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DMA, DMEA, OME mineral exploration assistance program file downloads

All California dockets

File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1MB to nearly 500MB. Download times for large files will vary based on internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed.

Map showing all California DMA, DMEA, OME dockets

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California by County
Docket Agency File size PropertyName County State AllCommodities
0286 DMA <1 MB None identified
CA None identified
0746 DMA 1 MB none identified
CA Manganese
0867 DMA <1 MB None identified
CA None identified
1255 DMA 2 MB None Identified
1706 DMA <1 MB None identified
CA None identified
1792 DMA <1 MB None identified
CA Copper
1975 DMA 1 MB None identified
CA Tungsten
1976 DMA 1 MB None identified
CA Tungsten
1977 DMA 1 MB None identified
CA Tungsten
2097 DMA <1 MB Lone Oak Mine
CA Mercury
1828 DMA 7 MB Alhambra Mine ALPINE CA Tungsten, Gold, Silver
3194 DMEA 25 MB Valpine Tungsten Mine ALPINE CA Tungsten
6414 OME 19 MB Red Gap Claims ALPINE CA Silver, Gold
0477 DMA 22 MB Copper Hill Mine AMADOR CA Copper, Zinc
2495 DMEA 19 MB Copper Hill Mine AMADOR CA Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
3298 DMEA 3 MB Lubenko Mine AMADOR CA Manganese
3334 DMEA 2 MB W.L. Selig, JR. R. Skidmoer, Charles Rihm, and F. BUTTE CA Asbestos
3407 DMEA 87 MB Lambert Mine BUTTE CA Chromium
0577 DMA 18 MB McCarty Mine CALAVERAS CA Copper, Zinc, Lead
1131 DMA 19 MB McCarty and Donner CALAVERAS CA Copper
1481 DMA 3 MB Moore Creek Claim Group CALAVERAS CA Tungsten
1501 DMA 7 MB Mercer Caverns CALAVERAS CA Talc
1966 DMA 49 MB Penn Mine CALAVERAS CA Copper, Zinc
2075 DMA 7 MB Donner Mine CALAVERAS CA Zinc, Copper
2101 DMA 20 MB Penn CALAVERAS CA Copper, Zinc.
2321 DMEA 3 MB Costa Ranch CALAVERAS CA Nickel
2394 DMEA 3 MB Burke One Claim CALAVERAS CA Nickel
2671 DMEA 3 MB Valley Spring District CALAVERAS CA Nickel
2734 DMEA 4 MB Green Tail No. 2, et. al. CALAVERAS CA Tungsten
2885 DMEA 150 MB Penn Mine CALAVERAS CA Copper-Zinc
3362 DMEA 2 MB Bay Horse & White Horse Claims CALAVERAS CA Tungsten
4766 DMEA 3 MB Moore Creek Mine CALAVERAS CA Tungsten
4950 DMEA 3 MB White Horse and Bay Horse Claims CALAVERAS CA Molybdenum
6747 OME 13 MB Marquis Mine CALAVERAS CA Gold
2448 DMEA 119 MB Mt. Diablo Quicksilver Mine CONTRA COSTA CA Mercury
2238 DMEA 7 MB Black Beauty No. 1 DEL NORTE CA Manganese
2330 DMEA 8 MB Red Dome Mercury Claim DEL NORTE CA Mercury
2331 DMEA 16 MB Toujour Gai et al. claims DEL NORTE CA Chromium
3016 DMEA 4 MB Wonder Mine DEL NORTE CA Nickel
3712 DMEA 4 MB Azalea Claims DEL NORTE CA Chromium
3795 DMEA 5 MB Wonder Mine DEL NORTE CA Chromium
4034 DMEA 6 MB Rattlesnake Mountain Group DEL NORTE CA Nickel
4093 DMEA 12 MB Rare Claims 1-12 DEL NORTE CA Nickel, Cobalt, Chrome
4570 DMEA 5 MB Alta Calif. Copper Mine DEL NORTE CA Copper
6571 OME 3 MB Rattlesnake Claims DEL NORTE CA Gold, Platinum
1580 DMA 4 MB Blue Cat EL DORADO CA Copper, Sulphur, Manganese
2407 DMEA 12 MB Consumnes Copper Mine EL DORADO CA Copper
2519 DMEA 25 MB Ajax Mining Claims EL DORADO CA Tungsten
2770 DMEA 19 MB El Dorado Mine EL DORADO CA Copper
4340 DMEA 5 MB R.S.T. Group of Claims EL DORADO CA Uranium
6567 OME 32 MB Florence Mine EL DORADO CA Silver
0696 DMA 5 MB Dixie Ridge Mining Claim FRESNO CA Tungsten
1546 DMA 5 MB None Identified FRESNO CA Tungsten, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Lead
1559 DMA 25 MB Cal-Tex Tungsten mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
2125 DMA 6 MB Lobo Tungsten Deposit FRESNO CA Tungsten
2258 DMEA <1 MB Mud FRESNO CA Tungsten
2884 DMEA 33 MB Archer Mine FRESNO CA Mercury
3090 DMEA 5 MB Emerald Mine FRESNO CA Beryllium
3322 DMEA 14 MB RedBud Mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
3364 DMEA 3 MB None identified FRESNO CA Tungsten
3516 DMEA 11 MB Dixie Ridge Claim FRESNO CA Tungsten
3562 DMEA 15 MB Swamp Lake Property FRESNO CA Tungsten
3659 DMEA 27 MB Oblisk mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
3810 DMEA 3 MB Peterson Pit FRESNO CA Rutile
3890 DMEA 7 MB White Quartz Prospect FRESNO CA Quartz
4028 DMEA 4 MB Kingsrow Mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
4215 DMEA 4 MB Bear Creek Mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
4273 DMEA 5 MB Hilltop Mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
4771 DMEA 16 MB Holman Mine FRESNO CA Chromium
1289 DMA 18 MB Forman Placer Mine HUMBOLDT CA Platinum, Gold
2826 DMEA 92 MB Copper Bluff Mine HUMBOLDT CA Copper, Zinc
3911 DMEA <1 MB Copper Bluff Mine HUMBOLDT CA Copper
6626 OME 5 MB Sherry Kay No. 4, et al., Claims HUMBOLDT CA Mercury, Platinum.
6783 OME 2 MB Running Silver 8 and 9 Claims HUMBOLDT CA Mercury
0982 DMA 4 MB Cargo Muchacho Mine IMPERIAL CA Tungsten
1313 DMA 4 MB Blue Bird Hill IMPERIAL CA Kyanite
2350 DMEA 47 MB Cargo Muchacho Mine IMPERIAL CA Tungsten, Gold, Fluorspar
2357 DMEA 7 MB Ward Mine IMPERIAL CA Tungsten
3888 DMEA 3 MB Bergman Mines IMPERIAL CA Uranium
6634 OME 5 MB Picacho Placer Mining Co. IMPERIAL CA Gold, Silver, Tungsten.
6882 OME 1 MB Black Lady claims IMPERIAL CA Nickel
0119 DMA 5 MB McGrew Tin Prospect INYO CA Tin
0133 DMA 3 MB Reward Gold Silver Lead Mine INYO CA Lead
0146 DMA No scan New Sutherland INYO CA Lead-Zinc
0861 DMA 202 MB Adamson Panaminas, Inc. Operation INYO CA Tungsten, Molybdenum
0923 DMA 3 MB Big Pine INYO CA Tungsten
0991 DMA 7 MB Tungstar Mine INYO CA Tungsten
1135 DMA 4 MB Pinto Group INYO CA Lead, Manganese, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper
1139 DMA 6 MB Grandview Mine INYO CA Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
1307 DMA 79 MB Fernando Mine INYO CA Tungsten
1347 DMA 13 MB Challenge Silver Lode Claim INYO CA Tungsten, Lead, Silver
1434 DMA 9 MB Fleetwood Tungsten Mine INYO CA Tungsten
1444 DMA 6 MB L & L Claims INYO CA Tungsten
1445 DMA 1 MB Thunder Mountain INYO CA Tin, Titanium, Gallium
1456 DMA 31 MB Brownstone Mine INYO CA Tungsten
1523 DMA 6 MB Big Pine Group INYO CA Talc
1574 DMA 14 MB Lava Creek INYO CA Tungsten
1581 DMA 5 MB Watchout Talc Claim INYO CA Talc
1586 DMA 15 MB Tungsten City INYO CA Tungsten
1646 DMA 5 MB Viking Talc Mine INYO CA Talc
1678 DMA 11 MB Cerro Gordo Mines INYO CA Lead, Silver, Zinc
1728 DMA 12 MB Queen of Sheba & Carbonate Mine INYO CA Lead, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Gold
1749 DMA 11 MB Evelyn's Delight INYO CA Manganese
1826 DMA 2 MB Empress mine INYO CA Lead-Zinc, Copper
2044 DMA 62 MB Red Cloud Mine INYO CA Lead-Zinc
2134 DMEA 12 MB Indian Camp Asbestos Mine INYO CA Asbestos
2194 DMA 15 MB Red Rock Claims INYO CA Tungsten
2256 DMEA 11 MB Tungsten Hill Mine INYO CA Tungsten
2303 DMEA 2 MB Eagle Tail Mine INYO CA Talc
2441 DMEA 23 MB Defense Mine INYO CA Lead-Zinc
2451 DMEA 8 MB Nellie Claims INYO CA Antimony
2664 DMEA 5 MB Pickup Mine INYO CA Tungsten
2797 DMEA 10 MB Jumbo Mine INYO CA Tungsten
2807 DMEA 26 MB Panamint Mine INYO CA Tungsten
3275 DMEA 5 MB Ford Mine INYO CA Tungsten
3301 DMEA 5 MB holiday Claims INYO CA Tungsten
3313 DMEA 5 MB Oomph Mine INYO CA Tungsten
3455 DMEA 18 MB Brownstone Mine INYO CA Tungsten
3487 DMEA 3 MB Montana Claims INYO CA Copper
3853 DMEA 9 MB Silver Reef Mine INYO CA Tungsten
3983 DMEA 8 MB Third Chance Mine INYO CA Manganese
4088 DMEA <1 MB Bright Star Group INYO CA Tungsten
4191 DMEA 56 MB White Swan, et al., Groups INYO CA Uranium
4371 DMEA 9 MB Bright Star Claims INYO CA Tungsten
4488 DMEA 4 MB Defence Mine INYO CA Lead-Zinc
4535 DMEA 7 MB Minnietta Group INYO CA Lead-Zinc
4614 DMEA 53 MB Round Valley and Tungsten Hill Mines INYO CA Tungsten
4733 DMEA 6 MB Ontario Minerals Claims INYO CA Uranium
4768 DMEA 11 MB Adamson Mine INYO CA Tungsten
4769 DMEA 5 MB Lawrence Fluorospar Prospect INYO CA Fluorspar
6092 OME 73 MB Loretto Mine Group of Claims INYO CA Copper
6234 OME 79 MB Lee Mine INYO CA Silver
6483 OME 14 MB Rex Montis Silver Mine INYO CA Silver
6606 OME 1 MB Last Chance No. 2 INYO CA Mercury
6647 OME 21 MB Hugh's Bonanza Claims INYO CA Silver
6807 OME 13 MB Trail Claims INYO CA Silver
6827 OME 45 MB Del Norte Property INYO CA Gold
6875 OME 66 MB Independence Property INYO CA Gold, Silver
6905 OME 17 MB Independence Property INYO CA Gold, Silver.
0840 DMA 13 MB Baltic Claim Group KERN CA Tungsten, Gold, Silver
1564 DMA 13 MB Owl Group KERN CA Tungsten
1576 DMA 9 MB Tungsten Group KERN CA Tungsten, Manganese
1587 DMA 4 MB General Sherman Claims KERN CA Tungsten
1806 DMA 5 MB Tungsten Prince & Tungsten Princess Claims KERN CA Tungsten
2180 DMA 6 MB Pharlap No. 1 KERN CA Manganese, Beryl
2362 DMEA 31 MB Big Oscar Antimony Prospect KERN CA Antimony
2374 DMEA 11 MB Black Hawk Mine KERN CA Zinc, lead
2450 DMEA 8 MB Lime Ddyke Claims 1 to 16 KERN CA Tungsten
2462 DMEA 92 MB Walabu Mine KERN CA Mercury
2649 DMEA 6 MB Isabella Mines, Big Four Tunnel KERN CA Tungsten
2708 DMEA 99 MB Rosamond Uranium Mine KERN CA Uranium
2722 DMEA 5 MB Simon Group KERN CA Tungsten
2730 DMEA 8 MB Lime Dyke Group KERN CA Tungsten
2847 DMEA 6 MB Lily Lode Mining Claim KERN CA Tungsten
3024 DMEA 4 MB Locarno Tungsten Mine KERN CA Tungsten
3156 DMEA 18 MB Pala Tungsten Claims KERN CA Tungsten
3643 DMEA 14 MB Kitty Kat Prospect KERN CA Uranium
3977 DMEA 4 MB Greyhill & Blue Rock Claims KERN CA Tungsten
3980 DMEA 11 MB Little Sparkler Claims KERN CA Uranium
4102 DMEA 6 MB Surprise Claim KERN CA Uranium
4233 DMEA 6 MB Winne Group and Maren sophie Group KERN CA Tungsten
4398 DMEA 2 MB Bingo Lode Claims KERN CA Antimony
4501 DMEA No scan Little Sparkler & McTom Claims KERN CA Uranium
4894 DMEA 9 MB Little Sparkler and McTom Claims KERN CA Uranium
6806 OME 4 MB Silver Wagon claims KERN CA Copper, Silver, Gold
6810 OME 3 MB El Paso Claims KERN CA Gold
6904A OME 1 MB Starlite Claims KERN CA Gold, Copper, Silver, Chromium, Platinum.
0292 DMA 252 MB Abbott Quicksilver Mine LAKE CA Mercury
4115 DMEA <1 MB Abbott Mine LAKE CA Mercury
4523 DMEA 3 MB Big Injun Mine LAKE CA Mercury
6081 OME 55 MB Abbott Mine LAKE CA Mercury
6708 OME 7 MB Helen Mine LAKE CA Mercury
1290 DMA 18 MB Carr LASSEN CA Copper, Gold, Silver, Nickel
4548 DMEA 4 MB Dewy Anderson Ranch LASSEN CA Tungsten
6070 OME 3 MB Owensville No. 9 & McKessick No. 1 Claims LASSEN CA Manganese
6748 OME 7 MB Avenger Group of Claims LASSEN CA Silver, Copper, Rare earths.
1410 DMA 4 MB None Identified LOS ANGELES CA Chromium, Thorium, Nickel, Gold, Silver
1673 DMA <1 MB None identified LOS ANGELES CA Chromium
1674 DMA <1 MB None identified LOS ANGELES CA Manganese
1459 DMA 2 MB Cedar Tungsten Mine MADERA CA Tungsten
1805 DMA 2 MB Shade Rest Claim MADERA CA Tungsten
2051 DMA 2 MB Fish Creek Mountain Deposit MADERA CA Tungsten
2053 DMA 6 MB Fish Creek Mountain Deposits MADERA CA Tungsten
2456 DMEA 14 MB Strawberry Tungsten Mine MADERA CA Tungsten
2600 DMEA 40 MB San Josquin Mine(Carothers Mine) MADERA CA Tungsten
2919 DMEA 46 MB Strawberry Mine MADERA CA Tungsten
3426 DMEA 4 MB Washington Claim MADERA CA Tungsten
3447 DMEA 10 MB Crown Point Claims MADERA CA Copper, Lead
3859 DMEA 3 MB Carol Jane Claims MADERA CA Uranium
4223 DMEA 42 MB Shadow Creek Property MADERA CA Lead-Zinc, Copper
6072 OME 3 MB Jesse Belle Mine MADERA CA Copper, Cobalt
5040 DMEA 7 MB Panco No. 1(Edwards Bros. ) Mine MARIN CA Mercury
6706 OME 4 MB Respini Ranch MARIN CA Mercury
6709 OME 14 MB Corda Mine MARIN CA Mercury
1216 DMA <1 MB Blue Moon Mine MARIPOSA CA Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold.
1518 DMA 2 MB Early Acres Mine MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
2127 DMA 10 MB Early Mine MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
2192 DMA 18 MB Blue Star Tungsten Project MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
2952 DMEA 9 MB Caldwell Manganese Mine MARIPOSA CA Manganese
3045 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Strike Claims MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
3252 DMEA 8 MB Blue Spot Mining claims MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
3253 DMEA 39 MB Blue Dipper Mining Claims MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
3456 DMEA 5 MB Donna Tungsten Claim MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
4349 DMEA 6 MB Specimen Hill Mine MARIPOSA CA Copper, Nickel, Cobalt
6340 OME 26 MB Pyramid Mine MARIPOSA CA Gold
6572 OME 3 MB Oro Fina Claim MARIPOSA CA Gold, Silver
6638 OME 25 MB Diltz Mine MARIPOSA CA Gold
6799 OME 6 MB Silver Bar Mine MARIPOSA CA Silver, Gold
4525 DMEA 4 MB Johnson Prospect MENDOCINO CA Chromium
5070 DMEA 5 MB Crawford Ranch MENDOCINO CA Mercury
4270 DMEA 6 MB Gerelco Mine MERCED CA Rutile, Brookite, Uranium.
0045 DMA 2 MB The Mono Ore and Mono Extension Group of Claims MONO CA Tungsten
0294 DMA <1 MB Topaz Lead-Silver Mines MONO CA None identified
0295 DMA No scan Old Glory, Fern Creek MONO CA Lead-Zinc
0775 DMA 11 MB Wild Bill Group MONO CA Uranium, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Tungsten
1168 DMA 9 MB Tri Metalic Lode MONO CA Copper, Silver, Gold
1376 DMA 25 MB Scheelore Mines MONO CA Tungsten
1377 DMA 208 MB Black Rock Mine MONO CA Tungsten
1622 DMA 2 MB Alta Vista Quartz Claim MONO CA Copper, Silica, Quartz, Antimony, Silver
1711 DMA 5 MB Tungsten Queen MONO CA Tungsten
2566 DMEA 40 MB Mono Ore & Mono Extension Claims MONO CA Tungsten
2585 DMEA 2 MB Rush Creek Mines MONO CA Lead-Zinc
2667 DMEA <1 MB Wild Bill & Whittaker Mining Claims MONO CA Uranium, Lead, Zinc, Copper
2704 DMEA 4 MB Wild Bill Group MONO CA Lead-Zinc, Uranium, Tungsten, Gold, Silver
3372 DMEA 2 MB Fern Creek and Old Glory Mines MONO CA Lead, Zinc, Copper
3373 DMEA 2 MB Fern Creek and Old Glory Mines MONO CA Lead, Zinc, Copper
3680 DMEA 4 MB September Calims MONO CA Uranium
4468 DMEA 4 MB White Phantom Claims MONO CA Tungsten
4484 DMEA 4 MB Ameil, et al., Claims MONO CA Tungsten
4515 DMEA 3 MB Indian Dick Mine MONO CA Tungsten
4642 DMEA 2 MB Margaret Bryant Claims MONO CA Uranium
4720 DMEA 3 MB Fern Creek Lode Mining Claim MONO CA Lead-Zinc, Copper
4781 DMEA 9 MB Gopher Hole Claims, et al. MONO CA Uranium
6065 OME 3 MB September Group of Claims MONO CA Molybdenum
6776 OME 32 MB Mammoth, et al., Veins MONO CA Gold, Silver
3698 DMEA 21 MB Granada Mine NAPA CA Mercury
4155 DMEA 9 MB Toyon Mine NAPA CA Mercury
4601 DMEA 17 MB Corona Mine NAPA CA Mercury
4777 DMEA 21 MB Etna Springs Resort Area NAPA CA Mercury
5005 DMEA 4 MB Ivanho Mine NAPA CA Mercury
6117 OME 17 MB Aetna Springs NAPA CA Mercury
6740 OME 15 MB Silver Bow Mine NAPA CA Mercury
6858 OME 3 MB Grigsby Mine NAPA CA Silver, Gold
1142 DMA 17 MB General Exploration NEVADA CA Asbestos
1213 DMA 15 MB Stark Property NEVADA CA Asbestos
2783 DMEA 9 MB Brunswick Mine NEVADA CA Tungsten
3347 DMEA 127 MB Brunswick Mine NEVADA CA Tungsten
6735 OME 19 MB English Mt. Mine NEVADA CA Copper, Molybdenum
6517 OME 23 MB Old Dominion Mine (Ortega Mine) ORANGE CA Silver
6669 OME 8 MB Blue Light Silver Mine ORANGE CA Silver, Gold
3053 DMEA 3 MB Bowman Mine PLACER CA Asbestos
0335 DMA No scan Sunset Claims PLUMAS CA Manganese
1034 DMA 6 MB Union Copper PLUMAS CA Copper
1287 DMA 5 MB Mt. Hough Manganese PLUMAS CA Manganese
2393 DMEA 37 MB Trail Manganese Mines PLUMAS CA Manganese
2624 DMEA 4 MB Mt. Hough Manganese Mine PLUMAS CA Manganese
2837 DMEA 8 MB Sunset Mine PLUMAS CA Manganese
3086 DMEA 6 MB Highgrade Manganese No. 1 & 2Claims PLUMAS CA Manganese
3262 DMEA 36 MB Mt. Hough Claims PLUMAS CA Manganese
3274 DMEA 7 MB Buckhorn Claims PLUMAS CA Manganese
3642 DMEA 3 MB Last Chance Claim PLUMAS CA Tungsten, `
3737 DMEA 11 MB Sunset Group PLUMAS CA Manganese
3849 DMEA 13 MB Stokes, Porter, and Dellinger Properties PLUMAS CA Uranium
4085 DMEA 4 MB Blackeye and Chalk Mtn. Claims PLUMAS CA Uranium
4561 DMEA 5 MB Ignorance Claims PLUMAS CA Uranium
6016 OME 2 MB White Elephant Claims PLUMAS CA Molybdenum
6167 OME 33 MB Comeback Mine PLUMAS CA Gold, Platinum
6201 OME 87 MB Cameron Mine PLUMAS CA Gold
6361 OME 33 MB Gopher Hill Mine PLUMAS CA Gold
6504 OME 5 MB Jimmy Boy, et al., Claims PLUMAS CA Gold, Silver
6645 OME 26 MB Lucky Jack Mine PLUMAS CA Gold
6666 OME 1 MB Cameron and Glacier Group of Claims PLUMAS CA Gold
6682 OME 15 MB Pilot Mine PLUMAS CA Copper, Silver, Gold.
6800 OME 4 MB Sunnyside Placer Mine PLUMAS CA Gold, Platinum
6836 OME 31 MB Lucky one and Lucky Jack 2 Claims PLUMAS CA Gold, Silver
6877 OME 5 MB Sour Dough and Sara Mine PLUMAS CA Gold, Silver.
6901 OME 5 MB Plumas Mohawk Mine PLUMAS CA Gold, Silver
0131 DMA <1 MB Arlington and Langdon Properties RIVERSIDE CA Manganese
1344 DMA 3 MB Shindler RIVERSIDE CA Beryl, Columbium, Tantalite
1570 DMA 2 MB Eagle Mountain Mine RIVERSIDE CA Iron
1588 DMA 6 MB Richie & Paulsen Lease RIVERSIDE CA Beryl, Tantalite, Mica
2226 DMA 7 MB Mueller-Kelley Prospect RIVERSIDE CA Copper, lead
2322 DMEA 13 MB Palen Mtn. Iron Ore RIVERSIDE CA Iron
2353 DMEA 12 MB Rainbow RIVERSIDE CA Tungsten, Gold, Silver
3388 DMEA 16 MB Uranium Claims RIVERSIDE CA Uranium
3488 DMEA 7 MB Red Ocher Claims RIVERSIDE CA Tungsten
3509 DMEA 5 MB Dark hills Claims RIVERSIDE CA Chromium
3519 DMEA 8 MB Katherine C. Mining Claims RIVERSIDE CA Asbestos
4380 DMEA 4 MB Ream Claims RIVERSIDE CA Uranium
4785 DMEA 66 MB Arlington-Black Jack Mines RIVERSIDE CA Manganese
6674 OME 8 MB New Hemet Belle Mine RIVERSIDE CA Gold
0198 DMA No scan Quien Sabe SAN BENITO CA Antimony
0934 DMA 3 MB Holt House Ranch SAN BENITO CA Uranium
2308 DMEA 13 MB Panoche Valley Quicksilver Mines SAN BENITO CA Mercury
2478 DMEA 223 MB New Idria Mine SAN BENITO CA Mercury
3563 DMEA 95 MB Molino Zone SAN BENITO CA Mercury
3978 DMEA 4 MB Bobcat, Anchor A, and Alta Claims SAN BENITO CA Chromium
4348 DMEA 17 MB El Cajon Mine SAN BENITO CA Mercury
4364 DMEA 6 MB Bright Future Claims SAN BENITO CA Chromium
4654 DMEA 60 MB New Idra Mine SAN BENITO CA Mercury
6607 OME 22 MB Silver Bow Mine SAN BENITO CA Silver
6696 OME 33 MB New Idra Mine, Sulfur Springs Creek Zone SAN BENITO CA Mercury
0072 DMA 26 MB Ord Mountain Copper Mines SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Gold, Silver
0123 DMA 1 MB Hidden Tungsten Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
0365 DMA 26 MB Shadow Mountains SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
0416 DMA 7 MB Lead Mountain Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Barite
0462 DMA 8 MB Blue Nugget Mining Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Gold, Silver, Iron, Turquoise
0684 DMA 3 MB Carlton SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
0855 DMA 21 MB Silver Rule Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold
0856 DMA 1 MB Carbonate King Zinc Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Silver
0947 DMA 5 MB Albemarle Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead, Flourspar, Silver
1102 DMA 2 MB Sagmore Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
1329 DMA 11 MB Paramount SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten, Copper, Zinc, Fluorite
1335 DMA 26 MB Allured Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Copper, Iron, Gold, Silver
1366 DMA 6 MB Gardner SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1372 DMA 2 MB None Identified SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1406 DMA 13 MB Horn Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
1449 DMA 3 MB Clark Mountain SAN BERNARDINO CA Bastrasite
1461 DMA 5 MB Ibex Springs SAN BERNARDINO CA Talc
1542 DMA 3 MB Broadway & sentinel Claim Groups SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Silver, Gold, Lead, Antimony
1573 DMA 3 MB Black Rock Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1579 DMA 3 MB Desert View Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Iron
1627 DMA 11 MB War Eagle Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Fluorspar
1636 DMA 14 MB Atolia SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1642 DMA 5 MB Justright & Malaya Groups SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Silver
1661 DMA 8 MB Monarch & Arletta Mines SAN BERNARDINO CA Talc
1663 DMA 4 MB Black Joe Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
1669 DMA <1 MB Stevens and Turner Lease SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1707 DMA 6 MB Blew Jordam SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Cadmium
1770 DMA 11 MB Black Butte SAN BERNARDINO CA Manganese, Iron, Aluminum Oxide
1797 DMA 9 MB Iron Horse Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
1804 DMA 4 MB Red Copper Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
1815 DMA 2 MB Yukon-Black Beauty SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1987 DMA 3 MB Nova Jean Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead, Copper
2188 DMEA 22 MB New York Mtn. Area SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2229 DMEA 20 MB White Dollar Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2310 DMEA 8 MB TPA No.1 & No.2 SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2318 DMEA 5 MB None identified SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2354 DMEA 13 MB Birthday Star Tungsten Prospect SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2472 DMEA 5 MB None Identified SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2488 DMEA 4 MB Ridgecrest Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Mica
2728 DMEA 24 MB Easter Sunday Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Rare Earths
2762 DMEA 8 MB Silver Dream Lode SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
2796 DMEA 6 MB Copper World, Dewey, & Manilla Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
2804 DMEA 6 MB Black Marvel Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Manganese
2809 DMEA 17 MB Waverly, Par, & Flatiron Mining Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2835 DMEA 10 MB Sagamore Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten, Lead, Zinc, Copper
2853 DMEA 40 MB Bessemer Iron Mines SAN BERNARDINO CA Iron
2855 DMEA 17 MB Minnie Lee & Fiend Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
3204 DMEA 33 MB The Starbright Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3228 DMEA 7 MB Blue Jay & Blue Jay No. 2 Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3304 DMEA 8 MB Blue Ribbon Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
3371 DMEA 1 MB Lone Wolf et al. Properties SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead
3392 DMEA 11 MB Homestretch Mines SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
3438 DMEA 8 MB Hill Creek Scheelite deposit SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3454 DMEA 5 MB Osdick Property SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3480 DMEA 5 MB Dollar claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
3506 DMEA 4 MB Carbonate King Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
3511 DMEA 4 MB Thor Group of Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Thorium, Uranium
3513 DMEA 6 MB Dolly Varden Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead, Zinc
3560 DMEA 2 MB Steiner Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
3656 DMEA 7 MB Emar, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten, Manganeses, Uranium, and Platinum.
3683 DMEA 4 MB Robinette Rock Quarries SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3703 DMEA 10 MB St. Patricks Group, et al. SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
3954 DMEA 46 MB Owl Hole Springs Property SAN BERNARDINO CA Manganese
3967 DMEA 2 MB Mountain Pass-Birthday Claims Areas SAN BERNARDINO CA Monazite, Rare Earths
4064 DMEA 3 MB Big Hunch, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
4109 DMEA 2 MB Weland and Eight Spot Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Nickel
4558 DMEA 2 MB Yellow Dog Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
4563 DMEA 8 MB Thumbum, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
4602 DMEA 4 MB Rock Point Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
4622 DMEA 8 MB Nancy, Lola, GMR and Rogerrosa Group of Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Uranium
4802 DMEA 4 MB Coronation, etal., Placers SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
4859 DMEA 6 MB Key, et al., Placer Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Thorium, rare earths, Uranium.
4862 DMEA 4 MB Cave Mountain Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
4876 DMEA 11 MB Sentinal Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Beryl, Uranium, Thorium
4887 DMEA 6 MB Birthday Present, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
5017 DMEA 2 MB San Juan, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Thorium, Copper
6008 OME 5 MB Rainbow Claims 1-7 SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead, Copper, Zinc.
6298 OME 46 MB Rainbow Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Silver
6490 OME 41 MB Lucky Jim Group of Claims(Silver Ridge Property) SAN BERNARDINO CA Silver
6628 OME 1 MB Red Dirt Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Silver
6650 OME 41 MB Carl Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Silver
6657 OME 2 MB Royal Dilemma, Lost Victory Claims, et al. SAN BERNARDINO CA Silver, Gold, Copper, et al.
6716 OME 16 MB Whir Property SAN BERNARDINO CA Cobalt, Copper, Molybdenum.
6727 OME 18 MB Telegraph Mines SAN BERNARDINO CA Gold, Silver
6734 OME 3 MB Quartz Queen Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Silver, Copper, Molybdenum
6802 OME 7 MB White Mountain Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Gold
1610 DMA 1 MB Bird Rock Mine SAN DIEGO CA Uranium, Tantalite, Columbite
2397 DMEA 28 MB Friday Mine SAN DIEGO CA Nickel
2551 DMEA 12 MB Andes Mine SAN DIEGO CA Tin
3176 DMEA 6 MB Dyke Valley Mine SAN DIEGO CA Tungsten
3261 DMEA 24 MB Old Ironsides, et al., Claims SAN DIEGO CA Nickel
3803 DMEA 6 MB BLM Lease L.A. 092358 SAN DIEGO CA Tungsten
3960 DMEA 46 MB Friday Nickel Mine SAN DIEGO CA Nickel, Cobalt, Silver
4469 DMEA 3 MB Sundown and Sunrise Claims SAN DIEGO CA Tungsten
6755 OME 1 MB Noble Consolidated Group of Claims SAN DIEGO CA Gold, Silver
1302 DMA <1 MB None identified SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Manganese
1605 DMA 1 MB None Identified SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Manganese, Copper
2389 DMEA 10 MB Tamney Claims SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
3250 DMEA 14 MB Catro Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Chromium
3541 DMEA 25 MB Oceanic Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
3781 DMEA 21 MB Buena Vista Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
3805 DMEA 6 MB Polar Star Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
4217 DMEA 12 MB Liberated Quicksilver Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
4342 DMEA 31 MB Buena Vista Quicksilver Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
4877 DMEA 4 MB Oceanic Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
6038 OME 10 MB Evelyn Propsect SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
6168 OME 84 MB Keystone Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
6348 OME 49 MB Madrone Quicksilver Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
6656 OME 2 MB Benlick Claims SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Uranium
6751 OME 15 MB Klau Mine Property SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
1607 DMA 38 MB Red Rock Mine SANTA BARBARA CA Mercury
2511 DMEA 5 MB Mesa Chrome, Chicken Springs, and Black Rock Claim SANTA BARBARA CA Chromium, Manganese
4851 DMEA 5 MB Merchrome No. 2 , et al., Claims SANTA BARBARA CA Mercury
6711 OME 7 MB Grewal Ranch SANTA BARBARA CA Silver
6838 OME 2 MB San Juan Property SANTA BARBARA CA Mercury, Nickel, Chromite
1165 DMA 57 MB New Almaden Quicksilver Mine SANTA CLARA CA Mercury
3378 DMEA 2 MB Winship Mines SANTA CLARA CA Chromium
4703 DMEA 20 MB Guadalupe Mine SANTA CLARA CA Mercury
1219 DMA 140 MB Bully Hill Mine SHASTA CA Copper, Zinc, Cadium
2240 DMEA 29 MB Groetfend Zinc Prospect SHASTA CA Zinc, Lead
2896 DMEA 31 MB Shotgun Creek Mine SHASTA CA Asbestos, Chromite
2934 DMEA 3 MB Circle (S) Properties, Peter Claims SHASTA CA Chromium
3590 DMEA 62 MB Shasta King Mine SHASTA CA Copper, Zinc
4092 DMEA 165 MB Balaklala Mine SHASTA CA Copper, Zinc
4496 DMEA 2 MB NRA Claims SHASTA CA Copper, Asbestos
4786 DMEA 29 MB SugarLoaf Area SHASTA CA Copper, Zinc.
4914 DMEA 3 MB Wallis Property SHASTA CA Copper
4917 DMEA 2 MB J.L.C. Claims SHASTA CA Copper
6078 OME 272 MB Balaklala Mine SHASTA CA Copper, Zinc.
6328 OME 16 MB Halcyon, et al., Claims SHASTA CA Gold, Silver
6688 OME 17 MB Halcyon, et al., Claims SHASTA CA Gold, Silver.
6895 OME 20 MB Niagra Mine SHASTA CA Gold
6897 OME 12 MB Halcyon Mine SHASTA CA Gold, Silver
1521 DMA 4 MB Tungstone SIERRA CA Quartz
2365 DMEA 8 MB Shamrock Group of Claioms SIERRA CA Copper
2541 DMEA 3 MB Eurake Mining claim No. 1 SIERRA CA Asbestos
4087 DMEA 3 MB Rose Group SIERRA CA Tungsten
6187 OME 24 MB Angle Liberty Mine SIERRA CA Gold
6193 OME 33 MB Gold Queen,et al., Claims SIERRA CA Gold
6204 OME 62 MB Golden Gate and American Claims SIERRA CA Gold
6256 OME 76 MB Oriental Mine SIERRA CA Gold
6278 OME 89 MB Gold Queen Mine SIERRA CA Gold
6306 OME 17 MB Bald Mountain Claim Group SIERRA CA Gold
6333 OME 29 MB Mugwump Mine SIERRA CA Gold
6355 OME 36 MB Tighter Mines Property SIERRA CA Gold
6385 OME 52 MB Gibralter Drift Mine SIERRA CA Gold
6454 OME 58 MB Oriental Mine SIERRA CA Gold
6564 OME 57 MB Milly Mine SIERRA CA Gold
6718 OME 56 MB Gibralter Drift Mine SIERRA CA Gold
6769 OME 5 MB Double Eagle Mine SIERRA CA Gold
6900 OME 23 MB Ruby Mine SIERRA CA Gold
2214 DMA 9 MB Copper Head Mine SISKIYOU CA Copper
2644 DMEA 8 MB Mt. Eddy Asbestos Prospects SISKIYOU CA Asbestos
2819 DMEA 6 MB Wangoodlord Claims SISKIYOU CA Tungsten
3096 DMEA 21 MB Keystone Asbestos Claims SISKIYOU CA Asbestos
3146 DMEA 11 MB Wangolord Claims SISKIYOU CA Tungsten
3196 DMEA 9 MB Calethia Asbestos Group 1to 8 SISKIYOU CA Asbestos
3784 DMEA 10 MB Little Castle Creek Mine SISKIYOU CA Chromium
6761 OME 12 MB Pet Mining Claims SISKIYOU CA Gold, Silver
6777 OME 18 MB Blue Ledge Mine SISKIYOU CA Copper
2821 DMEA 3 MB Mericoma & Beeson Claims SONOMA CA Mercury
3314 DMEA 12 MB Mericoma and Peeson Claims SONOMA CA Mercury
4122 DMEA 65 MB Mt. Jackson Mine SONOMA CA Mercury
4676 DMEA 2 MB Crystal Mine SONOMA CA Mercury
4770 DMEA 5 MB Black Oak Mercury Claim No. 1 SONOMA CA Mercury
6356 OME 36 MB Mt. Jackson Mine SONOMA CA Mercury
1163 DMA 9 MB Red Acres Quicksilver Mine STANISLAUS CA Mercury
1153 DMA 2 MB Blue Jay Mine TRINITY CA Manganese
1212 DMA 9 MB Virginia Bruce TRINITY CA Asbestos
1258 DMA 18 MB Altoona Quicksilver Mine TRINITY CA Mercury
2096 DMA 4 MB Big Bar TRINITY CA Nickel, Cobalt and Copper
2666 DMEA 8 MB Salyer Copper Mine TRINITY CA Copper
3095 DMEA 21 MB Trinity Asbestos Claims TRINITY CA Asbestos
3724 DMEA 119 MB Altoona Mine TRINITY CA Mercury
4458 DMEA 4 MB Integral Quicksilver Mine TRINITY CA Mercury
4778 DMEA 2 MB Malachite No. 1 TRINITY CA Copper
4878 DMEA 8 MB Grizzly Group, et al., Claims TRINITY CA Copper
5041 DMEA 5 MB Altoona Mine TRINITY CA Mercury
6056 OME No scan Altoona TRINITY CA Mercury
6076 OME 18 MB Altoona Mine TRINITY CA Mercury
6817 OME 12 MB Globe Mine TRINITY CA Gold, Silver
6839 OME 13 MB Kelly Mine TRINITY CA Gold
6860 OME 119 MB Brown Bear Mine TRINITY CA Gold
0486 DMA 12 MB Bisconer TULARE CA Tungsten
0786 DMA 1 MB Herbert Tungsten Mine TULARE CA Tungsten
0794 DMA No Scan Herbert TULARE CA Tungsten
1146 DMA 3 MB Adams TULARE CA Tungsten, Tantalum, Gold, Monagite, Thorium, Zirconium
1269 DMA 1 MB Mable H Mining Claim TULARE CA Quartz
1520 DMA 2 MB Tule Indian Tungsten Mine TULARE CA Talc
1522 DMA 5 MB Blue Moon & Lucky Break Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
1643 DMA 3 MB Rock House TULARE CA Tungsten
1645 DMA 3 MB Royal Tungsten TULARE CA Tungsten
1672 DMA <1 MB None identified TULARE CA Lead
1688 DMA 1 MB None TULARE CA Tungsten
1844 DMA 3 MB North Measow Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
2673 DMEA 4 MB North Meadow Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
3254 DMEA 15 MB Silver Queen Tungsten Mine TULARE CA Tungsten
3335 DMEA 4 MB Royal Tungsten Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
3346 DMEA 3 MB None identified TULARE CA Tungsten
3380 DMEA 6 MB Buckeye Mine TULARE CA Tungsten
3618 DMEA 5 MB Marcus Hunter Lease TULARE CA Tungsten
4483 DMEA 14 MB North Meadow Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
4696 DMEA 8 MB Bright Mars No. 1&2 Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
6762 OME 3 MB Baumann Property TULARE CA Nickel
0615 DMA <1 MB Iron King Claim TUOLUMNE CA Tungsten
1087 DMA 2 MB Eagle Shawmut Mine TUOLUMNE CA Lead
1647 DMA 9 MB Mt. Lewis Tungsten Claims TUOLUMNE CA Tungsten, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Nickel
2622 DMEA 4 MB None Identified TUOLUMNE CA Uranium, Tungsten
2860 DMEA 8 MB Montezuma Mine TUOLUMNE CA Tungsten
3202 DMEA 24 MB Asbestos No.1 and Accces Load TUOLUMNE CA Asbestos
3292 DMEA 19 MB Mud Claim TUOLUMNE CA Chromium
3498 DMEA 6 MB BigelowPeak Claims TUOLUMNE CA Tungsten
4032 DMEA 3 MB Autunite Uranium Placer and Lode Claims TUOLUMNE CA Uranium
4744 DMEA 9 MB Auntunite Mining Claims Group TUOLUMNE CA Uranium
6073 OME 6 MB Autunite Uranium Claims TUOLUMNE CA Uranium
6655 OME 4 MB Wallis Quartz Claim TUOLUMNE CA Silver, Gold
6665 OME 19 MB Buchanan Mine TUOLUMNE CA Gold
6841 OME 11 MB Jumper-New Era and Golden Rule Mines TUOLUMNE CA Gold
0210 DMA 1 MB Union Hill Shaft UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Tungsten
0605 DMA 1 MB Klamath River Chromite Project UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Chromium
0926 DMA 3 MB Beryl Deposit UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Beryl
1130 DMA <1 MB Sutter Creek UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Copper
1134 DMA 1 MB Sodaspar Uranium Prospect UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Uranium
1340 DMA 1 MB Adjuster & Husler Claims UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Copper
1705 DMA 1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Platinum
1842 DMA 1 MB Magnolia and Nadeau Groups UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Tungsten
1179 DMA 18 MB Ventura Mine VENTURA CA Nickel, Copper
3473 DMEA 9 MB Desert View Claims VENTURA CA Uranium, Thorium, rare earths
3920 DMEA 2 MB Desert View Claims VENTURA CA Uranium, Thorium, rare earths
2218 DMA 9 MB Harrison Mine YOLO CA Mercury
3878 DMEA <1 MB Harrison Mine YOLO CA Mercury
4186 DMEA 55 MB Harrison Mine YOLO CA Mercury
4903 DMEA 200 MB Reed Mine YOLO CA Mercury
6042 OME 58 MB Reed Mine YOLO CA Mercury
6738 OME 9 MB Magonigal Ranch YUBA CA Copper, Silver, Gold
6831 OME 34 MB Magonigal Lease YUBA CA Copper
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