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DMA, DMEA, OME mineral exploration assistance program file downloads

All Arizona dockets

File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1MB to nearly 500MB. Download times for large files will vary based on internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed.

Map showing all Arizona DMA, DMEA, OME dockets

File size is shown, download scan by selecting the property name link. All scans are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) which require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Arizona by County
Docket Agency File size PropertyName County State AllCommodities
2232 DMEA 4 MB None Identified APACHE AZ Uranium
2384 DMEA 2 MB Apache Asbestos Mines APACHE AZ Asbestos
3933 DMEA 14 MB Simpson No. 1 plot APACHE AZ Uranium
4004 DMEA 15 MB Zealy TZO tract APACHE AZ Uranium
0104 DMA 4 MB Costello Claims COCHISE AZ Zinc
0399 DMA 43 MB Abril Mine COCHISE AZ Zinc, Copper
0419 DMA 2 MB None identified COCHISE AZ Copper
0813 DMA 1 MB Grace Mine COCHISE AZ Lead-Zinc
1273 DMA 17 MB Shannon Copper Mine COCHISE AZ Copper
1357 DMA 3 MB San Juan Mine COCHISE AZ Lead-Zinc
1403 DMA 1 MB Chiricahua Development Company COCHISE AZ Copper, Gold, Silver
1419 DMA 2 MB None Identified COCHISE AZ Copper, Gold, Silver
1420 DMA 2 MB Savage Gold & Copper Mine COCHISE AZ Copper
1421 DMA 2 MB El Sobrante COCHISE AZ Copper, Lead, Silver
1430 DMA 2 MB Copper Blossom Mine COCHISE AZ Copper, Silver, Gold
1633 DMA 95 MB State of Texas Mine COCHISE AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold
2159 DMA 2 MB Apex Prospect COCHISE AZ Lead
2746 DMEA 233 MB Republic Mine & Johnson Camp COCHISE AZ Copper-Zinc
3200 DMEA 6 MB Tungsten King and Black Rock Mines COCHISE AZ Tungsten
3227 DMEA 13 MB Black Rock No. 1 Claim COCHISE AZ Tungsten
3515 DMEA 64 MB Shannon Mine COCHISE AZ Copper, Lead, Zinc
3852 DMEA 41 MB Austin Claims COCHISE AZ Tungsten
3907 DMEA 7 MB Moonlight Calims No. 1 & 2 COCHISE AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
4794 DMEA 12 MB Windmill Claims COCHISE AZ Uranium
6166 OME 15 MB Visina and Mountain Maid Claims COCHISE AZ Silver
6401 OME 1 MB Carretto, et al., Claims COCHISE AZ Silver
6426 OME <1 MB Star No.1 and Skyline No.1 Claims COCHISE AZ Uranium
6450 OME 3 MB Bowie Claims COCHISE AZ Silver
6625 OME 10 MB Chance Mine COCHISE AZ Silver
6692 OME 19 MB Great American Claims, et al. COCHISE AZ Silver, Gold
6770 OME 2 MB King of Lead Property COCHISE AZ Silver
6808 OME 2 MB Mildred, et al., claims COCHISE AZ Silver, Gold
6848 OME 1 MB Sullivan Mine COCHISE AZ Copper, Silver.
2465 DMEA 5 MB L.E. Shoup Manganese Claims COCONINO AZ Manganese
2738 DMEA 2 MB Lost Apache Claim COCONINO AZ Manganese
3532 DMEA 21 MB El Pequito and Fehfu Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium
3612 DMEA 42 MB Red Wing Claims, et al. COCONINO AZ Uranium
3867 DMEA 9 MB Jasper Group COCONINO AZ Uranium
3999 DMEA 14 MB Willaha Hot Valley Properties COCONINO AZ Uranium
4166 DMEA 6 MB Hualapai Indian Lands COCONINO AZ Uranium
4287 DMEA 25 MB Jay Bird and Sun Valley Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium
4289 DMEA 11 MB Sam Group COCONINO AZ Uranium
4445 DMEA 8 MB Little Joe Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium, Copper
4608 DMEA 12 MB Harold Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium
4895 DMEA 18 MB Jay Bird and Sun Valley Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium
0009 DMA 10 MB Bluebird Prospect GILA AZ Copper
0240 DMA 29 MB Christmas Mine GILA AZ Copper
0244 DMA 15 MB None identified (American Asbestos Corp.) GILA AZ Asbestos
0360 DMA 1 MB None identified GILA AZ Iron
0364 DMA 5 MB Mineral Hill and Twinn Buttes Mines GILA AZ Manganese
0451 DMA 17 MB Metate Asbestos Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
0514 DMA 21 MB King-Hecla Group GILA AZ Copper, Lead, Silver, Manganese
1057 DMA 3 MB Tungsten Propsect GILA AZ Tungsten
1093 DMA 59 MB Buckhorn Group GILA AZ Asbestos
1136 DMA <1 MB So and So Mine GILA AZ None identified
1241 DMA 1 MB None identified GILA AZ Copper
1300 DMA 1 MB None Identified GILA AZ Cobalt, Gold, Silver
1565 DMA 8 MB Twentieth Century Claims GILA AZ Tungsten
1617 DMA <1 MB Westlake & Samsel Tracts GILA AZ Tungsten
1776 DMA 33 MB Salt River Asbestos Deposits GILA AZ Asbestos
2005 DMA 26 MB Shanley Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2009 DMA 11 MB Ramsdell Mine GILA AZ Manganese
2084 DMA 2 MB Tungsten No. 1 Mine GILA AZ Tungsten
2114 DMA 23 MB Iron King Manganese Claim GILA AZ Manganese
2167 DMA 9 MB Globe Asbestos Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2338 DMEA 32 MB Asbestos Ring Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
2380 DMEA 5 MB Western Fiber Ores Co. GILA AZ Asbestos
2445 DMEA 89 MB Ord Mercury Mine GILA AZ Mercury
2550 DMEA 57 MB Bear Canyon Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2558 DMEA 13 MB Western Chemical Co. Property GILA AZ Asbestos
2593 DMEA 4 MB Baby Mine Group GILA AZ Copper, Gold
2711 DMEA 37 MB Irene Mine GILA AZ Zinc
2760 DMEA 14 MB Mystery Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2763 DMEA 7 MB Chiricahua Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2789 DMEA 7 MB May & Montezuma Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
2798 DMEA 26 MB Indian Springs Prospect GILA AZ Asbestos
2799 DMEA 4 MB Rattlesnake Claims GILA AZ Manganese
2865 DMEA 4 MB Loey and Lena Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
2867 DMEA 37 MB Regal Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2975 DMEA 40 MB Extension Asbestos Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
2976 DMEA 7 MB Lost Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
3019 DMEA 4 MB Independent Asbestos Group GILA AZ Asbestos
3038 DMEA 7 MB G & H Mine No. 2 GILA AZ Asbestos
3039 DMEA 9 MB G & H Mine No. 1 GILA AZ Asbestos
3122 DMEA 1 MB Rose Tungsten Property GILA AZ Tungsten
3299 DMEA 2 MB Rosa Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
3318 DMEA 2 MB Alamo Asbestos No. 1 & 2 Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
3445 DMEA 2 MB Walter & Raster Claims GILA AZ Tungsten
3669 DMEA 94 MB Sue Mine GILA AZ Uranium
3707 DMEA 29 MB Regal Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
3710 DMEA 9 MB Snakebit Group of Claims GILA AZ Uranium
3905 DMEA 10 MB Rattlesnake and Cypress Claims GILA AZ Mercury
3923 DMEA 24 MB Zora, Sky, Fran, and Peanuts Group GILA AZ Uranium
3935 DMEA 56 MB Black Brush Claims GILA AZ Uranium
4003 DMEA 4 MB Cypress Group GILA AZ Mercury
4249 DMEA 43 MB Sorrel Horse and Citation Claims GILA AZ Uranium
4323 DMEA 21 MB Hope Group of Claims GILA AZ Uranium
4415 DMEA 3 MB Leturno Group GILA AZ Asbestos
4640 DMEA 5 MB Globe Manganese Mine GILA AZ Manganese
4670 DMEA 6 MB Rising Sun & Enterprise Claims GILA AZ Copper, Manganese, Tungsten.
4708 DMEA 4 MB Blue Mule Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
4734 DMEA 11 MB Blevins Canyon Claims GILA AZ Uranium
4844 DMEA 73 MB Walnut Creek and Tony Mesas GILA AZ Asbestos
4908 DMEA 18 MB Bobtail, et al., Claims GILA AZ Copper
4909 DMEA 10 MB Reynolds Falls Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
5013 DMEA 5 MB Bluebird Group of Claims GILA AZ Mercury
6137 OME 1 MB Blue Jay No. 1 Claim GILA AZ Asbestos
6180 OME 2 MB Crown Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
6214 OME 10 MB Bread Pan, et al., Claims GILA AZ Beryl
6327 OME 26 MB Xerox and Lady Bug Claims GILA AZ Iron
6366 OME 6 MB Lucky Seven Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
6510 OME 5 MB Mr. Jim, et al., Claims GILA AZ Silver
0459 DMA 16 MB Ben Hur Mine GRAHAM AZ Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
2282 DMEA 2 MB L.L. Bartons Tungsten Project GRAHAM AZ Tungsten
2366 DMEA 29 MB None Identified GRAHAM AZ Lead-Zinc
2977 DMEA 3 MB La Golondrina Mine GRAHAM AZ Uranium
3183 DMEA 9 MB Blue Bird Claims GRAHAM AZ Cobalt
4261 DMEA 7 MB Starlight Mine GRAHAM AZ Copper, Lead, Zinc
4277 DMEA 14 MB Sein Fein Mine GRAHAM AZ Lead-Zinc
4343 DMEA 16 MB San Juan Mine GRAHAM AZ Copper
4416 DMEA 8 MB Copper Chief Claims GRAHAM AZ Copper
4604 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Strike Claims GRAHAM AZ Copper
4666 DMEA 2 MB Stoney Peak No. 6 GRAHAM AZ Uranium
6774 OME 43 MB Aravaipa Property GRAHAM AZ Copper, Molybdenum
2528 DMEA 31 MB Polly Anne Fluorspar Mine GREENLEE AZ Fluorspar
2613 DMEA 40 MB Denton No. 1, 2, & 3 GREENLEE AZ Manganese
3223 DMEA <1 MB Denton Claims GREENLEE AZ Manganese
3671 DMEA 9 MB La Palma, San Francisco and Venus Mining Claims GREENLEE AZ Manganese
6736 OME 23 MB Ashe Peak Mine GREENLEE AZ Silver, Gold
0289 DMA 3 MB Manganese Deposit in Pinal and Maricopa Counties, MARICOPA AZ Manganese
1228 DMA 5 MB Wickenburg & Coquille MARICOPA AZ Lead, Silver, Tungsten, Platinum,
1237 DMA 7 MB Standard Mine MARICOPA AZ Copper, Lead, Nickel
1439 DMA 9 MB Copper Top MARICOPA AZ Manganese, Copper, Talc, Iron, Gold, Silver
1606 DMA 5 MB Dixie Mine MARICOPA AZ Copper
1965 DMA 15 MB Reliance Copper Mine MARICOPA AZ Copper
2829 DMEA 3 MB Black Diamond Manganese Claim MARICOPA AZ Manganese
2830 DMEA 4 MB Muskhog Claims MARICOPA AZ Fluorspar
2880 DMEA 13 MB Black Magic Claims MARICOPA AZ Monazite, Rare Earths
2889 DMEA 9 MB Flying Saucer Mine MARICOPA AZ Tungsten
3343 DMEA 2 MB Carlsons Apex Mercury Deposit MARICOPA AZ Mercury
3586 DMEA 8 MB Good Earth Placers MARICOPA AZ Columbium,Tantalum,Uranium,Thorium, rare earth met
3699 DMEA 6 MB Copper Kid Claims MARICOPA AZ Uranium
3937 DMEA 23 MB Pipe Mountain Mercury Mine MARICOPA AZ Mercury
3995 DMEA 10 MB Horseshoe, Verde and Fault Claims MARICOPA AZ Uranium
4103 DMEA 7 MB Copper Kid Claims MARICOPA AZ Uranium
6341 OME <1 MB Blue Knob Claims MARICOPA AZ Gold, Silver, Platinum, Iron.
6364 OME 7 MB Sunflower Properties MARICOPA AZ Mercury
6691 OME 11 MB Gold Spot, Golden West, Golden Eagle Claim Groups MARICOPA AZ Gold, Silver
6814 OME 5 MB Southwest Minerals Claim Group MARICOPA AZ Gold, Silver, et al.
6879 OME 32 MB Question Mining Claims MARICOPA AZ Gold
0021 DMA 85 MB Tennessee and Summit Alpha Mines MOHAVE AZ Lead, Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
0050 DMA 46 MB Tennesee-Schuykill MOHAVE AZ Lead-Zinc
0062 DMA 14 MB Dutch Flat Group MOHAVE AZ Tungsten, Gold, Silver
0155 DMA 3 MB Bull Canyon Project MOHAVE AZ Tungsten
0374 DMA 11 MB Emerald Isle Copper Deposit MOHAVE AZ Copper
0494 DMA 6 MB Wallipai District MOHAVE AZ Zinc, Gold, Silver.
0527 DMA 18 MB Antler Mine MOHAVE AZ Copper, Zinc, Lead, Gold, Silver
0875 DMA 6 MB Black Diamond Manganesee Property MOHAVE AZ Manganese
0913 DMA 8 MB Williams Tungsten Mine MOHAVE AZ Tungsten
1396 DMA 2 MB Extension No. 1 MOHAVE AZ Lead, Vanadium, Molybdate, Gold
1801 DMA 32 MB Fountainhead Mine MOHAVE AZ Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
1886 DMA 7 MB Black Rock Group MOHAVE AZ Tungsten
1921 DMA <1 MB Little Boy Mine MOHAVE AZ None identified
2348 DMEA No scan Elva Mine MOHAVE AZ Uranium
2463 DMEA 26 MB Summit Mine MOHAVE AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold, Uranium
2538 DMEA 6 MB Blakley Black Diamond Mine MOHAVE AZ Manganese
2563 DMEA 5 MB Emery Claims MOHAVE AZ Manganese
2589 DMEA 4 MB Carter & Lamb Rainbow Claim MOHAVE AZ Uranium
2957 DMEA 66 MB Williams Tungsten Mine- Wothree Mine MOHAVE AZ Tungsten
3064 DMEA 35 MB Copper World Mine MOHAVE AZ Copper, Zinc
3075 DMEA 42 MB Cox & Ross et al. Cining Claims MOHAVE AZ Copper
3624 DMEA 5 MB Noblitt-Miller Claims MOHAVE AZ Uranium, Thorium, rare earths
3975 DMEA 7 MB Windy Jim Claims MOHAVE AZ Uranium, Copper
4033 DMEA 10 MB Golcoda Mine MOHAVE AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
6123 OME No scan Savanic MOHAVE AZ Copper
6191 OME 2 MB Bi-Metals, et al., Claims MOHAVE AZ Gold
6205 OME 75 MB Summit Mine MOHAVE AZ Silver, Lead, Zinc.
6267 OME 1 MB Jeanene Claim Group MOHAVE AZ Beryl
6367 OME 4 MB Black Mountain Prospect MOHAVE AZ Molybdenum
6378 OME 8 MB Yellow Basin Area MOHAVE AZ Molybdenum
6383 OME 2 MB Atlas Claims MOHAVE AZ Gold, Silver.
6470 OME <1 MB H.H. & R. Mine MOHAVE AZ Silver
6482 OME 4 MB Silver King 1 & 2 MOHAVE AZ Silver
6621 OME 8 MB Copper Head Mine MOHAVE AZ Silver
6660 OME 11 MB Savanic Mine MOHAVE AZ Copper
6722 OME 6 MB Mohave Butte Claims MOHAVE AZ Gold, Silver
3851 DMEA 8 MB El Rico Property NAVAJO AZ Uranium
4379 DMEA 11 MB Navajo Tribal Tracts 20 & 22 NAVAJO AZ Uranium
0124 DMA 37 MB Silver Bell Copper Project PIMA AZ Copper
0269 DMA 182 MB Mineral Hill Copper(IDM E32) &Twin Buttes(IDM E33) PIMA AZ Copper, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Silver
0824 DMA 7 MB Santa Catalina Copper Deposit PIMA AZ Copper
0858 DMA 7 MB Atlas Lead-Zinc Mine PIMA AZ Zinc
0996 DMA 15 MB Sushine Mine PIMA AZ Lead, Silver
1019 DMA 21 MB Tip Top and Copper Duke Copper Mines PIMA AZ Copper
1223 DMA 17 MB Bulldozer Mine PIMA AZ Copper, Silver
1277 DMA 10 MB Giant Tungsten Group PIMA AZ Tungsten
1310 DMA 5 MB Scorpio Annex Claim PIMA AZ Copper
1341 DMA 12 MB Antelope Claims PIMA AZ Lead-Zinc
1547 DMA 3 MB Emperor-Duchess Claims PIMA AZ Copper, Silver
1550 DMA 12 MB Sun-Gold PIMA AZ Copper, Lead
1722 DMA 31 MB Helmet Peak Mine PIMA AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
1781 DMA 12 MB Copper Glance PIMA AZ Copper, Silver
1793 DMA 4 MB Lena Group PIMA AZ Uranium
2314 DMEA 129 MB Dailey Geesman Group PIMA AZ Copper, Gold, Silver
2363 DMEA 6 MB Good Enough No. 1 PIMA AZ Tungsten
2758 DMEA 30 MB Scheelite Claim PIMA AZ Tungsten
2843 DMEA 50 MB King in Exile Copper Mine PIMA AZ Copper
3059 DMEA 13 MB San Juan Scheelite Property PIMA AZ Tungsten
3184 DMEA 4 MB Copper Squaw Claim PIMA AZ Copper, Uranium
3280 DMEA 4 MB Lena Claims PIMA AZ Uranium
3876 DMEA 7 MB Windy Group PIMA AZ Beryl
3959 DMEA 4 MB Christenson-Lane Claims PIMA AZ Tungsten
4116 DMEA 3 MB Copper Valley Claims PIMA AZ Copper
4221 DMEA 126 MB Peach & Elgin Mines PIMA AZ Copper
4303 DMEA 8 MB Min-505, Min-511 State Lease PIMA AZ Uranium
4694 DMEA 1 MB Alice, et al., Claims PIMA AZ Copper
4726 DMEA 4 MB Monitor Claim Group PIMA AZ Copper
6010 OME 6 MB Kachina Group PIMA AZ Copper
6037 OME 5 MB Coyote Claims (Roadside Mine) PIMA AZ Copper
6064 OME 2 MB Eldorado Claims PIMA AZ Copper
6467 OME 7 MB Little Mary , et al., Claims PIMA AZ Silver
6574 OME 73 MB Indians-Arizona and Silver Hill Mines PIMA AZ Copper, Silver
6578 OME 30 MB CWT Property PIMA AZ Copper
6599 OME 9 MB Paymaster Mine Group PIMA AZ Silver, Copper
6779 OME 5 MB Steppe Mine PIMA AZ Gold, Silver
0181 DMA 27 MB San Manuel Copper Corp. Mine PINAL AZ Copper
0366 DMA 3 MB Johnsons Copper Prospect PINAL AZ Copper
0389 DMA 7 MB Sunset Mine PINAL AZ Copper, Silver, Gold, Lead, Zinc
0691 DMA 4 MB Silver Lake Mine PINAL AZ Lead-Zinc
0781 DMA 1 MB None identified PINAL AZ Copper
0943 DMA 25 MB Whetrock Basin PINAL AZ Copper, Tungsten, Chromite
1147 DMA 3 MB Last Chance PINAL AZ Copper
1569 DMA 15 MB Arizona Hancock Copper Company PINAL AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Uranium
1634 DMA 23 MB Randolph Lead-Zinc Mine PINAL AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
2040 DMA 4 MB Rare Metals Mine PINAL AZ Molybdenum, Copper
2356 DMEA 91 MB Morning Star Mine PINAL AZ Tungsten
2443 DMEA 1 MB Claytons Silver Reef No. 1 & 2 Lead and Zinc Claim PINAL AZ Lead, Zinc
2491 DMEA 5 MB None Identified PINAL AZ Asbestos
2569 DMEA 13 MB Prudential Mine PINAL AZ Copper, Leas, Molybdenum
2603 DMEA 112 MB Ajax Mine PINAL AZ Lead-Zinc
2812 DMEA 5 MB Ray Southern Claims PINAL AZ Asbestos
2887 DMEA 66 MB Ray Mine PINAL AZ Lead
2922 DMEA 18 MB Sunset Mine PINAL AZ Copper
3004 DMEA 3 MB Rare Metals Mine PINAL AZ Molybdenum, Copper
3170 DMEA 8 MB Kennedy Mines PINAL AZ Asbestos
3337 DMEA 9 MB Reymert Mine PINAL AZ Copper, Lead
3489 DMEA 9 MB Morning Star mine PINAL AZ Tungsten
4787 DMEA 67 MB Confidence, et al., Claims PINAL AZ Copper
5011 DMEA 7 MB Saddle Mountain Claims PINAL AZ Copper
5068 DMEA 2 MB Thumb Butte Claims PINAL AZ Manganese, Copper
6062 OME 1 MB Confidence No. 1-19, et al., Claims PINAL AZ Copper
6179 OME 1 MB Sec.29,30,31,32. PINAL AZ Copper
6209 OME 1 MB Reymert Mine PINAL AZ Silver, Copper
6484 OME 6 MB Rainbow Silver Mine PINAL AZ Silver
6548 OME 78 MB Little Treasure and Adjust Mines PINAL AZ Silver
6704 OME 19 MB Vekol Mine PINAL AZ Silver
6863 OME 3 MB Impact No.1 and Robert S. Waters Claims PINAL AZ Copper, Gold, Silver.
0020 DMA 6 MB Alto, Bland, Jefferson Mines SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper.
0054 DMA 8 MB Dusquesne Washington Camp Area SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
0057 DMA 4 MB Sunnyside Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ Copper
0162 DMA 2 MB Montezuma Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ
0769 DMA <1 MB Marvel and Silver Claim Group SANTA CRUZ AZ None identified
1218 DMA 27 MB Buena Vist and Red Mountain Copper SANTA CRUZ AZ Copper
1412 DMA 3 MB Duquesne SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
2039 DMA 1 MB None identified SANTA CRUZ AZ None identified
2124 DMA 18 MB Glove Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc
2234 DMEA 145 MB Bonanza Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
2337 DMEA 3 MB None Identified SANTA CRUZ AZ Copper, lead, silver , gold
3018 DMEA 3 MB Herr Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ Copper, Lead, Zinc
3435 DMEA 32 MB Little Doe No. 1 Claim SANTA CRUZ AZ Uranium
6131 OME 14 MB Old Soldier Claim Group SANTA CRUZ AZ Copper
6465 OME 34 MB Royal and Deerhorn Claims SANTA CRUZ AZ Silver
6505 OME 7 MB New York Silver Lease SANTA CRUZ AZ Silver
0170 DMA 4 MB East ore body, Copper Queen Branch UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Copper
0259 DMA <1 MB Golden Eagle and Quail Groups UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Gold, Silver, Copper
0453 DMA 1 MB Centurion Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Copper
1328 DMA <1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Mica
1821 DMA <1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Fluorspar
1904 DMA 1 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Mercury
1748 DMA 2 MB Ciricahua Developing Company VARIOUS COUNTIES AZ Asbestos, Copper
0007 DMA 5 MB Silver Knight Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
0160 DMA 1 MB Black Pearl Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
0166 DMA 1 MB Gladiator Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
0242 DMA 5 MB Ruth Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
0260 DMA 5 MB McMahan Copper Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper
0344 DMA 4 MB Mormon Girl Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
0443 DMA 22 MB Unida Group YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Gold
0455 DMA 9 MB The Bonus Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten, Carnilite, Fluorspar, Tantalum, Amethyst, Chrome
0544 DMA 4 MB Christmas Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead, Silver, Zinc, Copper
0617 DMA 46 MB Mount Union Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
0657 DMA 5 MB Black Rock Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper
0798 DMA 1 MB Black Hills District YAVAPAI AZ Copper
1128 DMA 1 MB None Identified YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Gold, Silver
1226 DMA 5 MB Stoddard Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper
1304 DMA 64 MB Kay Copper Mine YAVAPAI AZ Cobalt
1392 DMA 2 MB Piloma, Turquoise & Digmore Groups YAVAPAI AZ Gold, Silver, Turquoise
1437 DMA 12 MB C & W Mining Claims YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
1506 DMA 42 MB Black Pearl Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten, Silver
1530 DMA 4 MB Bannie Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Lead
1648 DMA 7 MB Zinc Mountain YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Zinc
1666 DMA <1 MB Johnson Property YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
1703 DMA 11 MB H. S. Tungsten Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten, Beryl, Silver, Lead, Zinc
1718 DMA <1 MB Matchless Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
1757 DMA 43 MB Bagdad Property YAVAPAI AZ Copper
1939 DMA 8 MB Cross Lode Claims 1 to 7. YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Lead
2030 DMA 17 MB Zannarapolis No. 28 Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
2066 DMA 9 MB Silver Queen Lead Zinc Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
2069 DMA 9 MB Loma Prieta and Copper Hill Mines YAVAPAI AZ Copper
2364 DMEA 6 MB Congress Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
2398 DMEA 21 MB Silver Queen Lrad-Zinc Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead, Zinc
2497 DMEA 1 MB Gossan Group YAVAPAI AZ Copper
2611 DMEA 5 MB Juniper Group YAVAPAI AZ Beryl
3006 DMEA 5 MB Eureka Mine YAVAPAI AZ Zinc, Copper
3219 DMEA 9 MB Greenback Claims YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
3328 DMEA 20 MB Upshot Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper
3361 DMEA 18 MB French Lilly Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Lead, Zinc
3381 DMEA 2 MB Zinc Mountain Claims YAVAPAI AZ Copper
3448 DMEA 107 MB Black Pearl Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
3874 DMEA 5 MB Mystery Mine YAVAPAI AZ Uranium, Tungsten
3963 DMEA 16 MB Congress Mine YAVAPAI AZ Uranium
4098 DMEA 4 MB Great Cross Cut Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
4507 DMEA 5 MB Green Monster Prospect YAVAPAI AZ Copper
4680 DMEA 3 MB Cliff, Silver Plate, et al., Claims YAVAPAI AZ Copper
6154 OME 1 MB At Last Mines YAVAPAI AZ Gold
6188 OME <1 MB Golden Goose Mine YAVAPAI AZ Gold
6393 OME 1 MB Mormon Girl Claims YAVAPAI AZ Silver
6569 OME 15 MB Copper Stack Group of Claims YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Gold, Silver
6580 OME 21 MB Lane Silver Mine YAVAPAI AZ Silver
6590 OME 10 MB Golden Turkey Mines YAVAPAI AZ Silver, Gold
6622 OME 33 MB Eldorado Group of Claims YAVAPAI AZ Silver
6629 OME 23 MB Davis-Dunkirk Property YAVAPAI AZ Silver
6644 OME 18 MB Copper King, et al., Claims YAVAPAI AZ Copper, az
6679 OME 15 MB Copperopolis Property YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Gold, Silver.
6815 OME 35 MB Lincoln Mine YAVAPAI AZ Gold, Silver
0112 DMA 6 MB Tres Amigos YUMA AZ Copper
0697 DMA 11 MB War Eagle Group YUMA AZ Manganese
1303 DMA 87 MB Red Cloud Mine YUMA AZ Lead-Zinc, Silver
2021 DMA 22 MB Bonanza Copper Mine YUMA AZ Copper
2477 DMEA 2 MB Last Resort Claim YUMA AZ Manganese
2574 DMEA 1 MB Berdie-Lee YUMA AZ Tungsten
2587 DMEA 16 MB Pacho & Oliver Groups YUMA AZ Tungsten
2702 DMEA 7 MB Rio Del Monte Mines YUMA AZ Copper, Gold, Lead
2858 DMEA 51 MB Three Musketeers Mine YUMA AZ Tungsten
3138 DMEA 3 MB None identified YUMA AZ Uranium
3344 DMEA 2 MB Leo Daffern's Carmel Copper Prospect YUMA AZ Copper
3379 DMEA 21 MB Golden Eagle Mine YUMA AZ Copper, Lead
3893 DMEA 11 MB Goodman Mine YUMA AZ Uranium
4057 DMEA 6 MB Centroid Consolidated Mine YUMA AZ Copper
4219 DMEA 4 MB Higher Up Claims YUMA AZ Copper
4452 DMEA 9 MB New Yorker Group of Claims YUMA AZ Copper
4475 DMEA 2 MB Wilburn Claims YUMA AZ Uranium, Manganese, Tantalum.
4739 DMEA 4 MB Old Cinnabar Mine YUMA AZ Mercury
4935 DMEA 19 MB Lone Star, et al., Groups YUMA AZ Uranium
5027 DMEA 4 MB Barbie and Hilltop Manganese Claims YUMA AZ Manganese
6359 OME 1 MB Fontana Claims Group YUMA AZ Gold
6531 OME 2 MB B.C.C. & Black Group of Claims YUMA AZ Iron, Silver
6744 OME 15 MB Martin Peak, Atlas, et al., Group of Claims YUMA AZ Copper, Gold, Silver.
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