Claims SIERRA NM Lead
4616 DMEA 5 MB Black Colt & Blackie Claims SIERRA NM Manganese
6573 OME 3 MB Yankey Boy Claim SIERRA NM Gold, Silver, Copper
6781 OME 3 MB Norinco Claims SIERRA NM Silver
6856 OME 39 MB Lake Valley Property SIERRA NM Silver
0388 DMA 8 MB None Identified (also see DMA-604) SOCCORRO NM Mica
0059 DMA 10 MB Buckeye Copper Mine SOCORRO NM Manganese, Copper
0604 DMA 6 MB American (also see DMA-388) SOCORRO NM Fluorspar
0739 DMA <1 MB Vulcan Group of Iron Mines SOCORRO NM Iron
0935 DMA 15 MB York Mining Company SOCORRO NM Zinc, Lead, Copper, Manganese, Silver, Gold, Kyanite
1271 DMA 14 MB Old Soldier Group SOCORRO NM Copper, Lead, Zinc
1362 DMA 1 MB Grandview Tungsten Mine SOCORRO NM
1543 DMA 7 MB None Identified SOCORRO NM Tin, Lead
1553 DMA 22 MB Sixty Claims SOCORRO NM Copper
1730 DMA 4 MB Mozell, East Side No. 2 & Diamond Claims SOCORRO NM Lead
2007 DMA <1 MB None identified SOCORRO NM None identified
2132 DMA 13 MB Black Goose Mine SOCORRO NM Manganese
2325 DMEA 6 MB Iron Cap Vein SOCORRO NM Copper
2651 DMEA 2 MB Buena Vista Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
3150 DMEA 3 MB Ryan Hill and White Hill No. 2 Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
3446 DMEA 23 MB C.T.C. Mining Claims SOCORRO NM Uranium
3607 DMEA 53 MB Red Hill Extension Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
4274 DMEA 7 MB Auga Torres Mine SOCORRO NM Uranium
4466 DMEA 3 MB Barela Ranch SOCORRO NM Manganese
4585 DMEA 11 MB Jenny B., et al., Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
4979 DMEA 8 MB Black Goose & Magnum Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
6036 OME 6 MB Burris Mine No. 1 & Deer Peak No. 1 SOCORRO NM Manganese
6648 OME 13 MB Silver Lode and Silver Streak Claims SOCORRO NM Silver
6678 OME 3 MB Venus No.1 Mine SOCORRO NM Silver, Gold, Copper.
6859 OME 17 MB Gofor and Spires Mines SOCORRO NM Gold, Silver
6893 OME 2 MB Rose Quartz No. 2, Gambler Claims SOCORRO NM Gold, Silver
1272 DMA 7 MB Champion & Oxide King Copper Project TAOS NM Copper, Gold, Silver
1689 DMA 4 MB Eagle Rock Claim TAOS NM Molybdenum
2674 DMEA 3 MB Silver Star & Cracker Jack Claims TAOS NM Lead-Zinc
4514 DMEA 1 MB Adele Claims TAOS NM Beryl, Tantalum
4568 DMEA 243 MB Moly or Questa Mine TAOS NM Molybdenum
6058 OME 48 MB Sec. 32.T23N., R11E. TAOS NM Beryl, Tantalum
6251 OME 1 MB Owen-Roybal Claim Group TAOS NM Beryl, Columbite
6416 OME 1 MB Wichita Claims TAOS NM Silver
6423 OME 7 MB Red River Propsect TAOS NM Gold, Silver
6591 OME 2 MB Silver Star Mine TAOS NM Silver, Nickel, et al.
6686 OME 12 MB Silver Tip Claims TAOS NM Silver, Gold
0526 DMA 3 MB None Identified TORRANCE NM Lead-Zinc, Barite, Silver
0490 DMA <1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Copper
0509 DMA 1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Copper
1005 DMA <1 MB Shiprock UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Uranium
1276 DMA 2 MB Various UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Manganese, Tungsten, Fluorspar
1343 DMA 3 MB Continental Lode UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Lead-Zinc, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Gold, Silver
1346 DMA <1 MB Iron Mountain Area UNKNOWN COUNTY NM None identified
1393 DMA <1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Copper
2998 DMEA 3 MB Middle River Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Mica
1464 DMA 16 MB Red Bluff Group VALENCIA NM Uranium
3040 DMEA 10 MB Mirabal Copper Mine VALENCIA NM Copper
3044 DMEA 19 MB UDC No. 1,2,3, and 4 VALENCIA NM Uranium
3621 DMEA 53 MB Christmas Day Group VALENCIA NM Uranium
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