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DMA, DMEA, OME mineral exploration assistance program file downloads

All Idaho dockets

File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1MB to nearly 500MB. Download times for large files will vary based on internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed.

Map showing all Idaho DMA, DMEA, OME dockets

File size is shown, download scan by selecting the property name link. All scans are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) which require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Idaho by County
Docket Agency File size PropertyName County State AllCommodities
2936 DMEA 1 MB Delusion Claims ADA ID Nickel, Tin, Chromium, Banadium, and Uranium
0863 DMA No scan River Queen Mine ADAMS ID Copper
2116 DMA 3 MB Granite Queen ADAMS ID Copper
1716 DMA 9 MB Idaho Manganese Corporation BANNOCK ID Manganese
1789 DMA 7 MB Lava Manganese Sales Company BANNOCK ID Manganese
3109 DMEA 90 MB Vanza Mine BANNOCK ID Manganese
2008 DMA 6 MB Worm Creek Manganese Prospect BEAR LAKE ID Manganese
2076 DMA 3 MB Berrett & Ricks Prospect BEAR LAKE ID Lead, Copper
4830 DMEA 2 MB Bloomington Caynon BEAR LAKE ID Selenium
1604 DMA 42.8 MB Hyde BENEWAH ID Iron, Manganese
0081 DMA 65 MB Lake Creek Zinc BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
0211 DMA 57 MB Snoose Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
0324 DMA 24 MB Parker Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
0391 DMA 25 MB Paymaster Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
0498 DMA 2 MB Apache Mines BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
0595 DMA No scan Pricess Blue Ribon BLAINE ID Gold, Silver, Copper <lead.
1245 DMA 19 MB Ida Harlan Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
1538 DMA 5 MB None Identified BLAINE ID Antimony, Silver
1594 DMA 20 MB Sunday Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
1635 DMA 348 MB Minnie Moore & Queen of the Hills Mines BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1641 DMA 27 MB Minnie Moore Mine BLAINE ID Lead, Silver
1881 DMA 2 MB Even Chance BLAINE ID Antimony
1905 DMA 5 MB Independence Claims BLAINE ID Tungsten
1935 DMA 12 MB Rustler Group of Claims BLAINE ID Lead
1936 DMA 20 MB Blue Kitten Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
2149 DMA 5 MB Big Doe Zinc Mine BLAINE ID Zinc
2373 DMEA 10 MB Hood River Lead And Zinc Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
2415 DMEA No scan Mies Inc. Prospect BLAINE ID Lead
2417 DMEA 6 MB Even Chance Mine Claim BLAINE ID Antimony
3009 DMEA 3 MB High Mountain Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
3340 DMEA 12 MB Red Leaf Group BLAINE ID Lead, Zinc
3394 DMEA 119 MB Triumph mine BLAINE ID Lead, Zinc
3433 DMEA <1 MB Queen of the Hills Mine BLAINE ID Lead, Zinc
3436 DMEA 3 MB Daisy Mine BLAINE ID Lead, Zinc
3556 DMEA 3 MB Patsy No. 3 Claim BLAINE ID Tungsten
3760 DMEA 24 MB Rustler Mine BLAINE ID Uranium, Lead
3847 DMEA <1 MB Truimph Mine BLAINE ID
3863 DMEA 4 MB Commodore Claim BLAINE ID Lead
4091 DMEA 9 MB Ura Group BLAINE ID Tungsten
4170 DMEA 7 MB Rustler Mine BLAINE ID Uranium
4412 DMEA 29 MB Triumph Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
4505 DMEA 3 MB Ironside, et al., Claims BLAINE ID Tungsten, Lead, Anitmony
4870 DMEA 30 MB Garfield Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
4977 DMEA 2 MB Trail Creek Claim BLAINE ID Copper, Titanium
4980 DMEA 6 MB Ohio Mine BLAINE ID Lead
6176 OME 1 MB Silver Star Queen Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver.
6293 OME 3 MB Atlanta and Idaho Claims BLAINE ID Silver
6406 OME <1 MB Comer Prospect BLAINE ID Silver
6464 OME 3 MB Liberty Gem Mine BLAINE ID Silver
6610 OME 5 MB Good Hope Claims BLAINE ID Silver
6631 OME 12 MB Red Cloud Mine BLAINE ID Silver, Copper, Gold.
6676 OME 14 MB High Ore Claims BLAINE ID Silver, Lead, Zinc.
6773 OME 7 MB La Grande Claims BLAINE ID Silver
6778 OME 2 MB Sundown Mine BLAINE ID Silver
6812 OME 13 MB Big John Property BLAINE ID Gold, Silver
0261 DMA 1 MB None Identified (Kallas) BOISE ID Gold
0421 DMA 18 MB Idaho Birthday Mines BOISE ID Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
1114 DMA 6 MB Pack-Saddle and Buckhorn Claims BOISE ID Antimony, Tungsten
2690 DMEA 5 MB Lakow Flats Placer BOISE ID Monazite
2863 DMEA 7 MB Lakow Flats & Lakow Extension Claims BOISE ID Monazite
3070 DMEA 5 MB H.G. Claims BOISE ID Mercury
6192 OME 1 MB Hildamae Group of Claims BOISE ID Gold
6277 OME 128 MB Little Falls Prospect BOISE ID Molybdenum
6457 OME 1 MB Silver King Group BOISE ID Silver
6528 OME 2 MB Silver Bullion Property BOISE ID Silver
6612 OME 16 MB American Girl, et al., Claims BOISE ID Silver
6643 OME 12 MB King Solomon Vein BOISE ID Silver
0255 DMA 159 MB Whitedelf Mine BONNER ID Lead, Silver
1215 DMA 12 MB Clarinda BONNER ID Copper, Gold, Silver
1238 DMA 22 MB Hope Mine BONNER ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
2236 DMEA 120 MB Conjecture Mine BONNER ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
2457 DMEA 2 MB Fire Chief Mine BONNER ID Tungsten
2505 DMEA 3 MB Tafte Prospect BONNER ID Lead
3238 DMEA 5 MB Fire Chief Mine BONNER ID Tungsten
3533 DMEA 5 MB Silver Fox Mine BONNER ID Lead
4808 DMEA 10 MB Little Senator Mine BONNER ID Lead
4989 DMEA 5 MB Iron Mask Mine BONNER ID Copper
4990 DMEA 5 MB Hope Mine BONNER ID Copper
6152 OME 3 MB Boston, et al., Claims BONNER ID Gold, Silver
6664 OME 2 MB Big Step Prospect BONNER ID Silver
3759 DMEA 4 MB Claims in the Caribou Mountains BONNEVILLE ID Uranium
6733 OME 2 MB Scholes and Lawson Homesteads BONNEVILLE ID Silver, Gold
1499 DMA 7 MB Chief Joseph Mine BOUNDARY ID Tungsten
1686 DMA 5 MB Golden Triplets Group BOUNDARY ID Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
2507 DMEA 4 MB Property near Addy, Id. BOUNDARY ID Copper, Lead,Zinc,Silver,Gold.
3411 DMEA 3 MB Glanfarney, et al Claims BOUNDARY ID Copper, Cobalt
4344 DMEA 5 MB Hall Miuntain No1 BOUNDARY ID Thorium
0680 DMA 3 MB Big Horn Mine BUTTE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver.
1628 DMA 12 MB Copper Mountain Claim BUTTE ID Copper
2268 DMEA 4 MB Great Western Mine BUTTE ID Lead-Zinc
3941 DMEA 10 MB Copper Mountain Claims BUTTE ID Copper
4193 DMEA 11 MB Rattlesnake Copper mine BUTTE ID Copper
6337 OME 1 MB Big Horn, et al., Claims BUTTE ID Silver
6402 OME <1 MB Rosebud Mine BUTTE ID None identified
1185 DMA 7 MB Buttercup Mine CAMAS ID Lead, Zinc, Silver
1319 DMA 3 MB Taft Group CAMAS ID Lead-Zinc
1508 DMA 12 MB Carrietown Group CAMAS ID Lead-Zinc
1513 DMA 2 MB Old Iron Sides Mine CAMAS ID Lead, Silver, Mica
1589 DMA 2 MB Axolotel Group CAMAS ID Monazite, Rare Earths, Titantite
1808 DMA 5 MB Bundy Mine CAMAS ID Lead-Zinc
3326 DMEA 12 MB Buttercup Mine CAMAS ID Lead, Zinc
6476 OME <1 MB War Eagle and Silver Hill Claims CASSIA ID None identified
0461 DMA <1 MB Weimer Mine CLARK ID Copper
4531 DMEA 3 MB Pocahontas 1,2,3,4. CLARK ID Copper
1240 DMA 6 MB Driessel Antimony Prospect CLEARWATER ID Antimony, Gold, Lead, Silver
1512 DMA 6 MB Bowler CLEARWATER ID Mica
0109 DMA 1 MB Last Chance, et al. CUSTER ID Lead
0321 DMA <1 MB Antimony Prospect near Stanley CUSTER ID Antimony
0327 DMA No scan Regal Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Arsnic.
0519 DMA 7 MB Open Question Claim CUSTER ID Fluorspar
0662 DMA 12 MB Williamson - Phontas Group CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
0796 DMA <1 MB Lindburg Lease CUSTER ID None identified
1091 DMA 4 MB Champion Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
1104 DMA No scan None Identified CUSTER ID Lead
1247 DMA 4 MB George Washington & Lead Bell Claim Groups CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
1350 DMA 19 MB Saturday Mountain CUSTER ID Lead, Silver, Zinc
1426 DMA 8 MB Roosevelt Group CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Tungsten, Gold
1468 DMA 10 MB Silver Streak Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Gold
1734 DMA 3 MB Mountain View Mine CUSTER ID Tungsten, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Gold
1894 DMA 74 MB Red Bird Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1928 DMA <1 MB Hardscrabble Mine CUSTER ID Gold, Silver,Lead
1959 DMA 36 MB Hoodo Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
2213 DMA 38 MB Meadow View Mine CUSTER ID Zinc, Tungsten, Silver
2502 DMEA 38 MB Champion Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
2950 DMEA 32 MB Chalspar Mine CUSTER ID Fluorspar
3015 DMEA 45 MB Livingston Mine CUSTER ID Lead, Zinc
3158 DMEA 14 MB roosevelt Claims CUSTER ID Tungsten
3209 DMEA 7 MB Dewey Property CUSTER ID Tungsten
3327 DMEA 8 MB Ella & Clayton Mines CUSTER ID Lead, Zinc
3457 DMEA 24 MB Mountain King Mine CUSTER ID Lead, Zinc
3661 DMEA 40 MB Chalspar No. 2 CUSTER ID Fluorspar
3664 DMEA 103 MB Deer Trail Mine CUSTER ID Lead, Zinc
3667 DMEA 101 MB Tungsten Jim No. 1 Claims CUSTER ID Tungsten
3864 DMEA 9 MB Empire Mine CUSTER ID Copper
3889 DMEA 7 MB Star of Hope Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
3898 DMEA 2 MB Hoodo Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
4007 DMEA 17 MB Seagraves Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
4187 DMEA 11 MB Black Rock, et al., Claims CUSTER ID Lead
4257 DMEA 5 MB Bell Cross Claims CUSTER ID Uranium
4262 DMEA 3 MB Copper queen Mine CUSTER ID Copper, Lead
4280 DMEA 35 MB Warm Springs Creek CUSTER ID Monazite, Thorium,Columbium, Tantalum
4291 DMEA 6 MB Foolproof Claim CUSTER ID Uranium
4315 DMEA 3 MB Cornhusker Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
4479 DMEA 3 MB Big Copper No. 1,2 and 3 Claims CUSTER ID Copper, Lead,Zinc.
4495 DMEA 3 MB Clayton View Claims CUSTER ID Lead
4504 DMEA 43 MB Wild Horse Mine CUSTER ID Tungsten
4659 DMEA 106 MB Clayton Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
5053 DMEA 2 MB Deer Trail Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
6088 OME 2 MB Champion Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Copper.
6089 OME 1 MB Gamebet Claim Group CUSTER ID Copper
6091 OME 1 MB Lost Packer Mine CUSTER ID Copper
6244 OME 15 MB Empire Copper Mine CUSTER ID Copper
6245 OME 2 MB Lost Packer Mine CUSTER ID None identified
6303 OME <1 MB Clayton Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold.???
6309 OME 21 MB Lost Packer Mine CUSTER ID Gold
6324 OME 87 MB Clayton Mine CUSTER ID Silver
6397 OME 4 MB Yankee Fork Mine(McFadden, Fraction Lode Claims) CUSTER ID Gold, Silver, Copper.
6437 OME <1 MB Rob Roy and Red Top Claims CUSTER ID Silver
6451 OME 4 MB Black Rock and Black Jack Group of Claims CUSTER ID Gold, Silver.
6474 OME 1 MB Golden Nugget Mining Claim CUSTER ID Gold, Silver
6495 OME 98 MB Beardsley,et al., Group of Claims CUSTER ID Silver
6499 OME 19 MB Northern Star, et al., Claims CUSTER ID Silver
6603 OME 57 MB Copper Basin Mine CUSTER ID Copper, Silver, Gold
6791 OME 5 MB Falling Star Property CUSTER ID Silver
6823 OME 3 MB Passover Claims CUSTER ID Silver, Copper, Molybdenum.
0506 DMA 22 MB Hermada Group ELMORE ID Antimony
1356 DMA 38 MB Black Warrior Mine ELMORE ID Monazite
1660 DMA 6 MB Hope Group ELMORE ID Antimony
2732 DMEA 4 MB X Y Z No. 1, 2 & 3 ELMORE ID Tungsten
2891 DMEA 53 MB Dismal Swamp ELMORE ID Columbite-Tantalite, Uranium
1551 DMA 3 MB Leader Manganese FRANKLIN ID Manganese
1893 DMA 3 MB Hatch Prospect FRANKLIN ID Copper, Cobalt, Tungsten
2438 DMEA 5 MB Lucy Baker Claims FRANKLIN ID Lead, Zinc
0037 DMA 6 MB Pearl, ID GEM ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
0317 DMA 12 MB Shamrock Mine IDAHO ID Tungsten
0930 DMA 56 MB Ruby Meadows Placer IDAHO ID Monazite, Cinnabar, Gold, Garnet, Zircon, Magnetite
1249 DMA <1 MB Ahsahka Monzanite Placer IDAHO ID Gold
1280 DMA 7 MB Cal-Creek IDAHO ID Monazite, Gold
1496 DMA 2 MB Sungold Mine IDAHO ID Tungsten, Gold, Silver
2185 DMA 18 MB Golden Anchor Mine IDAHO ID Tungsten
2452 DMEA 6 MB Union and California Creek IDAHO ID Monazite
2474 DMEA 33 MB Tungstar Mine IDAHO ID Tungsten, Alluvium
2520 DMEA 5 MB M.J. Kouba Pegmatite Property IDAHO ID Columbium
3210 DMEA 9 MB Matygold Group IDAHO ID Tungsten
4357 DMEA 2 MB Iron Mountain Claims IDAHO ID Thorium, Uranium
4366 DMEA 50 MB Smothers Property IDAHO ID Fluorspar
4552 DMEA 8 MB New York Mines IDAHO ID Tungsten
4976 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Win Mine IDAHO ID Uranium
6023 OME 2 MB Dixie Area IDAHO ID Columbite-Tantalite
6212 OME 3 MB Idaho Champion Mine IDAHO ID Gold
6354 OME 26 MB Father Lode Claims( Mammoth Mine) IDAHO ID Gold, Silver
6693 OME 2 MB Wildcat Placer IDAHO ID Gold
6853 OME 22 MB Echo, Clark Group, et al., Claims IDAHO ID Gold
1133 DMA 4.4 MB Big Elk Group KOOTENAI ID Lead, Zinc
1485 DMA 24.1 MB Donahue Lease KOOTENAI ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Gold
2164 DMA 3.7 MB Wolf Lodge Co. KOOTENAI ID Lead
3702 DMEA 4.1 MB West CoeurD'Alene Mine KOOTENAI ID Lead, Zinc, Copper
4698 DMEA 9 MB Lost Cabin Mine KOOTENAI ID Lead-Zinc
6049 OME <1 MB None identified KOOTENAI ID None identified
6136 OME 47 MB Leland, Monarch, Spokane KOOTENAI ID
0333 DMA 5 MB Mucsovite Mica Properties LATAH ID Mica
2607 DMEA 59 MB Muscovite Mine LATAH ID Mica
2890 DMEA 7 MB Steelsmith Mine LATAH ID Mica, Beryl
0188 DMA 3 MB Kimmel Mine LEMHI ID Lead, Silver.
0394 DMA 27 MB Teddy Group LEMHI ID Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver
0463 DMA 7 MB Gilmore LEMHI ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
0869 DMA 1 MB Steen Property LEMHI ID Copper
1080 DMA 4 MB Steen Claims LEMHI ID Copper, Gold, Lead
1285 DMA 267 MB Ima Mine LEMHI ID Tungsten, Antimony, Mercury
1584 DMA 2 MB None Identified LEMHI ID Lead, Silver, Gold
1609 DMA 14 MB Sunshine LEMHI ID Cobalt
1763 DMA 5 MB Chamac Mine LEMHI ID Fluorspar
1809 DMA 9 MB Valley View Mine LEMHI ID Lead, Silver, Iron, Zinc, Sulphur, Lime
1823 DMA 31 MB Victory Group LEMHI ID Copper, Cobalt
2235 DMEA 15 MB War Eagle mine LEMHI ID Lead
2396 DMEA 25 MB Meyers Cove LEMHI ID Fluorspar
2433 DMEA 5 MB Blue Lead Prospect LEMHI ID Lead
2436 DMEA 173 MB Stevenson Property LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
2499 DMEA 174 MB Black Pine Mine LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
2513 DMEA 8 MB Worthing-Kaufman Mine LEMHI ID Lead
2526 DMEA 8 MB Sparkplug Prospect LEMHI ID Kyanite
2535 DMEA 120 MB Wonder Claim Group LEMHI ID Uranium, Thorium
2635 DMEA 299 MB Ima Mine LEMHI ID Tungsten
2868 DMEA 115 MB Gilmore Mine LEMHI ID Lead-Zinc
3061 DMEA 34 MB Ima Mine LEMHI ID Tungsten
3112 DMEA 89 MB Pope-Shenon Mine LEMHI ID Copper
3119 DMEA 16 MB Beverly Ann et al. Claims LEMHI ID Tungsten
3143 DMEA 223 MB Blackbird Mine LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
3460 DMEA 64 MB Suprise Group of Claims LEMHI ID Uranium
3739 DMEA 75 MB Tinkers Pride, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
3879 DMEA 67 MB Twin Peaks Mine LEMHI ID Lead, Zinc
3882 DMEA 13 MB Radiant Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, Monzanite
3969 DMEA 1 MB Valley View Mine LEMHI ID Lead
4062 DMEA 1 MB Iron Lode Mine LEMHI ID Copper
4202 DMEA 8 MB The Dot Group LEMHI ID Uranium
4272 DMEA 9 MB Rocky Mountain Goat Mine LEMHI ID Copper
4308 DMEA 8 MB Skyline Group LEMHI ID Uranium
4521 DMEA 8 MB El Dorado Claims LEMHI ID Copper, Lead
4528 DMEA 5 MB Buckhorn Claims LEMHI ID Copper
4599 DMEA 8 MB Nest Egg No. 1 & 2, Claims LEMHI ID Uranium
4754 DMEA 6 MB Mother Lode, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Uranium
4867 DMEA 6 MB Mathis-Dean Property LEMHI ID Uranium
4899 DMEA 5 MB Mother Lode, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Uranium
4906 DMEA 36 MB Long Dike Group of Claims LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
4927 DMEA 3 MB Athalene, et al ., Claims LEMHI ID Lead
4932 DMEA 3 MB Montana Special Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, rare earths,Rutile.
4951 DMEA 3 MB Ruby Red Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, rare earths
4971 DMEA <1 MB None Identified Lemhi ID
4999 DMEA 6 MB Big Nickel and Desert Group LEMHI ID Cobalt
5020 DMEA 41 MB Sunshine, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
5023 DMEA 8 MB Ulysses, N. Fork and E. Fork Claims LEMHI ID Cobalt, Nickel
5032 DMEA <1 MB None Identified Lemhi ID
5034 DMEA 15 MB Buffalo, et al., Group of Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, Uranium, rare earths.
6012 OME 1 MB Ruby Red Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, Rare Earths, Rutile, Columbium.
6050 OME 43 MB Copper Queen Mine LEMHI ID Copper
6085 OME 8 MB Hill Top Mine LEMHI ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold.
6113 OME 2 MB THO2 and Thor Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, Rare Earths.
6132 OME 44 MB East Fork, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Copper, Cobalt
6185 OME 4 MB Democrat, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Lead, Silver, Gold.
6190 OME 2 MB Pope-Shenon Mine LEMHI ID Copper
6285 OME 5 MB Blackbird Mine LEMHI ID Copper
6286 OME 41 MB Democrat, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Silver, Gold
6310 OME No scan Buckhorn, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Lead, Silver.
6316 OME 48 MB Hilltop, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Silver, Gold
6362 OME 9 MB Goldstone Mine LEMHI ID Gold
6381 OME 3 MB Silver Moon Claim Group LEMHI ID Silver
6390 OME 2 MB Big Smokey, et al. LEMHI ID Lead, Copper, Gold, Silver.
6471 OME 1 MB Dorothy J., et al., Claims LEMHI ID Gold, Silver.
6581 OME 12 MB Cardinal Claims LEMHI ID Copper, Gold, Silver
6651 OME 32 MB Pope-Shenon Mine LEMHI ID Copper
6789 OME 1 MB Hilltop Mine LEMHI ID Silver
6847 OME 8 MB June Bug Claims LEMHI ID Copper, Gold, Silver.
0652 DMA 75 MB South Mountain Mine OWYHEE ID Zinc, Copper, Lead, Silver, Gold, Cobalt, Tungsten
2916 DMEA 7 MB Birmingham Group OWYHEE ID Antimony
4175 DMEA 5 MB Owyhee Mercury Property OWYHEE ID Mercury
4892 DMEA 25 MB Lucky Boy Claims OWYHEE ID Mercury
6455 OME 63 MB De Lamar Mine OWYHEE ID Gold, Silver.
6481 OME 69 MB Cook Cliams OWYHEE ID Gold, Silver
6794 OME 20 MB Glen Silver Property OWYHEE ID Silver
0106 DMA 13 MB National, Copper King, and Missoula SHOSHONE ID Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Cadium
0390 DMA 244 MB Highland-Surprise SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper
0495 DMEA 59 MB Bunker Chance SHOSHONE ID Lead, Copper
0592 DMA <1 MB Blue SkyProspect SHOSHONE ID
0816 DMA 9 MB Golden Chest Mine SHOSHONE ID Tungsten, Gold
0817 DMA 8 MB Pony Gulch Tungsten Mine SHOSHONE ID Tungsten
0981 DMA 74 MB Washington-Idaho Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Cadium
1489 DMA 130 MB Sunset Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Cadmium
1505 DMA 17.8 MB Black Prince & Homestake Claims SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1595 DMA 7 MB Coeur'd Alene & Pine Creek Antimony SHOSHONE ID Antimony
1596 DMA 135 MB Nabob & Denver Mines SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1601 DMA 5 MB Tuscumbia Lease SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
1603 DMA 5 MB Tamarack Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
1817 DMEA 44 MB Big It Mine SHOSHONE ID Tungsten
1822 DMA 18.5 MB Hansey Mine SHOSHONE ID Copper, Gold, Silver
1876 DMA 13.7 MB Monarch Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1878 DMEA No scan Monarch Lease SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2113 DMA 21.5 MB Sunrise Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2237 DMEA 49.8 MB New Hilarity Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2351 DMEA 91 MB Sidney Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2420 DMEA 68 MB East Hypotheek Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2442 DMEA 2.7 MB None Identified SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
2506 DMEA 4.9 MB Tamerack-Sherman Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
2525 DMEA 9 MB Various Claims SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2532 DMEA 118 MB Lucky Strike Prospect SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2540 DMEA 26 MB Bismark Mining Co. SHOSHONE ID Lead, Copper
2571 DMEA 5 MB Marble Mountain Claims SHOSHONE ID Mica
2637 DMEA 80 MB Golconda Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
2692 DMEA 47 MB Kennan SHOSHONE ID Tungsten
2719 DMEA 227 MB Hercules Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2764 DMEA 15.8 MB Crescent Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
2813 DMEA 9 MB Couer d'Alene Antimony Mine SHOSHONE ID Antimony
2862 DMEA 140 MB Douglas Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2879 DMEA 199 MB Silver Summit Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Copper, Antimony
2982 DMEA 3.5 MB U. S. Silver Lead Mines SHOSHONE ID Lead
3071 DMEA 92 MB Vindicator Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
3324 DMEA 4 MB Sidney Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
3333 DMEA 62 MB Old Constitution Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
3341 DMEA 19 MB Nevada Stewart Claims SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
3389 DMEA 2.6 MB Beacon Light et al. Claims SHOSHONE ID Copper
3406 DMEA 225 MB Silver Mountain Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc, Copper
3409 DMEA 62 MB Liberal King Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
3534 DMEA 4 MB Pirate Chief Claims SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc, Silver
3748 DMEA 11.2 MB Horseshoe Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc, Copper
3858 DMEA 12.4 MB Nevada-Stewart Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
3968 DMEA 4 MB Rooster- Goose Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
4712 DMEA 119 MB East Page Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
5003 DMEA 24.7 MB Gold Hunter Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
5050 DMEA 18.4 MB Day Mines, Pilot Project SHOSHONE ID Lead, Copper, Zinc
6029 OME 30 MB Pilot Claim Group SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
6039 OME 2 MB Polaris Mine, Rainbow & Triangle areas SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc, Copper Antimony
6194 OME 2 MB R-G Mine SHOSHONE ID Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Silver
6225 OME <1 MB Darrar Tract SHOSHONE ID Silver, Copper
6264 OME 40 MB Sun Con Area SHOSHONE ID Silver
1336 DMA <1 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY ID Cobalt
1945 DMA No scan Warm Lake UNKNOWN COUNTY ID Lead, Silver, Gold
2055 DMEA 1 MB Garden Valley Idaho UNKNOWN COUNTY ID Uranium, Quartz Crystals
2684 DMEA 4 MB Stevens Claims UNKNOWN COUNTY ID Tungsten
0032 DMA 4 MB Warm Springs VALLEY ID Lead-Zinc
0810 DMA <1 MB Elk Creek Quartz VALLEY ID Lead-Zinc
0864 DMA 46 MB Snowbird Group VALLEY ID Tungsten, Fluorspar, Pyrite, Copper, Lead, Zinc
1036 DMA 8 MB Syringa Group VALLEY ID Antimony, Tungste
1202 DMA 2 MB None Identified VALLEY ID Tin, Nickel
1284 DMA 161 MB Yellow Pine Mine & Meadow Creek Mine VALLEY ID Antimony, Gold, Silver, Coppr, Lead, Tungsten, Arsenic
1899 DMA 68 MB Bear Valley VALLEY ID Monazite, Uranium, Columbium-Tantalum, Titanium
1922 DMA 7 MB Hemlick Property VALLEY ID Quartz
2264 DMEA 35 MB White Hawk Basin VALLEY ID Monazite, Columbium-tantalum
2265 DMEA 176 MB Paddy Flat Placer VALLEY ID Monazite, Columbium-tantalum
2290 DMEA 12 MB Syringa Claim (Wilson Tunnel) VALLEY ID Tungsten
2355 DMEA 30 MB Pungo Creek and Pungo Creek No. 1 to No. 6 inclus VALLEY ID Fluorspar
2536 DMEA 8 MB Placer Deposits VALLEY ID Monazite
2572 DMEA 7 MB Pioneer Group VALLEY ID Antimony, Tungsten
2636 DMEA 108 MB Yellow Pine Mine VALLEY ID Antimony
2639 DMEA 25 MB Half Moon Claims VALLEY ID Monazite
2654 DMEA 63 MB Red Bluff Group VALLEY ID Tungsten
2781 DMEA 15 MB Hull's Big Creek Property VALLEY ID Monazite
2795 DMEA 6 MB Warm Springs VALLEY ID Lead-Zinc
2806 DMEA 17 MB Merry Blue Mine VALLEY ID Tungsten
2902 DMEA 57 MB Wedenhoff & Red Bluff VALLEY ID Tungsten
3010 DMEA 42 MB Springfield Mine VALLEY ID Tungsten
3466 DMEA 3 MB Emma Claims VALLEY ID Tungsten
3525 DMEA 16 MB Last Chance Group VALLEY ID Tungsten
4417 DMEA 15 MB Copper Camp Mine VALLEY ID Copper
4455 DMEA 6 MB Emma Group VALLEY ID Manganese, Tungsten
4753 DMEA 14 MB Hermes Mecury Mine VALLEY ID Mercury
4993 DMEA 15 MB Fern Cinnabar Group VALLEY ID Mercury
6051 OME <1 MB Gray's No.1 & 2 Claims VALLEY ID Uranium
6090 OME 8 MB Copper Camp Prospect VALLEY ID Copper
6133 OME 22 MB Fern Cinnabar Group VALLEY ID Mercury
6249 OME 3 MB Red Mountain Mine VALLEY ID Gold, Silver.
6292 OME 10 MB West End Creek VALLEY ID None identified
6466 OME 1 MB Silver Ridge Claims VALLEY ID Silver
6609 OME 5 MB Argentite Claim VALLEY ID Silver
6851 OME 34 MB Copper Camp Mine VALLEY ID Copper, Silver
6891 OME 6 MB Barefoot Mine VALLEY ID Silver
2259 DMEA 6 MB San Bernardino Mine WASHINGTON ID Lead-Zinc
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