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DMA, DMEA, OME mineral exploration assistance program file downloads

All Defense Minerals Exploration Administration (DMEA) dockets in ascending order

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Defense Minerals Exploration Administration dockets
Docket Agency File size Property Name County State All Commodities
0229 DMEA 61 MB Cherry Creek Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
0270 DMEA 54 MB Ben Harrison-Croesus CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
0495 DMEA Unavailable Bunker Chance SHOSHONE ID Lead, Copper
0606 DMEA 131 MB Henrietta Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead, Zinc
0946 DMEA 69 MB Wasa-Shamrock Mine GRANITE MT Lead-Zinc
0981 DMEA Unavailable Washingto-Idaho Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Cadium
1367 DMEA 1 MB Old Mike Mine CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica, Tantalite.
1817 DMEA Unavailable Big It Mine SHOSHONE ID Tungsten
1878 DMEA Unavailable Monarch Lease SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
1923 DMEA 41 MB Ida Mine TOOELE UT Lead-Zinc
1925 DMEA 4 MB Ida Mine TOOELE UT Lead-Zinc
1929 DMEA 5 MB Zolly Shell Mine WILKES NC Mica
1941 DMEA 18 MB Battle Mine VARIOUS COUNTIES GA Mica
1953 DMEA 25 MB Lucky Boy and Jackson Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc
1969 DMEA 9 MB Carter Mica mine UPSON GA Mica
1981 DMEA 74 MB Combination Mine GRANITE MT Tungsten, Silver, Copper, Gold
1988 DMEA 7 MB Mono Manganese Mine UTAH UT Manganese, Iron
2002 DMEA 31 MB Dennison, et al., Lands INDEPENDENCE AR Manganese
2055 DMEA 1 MB Garden Valley Idaho UNKNOWN COUNTY ID Uranium, Quartz Crystals
2073 DMEA 62 MB D. H. S. Mining Company IOWA WI Lead-Zinc
2080 DMEA 68 MB Lowell Quarry & "C" Area LAMOILLE VT Asbestos
2082 DMEA 194 MB Mt. Wheeler Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2098 DMEA 2 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY WY Lead-Zinc, Silver
2100 DMEA 5 MB Steel Plate Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2103 DMEA 41 MB Allen SANDERS MT Copper
2104 DMEA 6 MB Mica Ridge Mine WATAUGA NC Mica
2105 DMEA 12 MB Plumbago Mtn. OXFORD ME Beryl
2108 DMEA 12 MB Peugnet ST FRANCOIS MO Lead-Zinc
2112 DMEA 17 MB Orphan Boy SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc
2129 DMEA 84 MB Atwood Mine GRAFTON NH Mica, Beryl
2130 DMEA 4 MB Thurman Asbestos Mine WARREN NY Asbestos
2134 DMEA 12 MB Indian Camp Asbestos Mine INYO CA Asbestos
2137 DMEA 27 MB Schafer Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2150 DMEA 11 MB Reid Mine MACON NC Mica
2155 DMEA 10 MB Queen Mine SAN JUAN UT Uranium, Vanadium
2156 DMEA 36 MB Railway Dike Pegmatite STEVENS WA Beryl, Tantalum-columbium, Mica, Uranium
2165 DMEA 78 MB Silver Bell Mines (Carbonaro area) SAN MIGUEL CO Gold, silver,copper, zinc
2166 DMEA 23 MB Farmer Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
2168 DMEA 25 MB Old Mike Pegmatite CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica
2182 DMEA 59 MB Monarch & Eureka Mines BEAVER UT Fluorspar, Uranium
2183 DMEA 48 MB John Sloss JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
2188 DMEA 22 MB New York Mtn. Area SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2193 DMEA 61 MB Bales Group OKANOGAN WA Antimony
2201 DMEA 7 MB Cliff Blanton Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
2202 DMEA 207 MB Buena Suerte PRESIDIO TX Mercury
2209 DMEA 3 MB Giant Tungsten,Tungsten View, et al. NYE NV Tungsten
2222 DMEA 3 MB Planter Mercury Mine CROOK OR Mercury
2223 DMEA 7 MB Clevland Mine STEVENS WA Lead, Zinc,Silver
2225 DMEA 14 MB Sylvan Mine JEFFERSON MT Uranium
2228 DMEA 509 MB Lost River Tin Mine SEWARD AK Tin, Tungsten
2229 DMEA 20 MB White Dollar Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2232 DMEA 4 MB None Identified APACHE AZ Uranium
2233 DMEA 1 MB Fairview Manganese Mine SAN JUAN CO Manganese
2234 DMEA 145 MB Bonanza Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
2235 DMEA 15 MB War Eagle mine LEMHI ID Lead
2236 DMEA 120 MB Conjecture Mine BONNER ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
2237 DMEA Unavailable New Hilarity Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2238 DMEA 7 MB Black Beauty No. 1 DEL NORTE CA Manganese
2239 DMEA 7 MB Mohaw Group of Claims ELKO NV Tungsten
2240 DMEA 29 MB Groetfend Zinc Prospect SHASTA CA Zinc, Lead
2241 DMEA 8 MB Mitchell Creek Mica Mine UPSON GA Mica
2242 DMEA 3 MB Townson Mine CHEROKEE NC Talc
2243 DMEA 2 MB Keener Prospect MACON NC Mica
2244 DMEA 4 MB Lenard Mine MACON NC Manganese
2245 DMEA 4 MB James Mine MAHNOMEN MN Mica
2246 DMEA 19 MB Grandpier Mine POPE IL Fluorspar
2247 DMEA 5 MB None Identified PIKE AR Mercury
2248 DMEA 88 MB Hill Leadford Tract HARDIN IL Fluorspar, Lead, Zinc
2249 DMEA 3 MB Luther Mine MACON NC Mica
2250 DMEA 3 MB Dexter Mine MACON NC Mica
2251 DMEA 3 MB Ebb Hall Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2252 DMEA 3 MB Dr. Ed Mine MACON NC Beryl
2253 DMEA 2 MB Crawford Mine MACON NC Mica
2254 DMEA 38 MB Faithful BEAVERHEAD MT Lead, Copper
2255 DMEA 6 MB Pine Knob or Kelly Mine MACON NC Mica
2256 DMEA 11 MB Tungsten Hill Mine INYO CA Tungsten
2257 DMEA 67 MB Ward Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
2258 DMEA <1 MB Mud FRESNO CA Tungsten
2259 DMEA 6 MB San Bernardino Mine WASHINGTON ID Lead-Zinc
2260 DMEA 122 MB January Mine BROADWATER MT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
2261 DMEA 6 MB Umbarger Mine SMYTH VA Manganese
2262 DMEA 13 MB Iron Deposit CROW WING MN Manganese, Iron
2263 DMEA 4 MB None identified CLAY AL Tin
2264 DMEA 35 MB White Hawk Basin VALLEY ID Monazite, Columbium-tantalum
2265 DMEA 176 MB Paddy Flat Placer VALLEY ID Monazite, Columbium-tantalum
2266 DMEA 25 MB Pioneer Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
2267 DMEA 32 MB Birdie Mine SILVER BOW MT Tungsten, Manganese, Iron
2268 DMEA 4 MB Great Western Mine BUTTE ID Lead-Zinc
2269 DMEA 100 MB Advance Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
2270 DMEA 3 MB None Identified SALINE AR Bauxite
2271 DMEA 42 MB J. D. G. Mine PIUTE UT Uranium
2272 DMEA 4 MB Beryl Prospect SAN MIGUEL NM Beryl
2273 DMEA 11 MB Kidder Mine CHESHIRE NH Mica
2274 DMEA 4 MB G& P Mine MACON NC Mica
2275 DMEA 3 MB None identified FLATHEAD MT Copper, Lead
2276 DMEA 29 MB DeCoursey Mountain Mercury Mine IDITAROD AK Mercury
2277 DMEA 20 MB John Burke Mine MACON NC Mica
2278 DMEA 12 MB Gold NoteMine PERSHING NV Gold, Silver,Lead, Zinc, Copper
2279 DMEA 1 MB New Moose Mine NYE NV Tungsten
2280 DMEA 50 MB Madonna Mine CHAFFEE CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
2282 DMEA 2 MB L.L. Bartons Tungsten Project GRAHAM AZ Tungsten
2283 DMEA 8 MB Ogee & Low Prospect HUMBOLDT NV Copper
2285 DMEA 2 MB Peek Mine MACON NC Mica
2286 DMEA 78 MB Skinner DUVAL FL Rutile
2287 DMEA 13 MB Gaylite Boy Mine SAN JUAN CO Tungsten
2288 DMEA 7 MB Red Top & Red Ant claims CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
2289 DMEA 13 MB Black Horse Tungsten Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2290 DMEA 12 MB Syringa Claim (Wilson Tunnel) VALLEY ID Tungsten
2291 DMEA 12 MB Miller Creek Claims PARK MT Copper, Ag,Au,Fe
2292 DMEA 93 MB Ivanhoe Claim BEAVERHEAD MT Tungsten
2293 DMEA 16 MB D. H. Stephens Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2294 DMEA 4 MB L. M. Stevens Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2295 DMEA 1 MB Shell Ridge Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2296 DMEA 33 MB Rambler Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2297 DMEA 22 MB Indian Creek Cinnabar YAKIMA WA Mercury
2298 DMEA 7 MB Amphlett Mica Mine CHEROKEE GA Mica
2299 DMEA 99 MB Gold Bug, et. al. Claim Group POLK AR Manganese, Uranium
2300 DMEA 39 MB Jack Claims WASATCH UT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
2301 DMEA 8 MB Silver Hill Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc
2302 DMEA 11 MB Stromy Bay Mine PERSHING NV Tungsten
2303 DMEA 2 MB Eagle Tail Mine INYO CA Talc
2304 DMEA 33 MB Vasco Tract BOULDER CO Tungsten
2305 DMEA 13 MB A & B Quick Mine NYE NV Mercury
2306 DMEA 2 MB Tippert Mine MACON NC Mica
2307 DMEA 6 MB Wholey Mine HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
2308 DMEA 13 MB Panoche Valley Quicksilver Mines SAN BENITO CA Mercury
2309 DMEA 119 MB Comet Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc
2310 DMEA 8 MB TPA No.1 & No.2 SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2311 DMEA 10 MB None Identified MONROE TN Copper
2312 DMEA 2 MB Pineshad Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2313 DMEA 5 MB Presnell Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2314 DMEA 129 MB Dailey Geesman Group PIMA AZ Copper, Gold, Silver
2315 DMEA 5 MB Foster Mine LINCOLN NC Mica
2316 DMEA 30 MB Carrizozo NM. LINCOLN NM Copper, Lead
2317 DMEA 5 MB Cherokee Mine LINCOLN NV Copper
2318 DMEA 5 MB None identified SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2319 DMEA 3 MB Stroehlke, J.T. property CUSTER CO Lead, Zn, Mn.
2320 DMEA 11 MB Range View Lode Mining Claim BOULDER CO Tungsten
2321 DMEA 3 MB Costa Ranch CALAVERAS CA Nickel
2322 DMEA 13 MB Palen Mtn. Iron Ore RIVERSIDE CA Iron
2323 DMEA 16 MB Cable Mine DEER LODGE MT Copper
2324 DMEA 10 MB Double Eagle Mine GRANITE MT Tungsten
2325 DMEA 6 MB Iron Cap Vein SOCORRO NM Copper
2326 DMEA 7 MB Head of Tellico River MONROE TN Copper
2327 DMEA 11 MB May Mine MACON NC Mica
2328 DMEA 50 MB Old Leyden Mine JEFFERSON CO Uranium, Vanadium
2329 DMEA No scan Club Mountain Lode Claim MONTGOMERY AR Manganese
2330 DMEA 8 MB Red Dome Mercury Claim DEL NORTE CA Mercury
2331 DMEA 16 MB Toujour Gai et al. claims DEL NORTE CA Chromium
2332 DMEA 14 MB Dutch Flat Mine HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
2333 DMEA 9 MB Carr Shaft PRESIDIO TX Lead
2334 DMEA 13 MB Camp Five Molybdenum Prospect MARINETTE WI Molybdenum
2335 DMEA 18 MB Glacier Mine WHATCOM WA Copper, Gold, Silver
2336 DMEA 20 MB Caribou Silver Mine BOULDER CO Uranium
2337 DMEA 3 MB None Identified SANTA CRUZ AZ Copper, lead, silver , gold
2338 DMEA 32 MB Asbestos Ring Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
2339 DMEA 7 MB Bo(Bull) Gulch Prospect JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc
2340 DMEA 4 MB Lolo Nat. Forest POWELL MT Uranium
2341 DMEA 51 MB Rainy Mine KING WA Copper
2342 DMEA 27 MB Minnie Jane Mine SILVER BOW MT Manganese
2343 DMEA 109 MB Good Friday Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2344 DMEA <1 MB Reid (Anderson) Mine MACON NC Mica
2345 DMEA 15 MB Bess Gaston Mine GASTON NC Mica
2346 DMEA 6 MB Jo Jane Claims No. 1,2 and 3. NYE NV Tungsten
2347 DMEA 7 MB Farnham-Cooney Copper Property HARNEY OR Copper
2348 DMEA No scan Elva Mine MOHAVE AZ Uranium
2349 DMEA 45 MB Roba and Westfall GRANT OR Mercury
2350 DMEA 47 MB Cargo Muchacho Mine IMPERIAL CA Tungsten, Gold, Fluorspar
2351 DMEA Unavailable Sidney Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2352 DMEA 43 MB War Bond, Old Discovery, and Knight Claim DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
2353 DMEA 12 MB Rainbow RIVERSIDE CA Tungsten, Gold, Silver
2354 DMEA 13 MB Birthday Star Tungsten Prospect SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2355 DMEA 30 MB Pungo Creek and Pungo Creek No. 1 to No. 6 inclus VALLEY ID Fluorspar
2356 DMEA 91 MB Morning Star Mine PINAL AZ Tungsten
2357 DMEA 7 MB Ward Mine IMPERIAL CA Tungsten
2358 DMEA 24 MB Belle Eldridge Gold Mine LAWRENCE SD Lead-Zinc
2359 DMEA 93 MB Mineral Ridge Mine SHENANDOAH VA Manganese
2360 DMEA 16 MB Litte Mile Creek MADISON MT Asbestos, Talc
2361 DMEA 31 MB Greenstone Tungsten Deposit BEAVERHEAD MT Tungsten
2362 DMEA 31 MB Big Oscar Antimony Prospect KERN CA Antimony
2363 DMEA 6 MB Good Enough No. 1 PIMA AZ Tungsten
2364 DMEA 6 MB Congress Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
2365 DMEA 8 MB Shamrock Group of Claioms SIERRA CA Copper
2366 DMEA 29 MB None Identified GRAHAM AZ Lead-Zinc
2367 DMEA 15 MB U.S. Gold Corporation Mine MADISON MT Copper
2368 DMEA 13 MB Westfall Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2369 DMEA 2 MB Skylight Mine SIERRA NM Lead-Zinc
2370 DMEA 11 MB Mexixo-Solomon Mine MINERAL CO Lead
2371 DMEA 27 MB Widow Mining Claims GARFIELD UT Uranium
2372 DMEA 4 MB Crown Mine MARION OR Copper
2373 DMEA 10 MB Hood River Lead And Zinc Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
2374 DMEA 11 MB Black Hawk Mine KERN CA Zinc, lead
2375 DMEA 35 MB Bede Smith Tract BUNCOMBE NC Mica, Feldspar, Beryl
2376 DMEA 111 MB Hibernia Mine MORRIS NJ Iron
2377 DMEA 24 MB Self Mine GASTON NC Mica
2378 DMEA 33 MB Lynn Mining Claims KANE UT Uranium
2379 DMEA 72 MB Sinkhole Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
2380 DMEA 5 MB Western Fiber Ores Co. GILA AZ Asbestos
2381 DMEA 72 MB Rock Hill Tungsten Mine ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
2382 DMEA 3 MB J.S. Rash Mine ASHE NC Mica
2383 DMEA 27 MB Pennsylvania Mine SANTA FE NM Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
2384 DMEA 2 MB Apache Asbestos Mines APACHE AZ Asbestos
2385 DMEA 58 MB Bullion Monarch Mine PIUTE UT Uranium
2386 DMEA 4 MB Kansas city, and Berkley Claims SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc
2387 DMEA 12 MB Blue Jay and Ideal BOULDER CO Tungsten
2388 DMEA 30 MB Blue Bird Mine PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
2389 DMEA 10 MB Tamney Claims SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
2390 DMEA 8 MB Vasco No. 1 Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2391 DMEA 10 MB Pack Rat and Johnnie Mae Claims MESA CO Uranium
2392 DMEA 14 MB Glenwood Mine CUSTER SD Mica
2393 DMEA 37 MB Trail Manganese Mines PLUMAS CA Manganese
2394 DMEA 3 MB Burke One Claim CALAVERAS CA Nickel
2395 DMEA 6 MB Lilly Mine POWELL MT Gold, silver
2396 DMEA 25 MB Meyers Cove LEMHI ID Fluorspar
2397 DMEA 28 MB Friday Mine SAN DIEGO CA Nickel
2398 DMEA 21 MB Silver Queen Lrad-Zinc Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead, Zinc
2399 DMEA 171 MB Calvert-Ralph Orebody LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
2400 DMEA 5 MB Three Partners Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2401 DMEA 7 MB Eagle-Picher Prospect No. 4 LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
2402 DMEA 8 MB Eagle-Picher Project -3 LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
2403 DMEA 7 MB None identified LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
2404 DMEA 13 MB Cuyunga CROW WING MN Manganese
2405 DMEA 14 MB Adams Brothers Lease CROW WING MN Manganese
2406 DMEA 7 MB Adams Brothers Lease CROW WING MN Manganese, Iron
2407 DMEA 12 MB Consumnes Copper Mine EL DORADO CA Copper
2408 DMEA 3 MB Tom Hurst Mine MACON NC Mica
2409 DMEA 10 MB Angel Wildes (Mudhole Mine) MACON NC Mica
2410 DMEA 10 MB Ortha Roper Mine MACON NC Mica
2411 DMEA 3 MB Clyde Bateman Mine MACON NC Mica
2412 DMEA 4 MB Randall Prospect MACON NC Mica
2413 DMEA 6 MB Horseshoe and Blue Grouse Claims CURRY OR Tungsten
2414 DMEA 7 MB Doublehead Mine AVERY NC Mica
2415 DMEA No scan Mies Inc. Prospect BLAINE ID Lead
2416 DMEA 7 MB Jess W. Autrey Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2417 DMEA 6 MB Even Chance Mine Claim BLAINE ID Antimony
2418 DMEA 24 MB Deer Tail Mines PIUTE UT Mercury
2419 DMEA 37 MB Lone Eagle Quartz Lode JEFFERSON MT Uranium
2420 DMEA Unavailable East Hypotheek Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2421 DMEA 5 MB Lake Serene Mine SNOHOMISH WA Copper
2422 DMEA 13 MB Copper Glance Mine OKANOGAN WA Copper
2423 DMEA 2 MB Claude Goodman Prospect SEARCY AR Fluorspar
2424 DMEA 20 MB Micawber Mine GUNNISON CO Lead, Zinc, Copper
2425 DMEA 2 MB Lucky K numbers 1-6 MESA CO Uranium
2426 DMEA 97 MB Bessie and Harry Clay Claims HIDALGO NM Copper, Silver, Gold
2427 DMEA 5 MB Hubert Cook Mine No.1 CLEVELAND NC Mica
2428 DMEA 4 MB Hurbert Cook Mine No.2 CLEVELAND NC Mica
2429 DMEA 5 MB Carpenter Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
2430 DMEA 6 MB Bumgardner Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
2431 DMEA 6 MB Glen Mead Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
2432 DMEA 5 MB A. P. Mead Mica Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
2433 DMEA 5 MB Blue Lead Prospect LEMHI ID Lead
2434 DMEA 11 MB Calumet Lode Mining Claim SNOHOMISH WA Copper, Zinc
2435 DMEA 49 MB Mint Claims SNOHOMISH WA Copper
2436 DMEA 173 MB Stevenson Property LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
2437 DMEA 11 MB Sitkalidak Vein Deposit. UNKNOWN COUNTY AL Copper
2438 DMEA 5 MB Lucy Baker Claims FRANKLIN ID Lead, Zinc
2439 DMEA 20 MB Presnell Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2440 DMEA 112 MB Lost Creek Mine BEAVERHEAD MT Tungsten
2441 DMEA 23 MB Defense Mine INYO CA Lead-Zinc
2442 DMEA Unavailable None Identified SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
2443 DMEA 1 MB Claytons Silver Reef No. 1 & 2 Lead and Zinc Claim PINAL AZ Lead, Zinc
2444 DMEA 9 MB Phoenix Mine MINERAL CO Lead
2445 DMEA 89 MB Ord Mercury Mine GILA AZ Mercury
2446 DMEA 92 MB Corvusite Mine GRAND UT Uranium
2447 DMEA 24 MB Germania Consolidated Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
2448 DMEA 119 MB Mt. Diablo Quicksilver Mine CONTRA COSTA CA Mercury
2449 DMEA 2 MB Cornie Robinson Addition KANAWHA WV Iron
2450 DMEA 8 MB Lime Ddyke Claims 1 to 16 KERN CA Tungsten
2451 DMEA 8 MB Nellie Claims INYO CA Antimony
2452 DMEA 6 MB Union and California Creek IDAHO ID Monazite
2453 DMEA 19 MB Tozimoran Creek UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Tin, Gold
2454 DMEA 2 MB Hartwell Prospect ELKO NV Copper, Manganese
2455 DMEA 45 MB McAdoo Mine HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
2456 DMEA 14 MB Strawberry Tungsten Mine MADERA CA Tungsten
2457 DMEA 2 MB Fire Chief Mine BONNER ID Tungsten
2458 DMEA 5 MB Osborn Bassman Property LYON NV Uranium
2459 DMEA 4 MB None identified BUTLER MO Iron
2460 DMEA 10 MB Garret Lease CHEROKEE KS Lead-Zinc
2461 DMEA 5 MB Gourlie property OKANOGAN WA Cobalt
2462 DMEA 92 MB Walabu Mine KERN CA Mercury
2463 DMEA 26 MB Summit Mine MOHAVE AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold, Uranium
2464 DMEA 26 MB Wedding Bell Group SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
2465 DMEA 5 MB L.E. Shoup Manganese Claims COCONINO AZ Manganese
2466 DMEA 29 MB Elk Mine AVERY NC Mica
2467 DMEA 18 MB Mashburn Prospect MACON NC Mica
2468 DMEA 60 MB New Progress and Old Timer Claims POWELL MT Tungsten, Silver, Gold, Lead
2469 DMEA 10 MB Rocky Mountain Creek Claims SEWARD AK Tungsten, gold
2470 DMEA 62 MB Stalin's Present Claim Group PERSHING NV Uranium
2471 DMEA 12 MB North Boulder Prospect JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc
2472 DMEA 5 MB None Identified SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2473 DMEA 3 MB I.M. Johnson Mine AVERY NC Mica
2474 DMEA 33 MB Tungstar Mine IDAHO ID Tungsten, Alluvium
2475 DMEA 26 MB Jim Creek No. 14 PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
2476 DMEA 9 MB Boodle Mine GILPIN CO Lead, Zinc
2477 DMEA 2 MB Last Resort Claim YUMA AZ Manganese
2478 DMEA 223 MB New Idria Mine SAN BENITO CA Mercury
2479 DMEA 4 MB Thompson Mine MACON NC Mica
2480 DMEA 42 MB The Gold Hill Mine ROWAN NC Copper, Zinc
2481 DMEA 5 MB Iron King Mine JEFFERSON MT Iron
2482 DMEA 66 MB Caselton Plant LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc
2483 DMEA 33 MB Truck Group SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
2484 DMEA 11 MB Rising Sun Mine SILVER BOW MT Lead, Zinc
2485 DMEA 89 MB Patterson Mine NEWTON MO Lead, Zinc
2486 DMEA 26 MB Magnet Cove Property HOT SPRING AR Columbium
2487 DMEA 3 MB San Luis Claims BAKER OR Antimony
2488 DMEA 4 MB Ridgecrest Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Mica
2489 DMEA 5 MB None identified CLARK AR Lead, Zinc
2490 DMEA 5 MB Valley Forge Group SAN JUAN CO Lead, Zinc, Copper
2491 DMEA 5 MB None Identified PINAL AZ Asbestos
2492 DMEA 12 MB Orion and Saddle Claims BOULDER CO Fluorspar
2493 DMEA 19 MB Hide A Way Claim LARIMER CO Beryl
2494 DMEA 24 MB J.T. Stroehkle Property CUSTER CO Lead, Zinc, Manganese
2495 DMEA 19 MB Copper Hill Mine AMADOR CA Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
2496 DMEA 51 MB Golden Anchor Mine POWELL MT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper
2497 DMEA 1 MB Gossan Group YAVAPAI AZ Copper
2498 DMEA 16 MB Monia Mine SANDERS MT Copper
2499 DMEA 174 MB Black Pine Mine LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
2500 DMEA 3 MB Barometer, Alice & Bessie Claims UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Mercury, Antimony
2501 DMEA 6 MB Long Shot & Nancy Henderson Claims BOULDER CO Tungsten
2502 DMEA 38 MB Champion Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
2503 DMEA 4 MB Cloer Mine MACON NC Mica
2504 DMEA 10 MB Silver Lief Mine FERRY WA Tungsten
2505 DMEA 3 MB Tafte Prospect BONNER ID Lead
2506 DMEA Unavailable Tamerack-Sherman Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
2507 DMEA 4 MB Property near Addy, Id. BOUNDARY ID Copper, Lead,Zinc,Silver,Gold.
2508 DMEA 3 MB Amphlett Mine CHEROKEE GA Mica
2509 DMEA 4 MB Treasure State Lode Mining Claim JEFFERSON MT Lead, Zinc
2510 DMEA 40 MB Alder Mine OKANOGAN WA Copper
2511 DMEA 5 MB Mesa Chrome, Chicken Springs, and Black Rock Claim SANTA BARBARA CA Chromium, Manganese
2512 DMEA 129 MB Green Talc Mine MINERAL NV Corundum-Andalusite
2513 DMEA 8 MB Worthing-Kaufman Mine LEMHI ID Lead
2514 DMEA 8 MB Lone Pine Mine BOX ELDER UT Tungsten
2515 DMEA 53 MB Snowflake and Sunflower Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
2516 DMEA 2 MB Hidden Log Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
2517 DMEA 20 MB Defender Mine CUSTER CO Lead-Zinc, Silver
2518 DMEA 3 MB Bonanza Mine SANDERS MT Lead-Zinc
2519 DMEA 25 MB Ajax Mining Claims EL DORADO CA Tungsten
2520 DMEA 5 MB M.J. Kouba Pegmatite Property IDAHO ID Columbium
2521 DMEA 2 MB San Bernardo Mine SAN MIGUEL CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
2522 DMEA 14 MB White Star and Black King Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
2523 DMEA 6 MB BTR Prospect MACON NC Mica
2524 DMEA 21 MB W. C. Burleson Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
2525 DMEA Unavailable Various Claims SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2526 DMEA 8 MB Sparkplug Prospect LEMHI ID Kyanite
2527 DMEA 4 MB Dead Timber Ridge Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2528 DMEA 31 MB Polly Anne Fluorspar Mine GREENLEE AZ Fluorspar
2529 DMEA 9 MB Chicken Hawk and Cabin Claims DEER LODGE MT Cobalt
2530 DMEA 5 MB Silver King Lode Mining Claims JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc
2531 DMEA 15 MB Aladdin Mines ELKO NV Copper, Lead-Zinc
2532 DMEA Unavailable Lucky Strike Prospect SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2533 DMEA 26 MB "A" MACON NC Mica
2534 DMEA 5 MB Juanita Group GRAND UT Uranium
2535 DMEA 120 MB Wonder Claim Group LEMHI ID Uranium, Thorium
2536 DMEA 8 MB Placer Deposits VALLEY ID Monazite
2537 DMEA 12 MB Thorium Mountain Claims CUSTER CO Thorium, Uranium
2538 DMEA 6 MB Blakley Black Diamond Mine MOHAVE AZ Manganese
2539 DMEA 13 MB Hartbauer Property STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
2540 DMEA Unavailable Bismark Mining Co. SHOSHONE ID Lead, Copper
2541 DMEA 3 MB Eurake Mining claim No. 1 SIERRA CA Asbestos
2542 DMEA 37 MB Jessie,Larry, Leslie Group. MESA CO Uranium, Vanadium
2543 DMEA 22 MB Henry Mtns District GARFIELD UT Uranium
2544 DMEA 15 MB Regal Mine and Moore, Barton and Corwall Mines CHEROKEE NC Talc
2545 DMEA 13 MB Regal Mine and Moore, Barton and Cornwall Mines CHEROKEE NC Talc
2546 DMEA 348 MB West Newmarket Area JEFFERSON TN Zinc
2547 DMEA 20 MB Kings Mountain Pegmatites CLEVELAND NC Tin, Colubite-Tantalite
2548 DMEA 20 MB Dunmore & Yankee Lad Claims OURAY CO Tungsten
2549 DMEA 15 MB Kyanite No. 1 Mine ALBANY WY Kyanite
2550 DMEA 57 MB Bear Canyon Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2551 DMEA 12 MB Andes Mine SAN DIEGO CA Tin
2552 DMEA 61 MB Sheeprock Area TOOELE UT Beryl
2553 DMEA 22 MB Standard Mine GRANT OR Cobalt
2554 DMEA 22 MB Arizona Mining Claims ELKO NV Copper
2555 DMEA 6 MB Strickland-Cramer Mine MIDDLESEX CT Mica
2556 DMEA 3 MB Petroski Prospect WILKES NC Mica
2557 DMEA 32 MB Huskins Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2558 DMEA 13 MB Western Chemical Co. Property GILA AZ Asbestos
2559 DMEA 129 MB Stampede Mine FAIRBANKS AK Antimony
2560 DMEA 23 MB Copper King prospect NYE NV Copper
2561 DMEA 16 MB Poston Prospects HAYWOOD NC Mica
2562 DMEA 34 MB Red Top Mine BRISTOL BAY AK Mercury
2563 DMEA 5 MB Emery Claims MOHAVE AZ Manganese
2564 DMEA 47 MB Cleveland Peninsula, AK. KETCHIKAN AK Antimony
2565 DMEA 3 MB Beryl Hill Mine WORCESTER MA Beryl, Mica
2566 DMEA 40 MB Mono Ore & Mono Extension Claims MONO CA Tungsten
2567 DMEA 19 MB T-Bone Tungsten LANDER NV Tungsten
2568 DMEA 16 MB Coulter & White RIO ARRIBA NM Beryl, Mica
2569 DMEA 13 MB Prudential Mine PINAL AZ Copper, Leas, Molybdenum
2570 DMEA 8 MB Spud Patch SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
2571 DMEA Unavailable Marble Mountain Claims SHOSHONE ID Mica
2572 DMEA 7 MB Pioneer Group VALLEY ID Antimony, Tungsten
2573 DMEA 81 MB Glenn Mine, Potts Fraction PIUTE UT Uranium
2574 DMEA 1 MB Berdie-Lee YUMA AZ Tungsten
2575 DMEA 13 MB Grassey Knob Mine HAYWOOD NC Mica
2576 DMEA 113 MB Horse Creek Placer AIKEN SC Monazite, Columbium,Rutile.
2577 DMEA 4 MB Fay Mine WHITE PINE NV Copper, Lead, Zinc
2578 DMEA 3 MB Hall-Burra Mine MACON NC Mica
2579 DMEA 49 MB Baird Mica Mine MACON NC Mica
2580 DMEA 4 MB Wilson & Lovedahl Mica Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2581 DMEA 17 MB New Anniversary Pegmatite GUNNISON CO Beryl, Mica, Columbite, Tantalite
2582 DMEA 19 MB Kasson Mine MACON NC Mica
2583 DMEA 2 MB McNary & Cline Claims JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc
2584 DMEA 3 MB Express Lode CARBON WY Copper
2585 DMEA 2 MB Rush Creek Mines MONO CA Lead-Zinc
2586 DMEA 90 MB Bounbary & Border Lord Groups OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
2587 DMEA 16 MB Pacho & Oliver Groups YUMA AZ Tungsten
2588 DMEA 6 MB Goat Load PENNINGTON SD Beryl, Mica
2589 DMEA 4 MB Carter & Lamb Rainbow Claim MOHAVE AZ Uranium
2590 DMEA 4 MB Blue Bonnet & Star Lode Claims CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica
2591 DMEA 6 MB Seven Mile Area Claims GRAND UT Uranium
2592 DMEA 5 MB Gabanta Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
2593 DMEA 4 MB Baby Mine Group GILA AZ Copper, Gold
2594 DMEA 2 MB Pine Tree Claims GRAND UT Uranium
2595 DMEA 55 MB Liberty Mine RANDOLPH AL Mica
2596 DMEA 24 MB Fitzgibbon Mine CHESHIRE NH Mica
2597 DMEA 30 MB General Washington et. al Claims GRANITE MT Tungsten
2598 DMEA 14 MB Perry Canyon Tungsten Deposits MADISON MT Tungsten, Silver, Lead
2599 DMEA 3 MB Autrey Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2600 DMEA 40 MB San Josquin Mine(Carothers Mine) MADERA CA Tungsten
2601 DMEA 3 MB Kell Mine MACON NC Mica
2602 DMEA 2 MB Tallent Mine MACON NC Mica
2603 DMEA 112 MB Ajax Mine PINAL AZ Lead-Zinc
2604 DMEA 24 MB Antoro Mine SAGUACHE CO Lead-Zinc
2605 DMEA 5 MB American Group LUNA NM Manganese
2606 DMEA 2 MB Eleven O'Clock Claims MILLARD UT Tungsten
2607 DMEA 59 MB Muscovite Mine LATAH ID Mica
2608 DMEA 10 MB Smith, Hill & Vine Properties ETOWAH AL Manganese
2609 DMEA 13 MB Giant Tongue, et. al. NYE NV Tungsten
2610 DMEA 35 MB Shell Ridge Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2611 DMEA 5 MB Juniper Group YAVAPAI AZ Beryl
2612 DMEA 93 MB Sunset Mine SNOHOMISH WA Copper
2613 DMEA 40 MB Denton No. 1, 2, & 3 GREENLEE AZ Manganese
2614 DMEA 1 MB Eureka Group UINTAH UT Uranium
2615 DMEA 2 MB Atlantic Lode Claim OURAY CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
2616 DMEA 1 MB Gertrude & Modena SAN MIGUEL CO Lead, Copper, Silver, Gold
2617 DMEA 70 MB Hubnerite Mine GUNNISON CO Tungsten
2618 DMEA 88 MB Black Foot Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
2619 DMEA 13 MB Miller Mine MACON NC Mica
2620 DMEA 10 MB Roper-Ray Mine MACON NC Mica
2621 DMEA 5 MB Hard Rock Claim, et. al. MONTROSE CO Uranium
2622 DMEA 4 MB None Identified TUOLUMNE CA Uranium, Tungsten
2623 DMEA 10 MB Donet Nezz Claim SAN JUAN NM Uranium
2624 DMEA 4 MB Mt. Hough Manganese Mine PLUMAS CA Manganese
2625 DMEA 3 MB Cannie Fork Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2626 DMEA 9 MB Battle Butte Mine FLATHEAD MT Lead-Zinc, Copper
2627 DMEA 2 MB American Volunteer Mine UTAH UT Lead
2628 DMEA 52 MB Strickland Butte Mine CROOK OR Mercury
2629 DMEA 2 MB Lilly Talc & Bridge Talc Claims SKAGIT WA Talc
2630 DMEA 4 MB Little Joe ELKO NV Tungsten
2631 DMEA 13 MB Martin Mesa Area MONTROSE CO Uranium
2632 DMEA 8 MB Mayflower LANDER NV Tin
2633 DMEA 2 MB Morton BUNCOMBE NC Mica
2634 DMEA 329 MB Various Parcels FRANKLIN AL Iron
2635 DMEA 299 MB Ima Mine LEMHI ID Tungsten
2636 DMEA 108 MB Yellow Pine Mine VALLEY ID Antimony
2637 DMEA Unavailable Golconda Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
2638 DMEA 35 MB White Horse Group GRANITE MT Manganese
2639 DMEA 25 MB Half Moon Claims VALLEY ID Monazite
2640 DMEA 21 MB H. & S. Mine BEAVERHEAD MT Lead-Zinc
2641 DMEA 4 MB Tipton and Philbeck Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
2642 DMEA 5 MB Jim Riddle Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2643 DMEA 3 MB None Identified WASHINGTON UT Uranium
2644 DMEA 8 MB Mt. Eddy Asbestos Prospects SISKIYOU CA Asbestos
2645 DMEA 14 MB Monte Christo Tungsten Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2646 DMEA 20 MB Zinniman Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
2647 DMEA 16 MB Wray Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2648 DMEA 2 MB Mott Mine BUNCOMBE NC Mica
2649 DMEA 6 MB Isabella Mines, Big Four Tunnel KERN CA Tungsten
2650 DMEA 22 MB Hallie "A" Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2651 DMEA 2 MB Buena Vista Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
2652 DMEA 4 MB Burrows Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc
2653 DMEA 128 MB Mayflower & Fortuna SALT LAKE UT Copper, Lead, Zinc
2654 DMEA 63 MB Red Bluff Group VALLEY ID Tungsten
2655 DMEA 5 MB Copper King Mine LARAMIE WY Copper
2656 DMEA 7 MB Seven Mile District GRAND UT Uranium
2657 DMEA 2 MB B. F. Shuler Mine UNION GA Mica
2658 DMEA 44 MB Prentice Property LEWIS AND CLARK MT Tungsten
2659 DMEA 13 MB Stithem Prospect GRANT OR Asbestos
2660 DMEA 3 MB Merrill Mine WARREN NJ Mica
2661 DMEA 22 MB End of Trail No. 2 Claim GARFIELD CO Uranium
2662 DMEA 1 MB Double-Header Ranch JEFFERSON CO Mica, Beryl, Quartz
2663 DMEA 6 MB Furniss Mine CABARRUS NC Tungsten
2664 DMEA 5 MB Pickup Mine INYO CA Tungsten
2665 DMEA 2 MB Narrow Ridge Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2666 DMEA 8 MB Salyer Copper Mine TRINITY CA Copper
2667 DMEA <1 MB Wild Bill & Whittaker Mining Claims MONO CA Uranium, Lead, Zinc, Copper
2668 DMEA 29 MB Platteville Area VARIOUS COUNTIES WI Lead-Zinc
2669 DMEA 28 MB Linden Area IOWA WI Lead-Zinc
2670 DMEA 7 MB Home Guard Nos.1,2, & 3 Claims CROOK WY Iron
2671 DMEA 3 MB Valley Spring District CALAVERAS CA Nickel
2672 DMEA 20 MB Evelyn Mine JUAB UT Lead
2673 DMEA 4 MB North Meadow Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
2674 DMEA 3 MB Silver Star & Cracker Jack Claims TAOS NM Lead-Zinc
2675 DMEA 8 MB R. E. Lee Mine OURAY CO Lead-Zinc
2676 DMEA 11 MB Laura Dunmore & Colleen Brawn Claims OURAY CO Uranium, Copper
2677 DMEA 20 MB Grassy Knob Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
2678 DMEA 3 MB Merica Property PAGE VA Asbestos
2679 DMEA 2 MB Crescent Mines CHAFFEE CO Nickel, Molybdenum
2680 DMEA 8 MB Apex Claims ELKO NV Tungsten
2681 DMEA 8 MB W. H. Covington Prospect RUTHERFORD NC Mica
2682 DMEA 24 MB Cook Creek, Stevens Creek, Skunk Creek Claims GRAYS HARBOR WA Manganese
2683 DMEA 11 MB Lyle Knob Mine MACON NC Mica
2684 DMEA 4 MB Stevens Claims UNKNOWN COUNTY ID Tungsten
2685 DMEA 18 MB Iron Clad Mine DOLORES CO Lead-Zinc
2686 DMEA 9 MB Kruse Bain AITKIN MN Iron, Manganese
2687 DMEA 18 MB Iotla-Browers Mine MACON NC Mica
2688 DMEA 134 MB Minerva Tungsten Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2689 DMEA 20 MB Chute Canyon Mines EMERY UT Uranium
2690 DMEA 5 MB Lakow Flats Placer BOISE ID Monazite
2691 DMEA 3 MB Black Magic, Black Bonanza, Black Maria Claims MADISON MT Manganese
2692 DMEA Unavailable Kennan SHOSHONE ID Tungsten
2693 DMEA 25 MB Little Windy, Eagle Aerie, et. al. FALL RIVER SD Uranium
2694 DMEA 10 MB Blue Grouse Mountain Tungsten Group STEVENS WA Tungsten
2695 DMEA 12 MB Gribble Quartz Claims ELKO NV Tungsten, Antimony
2696 DMEA 2 MB Last Laugh Tungsten Mine DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
2697 DMEA 11 MB L & I No. 2 DICKINSON MI Uranium
2698 DMEA 9 MB Mendota Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
2699 DMEA 3 MB Anna Huffman Claims CHAFFEE CO Copper
2700 DMEA 9 MB General Teller Lode SUMMIT CO Lead, Copper, Zinc
2701 DMEA 11 MB Mangan Mine JOHNSON WY Manganese
2702 DMEA 7 MB Rio Del Monte Mines YUMA AZ Copper, Gold, Lead
2703 DMEA 4 MB Calderwood Claims GRAND UT Uranium
2704 DMEA 4 MB Wild Bill Group MONO CA Lead-Zinc, Uranium, Tungsten, Gold, Silver
2705 DMEA 41 MB Blue No. 1 & No. 2 SAN JUAN UT Uranium
2706 DMEA 14 MB Dyke No. 2 Lode CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica
2707 DMEA 84 MB London-Virgina & Buckingham Mines BUCKINGHAM VA Lead-Zinc, Copper
2708 DMEA 99 MB Rosamond Uranium Mine KERN CA Uranium
2709 DMEA 3 MB H. R. McKinney Property MITCHELL NC Mica
2710 DMEA 63 MB Mystery-Sniffer Group BEAVER UT Uranium
2711 DMEA 37 MB Irene Mine GILA AZ Zinc
2712 DMEA 48 MB Biggar Mine JEFFERSON CO Beryl
2713 DMEA 21 MB Jean Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
2714 DMEA 4 MB Powell Mine MERRIMACK NH Mica
2715 DMEA <1 MB Various Leases IOWA WI Lead-Zinc
2716 DMEA 6 MB 20 Claims POLK AR Manganese
2717 DMEA 12 MB Santa Cruz Mine CLARK NV Mica, Beryl
2718 DMEA 4 MB Diamond Mine SKAGIT WA Copper, Lead, Zinc
2719 DMEA Unavailable Hercules Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2720 DMEA 3 MB Hall - Plemmons Mine MACON NC Mica
2721 DMEA 3 MB Jass Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2722 DMEA 5 MB Simon Group KERN CA Tungsten
2723 DMEA 3 MB San Bernardino Mine SAN MIGUEL CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
2724 DMEA 1 MB Black Ace Claims BOULDER CO Tungsten
2725 DMEA 4 MB Old Herzfeld Mine COOSA AL Mica
2726 DMEA 9 MB Grassey Woods Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2727 DMEA 6 MB Nelly Bly Group HIDALGO NM Copper, Cobalt
2728 DMEA 24 MB Easter Sunday Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Rare Earths
2729 DMEA 14 MB Orofrite & Tiemannite Mercury Claims SNOHOMISH WA Mercury
2730 DMEA 8 MB Lime Dyke Group KERN CA Tungsten
2731 DMEA 14 MB Pearl Claim BROADWATER MT Lead-Zinc, Copper
2732 DMEA 4 MB X Y Z No. 1, 2 & 3 ELMORE ID Tungsten
2733 DMEA 22 MB Ray Boundary YANCEY NC Mica
2734 DMEA 4 MB Green Tail No. 2, et. al. CALAVERAS CA Tungsten
2735 DMEA 4 MB Paymaster Mine SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc
2736 DMEA 1 MB None Identified VARIOUS COUNTIES AL Mica
2737 DMEA 1 MB Lee Group MESA CO Uranium
2738 DMEA 2 MB Lost Apache Claim COCONINO AZ Manganese
2739 DMEA 1 MB Dakota - Wyoming Claim CROOK WY Tin
2740 DMEA 54 MB Garibaldi Mine SILVER BOW MT Manganese
2741 DMEA 389 MB Red Devil Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Mercury
2742 DMEA 61 MB Red Devil Mine ANCHORAGE AK Mercury
2743 DMEA <1 MB Old Mine LINCOLN NC Mica
2744 DMEA 11 MB J. H. Artz Land BRADLEY TN Manganese, Nicke;, Cobalt
2745 DMEA 1 MB P. Carmean Claims POLK AR Manganese
2746 DMEA 233 MB Republic Mine & Johnson Camp COCHISE AZ Copper-Zinc
2747 DMEA 19 MB Needle Gun Mine GRANITE MT Silver, Lead, Zinc
2748 DMEA 10 MB Lavender & Congomerate Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
2749 DMEA 4 MB J. W. Hefler & George L. Birks Property MINERAL NV Tungsten
2750 DMEA 14 MB Red Hawk PERSHING NV Tungsten
2751 DMEA 20 MB Erickson, Bonita, Byron Associated, & Bangor Creek NOME AK Gold, Scheelite
2752 DMEA 12 MB Pewabic - Iron Mine GILPIN CO Uranium
2755 DMEA 2 MB Bickford Prospect CARROLL NH Mica, Beryl
2756 DMEA 5 MB Rocklein Quarry Fairfield CT Mica, Beryl
2757 DMEA 35 MB C. & P. Austin Tract HARDIN IL Fluorspar
2758 DMEA 30 MB Scheelite Claim PIMA AZ Tungsten
2759 DMEA 5 MB Grizzly Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
2760 DMEA 14 MB Mystery Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2761 DMEA 4 MB North Creek Area BEAVER UT Uranium
2762 DMEA 8 MB Silver Dream Lode SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
2763 DMEA 7 MB Chiricahua Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2764 DMEA Unavailable rescent Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
2765 DMEA 26 MB Garcia & Blue Peak Groups MCKINLEY NM Uranium
2766 DMEA <1 MB C & S Mining Claim RIO ARRIBA NM Copper
2767 DMEA 9 MB Morning & Midnight Mining Claims JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc
2768 DMEA 128 MB Lion Group of Claims FALL RIVER SD Uranium
2769 DMEA 12 MB Alma No. 1 PARK CO Lead-Zinc
2770 DMEA 19 MB El Dorado Mine EL DORADO CA Copper
2771 DMEA 131 MB Brown's Hole Area SAN JUAN UT Uranium
2772 DMEA 4 MB Notch Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
2773 DMEA 26 MB Ka-Mi-Tin Mine LINCOLN NC Tin, Columbite, Tantalite, Beryl
2774 DMEA 9 MB Grey Eagle Mine LANDER NV Lead-Zinc
2775 DMEA 18 MB Old Mauney Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
2776 DMEA 21 MB Blue Bird Claims EMERY UT Uranium
2777 DMEA 1 MB Dyke Claims JUAB UT Gold, Silver, Copper
2778 DMEA 17 MB Poll Miller Mine MACON NC Mica
2779 DMEA 9 MB Oriole Mine PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc, Silver
2780 DMEA 4 MB Betty W., Francis K., and Big Joe Mining Claims SAN JUAN CO Uranium
2781 DMEA 15 MB Hull's Big Creek Property VALLEY ID Monazite
2782 DMEA 13 MB Various claims CLEAR CREEK CO Uranium
2783 DMEA 9 MB Brunswick Mine NEVADA CA Tungsten
2784 DMEA 30 MB Sam Huskins Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2785 DMEA 18 MB Half Moon Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
2786 DMEA 24 MB Oliver & Pierce Lease BAKER OR Copper
2787 DMEA 3 MB East Slope Mine Claims PIUTE UT Uranium
2788 DMEA 10 MB Quarrel Claim Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
2789 DMEA 7 MB May & Montezuma Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
2790 DMEA 23 MB S. W. Presnell Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2791 DMEA 2 MB DeLoi Prospect BUNCOMBE NC Mica
2792 DMEA 3 MB Knott Prospect RANDOLPH AL Mica, Ruby
2793 DMEA 18 MB Lee Cornwell Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
2794 DMEA 21 MB Clear Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2795 DMEA 6 MB Warm Springs VALLEY ID Lead-Zinc
2796 DMEA 6 MB Copper World, Dewey, & Manilla Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
2797 DMEA 10 MB Jumbo Mine INYO CA Tungsten
2798 DMEA 26 MB Indian Springs Prospect GILA AZ Asbestos
2799 DMEA 4 MB Rattlesnake Claims GILA AZ Manganese
2800 DMEA 3 MB Denson Mine & Berkmeyer Prospect PICKENS GA Mica
2801 DMEA 32 MB Pine Nut Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2802 DMEA 13 MB Wiley Blevins Mica Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2803 DMEA 5 MB Maxwell Baker's Prospect STEVENS WA Tungsten
2804 DMEA 6 MB Black Marvel Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Manganese
2805 DMEA 3 MB Capital Prize Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
2806 DMEA 17 MB Merry Blue Mine VALLEY ID Tungsten
2807 DMEA 26 MB Panamint Mine INYO CA Tungsten
2808 DMEA 10 MB Redwing Mercury Claims MINERAL NV Mercury
2809 DMEA 17 MB Waverly, Par, & Flatiron Mining Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
2810 DMEA 9 MB Clyde-Gale-Lily Group BOULDER CO Tungsten
2811 DMEA 7 MB Cloudland Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
2812 DMEA 5 MB Ray Southern Claims PINAL AZ Asbestos
2813 DMEA Unavailable Couer d'Alene Antimony Mine SHOSHONE ID Antimony
2814 DMEA 3 MB Iron Mass & Golden Glow Claims BROADWATER MT Tungsten
2815 DMEA 2 MB Last Chance Claim WHITE PINE NV Lead, Silver
2816 DMEA 2 MB Lewis Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
2817 DMEA 9 MB K & K Quicksilver Mine HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
2818 DMEA 2 MB William Prospect MACON NC Mica
2819 DMEA 6 MB Wangoodlord Claims SISKIYOU CA Tungsten
2820 DMEA 63 MB Garnet No.1 & 2 Claims ELKO NV Tungsten
2821 DMEA 3 MB Mericoma & Beeson Claims SONOMA CA Mercury
2822 DMEA 3 MB Howell Mine MACON NC Mica
2823 DMEA 6 MB Moose Hill Tungsten Mine LINCOLN MT Tungsten
2824 DMEA 13 MB Old Hawkins Mine STOKES NC Mica
2825 DMEA 43 MB New Klondike Mine MILLARD UT Tungsten
2826 DMEA 92 MB Copper Bluff Mine HUMBOLDT CA Copper, Zinc
2827 DMEA 13 MB Martin Mine INDEPENDENCE AR Manganese
2828 DMEA 3 MB Spring Water Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
2829 DMEA 3 MB Black Diamond Manganese Claim MARICOPA AZ Manganese
2830 DMEA 4 MB Muskhog Claims MARICOPA AZ Fluorspar
2831 DMEA 5 MB Lawson Mine PICKENS GA Mica
2832 DMEA 20 MB Bear Pen Mine HAYWOOD NC Mica
2833 DMEA 18 MB Holt Mine No. 1 HAYWOOD NC Mica
2834 DMEA 10 MB Painter JACKSON NC Mica
2835 DMEA 10 MB Sagamore Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten, Lead, Zinc, Copper
2836 DMEA 6 MB Lead King Mine CLARK NV Lead-Zinc
2837 DMEA 8 MB Sunset Mine PLUMAS CA Manganese
2838 DMEA 40 MB Fairbairn Tract HARDIN IL Fluorspar
2839 DMEA 2 MB Copper King Claims SITKA AK Copper, Lead, Zinc
2840 DMEA 19 MB Jones Property PICKENS GA Beryl
2841 DMEA 95 MB Williams Tract 3 & 4 CLEVELAND NC Columbite-Tantalite, Beryl. Tin.
2842 DMEA 37 MB Benny "K" & Scorpion Claims PIUTE UT Uranium
2843 DMEA 50 MB King in Exile Copper Mine PIMA AZ Copper
2844 DMEA 3 MB Old Smith Mine MACON NC Mica
2845 DMEA 3 MB Pink Lady Claims JUAB UT Manganese
2846 DMEA 71 MB Sunnyside Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
2847 DMEA 6 MB Lily Lode Mining Claim KERN CA Tungsten
2848 DMEA 5 MB Vermillion Group HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
2849 DMEA 4 MB Margaret P. Smith YANCEY NC Beryl
2850 DMEA 4 MB Margaret P. Smith YANCEY NC Mica
2851 DMEA 3 MB Styles-Fouts Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2852 DMEA 4 MB John Randolph Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2853 DMEA 40 MB Bessemer Iron Mines SAN BERNARDINO CA Iron
2854 DMEA 37 MB Mariposa Mining Co. Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Lead, Copper
2855 DMEA 17 MB Minnie Lee & Fiend Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
2856 DMEA 49 MB Eva May-Wiladston Group JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc, Copper
2857 DMEA 95 MB Ripsnorter & Parker Claims FALL RIVER SD Uranium
2858 DMEA 51 MB Three Musketeers Mine YUMA AZ Tungsten
2859 DMEA 13 MB Hampton Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2860 DMEA 8 MB Montezuma Mine TUOLUMNE CA Tungsten
2861 DMEA 15 MB White Oak Creek Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
2862 DMEA Unavailable Douglas Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2863 DMEA 7 MB Lakow Flats & Lakow Extension Claims BOISE ID Monazite
2864 DMEA 2 MB New York Mine SAGUACHE CO Manganese, Lead
2865 DMEA 4 MB Loey and Lena Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
2866 DMEA 4 MB Fulton Prospect SANTA FE NM Tungsten
2867 DMEA 37 MB Regal Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2868 DMEA 115 MB Gilmore Mine LEMHI ID Lead-Zinc
2869 DMEA 22 MB Ball Brothers Lease FALL RIVER SD Uranium
2870 DMEA 20 MB Grant Laws Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
2871 DMEA 27 MB Lee Carpenter Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
2872 DMEA 20 MB Harp Mine LAMAR GA Mica
2873 DMEA 16 MB Short-Mitchell Mine UPSON GA Mica
2874 DMEA 316 MB Plutus & Norwich Claims SILVER BOW MT Manganese
2875 DMEA 29 MB Cox Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2876 DMEA 17 MB Last Chance Lode Claim CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica
2877 DMEA 11 MB Old Mike Mines CUSTER SD Mica, Beryl
2878 DMEA 49 MB German Mine GILPIN CO Uranium, Lead, Gold, Silver
2879 DMEA Unavailable Silver Summit Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Copper, Antimony
2880 DMEA 13 MB Black Magic Claims MARICOPA AZ Monazite, Rare Earths
2881 DMEA 9 MB Pine & Sunshine Mines SWEET GRASS MT Nickel
2882 DMEA 12 MB Bowman Mine CALDWELL NC Mica
2883 DMEA 1 MB Lost Creek Claims SWEETWATER WY Uranium
2884 DMEA 33 MB Archer Mine FRESNO CA Mercury
2885 DMEA 150 MB Penn Mine CALAVERAS CA Copper-Zinc
2886 DMEA 20 MB Connolly Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
2887 DMEA 66 MB Ray Mine PINAL AZ Lead
2888 DMEA 25 MB Ralston Creek Mine JEFFERSON CO Uranium
2889 DMEA 9 MB Flying Saucer Mine MARICOPA AZ Tungsten
2890 DMEA 7 MB Steelsmith Mine LATAH ID Mica, Beryl
2891 DMEA 53 MB Dismal Swamp ELMORE ID Columbite-Tantalite, Uranium
2892 DMEA 15 MB Humphries Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
2893 DMEA 2 MB Mullens Property MADISON MT Lead, Silver
2894 DMEA 26 MB Little Noisy Mine PEND OREILLE WA Tungsten
2895 DMEA 10 MB Lucky Lead Mines, Inc. GRANITE MT Lead, Zinc
2896 DMEA 31 MB Shotgun Creek Mine SHASTA CA Asbestos, Chromite
2897 DMEA 14 MB Flat Top-Vilatie Hyde Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
2898 DMEA 48 MB Star Dust Mine, F.F. Hintze Lesee TOOELE UT Tungsten
2899 DMEA 9 MB Winnie, North Star, & Cleora Claims CHAFFEE CO Tungsten
2900 DMEA 4 MB Blackie Claims DONA ANA NM Manganese
2901 DMEA 1 MB Lion Creek MONTROSE CO Uranium, Vanadium, Carnotite
2902 DMEA 57 MB Wedenhoff & Red Bluff VALLEY ID Tungsten
2907 DMEA 47 MB Bulware Mine JEFFERSON MT Copper
2908 DMEA 3 MB Lucky Strike Claims PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
2909 DMEA 34 MB Old Sheep Mountain Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2910 DMEA 8 MB Earl Davis Property LINCOLN NC Mica
2911 DMEA 3 MB H. R. Phillips' BLM Lease UNICOI TN Manganese
2912 DMEA 2 MB Eddy Group of Claims MILLARD UT Tungsten, Cobalt
2913 DMEA <1 MB Baird-Cove & Baird Smith Mine MACON NC Mica
2914 DMEA 48 MB Rev. Thaddeus Persons Mine MONROE GA Mica
2915 DMEA 3 MB Wy-Mont Property MADISON MT Thorium
2916 DMEA 7 MB Birmingham Group OWYHEE ID Antimony
2917 DMEA 41 MB Allman Cove Mica Mine MACON NC Mica
2918 DMEA 19 MB Wold-Zentmeyer Tract VARIOUS COUNTIES PA Cobalt
2919 DMEA 46 MB Strawberry Mine MADERA CA Tungsten
2920 DMEA 134 MB Bonaza Mine DOUGLAS OR Mercury
2921 DMEA 23 MB Cow Camp (South) Mine AVERY NC Mica
2922 DMEA 18 MB Sunset Mine PINAL AZ Copper
2923 DMEA 3 MB Kyanite & Palmer Lode Claims ALBANY WY Kyanite
2924 DMEA 29 MB Uto Prospect PAWNEE OK Uranium
2925 DMEA 75 MB Stormy Day mine PERSHING NV Tungsten
2926 DMEA 45 MB Engle Cope Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2927 DMEA 3 MB Carson Cove Mine MACON NC Mica
2928 DMEA 8 MB Crescent Mine CLALLAM WA Manganese
2929 DMEA 25 MB Hartbauer Prospect STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
2930 DMEA 3 MB Vernon Claims PERSHING NV Tungsten
2931 DMEA 72 MB Red Mountain Claims GOODNEWS AK Platinum
2932 DMEA 11 MB Burns Mine ELKO NV Tungsten
2933 DMEA 8 MB None Identified NEWTON MO Lead-Zinc
2934 DMEA 3 MB Circle (S) Properties, Peter Claims SHASTA CA Chromium
2935 DMEA <1 MB Hill-Ledford Lease HARDIN IL Fluorspar
2936 DMEA 1 MB Delusion Claims ADA ID Nickel, Tin, Chromium, Banadium, and Uranium
2937 DMEA 4 MB Wildes Cove Mine MACON NC Mica
2938 DMEA 2 MB LaSal Creek MONTROSE CO
2939 DMEA 6 MB Independence Tunnel CLEAR CREEK CO Copper, Lead, Zinc, Uranium
2940 DMEA 6 MB Buoy Mine MACON NC Mica
2941 DMEA 3 MB Jasper Queen Claim PARK CO Tungsten
2942 DMEA 63 MB Tuttle & Kreuger Creek Claims SEWARD AK Tin
2943 DMEA 5 MB Barium Claims GUNNISON CO Manganese
2944 DMEA 5 MB Campbell Mine MACON NC Mica
2945 DMEA <1 MB May Mine MACON NC Mica
2946 DMEA 2 MB Lyle Knob Mine MACON NC Mica
2947 DMEA 3 MB Lee Robbins Mine RUTHERFORD NC Mica, Beryl
2948 DMEA 3 MB Jim Roper Mine FRANKLIN NC Mica
2949 DMEA 3 MB Anderson Mine MACON NC Mica
2950 DMEA 32 MB Chalspar Mine CUSTER ID Fluorspar
2951 DMEA 68 MB Nancy Lee Properties MINERAL MT Copper, Lead, Zinc
2952 DMEA 9 MB Caldwell Manganese Mine MARIPOSA CA Manganese
2953 DMEA 21 MB Silver Peak Mine DOUGLAS OR Copper
2954 DMEA 28 MB Alhambra Mine GRANT NM Nickel
2955 DMEA 2 MB Elpha Mining Claim RIO ARRIBA NM Mica
2956 DMEA 13 MB Joe Fouts & Ernest Johnson Mines MITCHELL NC Mica
2957 DMEA 66 MB Williams Tungsten Mine- Wothree Mine MOHAVE AZ Tungsten
2958 DMEA 3 MB Roose Tunnel BOULDER CO Tungsten
2959 DMEA 13 MB Lee Mack Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
2960 DMEA 5 MB Roger Mine MACON NC Mica
2961 DMEA 19 MB Beasley No. 2 Mine MACON NC Mica
2962 DMEA 5 MB Holbrooks Mine MACON NC Mica
2963 DMEA 1 MB Nightingale Mine PLATTE WY Iron
2964 DMEA 74 MB Good Fortune & Nightingale Mines PLATTE WY Iron
2965 DMEA 6 MB Government Canyon Mine UTAH UT Copper, Lead, Zinc
2966 DMEA 2 MB Roland Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2967 DMEA 2 MB Mell-Angle & Little Rock Mines VARIOUS COUNTIES NC Mica
2968 DMEA 7 MB Kay Mine HALIFAX VA Copper
2969 DMEA 3 MB Scott Mine MACON NC Mica
2970 DMEA 3 MB Horsethief Nos. 3 & 4 Claims GRAND UT Uranium
2971 DMEA 2 MB None Identified INDEPENDENCE AR Manganese
2972 DMEA 6 MB Hilltop Mine CLARK NV Samarskite
2973 DMEA 59 MB Arnold Copper Mine POWELL MT Tungsten
2974 DMEA 12 MB Quisenberry Mine MACON NC Mica
2975 DMEA 40 MB Extension Asbestos Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
2976 DMEA 7 MB Lost Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2977 DMEA 3 MB La Golondrina Mine GRAHAM AZ Uranium
2978 DMEA 1 MB Klondike Group GRAND UT Uranium
2979 DMEA 4 MB Lady Smith & Randall Claims WHITE PINE NV Lead
2980 DMEA 3 MB Boulder Mercury Group JEFFERSON MT Uranium
2981 DMEA 14 MB Boulder Mercury Group JEFFERSON MT Uranium
2982 DMEA Unavailable U. S. Silver Lead Mines SHOSHONE ID Lead
2983 DMEA 3 MB Letterman Prospect GREENE NC Mica
2984 DMEA 45 MB South View & Valley View Claims FALL RIVER SD Uranium
2985 DMEA 50 MB Lone Star Mine FERRY WA Copper
2986 DMEA 8 MB Bieber Group FALL RIVER SD Uranium
2987 DMEA 7 MB Blue Creek Mine MESA CO Uranium
2988 DMEA 13 MB Bennett Mine MACON NC Mica
2989 DMEA 3 MB Riddle & Hipps Mine BUNCOMBE NC Mica
2990 DMEA 2 MB None Identified WARREN NY Mica
2991 DMEA 124 MB Silver Lake Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
2992 DMEA 22 MB Diamond Mine EUREKA NV Lead
2993 DMEA 5 MB Candler-Keener Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2994 DMEA 4 MB Carl Cagle Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2995 DMEA 4 MB Elcie Buchanan Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2996 DMEA 4 MB Bishop-Browning Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2997 DMEA 9 MB Grovestone BUNCOMBE NC Rutile, Columbite, Monzonite, Kyanite, Illmenite, Zircon
2998 DMEA 3 MB Middle River Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Mica
2999 DMEA 5 MB H & 3R Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3000 DMEA 29 MB Terrell Bryson Mine MACON NC Mica
3001 DMEA 41 MB World Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3002 DMEA 3 MB Lone Tree Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3003 DMEA 25 MB Whirlwind Mine SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3004 DMEA 3 MB Rare Metals Mine PINAL AZ Molybdenum, Copper
3005 DMEA 7 MB Aladdin Mines ELKO NV Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tungsten
3006 DMEA 5 MB Eureka Mine YAVAPAI AZ Zinc, Copper
3007 DMEA 34 MB Silver Coin Claims SNOHOMISH WA Lead-Zinc
3008 DMEA 17 MB Bennett Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3009 DMEA 3 MB High Mountain Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
3010 DMEA 42 MB Springfield Mine VALLEY ID Tungsten
3011 DMEA 12 MB Old Sauseman Man PIKE AR Manganese
3012 DMEA 46 MB Weir Property CUSTER SD Uranium
3013 DMEA 29 MB Various Claim Groups MESA CO Uranium
3014 DMEA 7 MB Bonanza No.2 BOULDER CO Tungsten
3015 DMEA 45 MB Livingston Mine CUSTER ID Lead, Zinc
3016 DMEA 4 MB Wonder Mine DEL NORTE CA Nickel
3017 DMEA 3 MB Thornton Mine GRANT OR Tungsten
3018 DMEA 3 MB Herr Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ Copper, Lead, Zinc
3019 DMEA 4 MB Independent Asbestos Group GILA AZ Asbestos
3020 DMEA 18 MB Zebra, Yellow Jack & Hattie Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3021 DMEA 6 MB Anna C Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3022 DMEA 15 MB Blalock Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
3023 DMEA 9 MB Hamrick Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
3024 DMEA 4 MB Locarno Tungsten Mine KERN CA Tungsten
3025 DMEA 38 MB Weston Pass Claims LAKE CO Lead-Zinc
3026 DMEA 7 MB Boliver Claims SALT LAKE UT Copper
3027 DMEA 1 MB Good Friday et al. claims BOULDER CO Iron
3029 DMEA 2 MB Latest Out Mine MADISON MT Lead-Zinc
3030 DMEA 31 MB Turkey Knob (Passmore Mine) MACON NC Mica
3031 DMEA 3 MB Dead Timber Ridge Mine JACKSON NC Mica
3032 DMEA 51 MB Little Johnny Claims, Little Johnny Extension, Kat GUNNISON CO Thorium, Rare Earths, Columbium, Tantalum
3033 DMEA 13 MB Desert Scheelite Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten
3034 DMEA 5 MB Ralf H. Cook Prospect PICKENS GA Beryl
3035 DMEA 5 MB Fitzpatric Property CHILTON AL Mica
3036 DMEA 1 MB Scotia Claim UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Mica
3037 DMEA 31 MB Blue Grouse Mountain Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
3038 DMEA 7 MB G & H Mine No. 2 GILA AZ Asbestos
3039 DMEA 9 MB G & H Mine No. 1 GILA AZ Asbestos
3040 DMEA 10 MB Mirabal Copper Mine VALENCIA NM Copper
3041 DMEA 24 MB McKinney Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3042 DMEA 3 MB Apex SILVER BOW MT Copper
3043 DMEA 14 MB Old Kentucky and Silver Lode Claims GRANITE MT Manganese
3044 DMEA 19 MB UDC No. 1,2,3, and 4 VALENCIA NM Uranium
3045 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Strike Claims MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
3046 DMEA 12 MB Fletcher Smith Prospects CLAY AL Mica
3047 DMEA 23 MB Rose Tin Mine CHEROKEE SC Tungsten
3048 DMEA 421 MB Greager Group of Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3049 DMEA 10 MB Morris Mica No. 2 UNKNOWN COUNTY AL Mica
3050 DMEA 13 MB Jones-Bozeman Mine PICKENS GA Mica
3051 DMEA 5 MB Rosella Jones Prospect PICKENS GA Mica
3052 DMEA 23 MB Red Flats CURRY OR
3053 DMEA 3 MB Bowman Mine PLACER CA Asbestos
3054 DMEA 43 MB Lakota Lode Group of Claims CUSTER SD Uranium
3055 DMEA 8 MB One Standard Mining Claim LUNA NM Manganese
3056 DMEA 11 MB Spotted Wolf Claims No. 1 & 2 EMERY UT Uranium
3057 DMEA 33 MB Silver Wing Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead, Zinc
3058 DMEA 6 MB Discovery and Morrison Claim Groups EMERY UT Uranium
3059 DMEA 13 MB San Juan Scheelite Property PIMA AZ Tungsten
3060 DMEA 66 MB Shinarump Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3061 DMEA 34 MB Ima Mine LEMHI ID Tungsten
3062 DMEA 11 MB Madeline No. 2 Claim GUNNISON CO Lead, Tungsten, Cobalt
3063 DMEA 7 MB Tungsten Property WASHINGTON UT Tungsten
3064 DMEA 35 MB Copper World Mine MOHAVE AZ Copper, Zinc
3065 DMEA 11 MB Buckscin Claim SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3066 DMEA 29 MB Last Chance Claims TOOELE UT Tungsten
3067 DMEA 5 MB Yellow Nat Claim GARFIELD UT Uranium
3068 DMEA 29 MB None Identified SAN JUAN CO Tungsten
3069 DMEA 25 MB Sailor and Little Joe Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3070 DMEA 5 MB H.G. Claims BOISE ID Mercury
3071 DMEA Unavailable Vindicator Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
3072 DMEA 8 MB Anderson Prospect STEVENS WA Lead, Zinc
3073 DMEA 78 MB Dosser-Maki-Lotze Prospect STEVENS WA Lead, Zinc
3074 DMEA 4 MB Star Tungsten Claims PERSHING NV Tungsten
3075 DMEA 42 MB Cox & Ross et al. Cining Claims MOHAVE AZ Copper
3076 DMEA 133 MB Mullen Mine GRANITE MT Manganese, Silver, Lead, Zinc
3077 DMEA 9 MB Red Ridge Claims PEND OREILLE WA Tungsten
3078 DMEA 20 MB GW and Antrim Lode Claims CUSTER CO Thorium
3079 DMEA 5 MB Grape Creek Area FREMONT CO Columbium
3080 DMEA 3 MB Agness Mining District CURRY OR Nickel
3081 DMEA <1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY NC Mica
3082 DMEA 5 MB Joe Persons Prospect UPSON GA Mica
3083 DMEA 16 MB Buchanan Mine JACKSON NC Mica
3084 DMEA 12 MB Brady Mine CHEROKEE GA Beryl, Mica
3085 DMEA 15 MB J.H. Reynolds Mine UPSON GA Mica
3086 DMEA 6 MB Highgrade Manganese No. 1 & 2Claims PLUMAS CA Manganese
3087 DMEA 15 MB Old Sharp Mine HAYWOOD NC Mica
3088 DMEA 6 MB Holt Mine HAYWOOD NC Mica
3089 DMEA 64 MB Monol Mine MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3090 DMEA 5 MB Emerald Mine FRESNO CA Beryllium
3091 DMEA 21 MB Pinion and Cedar Groups MONTROSE CO Uranium
3092 DMEA 10 MB Big Creek Mine CARBON WY Copper
3093 DMEA 20 MB Red Canyon No.2 and Blue Lizard Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3094 DMEA 289 MB Peanut Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
3095 DMEA 21 MB Trinity Asbestos Claims TRINITY CA Asbestos
3096 DMEA 21 MB Keystone Asbestos Claims SISKIYOU CA Asbestos
3097 DMEA 30 MB Arkansas Diamond Mine PIKE AR Diamonds
3098 DMEA 81 MB Tungstar Group DEER LODGE MT Tungsten
3099 DMEA 19 MB Dickens Mine OCONEE GA Mica
3100 DMEA 2 MB Miller Property CLEVELAND NC Mica
3101 DMEA 3 MB Covington No. 2 Mine RUTHERFORD NC Mica
3102 DMEA 14 MB Beecher No.3 CUSTER SD Beryl
3103 DMEA 58 MB Essex Claim WHITE PINE NV Manganese
3104 DMEA 5 MB Dolph Hensley Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3105 DMEA 3 MB Dale Mine CUSTER SD Mica
3106 DMEA 66 MB Lucky Star Mine LINCOLN NV Manganese
3107 DMEA 10 MB Lutz Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
3108 DMEA 18 MB Various parcels of lsand in St. Johns County, FL ST JOHNS FL Thorium
3109 DMEA 90 MB Vanza Mine BANNOCK ID Manganese
3110 DMEA 12 MB Defense Tungsten Mine HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
3111 DMEA 13 MB Lincoln et al Claims MADISON MT Tungsten
3112 DMEA 89 MB Pope-Shenon Mine LEMHI ID Copper
3113 DMEA 8 MB Doris Group, Sultan Basin SNOHOMISH WA Copper
3114 DMEA 1 MB Ventuer No. 1 PARK CO Tungsten
3115 DMEA 2 MB Walter and Willie Claims GARFIELD UT Uranium
3116 DMEA 14 MB Green Monster Mine WASATCH UT Copper
3117 DMEA 36 MB Joe Dandy, et al., Claims SAN JUAN CO Uranium
3118 DMEA 2 MB Broken Hill Mines RAVALLI MT Manganese
3119 DMEA 16 MB Beverly Ann et al. Claims LEMHI ID Tungsten
3120 DMEA 11 MB None identified WEBER UT Manganese
3121 DMEA 15 MB April Mine SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3122 DMEA 1 MB Rose Tungsten Property GILA AZ Tungsten
3123 DMEA 4 MB Hole in the Rock Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3124 DMEA 4 MB Martin's Manganese Mine IZARD AR Manganese
3125 DMEA 21 MB Banks Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3126 DMEA 5 MB Vanse Bryson Mine JACKSON NC Mica
3127 DMEA 4 MB scans/nv/dmea/3127_DMEA.pdf CHURCHILL NV Copper
3128 DMEA 4 MB Sheep Cliff mine MACON NC Mica
3129 DMEA 10 MB Hellings Tungsten property LAWRENCE SD Tungsten
3130 DMEA 14 MB Wellmon Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
3131 DMEA 11 MB Old Shining Rock Mine HAYWOOD NC Mica
3132 DMEA <1 MB Hurst Mine( or Cook-Odum Mine) CLAY AL Mica
3133 DMEA 20 MB Saunders Mine GRAFTON NH Mica
3134 DMEA 18 MB Dickenson Fire Brick Co. Mine ROCKBRIDGE VA Manganese
3135 DMEA 29 MB Strawberry Mine MADISON MT Tungsten
3136 DMEA 43 MB Cliff Blanton Mica Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
3138 DMEA 3 MB None identified YUMA AZ Uranium
3139 DMEA 3 MB Banner Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3140 DMEA 3 MB Helen Claims CACHE UT Manganese
3141 DMEA 5 MB San Francisco Mine SANTA FE NM Copper, Tungsten
3142 DMEA 234 MB Holden Mine CHELAN WA Copper
3143 DMEA 223 MB Blackbird Mine LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
3144 DMEA 3 MB George Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3145 DMEA 1 MB Uranium Girl MONTROSE CO Uranium
3146 DMEA 11 MB Wangolord Claims SISKIYOU CA Tungsten
3147 DMEA 29 MB Greager Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
3148 DMEA 4 MB Wilfley Group of Claims PARK CO Tungsten
3149 DMEA 4 MB Golden Valley BURKE NC Monazite
3150 DMEA 3 MB Ryan Hill and White Hill No. 2 Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
3151 DMEA 23 MB Flat top No. 4 & 5 Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3152 DMEA 7 MB None identified MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3153 DMEA 3 MB Gheen Mining Claims WASHAKIE WY Manganese
3154 DMEA 15 MB Byrd Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3155 DMEA 25 MB Hubert Cook No. 2 Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
3156 DMEA 18 MB Pala Tungsten Claims KERN CA Tungsten
3157 DMEA 21 MB Charles Robinson Mica Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3158 DMEA 14 MB roosevelt Claims CUSTER ID Tungsten
3159 DMEA 11 MB Trout Creek Mine JUAB UT Tungsten
3160 DMEA 5 MB Wolf et al. Mining Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Manganese
3161 DMEA 6 MB Horne Venture Mine JOHNSON WY Thorium
3162 DMEA 164 MB Manganese Valley Mine LUNA NM Manganese
3163 DMEA 13 MB Pollard Manganese Mines PERSHING NV Manganese
3164 DMEA 5 MB Blue Chief Mesa Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3165 DMEA 2 MB Alunite King Claims PIUTE UT Uranium
3166 DMEA 5 MB Humbolt King Mine HUMBOLDT NV Cobalt, Copper
3167 DMEA 4 MB Charels Garland Property YANCEY NC Mica
3168 DMEA 3 MB T.B. Finley Tract WILKES NC Mica
3169 DMEA 3 MB Raduim et al.
NV Gold, Silver
3170 DMEA 8 MB Kennedy Mines PINAL AZ Asbestos
3171 DMEA 4 MB Charlene No. 1 FREMONT CO Tungsten
3172 DMEA 3 MB Venture No. 1 Claim FREMONT CO Tungsten
3173 DMEA 59 MB Hoosier Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3174 DMEA 7 MB Quien Sabe No. 2 Claim FREMONT WY Beryl
3175 DMEA 7 MB Sunday Group SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3176 DMEA 6 MB Dyke Valley Mine SAN DIEGO CA Tungsten
3177 DMEA 19 MB Murry Mountain Mine JACKSON NC Mica
3178 DMEA 15 MB Bordon Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3179 DMEA 23 MB Adams Lode SAN JUAN CO Tungsten
3180 DMEA 22 MB Hilltop Mine CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
3181 DMEA 8 MB Ruth No. 1 Claim LYON NV Tungsten
3182 DMEA 35 MB Big Six Mine, Mock Shaft BOULDER CO Tungsten
3183 DMEA 9 MB Blue Bird Claims GRAHAM AZ Cobalt
3184 DMEA 4 MB Copper Squaw Claim PIMA AZ Copper, Uranium
3185 DMEA 9 MB No. 1 Chrome Dome JOSEPHINE OR Chromium
3186 DMEA 71 MB Mystery Manganese Mine GRANITE MT Manganese
3187 DMEA 3 MB Price Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3188 DMEA 37 MB Betty's Creek No. 2 Mine JACKSON NC Mica
3189 DMEA 6 MB Jewell Black Manganese Claims BAKER OR Manganese
3190 DMEA 47 MB Flat Top- Vilatie Hyde Claims No. 1,2 and 3 MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3191 DMEA 49 MB Coper Canyon Mine LANDER NV Tungsten
3192 DMEA 4 MB Tukey Nest Mine MACON NC Mica
3193 DMEA 5 MB Vestalee Mine ELKO NV Copper
3194 DMEA 25 MB Valpine Tungsten Mine ALPINE CA Tungsten
3195 DMEA 8 MB Noonday Mine ELKO NV Tungsten
3196 DMEA 9 MB Calethia Asbestos Group 1to 8 SISKIYOU CA Asbestos
3197 DMEA 8 MB Bellevue-Rochester Tunnel CLEAR CREEK CO Uranium
3198 DMEA 84 MB United Copper Mine STEVENS WA Copper
3199 DMEA 16 MB W.H. Westall Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3200 DMEA 6 MB Tungsten King and Black Rock Mines COCHISE AZ Tungsten
3201 DMEA 2 MB 4 Acres Mine ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
3202 DMEA 24 MB Asbestos No.1 and Accces Load TUOLUMNE CA Asbestos
3203 DMEA 8 MB Mountain Queen No. 5 HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
3204 DMEA 33 MB The Starbright Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3205 DMEA 4 MB Tomahwk Claim Group LA PLATA CO Uranium
3206 DMEA 2 MB Conrad Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3207 DMEA 6 MB High Peak Monzanite Claim SAN MIGUEL NM Thorium, Monzanite
3208 DMEA 5 MB Hy Ore No 2 & 2 JEFFERSON MT Uranium
3209 DMEA 7 MB Dewey Property CUSTER ID Tungsten
3210 DMEA 9 MB Matygold Group IDAHO ID Tungsten
3211 DMEA 3 MB Broken Thumb Claims DOLORES CO Uranium
3212 DMEA 24 MB Double Head Mine AVERY NC Mica
3213 DMEA 1 MB Mesuma Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3214 DMEA 5 MB Orme Manganese Property JUAB UT Manganese
3215 DMEA 19 MB Lake Tralyta Prospect UNION GA Mica
3216 DMEA 18 MB The Hector Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3217 DMEA 15 MB Kolchek Tungsten Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3218 DMEA 32 MB Oregon-Washington Copper & Tungsten Claims STEVENS WA Tungsten
3219 DMEA 9 MB Greenback Claims YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
3220 DMEA 1 MB None identifed GARFIELD UT Uranium
3221 DMEA 8 MB Elmyra Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3222 DMEA 39 MB Gardner Prospect AVERY NC Mica
3223 DMEA <1 MB Denton Claims GREENLEE AZ Manganese
3224 DMEA 29 MB Jack Creek Prospect UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Copper
3225 DMEA 5 MB Group Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3226 DMEA 6 MB Black Rainbow Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3227 DMEA 13 MB Black Rock No. 1 Claim COCHISE AZ Tungsten
3228 DMEA 7 MB Blue Jay & Blue Jay No. 2 Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3229 DMEA 24 MB Lutz Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
3230 DMEA 13 MB Penny Lou No. 1 & Success Claims MEAGHER MT Manganese
3231 DMEA 7 MB Charlie Grindstaff Mine MACON NC Mica
3232 DMEA 3 MB W.Y. Horn Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
3233 DMEA 28 MB Cilly Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3234 DMEA 2 MB Dirty Shame GARFIELD UT Uranium
3235 DMEA 31 MB Brown Queen Claims MILLARD UT Tungsten
3236 DMEA 12 MB Sangre De Cristo Group CUSTER CO Columbiu, Tantalum, Copper
3237 DMEA 5 MB Lookout Lode LARIMER CO Tungsten
3238 DMEA 5 MB Fire Chief Mine BONNER ID Tungsten
3239 DMEA 30 MB Lakota Lode Claims CUSTER SD Uranium
3240 DMEA 24 MB Big Hurrah Quartz Mine SEWARD AK Tungsten
3241 DMEA 47 MB Red Rock Mines JEFFERSON MT Uranium
3242 DMEA 4 MB Diamond Placer Property DEER LODGE MT Lead
3243 DMEA 5 MB Red Mound Claims No. 1 & 2 BAKER OR Copper
3244 DMEA 16 MB Old Dennison Mime PICKENS GA Mica
3245 DMEA 7 MB Monticello Utah Unpatented Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3246 DMEA 32 MB Riverside Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Tungsten, Lead, Zinc
3247 DMEA 40 MB Ernest Johnson Mica Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3248 DMEA 24 MB Carson Rock Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3249 DMEA 4 MB Emma Ried Mine MACON NC Mica
3250 DMEA 14 MB Catro Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Chromium
3251 DMEA 19 MB Pate Prospect RANDOLPH AL Mica
3252 DMEA 8 MB Blue Spot Mining claims MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
3253 DMEA 39 MB Blue Dipper Mining Claims MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
3254 DMEA 15 MB Silver Queen Tungsten Mine TULARE CA Tungsten
3255 DMEA 10 MB White Face Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3256 DMEA 35 MB Fox Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3257 DMEA 37 MB Baltzley No. 3 Mine POWHATAN VA Mica, Beryl
3258 DMEA 3 MB Beck or Bleckley Mine RAYBUN GA Beryl, Mica
3259 DMEA 3 MB Joe Ramey Mine RAYBUN GA Mica, Beryl
3260 DMEA 16 MB McKinney Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3261 DMEA 24 MB Old Ironsides, et al., Claims SAN DIEGO CA Nickel
3262 DMEA 36 MB Mt. Hough Claims PLUMAS CA Manganese
3263 DMEA 8 MB Star Point Cobalt Mine PERSHING NV Cobalt, Copper
3264 DMEA 18 MB Leonard Creek Ranch HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
3265 DMEA 22 MB Farlow Gap Mine TRANSYLVANIA NC Mica
3266 DMEA 33 MB Big Indian Uranium Mine SAN JUAN UT Copper
3267 DMEA 5 MB Cedar and Dingo Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3268 DMEA 19 MB Midnight Mine CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
3269 DMEA 4 MB Iva Johnson Mine AVERY NC Mica
3270 DMEA 8 MB New Strike and Silver Tip Lode Claims RAVALLI MT Copper
3271 DMEA 6 MB North Star Mine BROADWATER MT Platinum, Gold
3272 DMEA 17 MB Two Sisters Group GILPIN CO Uranium
3273 DMEA 66 MB Scholfield Mine LINCOLN NV Tungsten
3274 DMEA 7 MB Buckhorn Claims PLUMAS CA Manganese
3275 DMEA 5 MB Ford Mine INYO CA Tungsten
3276 DMEA <1 MB Eagle Point Claims HIDALGO NM Tungsten
3277 DMEA 10 MB Too High Group, et al. MONTROSE CO Uranium
3278 DMEA 160 MB Scratch All Mine GRANITE MT Manganese, Lead, Zinc
3279 DMEA 10 MB None identified GRANITE MT Manganese
3280 DMEA 4 MB Lena Claims PIMA AZ Uranium
3281 DMEA 23 MB Last Chance and Ring Cone Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3282 DMEA 15 MB Ingram Prospect AVERY NC Mica
3283 DMEA 14 MB Hefner Mine CATAWBA NC Mica
3284 DMEA 16 MB Brooks Mountain Prospect SEWARD AK Uranium
3285 DMEA 17 MB Bryson MACON NC Mica
3286 DMEA 22 MB Poopout Claims BOULDER CO Tungsten
3287 DMEA 24 MB Mub Cut Mine MACON NC Mica
3288 DMEA 31 MB Kathleen - Margaret Claims UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Copper, Gold, Silver
3289 DMEA 3 MB Qualey Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten
3290 DMEA 14 MB Ruby Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3291 DMEA 8 MB Hidden Treasure Mines YAKIMA WA Copper, Uranium
3292 DMEA 19 MB Mud Claim TUOLUMNE CA Chromium
3293 DMEA 15 MB Chipmunk group SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3294 DMEA 3 MB Green Rock Lode Claim LARIMER CO Tungsten
3295 DMEA 4 MB Tom Cabaniss Property CLEVELAND NC Quartz Crystal
3296 DMEA 5 MB Copper Mountain Mine STEVENS WA Copper
3297 DMEA 90 MB Utah state Land Lease No.4606 SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3298 DMEA 3 MB Lubenko Mine AMADOR CA Manganese
3299 DMEA 2 MB Rosa Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
3300 DMEA 25 MB Bonanza Mine STEVENS WA Lead
3301 DMEA 5 MB holiday Claims INYO CA Tungsten
3302 DMEA 15 MB Brown Ingram and Harold Benfield Mine AVERY NC Mica
3303 DMEA 40 MB White Pine Mine JEFFERSON MT Uranium
3304 DMEA 8 MB Blue Ribbon Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
3305 DMEA 18 MB Moonlight Mine HUMBOLDT NV Uranium
3306 DMEA 5 MB Chestnut Branch Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3307 DMEA 7 MB Ayerles Creek Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3308 DMEA 10 MB North Bend, Myrtle Point, and Coquille Group of Cl COOS OR Chromium
3309 DMEA 9 MB Jo Reynolds Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Uranium
3310 DMEA 2 MB Shakin Quakie MESA CO Uranium
3311 DMEA 4 MB J.M.Lyle Mine MACON NC Mica
3312 DMEA 5 MB Belle Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead, Zinc, Copper
3313 DMEA 5 MB Oomph Mine INYO CA Tungsten
3314 DMEA 12 MB Mericoma and Peeson Claims SONOMA CA Mercury
3315 DMEA 3 MB Joe Young Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3316 DMEA 3 MB Buckeye Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3317 DMEA 11 MB Kirk Mine GILPIN CO Uranium
3318 DMEA 2 MB Alamo Asbestos No. 1 & 2 Claims GILA AZ Asbestos
3319 DMEA 5 MB Black Eagle Manganese Claim GRANT NM Manganese
3320 DMEA 5 MB Edgar Carpenter Property WARREN NY Mica
3321 DMEA 32 MB Thurston Patton Tract HARDIN IL Fluorspar, Lead,Zinc
3322 DMEA 14 MB RedBud Mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
3323 DMEA 4 MB Fred Thomas Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3324 DMEA Unavailable Sidney Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
3325 DMEA 11 MB Rincon Manganese Claims DONA ANA NM Manganese
3326 DMEA 12 MB Buttercup Mine CAMAS ID Lead, Zinc
3327 DMEA 8 MB Ella & Clayton Mines CUSTER ID Lead, Zinc
3328 DMEA 20 MB Upshot Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper
3329 DMEA 17 MB Chandler Hills Mine SULLIVAN NH Mica
3330 DMEA 10 MB C. Ray Wilson Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
3331 DMEA 4 MB Leo Tessier Property FRANKLIN ME Beryl
3332 DMEA 25 MB El Pequito CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
3333 DMEA Unavailable Old Constitution Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
3334 DMEA 2 MB W.L. Selig, JR. R. Skidmoer, Charles Rihm, and F. BUTTE CA Asbestos
3335 DMEA 4 MB Royal Tungsten Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
3336 DMEA 2 MB None Identified JEFFERSON CO Uranium
3337 DMEA 9 MB Reymert Mine PINAL AZ Copper, Lead
3338 DMEA 80 MB Lloyd Gibson Tract POPE IL Fluorspar
3339 DMEA 34 MB None Identified WASHINGTON MO Lead
3340 DMEA 12 MB Red Leaf Group BLAINE ID Lead, Zinc
3341 DMEA Unavailable Nevada Stewart Claims SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
3342 DMEA 23 MB Virginia C Group FALL RIVER SD Uranium
3343 DMEA 2 MB Carlsons Apex Mercury Deposit MARICOPA AZ Mercury
3344 DMEA 2 MB Leo Daffern's Carmel Copper Prospect YUMA AZ Copper
3345 DMEA 3 MB Whippet Claims FREMONT WY Beryl, Tantalum
3346 DMEA 3 MB None identified TULARE CA Tungsten
3347 DMEA 127 MB Brunswick Mine NEVADA CA Tungsten
3348 DMEA 4 MB Miller Group RIO ARRIBA NM Beryl, Mica
3349 DMEA 4 MB 4 Aces Mine ESMERALDA NV Lead, Zinc
3350 DMEA 15 MB Ruth K Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
3351 DMEA 3 MB Buckeye Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3352 DMEA 12 MB Strawberry Property MADISON MT Tungsten
3353 DMEA 12 MB Dewey Rim Mining Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3354 DMEA 10 MB Favorite Group SAN MIGUEL CO Lead, Zinc, Copper
3355 DMEA 63 MB Shamrock Group of Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3356 DMEA 18 MB Doc Thomas Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3357 DMEA 4 MB Houston Mine MACON NC Mica
3358 DMEA 9 MB Arrow Smith and Slide Claims GRAND UT Uranium, Cobalt
3359 DMEA 8 MB Granite Point Claims HUMBOLDT NV Uranium
3360 DMEA 74 MB None Identified GRAND UT Uranium
3361 DMEA 18 MB French Lilly Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Lead, Zinc
3362 DMEA 2 MB Bay Horse & White Horse Claims CALAVERAS CA Tungsten
3363 DMEA 7 MB Medium Shot Claims, Divide & Short Shot Claims. DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
3364 DMEA 3 MB None identified FRESNO CA Tungsten
3365 DMEA 2 MB W.A. McKinney Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3366 DMEA 11 MB Phillips Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3367 DMEA 11 MB Copper Glance Group PARK MT Copper, Lead,Zinc
3368 DMEA 8 MB Big Wash Tungsten Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3369 DMEA 3 MB McMain Prospect COOSA AL Mica
3370 DMEA 3 MB None identified BREVARD FL Rutile
3371 DMEA 1 MB Lone Wolf et al. Properties SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead
3372 DMEA 2 MB Fern Creek and Old Glory Mines MONO CA Lead, Zinc, Copper
3373 DMEA 2 MB Fern Creek and Old Glory Mines MONO CA Lead, Zinc, Copper
3374 DMEA 8 MB Cross Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3375 DMEA 26 MB Liberty Mine RANDOLPH AL Mica
3376 DMEA 5 MB Consolidated Mines FERRY WA Manganese, Copper, Molybdenum
3377 DMEA 74 MB Lucy A. McLaren Property ST FRANCOIS MO Lead
3378 DMEA 2 MB Winship Mines SANTA CLARA CA Chromium
3379 DMEA 21 MB Golden Eagle Mine YUMA AZ Copper, Lead
3380 DMEA 6 MB Buckeye Mine TULARE CA Tungsten
3381 DMEA 2 MB Zinc Mountain Claims YAVAPAI AZ Copper
3382 DMEA 24 MB Pinkey No.1 & 2 Calims CROOK OR Mercury
3383 DMEA 6 MB Horseshoe Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3384 DMEA 7 MB None Identified GARFIELD UT Uranium
3385 DMEA 25 MB Burnstone Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead, Zinc, Copper
3386 DMEA 1 MB McGlothen Lease MENIFEE KY Manganese
3387 DMEA 4 MB Maurice Property Mine RUTHERFORD NC Mica
3388 DMEA 16 MB Uranium Claims RIVERSIDE CA Uranium
3389 DMEA Unavailable Beacon Light et al. Claims SHOSHONE ID Copper
3390 DMEA 52 MB Goodhope Claims LA PLATA CO Uranium
3391 DMEA 20 MB Joe Mine AVERY NC Mica
3392 DMEA 11 MB Homestretch Mines SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
3393 DMEA 19 MB Windup Claim MINERAL NV Tungsten
3394 DMEA 119 MB Triumph mine BLAINE ID Lead, Zinc
3395 DMEA 18 MB Niganz Mine (Gibellini Mine) EUREKA NV Nickel
3396 DMEA 63 MB Yuba Dike Mining Claims LINCOLN NV Lead, Zinc
3397 DMEA 55 MB Nora L. Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3398 DMEA 19 MB Iowa Canyon Fluorospar Property LANDER NV Fluorspar
3399 DMEA 5 MB Cloud Pitman Prospect AVERY NC Mica
3400 DMEA 2 MB Woody Ridge Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY NC Mica
3401 DMEA 4 MB Green Mine PERSHING NV Antimony
3402 DMEA 13 MB Jarrett Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3403 DMEA 6 MB Zollars Property LINCOLN MT Lead, Zinc
3404 DMEA 4 MB Sundown Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3405 DMEA 20 MB Frying Pan Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3406 DMEA Unavailable Silver Mountain Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc, Copper
3407 DMEA 87 MB Lambert Mine BUTTE CA Chromium
3408 DMEA 12 MB Davenport Mine CRITTENDEN KY Fluorspar, Lead, Zinc
3409 DMEA Unavailable Liberal King Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
3410 DMEA 24 MB Rock Mica Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3411 DMEA 3 MB Glanfarney, et al Claims BOUNDARY ID Copper, Cobalt
3412 DMEA 33 MB Meadow and Leader Chrome Deposits SKAGIT WA Chromium
3413 DMEA 4 MB Collen Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3414 DMEA 67 MB Buckskin Joe Mine PARK CO Silver, Gold
3415 DMEA 4 MB Buchanan Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3416 DMEA 5 MB Gettys Mine No. 1 CLEVELAND NC Mica
3417 DMEA 10 MB Bear Creek Mines CLALLAM WA Manganese
3418 DMEA 24 MB The Pancake Mine AVERY NC Mica
3419 DMEA 7 MB Tungsten Queen Claims OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
3420 DMEA 22 MB Surital Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3421 DMEA 4 MB S6-B McKinney Mine MITCHELL NC Columbium-tantalum
3422 DMEA 13 MB R.B. Phillips Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3423 DMEA 9 MB Hammett Diamond Mine PIKE AR diamonds
3424 DMEA 3 MB Granite Reef Fraction CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica
3425 DMEA 10 MB George Howell Prospect No. 2 MITCHELL NC Mica
3426 DMEA 4 MB Washington Claim MADERA CA Tungsten
3427 DMEA 4 MB Little Iris Mine SWAIN NC Mica
3428 DMEA 107 MB Mt. Wheeler Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc
3429 DMEA 7 MB Drew Lake Property AROOSTOOK ME Copper, Tungsten, Lead, Zinc
3430 DMEA 33 MB Henry Poteat Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3431 DMEA 58 MB Gilmore Dome, Cobert-Yellow Pup Prospects FAIRBANKS AK Tungsten
3432 DMEA <1 MB January Mine BROADWATER MT Lead, Zinc, Copper
3433 DMEA <1 MB Queen of the Hills Mine BLAINE ID Lead, Zinc
3434 DMEA 3 MB Ponca Mine PENNINGTON SD Beryl, Mica
3435 DMEA 32 MB Little Doe No. 1 Claim SANTA CRUZ AZ Uranium
3436 DMEA 3 MB Daisy Mine BLAINE ID Lead, Zinc
3437 DMEA 10 MB B.C. Mica Mines Prospects KETCHIKAN AK Mica
3438 DMEA 8 MB Hill Creek Scheelite deposit SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3439 DMEA 7 MB None Identified SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3440 DMEA 5 MB Foch, Copper Mask1,2,3,and 5,Old Ben, Copperfield, ROUTT CO Copper, Molybdenum
3441 DMEA 3 MB Huskins Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3442 DMEA 7 MB Old Green Mountain Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3443 DMEA 6 MB Green Mountain Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3444 DMEA 3 MB Copper Canyon et al. Claims SKAMANIA WA Copper
3445 DMEA 2 MB Walter & Raster Claims GILA AZ Tungsten
3446 DMEA 23 MB C.T.C. Mining Claims SOCORRO NM Uranium
3447 DMEA 10 MB Crown Point Claims MADERA CA Copper, Lead
3448 DMEA 107 MB Black Pearl Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
3449 DMEA 38 MB Red Hill-Mildred Group of Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3450 DMEA 28 MB Nevada Monarch Consolidated Mines ELKO NV Tungsten
3451 DMEA 12 MB Martin Prospect RUTHERFORD NC Mica
3452 DMEA 18 MB Marsh Putnam Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3453 DMEA 5 MB Poteat Mine AVERY NC Mica
3454 DMEA 5 MB Osdick Property SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3455 DMEA 18 MB Brownstone Mine INYO CA Tungsten
3456 DMEA 5 MB Donna Tungsten Claim MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
3457 DMEA 24 MB Mountain King Mine CUSTER ID Lead, Zinc
3458 DMEA 17 MB Wiseman No. 2 Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3459 DMEA 7 MB Rockpoint and Lucky 13 Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3460 DMEA 64 MB Suprise Group of Claims LEMHI ID Uranium
3461 DMEA 5 MB Lost Brothers Claim SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3462 DMEA 9 MB Beatrice,Helen May, and Fred's Folly Areas FREMONT WY Uranium
3463 DMEA 16 MB Azaline Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3464 DMEA 6 MB New Jersy Claim SILVER BOW MT Manganese
3465 DMEA 5 MB Queen of the Hills Mining cClaim BEAVERHEAD MT Lead, Zinc, Copper
3466 DMEA 3 MB Emma Claims VALLEY ID Tungsten
3467 DMEA 5 MB Ruth Claims GRAND CO Copper
3468 DMEA 15 MB Old Burleson Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3469 DMEA 17 MB Elmore Mine MACON NC Mica
3470 DMEA 5 MB Candy Cane Group KANE UT Uranium
3471 DMEA 12 MB Mile High Security, et al. Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3472 DMEA 2 MB Nuclear Magmetic Mining, Inc ST JOHNS FL Rutile
3473 DMEA 9 MB Desert View Claims VENTURA CA Uranium, Thorium, rare earths
3474 DMEA 133 MB U.S. and Lark Mines SALT LAKE UT Lead-Zinc
3475 DMEA 156 MB Happy Day Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3476 DMEA 15 MB Sol Jackobs( Winecoff) Mine MACON NC Mica
3477 DMEA 15 MB E.K. Sparks Prospects MITCHELL NC Mica
3478 DMEA 19 MB Last Chance Mine LANDER NV Manganese
3479 DMEA 21 MB Key West Mine CLARK NV Copper, Nickel
3480 DMEA 5 MB Dollar claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
3481 DMEA 13 MB Birch Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3482 DMEA 5 MB Davis mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3483 DMEA 31 MB Gale Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3484 DMEA 26 MB Bloomington Claims WASHINGTON UT Uranium
3485 DMEA 3 MB Hidden Treasure Claims SEVIER UT Manganese
3486 DMEA 23 MB Lookout Claim LARIMER CO Tungsten
3487 DMEA 3 MB Montana Claims INYO CA Copper
3488 DMEA 7 MB Red Ocher Claims RIVERSIDE CA Tungsten
3489 DMEA 9 MB Morning Star mine PINAL AZ Tungsten
3490 DMEA 15 MB U-V and Elk Van Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3491 DMEA 6 MB G.D. Ray( Wray) Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3492 DMEA 12 MB Springbrook Deposit JOHNSTON OK Manganese
3493 DMEA 13 MB Dream Group of Claims GARFIELD UT Uranium
3494 DMEA 10 MB Forge Property PERSHING NV Tungsten
3495 DMEA 9 MB Windy Ridge Property LEWIS AND CLARK MT Tungsten
3496 DMEA 6 MB Caliente Group WASHINGTON UT Uranium
3497 DMEA 54 MB B.T.M. Claims Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
3498 DMEA 6 MB BigelowPeak Claims TUOLUMNE CA Tungsten
3499 DMEA 4 MB Stickland Butte Mine CROOK OR Mercury
3500 DMEA 9 MB Wildcat & Oogalla Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3501 DMEA 5 MB Sandcloyas Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3502 DMEA 4 MB Fraction Lode BOULDER CO Tungsten
3503 DMEA 24 MB Vanadium King Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3504 DMEA 1 MB Anna C. Group BOULDER CO Tungsten
3505 DMEA 5 MB Payrock Mines MESA CO Uranium
3506 DMEA 4 MB Carbonate King Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
3507 DMEA 57 MB London-Virginia and Manchester Tracts BUCKINGHAM VA Lead-Zinc, Copper
3508 DMEA 95 MB New Canton Area BUCKINGHAM VA Copper, Lead, Zinc
3509 DMEA 5 MB Dark hills Claims RIVERSIDE CA Chromium
3510 DMEA 107 MB Dawson and Lindsay Leases LAFAYETTE WI Lead, Zinc
3511 DMEA 4 MB Thor Group of Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Thorium, Uranium
3512 DMEA 47 MB Lincoln Mine LINCOLN NV Tungsten
3513 DMEA 6 MB Dolly Varden Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead, Zinc
3514 DMEA 150 MB La Sal and Bonanza Claims, et al. GRAND UT Uranium
3515 DMEA 64 MB Shannon Mine COCHISE AZ Copper, Lead, Zinc
3516 DMEA 11 MB Dixie Ridge Claim FRESNO CA Tungsten
3517 DMEA 232 MB Ophir Mine TOOELE UT Lead, Zinc
3518 DMEA 5 MB Flat top Mesa MESA CO Uranium
3519 DMEA 8 MB Katherine C. Mining Claims RIVERSIDE CA Asbestos
3520 DMEA 10 MB Piedmont Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3521 DMEA 3 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY TN Copper
3522 DMEA 64 MB Caledonia Claim ONTONAGON MI Copper
3523 DMEA 15 MB Beecher Williams Mine POPE IL Fluorspar, Lead, Zinc
3524 DMEA 8 MB Lee Claims, et al. SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3525 DMEA 16 MB Last Chance Group VALLEY ID Tungsten
3526 DMEA 8 MB Pandora Prospects JOHNSON TN Manganese
3527 DMEA 12 MB Ladwig No. 2 Mine JEFFERSON CO Uranium
3528 DMEA 4 MB None Identified MESA CO Uranium
3529 DMEA 3 MB Susie Phillips Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3530 DMEA 2 MB Branch Mine Prospect YADKIN NC Mica
3531 DMEA 9 MB Dewey and S La Sal Prospects GRAND UT Uranium
3532 DMEA 21 MB El Pequito and Fehfu Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium
3533 DMEA 5 MB Silver Fox Mine BONNER ID Lead
3534 DMEA Unavailable Pirate Chief Claims SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc, Silver
3535 DMEA 17 MB Ida May Mine GUNNISON CO Tungsten
3536 DMEA 6 MB Comet Gray Eagle mine JEFFERSON MT Uranium
3537 DMEA 4 MB Endicott Mine CROOK OR Mercury
3538 DMEA 3 MB Elsie Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3539 DMEA 11 MB Rudasill Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
3540 DMEA <1 MB Talent Prospect Macon NC
3541 DMEA 25 MB Oceanic Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
3542 DMEA 3 MB Linda, et al. Claims BLAINE MT Lead, Copper
3543 DMEA 32 MB Buchanan (Dream) Mine JACKSON NC Mica
3544 DMEA 6 MB Blackrock No. 1 Claim CLARK NV Beryl
3545 DMEA 26 MB Paramount Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3546 DMEA 53 MB Big Cameron Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3547 DMEA 8 MB Fort Knox Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3548 DMEA 92 MB Boss and Atlantus Claims CASCADE MT Lead, Zinc
3549 DMEA 14 MB Hoyle Cline Tract LINCOLN NC Mica
3550 DMEA 51 MB Radium Hill Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
3551 DMEA 25 MB 4 Aces Mine ESMERALDA NV Lead, Zinc
3552 DMEA 3 MB Tract G Palmer subdivision MACON NC Mica
3553 DMEA 77 MB Ryan Group of Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3554 DMEA 3 MB Shugart Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3555 DMEA 65 MB Bachelor Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3556 DMEA 3 MB Patsy No. 3 Claim BLAINE ID Tungsten
3557 DMEA 3 MB Devils Canyon Mining Co. KING WA Copper, Molybdenum
3558 DMEA 8 MB J. Willis Crider Farm CALDWELL KY Fluorspar
3559 DMEA 19 MB Sugar Dave Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3560 DMEA 2 MB Steiner Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
3561 DMEA 14 MB Group 1, Martin Mesa Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3562 DMEA 15 MB Swamp Lake Property FRESNO CA Tungsten
3563 DMEA 95 MB Molino Zone SAN BENITO CA Mercury
3564 DMEA 3 MB Purple Dog SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3565 DMEA 70 MB Lee Small Group of Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3566 DMEA 1 MB None Identified CHAFFEE CO
3567 DMEA 9 MB Corral Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3568 DMEA 11 MB Lingerfelt Property GASTON NC Mica
3569 DMEA 10 MB None Identified INDEPENDENCE AR Manganese
3570 DMEA 24 MB Submerged lands ( between Venice and Bocilla Pass) SARASOTA FL Rutile, Monzanite, Uranium
3571 DMEA 53 MB Fredricktown Area MADISON MO
3572 DMEA 17 MB Irby Cut Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3573 DMEA 5 MB Spencer Mine STOKES NC Mica
3574 DMEA 13 MB McKinney Cove Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3575 DMEA 16 MB S.D. Mckinnley Mine Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3576 DMEA 21 MB Topaz Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3577 DMEA 14 MB Royster Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
3578 DMEA 16 MB Scotty, Terry & Scot Claims MESA CO Uranium
3579 DMEA 50 MB Index Placer, Mesa Creek, et al., Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3580 DMEA 3 MB Buckhorn,Yoyo, and Mary Claims GARFIELD UT Uranium
3581 DMEA 9 MB Baltimore Mine JEFFERSON MT Copper, Lead, Zinc
3582 DMEA 80 MB Red Rock Claims, et al. SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3583 DMEA 40 MB The Beryl Mine( Bonus Extension and Longs Gulch Gr CHAFFEE CO Beryl, Columbium, Tantalum
3584 DMEA 10 MB Consolation Group LEWIS AND CLARK MT Lead, Copper
3585 DMEA 1 MB Panther Mountain Mine MACON NC Copper, Zinc
3586 DMEA 8 MB Good Earth Placers MARICOPA AZ Columbium,Tantalum,Uranium,Thorium, rare earth met
3587 DMEA 9 MB Little Man Mine CARBON WY Uranium
3588 DMEA 9 MB Circle Cliffs Area GARFIELD UT Uranium
3589 DMEA 10 MB Mossback,Arrowhead, Ruby, Point, and Tryano Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3590 DMEA 62 MB Shasta King Mine SHASTA CA Copper, Zinc
3591 DMEA 61 MB Chalmers Mine WESTCHESTER NY Uranium
3592 DMEA 4 MB Burnt Mine AVERY NC Mica
3593 DMEA 28 MB Primero and Derecho claim groups GRAND UT Uranium
3594 DMEA 8 MB Indian Creek Mercury Prospect YAKIMA WA Mercury
3595 DMEA 13 MB Bettys Creek Mine No.1 JACKSON NC Mica
3596 DMEA 10 MB Gladstone Mine Group STEVENS WA Lead
3597 DMEA 8 MB Cedar Ridge and Blackbird Group of Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3598 DMEA 31 MB Kolob Mine Mineral Leases 8025 & 8026 WASHINGTON UT Uranium
3599 DMEA 8 MB Beam Prospect GASTON NC Mica
3600 DMEA 3 MB Phillips Mine WATAUGA NC Mica
3601 DMEA 11 MB Waugh Property TROUP GA Beryl
3602 DMEA 17 MB State scholl land Lease No. 5947,5948,5949. SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3603 DMEA 21 MB Marget Ann SILVER BOW MT Lead-Zinc, Manganese, Copper
3604 DMEA 7 MB The Micro Metals Mine ESMERALDA NV Mercury
3605 DMEA 23 MB Mineral Farm Group OURAY CO Lead-Zinc
3606 DMEA 10 MB Wright Lease JEFFERSON CO Uranium
3607 DMEA 53 MB Red Hill Extension Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
3608 DMEA 9 MB Sec. 21 & 28.T21N,R27W. BARRY MO Uranium
3609 DMEA 29 MB Mountain Green Claims HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
3610 DMEA 12 MB Daniel Stanton Mine LEWIS AND CLARK MT Uranium, Lead,Zinc.
3611 DMEA 17 MB Little Hawk Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3612 DMEA 42 MB Red Wing Claims, et al. COCONINO AZ Uranium
3613 DMEA 50 MB Lease on Copper No.2 and Copper No. 28 Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3614 DMEA 30 MB Killikaho Bird,et al., Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3615 DMEA 11 MB Ben Aldridge Mine AVERY NC Mica
3616 DMEA 4 MB Grand Deposit Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead
3617 DMEA 1 MB Farmer mand Mc Manmon Property CROOK OR Mercury
3618 DMEA 5 MB Marcus Hunter Lease TULARE CA Tungsten
3619 DMEA 18 MB Woody Hill Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3620 DMEA 67 MB Dede, et al. Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3621 DMEA 53 MB Christmas Day Group VALENCIA NM Uranium
3622 DMEA 2 MB Roper Prospect MACON NC Mica
3623 DMEA 4 MB Now Property MADISON MT Tungsten
3624 DMEA 5 MB Noblitt-Miller Claims MOHAVE AZ Uranium, Thorium, rare earths
3625 DMEA 85 MB Cove Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3626 DMEA 105 MB Mystery Manganese Mine GRANITE MT Manganese
3627 DMEA 1 MB SunSet No. 2 LARIMER CO Tin
3628 DMEA 37 MB Doss Claim SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3629 DMEA 119 MB Castleton-Black Prince Area LINCOLN NV Lead, Zinc
3630 DMEA 3 MB Deak Mine Propspect MITCHELL NC Mica
3631 DMEA 3 MB Marie Vaughn Mine MONROE GA Mica
3632 DMEA 128 MB State Claims in Sec. 8, T. 13 N., R 9 W., NMPM &B. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3633 DMEA 8 MB Acme-Sheen Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3634 DMEA 10 MB Pilger Mountain- Sullivan Peak Area CUSTER SD Uranium
3635 DMEA 10 MB Clear View Claim Group SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3636 DMEA 6 MB Ford and Fordo Claim Group MESA CO Uranium
3637 DMEA 31 MB El Capitan Mine NYE NV Tungsten
3638 DMEA 44 MB Cresent Mine CLALLAM WA Manganese
3639 DMEA 5 MB Last one Group of Claims ESMERALDA NV Mercury
3640 DMEA 5 MB Joy Group of Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3641 DMEA 29 MB Teresa Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3642 DMEA 3 MB Last Chance Claim PLUMAS CA Tungsten, `
3643 DMEA 14 MB Kitty Kat Prospect KERN CA Uranium
3644 DMEA 67 MB Joiner Tract POPE IL Fluorspar, Lead, Zinc
3645 DMEA 8 MB Acme-Sheen Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3646 DMEA 13 MB Joan, Ilena and La Preal Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3647 DMEA 70 MB Redbird Quicksilver Mine PERSHING NV Mercury
3648 DMEA 31 MB Utah Premier Claim Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3649 DMEA 54 MB Rajah Group of Claims MESA CO Uranium
3650 DMEA 9 MB Hub Basin Mining Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3651 DMEA 71 MB San Pedro Mine SANTA FE NM Copper
3652 DMEA 3 MB None Specified EMERY UT Uranium
3653 DMEA 6 MB Buckskin Group of Claims, et al. KANE UT Uranium
3654 DMEA 9 MB Antelope Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3655 DMEA 58 MB J.V. Eavenson Lease SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3656 DMEA 7 MB Emar, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten, Manganeses, Uranium, and Platinum.
3657 DMEA 6 MB Rainbow Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3658 DMEA 9 MB Isele Mine SILVER BOW MT Manganese
3659 DMEA 27 MB Oblisk mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
3660 DMEA 80 MB Pond ans Shubert Groups GRAND UT Uranium
3661 DMEA 40 MB Chalspar No. 2 CUSTER ID Fluorspar
3662 DMEA 50 MB Radium Hill Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3663 DMEA 14 MB South Lisbon Valley Area SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3664 DMEA 103 MB Deer Trail Mine CUSTER ID Lead, Zinc
3665 DMEA 10 MB Jim, Mike, and Star claim group GRAND UT Uranium
3666 DMEA 84 MB Alamether,Begonia, and Shaft Deposits SKAGIT WA Chromium
3667 DMEA 101 MB Tungsten Jim No. 1 Claims CUSTER ID Tungsten
3668 DMEA 53 MB Silver Saddle Mine BROADWATER MT Lead
3669 DMEA 94 MB Sue Mine GILA AZ Uranium
3670 DMEA 25 MB Colexco Group FREMONT CO Uranium
3671 DMEA 9 MB La Palma, San Francisco and Venus Mining Claims GREENLEE AZ Manganese
3672 DMEA 7 MB Guy Stealy Claims RIO BLANCO CO Uranium
3673 DMEA 7 MB Sec.16 T. 29 S., R. 23 E. SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3674 DMEA 6 MB Uranium Girl Claim MONTROSE CO Uranium
3675 DMEA 52 MB Yellow Bird Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3676 DMEA 7 MB Lakin Property LANDER NV Tungsten
3677 DMEA 4 MB Mack Thomas Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3678 DMEA 36 MB Spring Claim Group LARIMER CO Uranium
3679 DMEA 12 MB Mooney /group SILVER BOW MT Uranium
3680 DMEA 4 MB September Calims MONO CA Uranium
3681 DMEA 5 MB Sec.36, T21S., R14E. EMERY UT Uranium
3682 DMEA 12 MB Rube Sparks Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3683 DMEA 4 MB Robinette Rock Quarries SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
3684 DMEA 12 MB Swingle Mine WASHOE NV Lead-Zinc
3685 DMEA 2 MB Williams Tunnel GILPIN CO Lead-Zinc, Uranium, Antimony
3686 DMEA 8 MB Ed Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3687 DMEA 12 MB Baldwin Hills Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3688 DMEA 145 MB Crooks Gap Mine FREMONT WY Uranium
3689 DMEA 20 MB Zeb Angle Mine MACON NC Mica
3690 DMEA 11 MB Woodlot-Devils Furnace Claims GARFIELD UT Uranium
3691 DMEA 2 MB Childers Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3692 DMEA 3 MB Big Timber Mine JEFFERSON MT Manganese
3693 DMEA 14 MB Sec. 36.T36S,R21E. SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3694 DMEA 9 MB Willow Basin Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3695 DMEA 52 MB West Parodox Creek Property MONTROSE CO Uranium
3696 DMEA 2 MB Ashton and Coffey Prospects UNION GA Mica, Beryl
3697 DMEA 8 MB Dixie and Glenwood Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3698 DMEA 21 MB Granada Mine NAPA CA Mercury
3699 DMEA 6 MB Copper Kid Claims MARICOPA AZ Uranium
3700 DMEA 27 MB Del Monte Group GARFIELD UT Uranium
3701 DMEA 46 MB Eagle Point Claims HIDALGO NM Tungsten
3702 DMEA Unavailable West CoeurD'Alene Mine KOOTENAI ID Lead, Zinc, Copper
3703 DMEA 10 MB St. Patricks Group, et al. SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
3704 DMEA 10 MB Eagle Rock Claims JUAB UT Uranium, rare earths
3705 DMEA 19 MB Spur Daisy Group GILPIN CO Uranium
3706 DMEA 14 MB Philura Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3707 DMEA 29 MB Regal Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
3708 DMEA 13 MB State Line Group of Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3709 DMEA 17 MB Wray Mesa Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
3710 DMEA 9 MB Snakebit Group of Claims GILA AZ Uranium
3711 DMEA 11 MB Lisbon Valley Prospects SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3712 DMEA 4 MB Azalea Claims DEL NORTE CA Chromium
3713 DMEA 4 MB Hart Group of Claims LANDER NV Uranium
3714 DMEA 3 MB Hoyle Property JACKSON NC Mica
3715 DMEA 6 MB Eldorado, et al., Claims Group LANDER NV Uranium
3716 DMEA 8 MB Rosebud,Tommy, Johnny, and Baby Jan Group of Claim CARBON MT Asbestos, Talc, and Vermiculite
3717 DMEA 12 MB Arnold Young Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3718 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Strike, et al., Claims DOLORES CO Lead
3719 DMEA 15 MB Topaz Group SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3720 DMEA 24 MB Coward Mine JACKSON NC Mica
3721 DMEA 10 MB Fort Know Sublease SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3722 DMEA 19 MB Pilot-Lace Group of Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3723 DMEA 3 MB Nine Mile Mine FERRY WA Tungsten, Cobalt, Manganese, Nickel.
3724 DMEA 119 MB Altoona Mine TRINITY CA Mercury
3725 DMEA 7 MB Hardin Claim Group CUSTER CO Thorium, Lead, Uranium, rare earths
3726 DMEA 15 MB Lawhern Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3727 DMEA 21 MB Santa Fe Tracts MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3728 DMEA 11 MB Walter Grindstaff Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3729 DMEA 2 MB Gage Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3730 DMEA 52 MB Ouray Ventures Property EMERY UT Uranium
3731 DMEA 9 MB Randolph Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3732 DMEA 21 MB Klondike, et al., Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3733 DMEA 2 MB Martin Moretz Mine WATAUGA NC Mica
3734 DMEA 3 MB Jimmy Mine MITCHELL NC Beryl, Mica
3735 DMEA 6 MB Silver Cliff Mine NIOBRARA WY Uranium
3736 DMEA 3 MB Penland Mine MACON NC Mica
3737 DMEA 11 MB Sunset Group PLUMAS CA Manganese
3738 DMEA 11 MB Hamilton, et al. SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3739 DMEA 75 MB Tinkers Pride, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
3740 DMEA 24 MB John Conley Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3741 DMEA 5 MB Moly Group of Claims SAN JUAN CO Lead
3742 DMEA 41 MB Phoenix and Furniss Mine CABARRUS NC Tungsten
3743 DMEA 20 MB Branch Mine (Zach Young) MITCHELL NC Mica
3744 DMEA 19 MB Valley View Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
3745 DMEA 6 MB U No.1-7 Claims;Radium Gulch UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Uranium
3746 DMEA 14 MB Ralph Jarrett Property MITCHELL NC Mica
3747 DMEA 11 MB Peabody Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Uranium
3748 DMEA Unavailable Horseshoe Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc, Copper
3749 DMEA 3 MB Bosier Group of Claims SANTA FE NM Uranium
3750 DMEA 2 MB Sec.36,T39S,R22E SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3751 DMEA 11 MB Bog and Hope Group SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3752 DMEA 4 MB Grizzly Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead, Copper
3753 DMEA 5 MB Lucky Stone, et al., Claims LANDER NV Uranium
3754 DMEA 5 MB Prince Group Mining Claims ELKO NV Uranium
3755 DMEA 12 MB Crotts Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
3756 DMEA 4 MB Brown Property TROUP GA Beryl, Mica
3757 DMEA 4 MB Sager-Murphy Claims DEER LODGE MT Tungsten
3758 DMEA 1 MB Tarbox Mine MINERAL MT Lead, Copper
3759 DMEA 4 MB Claims in the Caribou Mountains BONNEVILLE ID Uranium
3760 DMEA 24 MB Rustler Mine BLAINE ID Uranium, Lead
3761 DMEA 11 MB Thunderbird , et al., claims EMERY UT Uranium
3762 DMEA 68 MB Laymon Property CROOK WY Uranium
3763 DMEA 38 MB Wheeler Mine or Decaturville Dome LACLEDE MO Manganese, Uranium , Thorium.
3764 DMEA 6 MB Yellow Clay Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3765 DMEA 3 MB J.R. McMahan Property JACKSON NC Mica
3766 DMEA 16 MB Honey Pot Project GARFIELD UT Uranium
3767 DMEA 97 MB Jack Rabbit No. 1-6 Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3768 DMEA 23 MB Cove Claims, et al. SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3769 DMEA 3 MB Scintillator Claims No. 1 & 2 MONTROSE CO Uranium
3770 DMEA 7 MB Neyland Mine JEFF DAVIS TX Manganese
3771 DMEA 2 MB Shirley Prospect CLAY AL Mica
3772 DMEA 22 MB Blue Jay Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3773 DMEA 9 MB Red Flat,et al., Claims CURRY OR Nickel
3774 DMEA 11 MB Dycus RUTHERFORD NC Mica
3775 DMEA 10 MB Arrowhead Group EAGLE CO Uranium
3776 DMEA 65 MB Contrabondo Dome Project PRESIDIO TX Mercury
3777 DMEA 7 MB A & B Groups CAMPBELL WY Uranium, Thorium
3778 DMEA 39 MB Bretz Mine MALHEUR OR Mercury
3779 DMEA <1 MB None Identified Mitchell NC
3780 DMEA 39 MB Thumper Load & Thumper Load No.2 GALLATIN MT Mica
3781 DMEA 21 MB Buena Vista Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
3782 DMEA 18 MB Saddle Mine HUMBOLDT NV Tungsten
3783 DMEA 3 MB Nelson Woody Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3784 DMEA 10 MB Little Castle Creek Mine SISKIYOU CA Chromium
3785 DMEA 6 MB Elsie Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3786 DMEA 99 MB Josey-Roper, et al., Calims FREMONT CO Uranium
3787 DMEA 8 MB Adobe Walls Prospect BREWSTER TX Mercury
3788 DMEA 2 MB Anderson Prospect FREMONT WY Copper
3789 DMEA 7 MB Mineral Lease BLM 038127 BLAND VA Manganese
3790 DMEA 41 MB McDaniel Lease OKANOGAN WA Uranium, Tungsten
3791 DMEA 144 MB Big Flat Area GRAND UT Uranium
3792 DMEA 4 MB Ledbetter Prospect MACON NC Mica
3793 DMEA 18 MB Willie Shanty Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3794 DMEA 1 MB Will Owens Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3795 DMEA 5 MB Wonder Mine DEL NORTE CA Chromium
3796 DMEA 18 MB Starlite and Johnson Claims FALL RIVER SD Uranium
3797 DMEA 5 MB Compton (Dry Run) Mine PAGE VA Manganese
3798 DMEA 15 MB Semands Mining Co. property LA PLATA CO Uranium
3799 DMEA 14 MB Bennett Mine CHEROKEE GA Mica
3800 DMEA 47 MB Black Jack Mine JUAB UT Tungsten
3801 DMEA 12 MB Toney Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
3802 DMEA 7 MB Feldspar Mine LAKE OF THE WOODS MN Beryl, Mica, Columbium
3803 DMEA 6 MB BLM Lease L.A. 092358 SAN DIEGO CA Tungsten
3804 DMEA 11 MB Rusty Can Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3805 DMEA 6 MB Polar Star Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
3806 DMEA 5 MB Wild Tiger Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3807 DMEA 52 MB Dozer Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
3808 DMEA 10 MB Glass Buttes Prospect LAKE OR Mercury
3809 DMEA 45 MB Buckskin & Stain Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3810 DMEA 3 MB Peterson Pit FRESNO CA Rutile
3811 DMEA 12 MB Crab Oarchard Mine AVERY NC Mica
3812 DMEA 5 MB Cojade Mine LARIMER CO Beryl
3813 DMEA 17 MB Shuffle Vance Mine AVERY NC Mica
3814 DMEA 9 MB Sparks Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3815 DMEA 12 MB Hughes and Gouge Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3816 DMEA 14 MB Willis Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3817 DMEA 56 MB Helen May Mine FREMONT WY Uranium
3818 DMEA 3 MB Clark Creek Area UNICOI TN Manganese
3819 DMEA 4 MB Fremont Property LAKE OR Mercury
3820 DMEA 10 MB Brushy Basin SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3821 DMEA 15 MB Jim Riddle Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3822 DMEA 14 MB Black Bull Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3823 DMEA 14 MB Laws Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3824 DMEA 15 MB Wooden Shoe Buttes School Lease SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3825 DMEA 13 MB Hesby Edwards Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3826 DMEA 47 MB Bottom Dollar and Black Hornet Prospects SANTA FE NM Lead, Zinc
3827 DMEA 3 MB Robin & Bluebird Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3828 DMEA 8 MB Yellow King Claims WASHINGTON UT Mercury
3829 DMEA 17 MB Red Claims, et al. GRAND UT Uranium
3830 DMEA 52 MB Wright Lease JEFFERSON CO Uranium
3831 DMEA 32 MB Red Top Mine BRISTOL BAY AK Mercury
3832 DMEA 3 MB Frank Burleson Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3833 DMEA 8 MB Bill Green Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3834 DMEA 22 MB Pitchblend-Serviceberry Claim Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3835 DMEA 59 MB North Pumpkin Buttes Properties CAMPBELL WY Uranium
3836 DMEA 18 MB Cal-Alta (Blowout ) Mine WASHOE NV Tungsten
3837 DMEA 3 MB Moose Mica Mine CATAWBA NC Mica
3838 DMEA 15 MB Posey Claim Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3839 DMEA 7 MB Ed & Elk claim Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3840 DMEA 13 MB Keystone Claim Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
3841 DMEA 26 MB Little Susan,A & G, and Green Dragon Mines EMERY UT Uranium
3842 DMEA 12 MB Horace Phillips Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3843 DMEA 8 MB Mac & Wilkins Claims GRAND UT Uranium
3844 DMEA 9 MB S. Lisbon Valley Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3845 DMEA 2 MB School Section 36 GRAND UT Uranium
3846 DMEA 7 MB Hail Mary Group WAYNE UT Uranium
3847 DMEA <1 MB Truimph Mine BLAINE ID
3848 DMEA 6 MB Queen Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead
3849 DMEA 13 MB Stokes, Porter, and Dellinger Properties PLUMAS CA Uranium
3850 DMEA 9 MB Pacemaker Group GRANT NM Tungsten
3851 DMEA 8 MB El Rico Property NAVAJO AZ Uranium
3852 DMEA 41 MB Austin Claims COCHISE AZ Tungsten
3853 DMEA 9 MB Silver Reef Mine INYO CA Tungsten
3854 DMEA 34 MB Red Rock Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3855 DMEA 51 MB Hick's Dome HARDIN IL Thorium, Uranium, rare earths
3856 DMEA 15 MB Harris Mica Mine MACON NC Mica
3857 DMEA 30 MB L & H Mine GRAND UT Uranium
3858 DMEA Unavailable Nevada-Stewart Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
3859 DMEA 3 MB Carol Jane Claims MADERA CA Uranium
3860 DMEA 18 MB Geog Rock Mine YANCEY NC Mica
3861 DMEA 12 MB Jeff Howell Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3862 DMEA 17 MB Paramount Aubert Shaft PIUTE UT Uranium
3863 DMEA 4 MB Commodore Claim BLAINE ID Lead
3864 DMEA 9 MB Empire Mine CUSTER ID Copper
3865 DMEA 14 MB Hot Rock Prospect No. 1 HUDSPETH TX Uranium
3866 DMEA 120 MB Keystone Mine GUNNISON CO Lead, Zinc, Copper.
3867 DMEA 9 MB Jasper Group COCONINO AZ Uranium
3868 DMEA 44 MB Utah State Mineral Lease No. 5581 SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3869 DMEA 18 MB Sec. 1,2,3,13,15. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3870 DMEA 16 MB Sun Dog, et al. group of Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3871 DMEA 39 MB Bi-Valve Claims, et al. EMERY UT Uranium
3872 DMEA 3 MB Dan Jarrett Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3873 DMEA 4 MB Uranium Queen Group LA PLATA CO Uranium
3874 DMEA 5 MB Mystery Mine YAVAPAI AZ Uranium, Tungsten
3875 DMEA 7 MB Cirrus Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
3876 DMEA 7 MB Windy Group PIMA AZ Beryl
3877 DMEA 10 MB Jasper Smith Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3878 DMEA <1 MB Harrison Mine YOLO CA Mercury
3879 DMEA 67 MB Twin Peaks Mine LEMHI ID Lead, Zinc
3880 DMEA 49 MB Canoncito Area SANDOVAL NM Uranium
3881 DMEA 25 MB Tin Cup, Gypsy, and Big Ben Claims SAN JUAN CO Tungsten
3882 DMEA 13 MB Radiant Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, Monzanite
3883 DMEA 14 MB Sunlight Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3884 DMEA 17 MB Dark Star Mine RAVALLI MT Columbium, rare earths.
3885 DMEA 26 MB Dahl Uranium Mine SPOKANE WA Uranium
3886 DMEA 12 MB Silver Spur Mine MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3887 DMEA 41 MB Champaign and Coney Mines PARK CO Uranium
3888 DMEA 3 MB Bergman Mines IMPERIAL CA Uranium
3889 DMEA 7 MB Star of Hope Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
3890 DMEA 7 MB White Quartz Prospect FRESNO CA Quartz
3891 DMEA 5 MB Capuline No. 1 and Bunny Jim Calims CUSTER SD Uranium
3892 DMEA 14 MB Burr J. & Twist Groups GARFIELD UT Uranium
3893 DMEA 11 MB Goodman Mine YUMA AZ Uranium
3894 DMEA 16 MB Cunac Minreals Property FREMONT CO Thorium, Uranium, rare earths
3895 DMEA 4 MB Rockin Chair Group of Claims SANTA FE NM Beryl, Mica
3896 DMEA 201 MB Hot Rock Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3897 DMEA 37 MB Beth Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3898 DMEA 2 MB Hoodo Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
3899 DMEA 12 MB J.W. Boone Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3900 DMEA 3 MB Bounty Claims KANE UT Uranium
3901 DMEA 18 MB J.K. Buchanan Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3902 DMEA 10 MB Butte Lizard and Fossil Groups GARFIELD UT Uranium
3903 DMEA 5 MB Pajaro Azul Claims RIO ARRIBA NM Uranium
3904 DMEA 18 MB Shaffer Mine ASHE NC Mica
3905 DMEA 10 MB Rattlesnake and Cypress Claims GILA AZ Mercury
3906 DMEA 3 MB Bonita Uranium Mine NYE NV Uranium
3907 DMEA 7 MB Moonlight Calims No. 1 & 2 COCHISE AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
3908 DMEA 39 MB Joe Stevenson(W.C. Burleson) Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3909 DMEA 4 MB Moulton Mine AVERY NC Mica
3910 DMEA 11 MB Faircount Group BOULDER CO Tungsten
3911 DMEA <1 MB Copper Bluff Mine HUMBOLDT CA Copper
3912 DMEA 5 MB Maiden, Star, et al., group of Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3913 DMEA 57 MB Rough Rider No. 2 Claim WASHINGTON UT Uranium
3914 DMEA 6 MB South Randolph Mine ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
3915 DMEA 2 MB None Identified POLK AR Uranium
3916 DMEA 22 MB Word Mine TROUP GA Beryl
3917 DMEA 2 MB Audie Pitman Property MITCHELL NC Mica
3918 DMEA 14 MB Stephen Balliet Tract CARBON PA Uranium
3919 DMEA 66 MB Hoffmeister Prospect JEFFERSON CO Uranium
3920 DMEA 2 MB Desert View Claims VENTURA CA Uranium, Thorium, rare earths
3921 DMEA 6 MB Claim No. 1 WHATCOM WA Lead-Zinc, Copper
3922 DMEA 10 MB J.K. Irby Mica Mine MITCHELL NC Mica, nc
3923 DMEA 24 MB Zora, Sky, Fran, and Peanuts Group GILA AZ Uranium
3924 DMEA 42 MB Pat Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
3925 DMEA 6 MB Navajo and Big Emma Claims FREMONT CO Uranium
3926 DMEA 25 MB Branch Mine AVERY NC Mica
3927 DMEA 12 MB Lukachukai Property andHulse homestead SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3928 DMEA 80 MB Green River Claims EMERY UT Uranium
3929 DMEA 6 MB Hule Homestead SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3930 DMEA 17 MB Howard Smith Prospect AVERY NC Mica
3931 DMEA 4 MB Cottonwood Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3932 DMEA 11 MB Jack Lode Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
3933 DMEA 14 MB Simpson No. 1 plot APACHE AZ Uranium
3934 DMEA 13 MB Calamity creek Property MESA CO Uranium
3935 DMEA 56 MB Black Brush Claims GILA AZ Uranium
3936 DMEA 4 MB Vulture Calims PERSHING NV Mercury
3937 DMEA 23 MB Pipe Mountain Mercury Mine MARICOPA AZ Mercury
3938 DMEA 38 MB Log Cabin, Ridge, and Camp Claims CROOK OR Mercury
3939 DMEA 45 MB Sec.7,T13N,R9W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3940 DMEA 115 MB Outlet Mine MINERAL CO Lead, Zinc
3941 DMEA 10 MB Copper Mountain Claims BUTTE ID Copper
3942 DMEA 18 MB Doe Hill Mine AVERY NC Mica
3943 DMEA 58 MB Sec. 9,T13N,R9W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3944 DMEA 4 MB Johannesburg Mine SKAGIT WA Lead, Silver
3945 DMEA 20 MB Duke Mine UPSON GA Mica
3946 DMEA 7 MB Jenny Claims, et al. GUNNISON CO Uranium, Copper, Lead.
3947 DMEA 16 MB Bob Wise Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3948 DMEA 10 MB Pine Tree Claims MINERAL NV Copper
3949 DMEA 12 MB Gracie and King Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3950 DMEA 17 MB American eagle Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
3951 DMEA 5 MB Scarlet Lady Claim WASHINGTON UT Mercury
3952 DMEA 12 MB Mack-Lang Group, et al. FREMONT WY Uranium
3953 DMEA 16 MB Wally and B&B Groups SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3954 DMEA 46 MB Owl Hole Springs Property SAN BERNARDINO CA Manganese
3955 DMEA 3 MB Crystal Mine LINCOLN WA Tungsten
3956 DMEA 8 MB Solitaire and Jackpot Groups MONTROSE CO Uranium
3957 DMEA 3 MB Oriole Property PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
3958 DMEA 3 MB Dumb Mine ELKO NV Uranium
3959 DMEA 4 MB Christenson-Lane Claims PIMA AZ Tungsten
3960 DMEA 46 MB Friday Nickel Mine SAN DIEGO CA Nickel, Cobalt, Silver
3961 DMEA 18 MB Ellen and Pennell Claim Groups GARFIELD UT Uranium
3962 DMEA 62 MB Utah Mineral Lease No. 3971 GRAND UT Uranium
3963 DMEA 16 MB Congress Mine YAVAPAI AZ Uranium
3964 DMEA 10 MB Boulder Mercury Group JEFFERSON MT Uranium, Mercury
3965 DMEA 8 MB Frank Hough Mine OURAY CO Copper, Lead
3966 DMEA 53 MB Betty Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3967 DMEA 2 MB Mountain Pass-Birthday Claims Areas SAN BERNARDINO CA Monazite, Rare Earths
3968 DMEA Unavailable Rooster- Goose Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead, Zinc
3969 DMEA 1 MB Valley View Mine LEMHI ID Lead
3970 DMEA 6 MB A.B.C. No. 1 Property JEFFERSON MT Uranium, Thorium
3971 DMEA 8 MB Fred Robinson Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3972 DMEA 2 MB Thompson Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
3973 DMEA 11 MB Nipples, South Slope, et al. Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
3974 DMEA 16 MB Silver Reef Mines WASHINGTON UT Uranium
3975 DMEA 7 MB Windy Jim Claims MOHAVE AZ Uranium, Copper
3976 DMEA 21 MB Black Jack Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
3977 DMEA 4 MB Greyhill & Blue Rock Claims KERN CA Tungsten
3978 DMEA 4 MB Bobcat, Anchor A, and Alta Claims SAN BENITO CA Chromium
3979 DMEA 34 MB High and Mighty Claim GUNNISON CO Lead, Zinc, Copper, Uranium.
3980 DMEA 11 MB Little Sparkler Claims KERN CA Uranium
3981 DMEA 29 MB Pennsylvania Lode BOULDER CO Tungsten
3982 DMEA 32 MB Gormax Mine MINERAL CO Lead, Zinc
3983 DMEA 8 MB Third Chance Mine INYO CA Manganese
3984 DMEA 29 MB Desert Queen Mine and State Lease EMERY UT Uranium
3985 DMEA 5 MB Cliff House Claim Group MONTEZUMA CO Uranium
3986 DMEA 11 MB Queen Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3987 DMEA 3 MB Hoyles Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
3988 DMEA 13 MB Sec.1,T13N,R10 W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3989 DMEA 199 MB Sec. 29, T.13N., R.9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
3990 DMEA 31 MB Calamity Creek Claim Block MESA CO Uranium
3991 DMEA 45 MB Lost Brother Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
3992 DMEA 28 MB Trey and Cindy Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
3993 DMEA 16 MB U.S. & Lark Mines SALT LAKE UT Lead-Zinc
3994 DMEA 18 MB C & D Mine AVERY NC Mica
3995 DMEA 10 MB Horseshoe, Verde and Fault Claims MARICOPA AZ Uranium
3996 DMEA 87 MB Jackneese & Blackstone Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
3997 DMEA 2 MB R.L. Eaker Property GASTON NC Mica
3998 DMEA 3 MB Ramsey Mountain Prospect AUGUSTA VA Manganese
3999 DMEA 14 MB Willaha Hot Valley Properties COCONINO AZ Uranium
4000 DMEA 3 MB Apple Valley Mine RABUN GA Mica
4001 DMEA 3 MB Pitman Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4002 DMEA 17 MB Ferguson Mine MACON NC Mica
4003 DMEA 4 MB Cypress Group GILA AZ Mercury
4004 DMEA 15 MB Zealy TZO tract APACHE AZ Uranium
4005 DMEA 11 MB Kingpin Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
4006 DMEA 7 MB Mary Dee, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4007 DMEA 17 MB Seagraves Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
4008 DMEA 17 MB Lyle Knob Mine MACON NC Mica
4009 DMEA 7 MB White Signal Property GRANT NM Uranium
4010 DMEA 6 MB Raven Rock Quarry HUNTERDON NJ Uranium
4011 DMEA 5 MB Blue Star Propspect JACKSON OR Tungsten
4012 DMEA 4 MB Amber Queen Mine GOOCHLAND VA Mica
4013 DMEA 18 MB Letty Jones, et al., Properties SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4014 DMEA 8 MB Rocky Face MACON NC Mica
4015 DMEA 2 MB Houston Mine MACON NC Mica
4016 DMEA 1 MB Watauga Mine MACON NC Mica
4017 DMEA 60 MB Sec,10.T13N,R9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4018 DMEA 13 MB Greene Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4019 DMEA 12 MB Tract No. 1 UNION PA Columbite-Tantalite
4020 DMEA 10 MB Bobby Hughes Prospects No. 1 &2 AVERY NC Mica
4021 DMEA 10 MB Howard Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4022 DMEA 20 MB Riverside Claims OKANOGAN WA Uranium
4023 DMEA 20 MB Holland No. 1 & 2 Prospects JACKSON NC Mica
4024 DMEA <1 MB None Identified JACKSON NC Mica
4025 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Strike Claims CLEAR CREEK CO Uranium
4026 DMEA 21 MB Box Claims CONVERSE WY Uranium
4027 DMEA 9 MB Moab Mines Inc. school section claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4028 DMEA 4 MB Kingsrow Mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
4029 DMEA 4 MB Lottie Claims NYE NV Mercury
4030 DMEA 8 MB Silver Bell Mine LEWIS AND CLARK MT Copper, Lead
4031 DMEA 8 MB Bear Point No. 1, et al, Calims GRAND UT Uranium
4032 DMEA 3 MB Autunite Uranium Placer and Lode Claims TUOLUMNE CA Uranium
4033 DMEA 10 MB Golcoda Mine MOHAVE AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
4034 DMEA 6 MB Rattlesnake Mountain Group DEL NORTE CA Nickel
4035 DMEA 4 MB Mars 2 and 3 Claims SAN MIGUEL NM Uranium
4036 DMEA 4 MB Chief Joseph Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Copper
4037 DMEA 6 MB Lily Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
4038 DMEA 7 MB Clyde Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
4039 DMEA 2 MB Ashebrook Property JACKSON NC Mica
4040 DMEA 2 MB Baker Property MITCHELL NC Mica
4041 DMEA 111 MB Owtlaw, et al., Claims MESA CO Uranium
4042 DMEA 5 MB Fortuna Lode Claims OURAY CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4043 DMEA 5 MB Lucky Boy and Scat Claims GRAND UT Uranium
4044 DMEA 6 MB M.K. Mining Co. Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4045 DMEA 3 MB McKinney Mine FANNIN GA Manganese
4046 DMEA 7 MB Cedar Cliff Claims, et al. MESA CO Uranium
4047 DMEA 122 MB Clyde, Marsh, And Longport Claim Group FREMONT WY Uranium
4048 DMEA 5 MB Radium Cycle Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
4049 DMEA 3 MB Copper Find Mine STEVENS WA Copper
4050 DMEA 84 MB Jordan Mine MALHEUR OR Mercury
4051 DMEA 200 MB American Syndicate JEFFERSON NY Lead-Zinc, Copper
4052 DMEA 247 MB 50K acres in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois.

Lead-Zinc, Copper
4053 DMEA 4 MB Sunset Group of Claims GUNNISON CO Uranium
4054 DMEA 13 MB Horsethief Canyon Property EMERY UT Uranium
4055 DMEA 28 MB Leaning Locust Mine AVERY NC Mica
4056 DMEA 2 MB April and Butte Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4057 DMEA 6 MB Centroid Consolidated Mine YUMA AZ Copper
4058 DMEA 2 MB Victory, Lulu B., And Gold Leaf lode Claims BOULDER CO Uranium
4059 DMEA 9 MB Greasy Spoon Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
4060 DMEA 9 MB Panther Mountain Mine MACON NC Copper, Zinc
4061 DMEA 16 MB Cliff Claims GARFIELD UT Uranium
4062 DMEA 1 MB Iron Lode Mine LEMHI ID Copper
4063 DMEA 8 MB Simmons & Simmons No. 1 & 2 AVERY NC Uranium
4064 DMEA 3 MB Big Hunch, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
4065 DMEA 1 MB Hamby Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
4066 DMEA 13 MB Blackwater Claim SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4067 DMEA 15 MB Johnson Mine ASHE NC Mica
4068 DMEA 4 MB Beryl No. 2 LARIMER CO Beryl, Tungsten, Mica.
4069 DMEA 40 MB North Rattlesnake Mine SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4070 DMEA 178 MB Sec.32.T14N,R9W.;Sec.36.T14N,R10W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4071 DMEA 9 MB Philura Group of Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
4072 DMEA 9 MB No. 2 & 4 Mines BOULDER CO Tungsten
4073 DMEA 334 MB Beaver Mesa Group MESA CO Uranium
4074 DMEA 32 MB Copper Chief Mine DOUGLAS NV Copper
4075 DMEA 4 MB Weaver Property GASTON NC Mica
4076 DMEA 8 MB Southmost Claims FREMONT CO Uranium
4077 DMEA 2 MB Irby Cut Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4078 DMEA 1 MB Taylor Prospect MACON NC Copper
4079 DMEA 2 MB Snow Creek Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4080 DMEA 27 MB McBee Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4081 DMEA 17 MB Leatherman Prospect LINCOLN NC Mica
4082 DMEA 52 MB Tepee Prospect FALL RIVER SD Uranium
4083 DMEA 30 MB West Pat Dat Mine SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4084 DMEA 19 MB Freeman Group SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4085 DMEA 4 MB Blackeye and Chalk Mtn. Claims PLUMAS CA Uranium
4086 DMEA 30 MB Gray Horse Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4087 DMEA 3 MB Rose Group SIERRA CA Tungsten
4088 DMEA <1 MB Bright Star Group INYO CA Tungsten
4089 DMEA 6 MB El Paso, Topsy Too, and Cherie Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4090 DMEA 34 MB LaSota Jones Property PEND OREILLE WA Lead-Zinc
4091 DMEA 9 MB Ura Group BLAINE ID Tungsten
4092 DMEA 165 MB Balaklala Mine SHASTA CA Copper, Zinc
4093 DMEA 12 MB Rare Claims 1-12 DEL NORTE CA Nickel, Cobalt, Chrome
4094 DMEA 22 MB Burleson and Gouge Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4095 DMEA 3 MB Black Lizzard Property SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4096 DMEA 18 MB Pan American Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc
4097 DMEA 61 MB Bristol Silver Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
4098 DMEA 4 MB Great Cross Cut Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
4099 DMEA 3 MB Yellow Race Group MESA CO Uranium
4100 DMEA 81 MB Tip Top Mine DEER LODGE MT Tungsten, Silver, Lead, Copper
4101 DMEA 26 MB Divide Claims 25-28 inclusive MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4102 DMEA 6 MB Surprise Claim KERN CA Uranium
4103 DMEA 7 MB Copper Kid Claims MARICOPA AZ Uranium
4104 DMEA 18 MB Black Knight and Billikn Claims JEFFERSON CO Uranium
4105 DMEA 23 MB Wild Cove Mine MACON NC Mica
4106 DMEA 7 MB Nickel Claims BAKER OR Nickel, Tungsten
4107 DMEA 55 MB Cox Lease FALLON MT Uranium
4108 DMEA 4 MB Mexican Seep Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4109 DMEA 2 MB Weland and Eight Spot Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Nickel
4110 DMEA 2 MB Coy Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4111 DMEA 14 MB Dolly Hyde Mine FREDERICK MD Copper
4112 DMEA 1 MB Randolph Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4113 DMEA 8 MB Rain Shower, et al., Calims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4114 DMEA 4 MB Garnet Claims ELKO NV Tungsten
4115 DMEA <1 MB Abbott Mine LAKE CA Mercury
4116 DMEA 3 MB Copper Valley Claims PIMA AZ Copper
4117 DMEA 5 MB Joan and LA Preal Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4118 DMEA 8 MB Sparks & Stone Mine SAN MIGUEL NM Uranium
4119 DMEA 89 MB Morristown Sector, Talbott Area JEFFERSON TN Zinc
4120 DMEA 20 MB Blue Jay Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4121 DMEA 1 MB Hesby Edwards Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4122 DMEA 65 MB Mt. Jackson Mine SONOMA CA Mercury
4123 DMEA 8 MB Arizona and Shins Claims WASHINGTON UT Uranium
4124 DMEA 3 MB Willis Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4125 DMEA 102 MB Peters and Boyd Permits STEVENS WA Uranium
4126 DMEA 205 MB Strawberry Plains Area JEFFERSON TN Zinc
4127 DMEA 21 MB Doe Hill No. 2 Mine AVERY NC Mica
4128 DMEA 7 MB Sec. 21-22,T36N,R37E. FERRY WA Uranium
4129 DMEA <1 MB Nowich Mine SILVER BOW MT Manganese
4130 DMEA 19 MB Red Devil Mine SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4131 DMEA 7 MB Ilena and La Preal Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4132 DMEA 5 MB Branchville Mine Fairfield CT Uranium
4133 DMEA 8 MB American Sydicate JEFFERSON NY Lead-Zinc, Copper
4134 DMEA 8 MB Old Susie Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4135 DMEA 10 MB Eureka Claims, etal. GARFIELD UT Uranium
4136 DMEA 60 MB Ruth K. Group MONTROSE CO Uranium
4137 DMEA 10 MB Sec.32.T38S, R22E. SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4138 DMEA 38 MB Dora Mine SAN JUAN CO Tungsten, Lead, Copper
4139 DMEA 7 MB Ring Comb Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4140 DMEA 2 MB Clyde Sparks Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4141 DMEA 2 MB Dewey McKinney Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4142 DMEA 8 MB Golden Queen Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
4143 DMEA 2 MB Lot No. 309 WHITFIELD GA Uranium
4144 DMEA 10 MB Piper, Shamrock, Kingpin group. MONTROSE CO Uranium
4145 DMEA 12 MB George Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4146 DMEA 2 MB Sol Boone Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4147 DMEA 27 MB Old Buchanan Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4148 DMEA 14 MB Kuck Strike Claims LARIMER CO Uranium
4149 DMEA 13 MB Hope Group GRAND UT Uranium
4150 DMEA 15 MB Claude Blanton Property RUTHERFORD NC Mica
4151 DMEA 41 MB Sprague lease SPOKANE WA Uranium
4152 DMEA 12 MB Ed Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4153 DMEA 111 MB Independence and Lawson Areas HANCOCK TN Zinc
4154 DMEA 5 MB Birch Mine AVERY NC Mica
4155 DMEA 9 MB Toyon Mine NAPA CA Mercury
4156 DMEA 51 MB Sec17,18,20,27,30,31.T14N,R9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4157 DMEA 2 MB William Wiseman Mine AVERY NC Mica
4158 DMEA 9 MB Sunset Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
4159 DMEA 15 MB Joe Lingagng Property LIVINGSTON KY Fluorspar
4160 DMEA 3 MB Taft, et al., Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4161 DMEA 4 MB Sec. 21-22,T36S, R25 E DE SOTO FL Uranium, Thorium
4162 DMEA 12 MB Hoffman Group GILES VA Manganese
4163 DMEA 1 MB Fields Prospect AVERY NC Mica
4164 DMEA 1 MB Wiseman Prospect AVERY NC Mica
4165 DMEA 52 MB Nevada Scheelite Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten
4166 DMEA 6 MB Hualapai Indian Lands COCONINO AZ Uranium
4167 DMEA 18 MB John Group GRAND UT Uranium
4168 DMEA 3 MB Littles Prospect No. 1 & 2 ASHE NC Mica
4169 DMEA 5 MB N half of New Moose and Moose No. 1 Claims NYE NV Tungsten
4170 DMEA 7 MB Rustler Mine BLAINE ID Uranium
4171 DMEA 2 MB Holliday Mine SANDERS MT Lead-Zinc, Copper
4172 DMEA 7 MB Holliday & Falcon Claims MINERAL NV Uranium
4173 DMEA 78 MB James-Woodruff area WYTHE VA Zinc
4174 DMEA 37 MB Porter Ore Bank Area SMYTH VA Zinc
4175 DMEA 5 MB Owyhee Mercury Property OWYHEE ID Mercury
4176 DMEA 5 MB W.H.N. Prospect ST LOUIS MN Uranium
4177 DMEA 126 MB Eidson Area HAWKINS TN Zinc
4178 DMEA 60 MB Beaver Creek Area SMYTH VA Zinc
4179 DMEA 8 MB Roger No. 1 & 2 Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4180 DMEA 37 MB Sec. 12.T14N,R10W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4181 DMEA 22 MB Clinkscales Mine No. 2 ABBEVILLE SC Mica
4182 DMEA 307 MB George and Ver Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4183 DMEA 1 MB Elliot Prospect UPSON GA Mica
4184 DMEA 49 MB Ames, Ann & Ray Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4185 DMEA 7 MB Broken Ridge Property CLARK NV Uranium
4186 DMEA 55 MB Harrison Mine YOLO CA Mercury
4187 DMEA 11 MB Black Rock, et al., Claims CUSTER ID Lead
4188 DMEA 2 MB Abe Beam Mine AVERY NC Mica
4189 DMEA 2 MB Sam Huskins Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4190 DMEA 2 MB Anchor Claims ELKO NV Uranium
4191 DMEA 56 MB White Swan, et al., Groups INYO CA Uranium
4192 DMEA 7 MB Edna Group STEVENS WA Copper
4193 DMEA 11 MB Rattlesnake Copper mine BUTTE ID Copper
4194 DMEA 27 MB Shawano Poison Basin Mine CARBON WY Uranium, Selenium
4195 DMEA 6 MB Highland Claims IRON UT Copper
4196 DMEA 5 MB Gateway Claims MINERAL CO Copper, Lead
4197 DMEA 6 MB Gail, et al., Claims RIO ARRIBA NM Uranium
4198 DMEA 1 MB Sec,24.T2S,R71W. JEFFERSON CO Uranium
4199 DMEA 1 MB Pressley Property JACKSON NC Mica
4200 DMEA 6 MB Raby Mica Mine MACON NC Mica
4201 DMEA 88 MB Dirty Devil Mine EMERY UT Uranium
4202 DMEA 8 MB The Dot Group LEMHI ID Uranium
4203 DMEA 36 MB Willow Creek Group GUNNISON CO Uranium
4204 DMEA 4 MB Lingerfeldt Property GASTON NC Mica
4205 DMEA 14 MB Halol Mine JACKSON NC Mica
4206 DMEA 31 MB John Browm, et al., groups MESA CO Uranium
4207 DMEA 29 MB Mercury Mine LANDER NV Mercury
4208 DMEA 4 MB Iron Crown Group UINTAH UT Copper, Lead
4209 DMEA 299 MB Strawberry Plains Project JEFFERSON TN Zinc
4210 DMEA 12 MB North Slope and Oral Claim Groups EMERY UT Uranium
4211 DMEA 15 MB Wild Horse Mine BURNET TX Uranium
4212 DMEA 14 MB Mt. Hillers Property GARFIELD UT Uranium
4213 DMEA 2 MB Landers Mine AVERY NC Mica
4214 DMEA 70 MB San Pedro Mine SANTA FE NM Copper
4215 DMEA 4 MB Bear Creek Mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
4216 DMEA 150 MB Hamme Mine VANCE NC Tungsten
4217 DMEA 12 MB Liberated Quicksilver Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
4218 DMEA 12 MB Mecca, Star, Mine Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4219 DMEA 4 MB Higher Up Claims YUMA AZ Copper
4220 DMEA 2 MB Calumet Claims SNOHOMISH WA Copper
4221 DMEA 126 MB Peach & Elgin Mines PIMA AZ Copper
4222 DMEA 39 MB Big Joe Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4223 DMEA 42 MB Shadow Creek Property MADERA CA Lead-Zinc, Copper
4224 DMEA 13 MB ClarkMine JACKSON NC Mica
4225 DMEA 3 MB Indian Creek Group SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4226 DMEA 2 MB Shoemaker Mine MACON NC Mica
4227 DMEA 8 MB Wahketa Mine LARIMER CO Uranium
4228 DMEA 55 MB Wah Wah Mine BEAVER UT Lead-Zinc
4229 DMEA 3 MB Ledford Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4230 DMEA 2 MB BurlesonRiver Mine MACON NC Mica
4231 DMEA 2 MB Tom Singleton Mine AVERY NC Mica
4232 DMEA 15 MB May Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4233 DMEA 6 MB Winne Group and Maren sophie Group KERN CA Tungsten
4234 DMEA 1 MB Bridges Prospect GASTON NC Mica, Beryl
4235 DMEA 27 MB Okan Mine MESA CO Uranium
4236 DMEA 13 MB White Cloud Claims PENNINGTON SD Uranium
4237 DMEA 14 MB Briggs Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4238 DMEA 12 MB Dalton Mine MACON NC Mica
4239 DMEA 25 MB Roby Prospect MITCHELL NC Manganese
4240 DMEA 39 MB Stormy Day, et al., Groups PERSHING NV Tungsten
4241 DMEA 4 MB Blue Brute Claims CHAFFEE CO Beryl
4242 DMEA 28 MB Privateer Mine JUAB UT Lead-Zinc
4243 DMEA 5 MB Mineral Deposit Claim LEWIS AND CLARK MT Uranium
4244 DMEA 37 MB Red Butte Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4245 DMEA 8 MB Danny Group SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
4246 DMEA 12 MB Red Hot Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4247 DMEA 12 MB Hesby Edwards Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4248 DMEA 13 MB Grover Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4249 DMEA 43 MB Sorrel Horse and Citation Claims GILA AZ Uranium
4250 DMEA 9 MB Hot Spot Claim, et al. IRON UT Uranium
4251 DMEA 46 MB Big Indian, et al., Claims SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4252 DMEA 17 MB Lookout, et al., Claims SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4253 DMEA 6 MB Shurshot Claims SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4254 DMEA 1 MB Lookout, et al., Claims SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4255 DMEA 2 MB Welch Mine MACON NC Mica
4256 DMEA No scan Del., et al., Claims Groups JOHNSON WY Uranium
4257 DMEA 5 MB Bell Cross Claims CUSTER ID Uranium
4258 DMEA 9 MB Burwell Prospects VANCE NC Tungsten
4259 DMEA 19 MB Trix and Cora Claims CAMPBELL WY Uranium
4260 DMEA 16 MB North Markey Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4261 DMEA 7 MB Starlight Mine GRAHAM AZ Copper, Lead, Zinc
4262 DMEA 3 MB Copper queen Mine CUSTER ID Copper, Lead
4263 DMEA 68 MB Black Butte Mine LANE OR Mercury
4264 DMEA 16 MB Fox,Silver Cloud, and Butte Claims ELKO NV Mercury
4265 DMEA 3 MB Canary Claims PIUTE UT Uranium
4266 DMEA 2 MB Jones Prospect JACKSON NC Mica
4267 DMEA 2 MB Cain Property RUTHERFORD NC Mica
4268 DMEA 20 MB Murphy Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4269 DMEA 24 MB O2 Ranch PRESIDIO TX Uranium
4270 DMEA 6 MB Gerelco Mine MERCED CA Rutile, Brookite, Uranium.
4271 DMEA 2 MB Parrish Mine MACON NC Mica
4272 DMEA 9 MB Rocky Mountain Goat Mine LEMHI ID Copper
4273 DMEA 5 MB Hilltop Mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
4274 DMEA 7 MB Auga Torres Mine SOCORRO NM Uranium
4275 DMEA 14 MB Rubydale and Lee Groups MESA CO Uranium
4276 DMEA 108 MB Dailey Copper Mine JEFFERSON MT Copper
4277 DMEA 14 MB Sein Fein Mine GRAHAM AZ Lead-Zinc
4278 DMEA 3 MB Amsden and Hellbroth Claims BIG HORN WY Uranium
4279 DMEA 2 MB Central Kentucky Mine MERCER KY Fluorspar
4280 DMEA 35 MB Warm Springs Creek CUSTER ID Monazite, Thorium,Columbium, Tantalum
4281 DMEA 61 MB Ruby Bell, et al. Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4282 DMEA 8 MB Runge Lease FALL RIVER SD Uranium, `
4283 DMEA 4 MB Bee Tree Mine No.1 TRANSYLVANIA NC Mica
4284 DMEA 3 MB Ingram Tract HARDIN IL Zinc
4285 DMEA 3 MB Thunderbird Claims SEVIER UT Uranium
4286 DMEA 104 MB The Big War Area HAWKINS TN Zinc
4287 DMEA 25 MB Jay Bird and Sun Valley Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium
4288 DMEA 11 MB ML-7421 GARFIELD UT Uranium
4289 DMEA 11 MB Sam Group COCONINO AZ Uranium
4290 DMEA 4 MB Brandon Mining Claims MALHEUR OR Mercury
4291 DMEA 6 MB Foolproof Claim CUSTER ID Uranium
4292 DMEA 6 MB Saltese Metals Mine MINERAL MT Copper
4293 DMEA 6 MB Beasley Mine No.2 MACON NC Mica
4294 DMEA 46 MB La Sal Project SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4295 DMEA 2 MB Springfield Group GRANT NM Uranium, Copper
4296 DMEA 7 MB The Guanomi Mine WASHOE NV Copper, Molybdenum
4297 DMEA 2 MB Sec.1T39N,R41E STEVENS WA Uranium, Lead
4298 DMEA 3 MB Big Andy Mine AVERY NC Mica
4299 DMEA 3 MB Big Apple Mine AVERY NC Mica
4300 DMEA 15 MB Early Morn Mine SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
4301 DMEA 31 MB Climax Mine NYE NV Tungsten
4302 DMEA 4 MB Grizzly Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
4303 DMEA 8 MB Min-505, Min-511 State Lease PIMA AZ Uranium
4304 DMEA 8 MB Sec.29.T32N,R5E. PAWNEE OK Uranium
4305 DMEA 14 MB E.B. Wood Mine HART GA Mica
4306 DMEA 2 MB Jupiter Mine MACON NC Mica
4307 DMEA 4 MB Bailey Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4308 DMEA 8 MB Skyline Group LEMHI ID Uranium
4309 DMEA 5 MB Blue Bird,et al., Claims LINCOLN NV Uranium
4310 DMEA 51 MB Killion Mine LUNA NM Manganese
4311 DMEA 27 MB Ralston Creel Mine JEFFERSON CO Uranium
4312 DMEA 47 MB Rattlesnake Mine BRISCOE TX Uranium
4313 DMEA 24 MB Mitchell Branch Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4314 DMEA <1 MB Pitman tract MITCHELL NC Mica
4315 DMEA 3 MB Cornhusker Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
4316 DMEA 4 MB Polecat Claims GRAND UT Uranium
4317 DMEA 93 MB Sun Dog, et al., Group of Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4318 DMEA 2 MB Peggy Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4319 DMEA 4 MB Threadgill Boundary Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4320 DMEA 14 MB Silver King SALT LAKE UT Lead-Zinc
4321 DMEA 5 MB Headache and Sage Groups EMERY UT Uranium
4322 DMEA 2 MB Wilson Mine RUTHERFORD NC Mica
4323 DMEA 21 MB Hope Group of Claims GILA AZ Uranium
4324 DMEA 74 MB Freedman Lease and Sanders Lease (Grapevine Mine) JEFFERSON CO Uranium
4325 DMEA 7 MB Cove, Danaher, and McFall Claim Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4326 DMEA 2 MB Florence D. Young Property MITCHELL NC Mica
4327 DMEA 1 MB Mooerfield Mine STOKES NC Mica
4328 DMEA 36 MB Lightning Group Claims FREMONT CO Uranium
4329 DMEA 6 MB Condor, et al., Groups WASHINGTON UT Uranium
4330 DMEA 19 MB Echo Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4331 DMEA 16 MB Canyon Group, et al. FALL RIVER SD Uranium
4332 DMEA 23 MB John Prospect AVERY NC Mica
4333 DMEA 5 MB Dead Cedar Mine ELKO NV Copper
4334 DMEA 91 MB White Horse Mine GRANITE MT Manganese
4335 DMEA 3 MB Claude Scott Mine MACON NC Mica
4336 DMEA 4 MB Avery Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4337 DMEA 38 MB Hawk Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4338 DMEA 10 MB Maulden Mine, et al. BEAVERHEAD MT Copper, Lead, Zinc
4339 DMEA 5 MB Mash, Burgess, and Alonzo Bare Heirs Tract ASHE NC Mica
4340 DMEA 5 MB R.S.T. Group of Claims EL DORADO CA Uranium
4341 DMEA 10 MB Setser Prospect MACON NC Mica
4342 DMEA 31 MB Buena Vista Quicksilver Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
4343 DMEA 16 MB San Juan Mine GRAHAM AZ Copper
4344 DMEA 5 MB Hall Miuntain No1 BOUNDARY ID Thorium
4345 DMEA 5 MB Hot Group Claims PERSHING NV Mercury
4346 DMEA 5 MB Joe Group of Claims PERSHING NV Mercury
4347 DMEA 71 MB Friendly Neighbor and Sage Groups SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4348 DMEA 17 MB El Cajon Mine SAN BENITO CA Mercury
4349 DMEA 6 MB Specimen Hill Mine MARIPOSA CA Copper, Nickel, Cobalt
4350 DMEA 3 MB Vera Stapleton Property MITCHELL NC Mica
4351 DMEA 13 MB Bray No. 1 Prospect HART GA Mica
4352 DMEA 5 MB Buffalo No1 and Pine Claims BOULDER CO Uranium
4353 DMEA <1 MB Pat Prodpect YANCEY NC Mica
4354 DMEA 5 MB Humdiger Group MESA CO Uranium
4355 DMEA 9 MB E & H Jelly Roll Mine GILPIN CO Uranium
4356 DMEA 4 MB Heavy Stone Lode TELLER CO Tungsten
4357 DMEA 2 MB Iron Mountain Claims IDAHO ID Thorium, Uranium
4358 DMEA 19 MB Projects 1A,1B,1C. HARDIN IL Fluorspar, Lead, Zinc
4359 DMEA 10 MB Projects 1A,1B,1C. HARDIN IL Fluorspar, Lead,Zinc.
4360 DMEA 10 MB Projects 1A,2B,3C. HARDIN IL Fluorspar, Lead, Zinc
4361 DMEA 3 MB Burleson mica Mine MACON NC Mica
4362 DMEA 17 MB Old Texas Claim SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4363 DMEA 68 MB John Brown Claims Group MESA CO Uranium
4364 DMEA 6 MB Bright Future Claims SAN BENITO CA Chromium
4365 DMEA 2 MB Nate Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4366 DMEA 50 MB Smothers Property IDAHO ID Fluorspar
4367 DMEA 2 MB Diamond Mountain Claims MOFFAT CO Uranium
4368 DMEA 7 MB Lucy M Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4369 DMEA 3 MB Sheep Knob Mine MACON NC Mica
4370 DMEA 2 MB Summit king Property ELKO NV Lead
4371 DMEA 9 MB Bright Star Claims INYO CA Tungsten
4372 DMEA 36 MB Ben Belt Property CRITTENDEN KY Fluorspar
4373 DMEA 17 MB Red Spruce, et al., Claims BOULDER CO Uranium
4374 DMEA 2 MB God's Gift Group GRAND CO Uranium, Mica, Copper
4375 DMEA 7 MB Drakes Creek Property WARREN KY Uranium
4376 DMEA 7 MB Longhorn & Dexter Claims HUMBOLDT NV Mercury
4377 DMEA 1 MB Davis Property CLEVELAND NC Mica
4378 DMEA 2 MB Brooks Mine RUTHERFORD NC Mica
4379 DMEA 11 MB Navajo Tribal Tracts 20 & 22 NAVAJO AZ Uranium
4380 DMEA 4 MB Ream Claims RIVERSIDE CA Uranium
4381 DMEA 68 MB Indian Creek Area GRAINGER TN Zinc
4382 DMEA 3 MB Lucky Strike, et al., Calims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4383 DMEA 3 MB Lucy Gray Group CLARK NV Tin
4384 DMEA 8 MB Non contiguous leased lands VAN BUREN AR Uranium
4385 DMEA 7 MB New Hope Claims LARIMER CO Beryl, Tantalum, Uranium, Columbium.
4386 DMEA 5 MB Hank Claims CAMPBELL WY Uranium
4387 DMEA 13 MB Wilson Prospect JACKSON NC Mica
4388 DMEA 20 MB Arnold Young Property MITCHELL NC Mica
4389 DMEA 41 MB Mann No 1 Mine JEFFERSON CO Uranium
4390 DMEA 7 MB Albany Claim ALBANY WY Uranium
4391 DMEA 2 MB Hoyle Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4392 DMEA 82 MB Channel & Markey Mine SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4393 DMEA 40 MB New Canton Area BUCKINGHAM VA Copper, Zinc
4394 DMEA 21 MB Dead Horse Point Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4395 DMEA 2 MB Howell mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4396 DMEA 3 MB Hectorfield Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4397 DMEA 2 MB Leasehold various counties VARIOUS COUNTIES NC Mica
4398 DMEA 2 MB Bingo Lode Claims KERN CA Antimony
4399 DMEA 10 MB Turbyfill Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4400 DMEA 1 MB Pink Horse Claims ELKO NV Uranium
4401 DMEA 6 MB Abby Group of Claims RIO ARRIBA NM Uranium
4402 DMEA 1 MB Little Andrews Creek Placer OKANOGAN WA Platinum
4403 DMEA 1 MB Sec.36.T17N,R88W. CARBON WY Uranium
4404 DMEA 10 MB Sunbeam Mine JUAB UT Copper, Lead , Zinc.
4405 DMEA 18 MB Decaturville Dome Area LACLEDE MO Uranium, Thorium, Mica, rare earths, Lead, and Zinc.
4406 DMEA 4 MB Hector-McNeill Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4407 DMEA 1 MB Charlie Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4408 DMEA 1 MB Forney Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4409 DMEA 67 MB April, Butte, and Canyon Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4410 DMEA 5 MB Rough Rider & Lapidaire Group WASHINGTON UT Uranium
4411 DMEA 37 MB Sec.6,T13N,R9W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4412 DMEA 29 MB Triumph Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
4413 DMEA 12 MB Nonpareil Quicksilver Mine DOUGLAS OR Mercury
4414 DMEA 2 MB Clinch Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4415 DMEA 3 MB Leturno Group GILA AZ Asbestos
4416 DMEA 8 MB Copper Chief Claims GRAHAM AZ Copper
4417 DMEA 15 MB Copper Camp Mine VALLEY ID Copper
4418 DMEA 3 MB R.P.Greene Mica Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4419 DMEA 5 MB Extension Claims WASHINGTON UT Uranium
4420 DMEA 70 MB Picolo Pete, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4421 DMEA 4 MB Duffield-Mcarthur Property WASHINGTON TN Thorium
4422 DMEA 54 MB Thorn Hill Area HAMBLEN TN Zinc
4423 DMEA 10 MB Slippery Elm Mine AVERY NC Mica
4424 DMEA 5 MB Copper Spot Claims SEVIER UT Uranium
4425 DMEA 54 MB Aladdin Mine ELKO NV Lead, Copper
4426 DMEA 12 MB Ball Point Claims, et al. MONTROSE CO Uranium
4427 DMEA 9 MB Roger, Mike, et al., Claims MESA CO Uranium
4428 DMEA 11 MB Mother Lode Quicksilver Mine CROOK OR Mercury
4429 DMEA 19 MB Canyon Claim Group, et al. GARFIELD UT Uranium
4430 DMEA 6 MB Old Morris Putman Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4431 DMEA 11 MB Back Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
4432 DMEA 2 MB Ivy Knob Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4433 DMEA 10 MB Buckeye Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4434 DMEA 12 MB Independence Claims CROOK OR Mercury
4435 DMEA 6 MB Zinniman Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4436 DMEA 5 MB Four Metals Group OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
4437 DMEA 7 MB Monarch Mine POWELL MT Uranium, Copper , Lead
4438 DMEA 3 MB Bonnie Group FERRY WA Uranium
4439 DMEA 10 MB Ed Burleson Prospect AVERY NC Mica
4440 DMEA 6 MB Ontario & Pearl Groups MALHEUR OR Mercury
4441 DMEA 2 MB Red Mine Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4442 DMEA 3 MB Sec11.T14N,R10W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4443 DMEA 5 MB Eminence Area SHANNON MO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4444 DMEA 11 MB Hensley Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4445 DMEA 8 MB Little Joe Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium, Copper
4446 DMEA 21 MB Elizabeth Group MESA CO Uranium
4447 DMEA 59 MB Texas-Almaden Mine BREWSTER TX Mercury
4448 DMEA 14 MB Johnson Mine AVERY NC Mica
4449 DMEA 21 MB Boone Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4450 DMEA 1 MB Barbara Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4451 DMEA 2 MB Rock Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4452 DMEA 9 MB New Yorker Group of Claims YUMA AZ Copper
4453 DMEA 16 MB Upper Clark Mine JACKSON NC Mica
4454 DMEA 3 MB Frank Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4455 DMEA 6 MB Emma Group VALLEY ID Manganese, Tungsten
4456 DMEA 7 MB Estes Bell and Hilltop Groups LARIMER CO Uranium, Manganese,Thorium and rare earths
4457 DMEA 3 MB Billy Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4458 DMEA 4 MB Integral Quicksilver Mine TRINITY CA Mercury
4459 DMEA 8 MB Castle Peak Mercury Mine STOREY NV Mercury
4460 DMEA 8 MB Sec. 11.T27N,R37E. STEVENS WA Uranium
4461 DMEA 14 MB Caledonian Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4462 DMEA 19 MB Dives-Pelican Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
4463 DMEA 9 MB Riddle Prospects No. 1,2 & 3 YANCEY NC Mica
4464 DMEA 8 MB Silver Falls, Whale, and T-Boy Tunnel Site Claims SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc
4465 DMEA 4 MB Blackbird 1,2, and 3 Claims JOSEPHINE OR Chromium
4466 DMEA 3 MB Barela Ranch SOCORRO NM Manganese
4467 DMEA 2 MB Crouch Property RUTHERFORD NC Mica
4468 DMEA 4 MB White Phantom Claims MONO CA Tungsten
4469 DMEA 3 MB Sundown and Sunrise Claims SAN DIEGO CA Tungsten
4470 DMEA 8 MB Diamond Claims, et al. BOULDER CO Uranium
4471 DMEA 10 MB Kanarad and Little Maverick Claims MESA CO Uranium
4472 DMEA 10 MB Bill Prospect No. 1 MITCHELL NC Mica
4473 DMEA 11 MB Pete Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4474 DMEA 3 MB The Big Mine AVERY NC Mica
4475 DMEA 2 MB Wilburn Claims YUMA AZ Uranium, Manganese, Tantalum.
4476 DMEA 56 MB Hazel Mine CULBERSON TX Copper
4477 DMEA 4 MB Blackhawk, et al Claims Group SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc
4478 DMEA 8 MB Karcher and Stebbins Mines CHEROKEE KS Lead-Zinc
4479 DMEA 3 MB Big Copper No. 1,2 and 3 Claims CUSTER ID Copper, Lead,Zinc.
4480 DMEA 25 MB Cook Prospect MISSOULA MT Manganese
4481 DMEA 11 MB Cah Deal, et al., Claims MESA CO Fluorspar
4482 DMEA 4 MB Hangover Claims, et al. MOFFAT CO Uranium
4483 DMEA 14 MB North Meadow Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
4484 DMEA 4 MB Ameil, et al., Claims MONO CA Tungsten
4485 DMEA 4 MB Hannapah Mine NYE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
4486 DMEA 11 MB Crip Ogle Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4487 DMEA 13 MB Mauldin Mine UPSON GA Mica
4488 DMEA 4 MB Defence Mine INYO CA Lead-Zinc
4489 DMEA 6 MB Redwing Mercury Mine MINERAL NV Mercury
4490 DMEA 6 MB Wilma Claims GILPIN CO Molybdenum
4491 DMEA 16 MB Pittman Tract MITCHELL NC Mica
4492 DMEA 5 MB Treasure Trove, et al., Claims OURAY CO Uranium, Copper
4493 DMEA 4 MB DHP and Ruby Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4494 DMEA 82 MB Jonnie Mae Group Of Claims MESA CO Uranium
4495 DMEA 3 MB Clayton View Claims CUSTER ID Lead
4496 DMEA 2 MB NRA Claims SHASTA CA Copper, Asbestos
4497 DMEA 11 MB The Dinkey Line Mica Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4498 DMEA 6 MB Misery Mine, et al., Claim Groups FREMONT CO Uranium
4499 DMEA 4 MB Paran Hill, et al., Claims SIERRA NM Uranium
4500 DMEA 12 MB Chestnut Branch Mica Propect MITCHELL NC Mica, nc
4501 DMEA No scan Little Sparkler & McTom Claims KERN CA Uranium
4502 DMEA 3 MB Cole Bartlett Mica Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4503 DMEA 3 MB Yellow King Group WASHINGTON UT Mercury
4504 DMEA 43 MB Wild Horse Mine CUSTER ID Tungsten
4505 DMEA 3 MB Ironside, et al., Claims BLAINE ID Tungsten, Lead, Anitmony
4506 DMEA 4 MB BAT Mining Claims SANTA FE NM Mica, Beryl, Columbium, Tantalum.
4507 DMEA 5 MB Green Monster Prospect YAVAPAI AZ Copper
4508 DMEA 4 MB Geordia Group of Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
4509 DMEA 13 MB Fortune Creek Property CHELAN WA Copper
4510 DMEA 64 MB Paydirt Claims Group FREMONT WY Uranium
4511 DMEA 44 MB Maravillas Project BREWSTER TX Mercury
4512 DMEA 12 MB Palen Ridge Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4513 DMEA 2 MB Paul Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4514 DMEA 1 MB Adele Claims TAOS NM Beryl, Tantalum
4515 DMEA 3 MB Indian Dick Mine MONO CA Tungsten
4516 DMEA 2 MB Millie Luna, et al., Claims SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4517 DMEA 3 MB Arnold Rock and Charlie Hole Prospects AVERY NC Mica
4518 DMEA 5 MB Golden West Property GRAND UT Uranium
4519 DMEA 4 MB Nevada, et al., Claims MADISON MT Tungsten
4520 DMEA 11 MB Shelton Mining Co. Leases JASPER MO Lead-Zinc
4521 DMEA 8 MB El Dorado Claims LEMHI ID Copper, Lead
4522 DMEA 4 MB Ida, etal., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4523 DMEA 3 MB Big Injun Mine LAKE CA Mercury
4524 DMEA 2 MB Taylor Property UPSON GA Mica
4525 DMEA 4 MB Johnson Prospect MENDOCINO CA Chromium
4526 DMEA 9 MB Sec.28,T14N,R11W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4527 DMEA 8 MB Aukerman Tract HUNTINGDON PA Uranium, Thorium, Copper, Mica.
4528 DMEA 5 MB Buckhorn Claims LEMHI ID Copper
4529 DMEA 5 MB Root Ranch GILPIN CO Uranium
4530 DMEA 5 MB Camp Creek Silver Mining Property KITTITAS WA Zinc, Antimony
4531 DMEA 3 MB Pocahontas 1,2,3,4. CLARK ID Copper
4532 DMEA 2 MB Doe Hill Mine No. 3 AVERY NC Mica
4533 DMEA 2 MB Ebko & Glen Haven Claims WAYNE UT Uranium
4534 DMEA 45 MB Taylor Prospect HART GA Mica
4535 DMEA 7 MB Minnietta Group INYO CA Lead-Zinc
4536 DMEA 11 MB Vesuvius Mine AUGUSTA VA Manganese
4537 DMEA 20 MB Mitch Lincoln Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4538 DMEA 5 MB Sundown Claims, et al. SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
4539 DMEA 2 MB Sue Danny Property CADDO OK Uranium
4540 DMEA 8 MB Navaho Tracts No. 9,12,15. SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4541 DMEA 13 MB Charlie Blanton Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
4542 DMEA <1 MB Leaning Locust Mine AVERY NC Mica
4543 DMEA 19 MB Bear Creek Mine CLALLAM WA Manganese
4544 DMEA 2 MB Johnson Mine ASHE NC Mica
4545 DMEA 3 MB Digmore Holdings LAKE OR Mercury, Uranium
4546 DMEA 6 MB Deero Copper, et al., Claims GRANT NM Copper
4547 DMEA 3 MB White Gold Claims NYE NV Tungsten
4548 DMEA 4 MB Dewy Anderson Ranch LASSEN CA Tungsten
4549 DMEA 14 MB Kittimac Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead, Zinc, Copper
4550 DMEA 3 MB St. Jude Group RIO ARRIBA NM Uranium, Copper
4551 DMEA 2 MB Jane Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4552 DMEA 8 MB New York Mines IDAHO ID Tungsten
4553 DMEA 3 MB Old Luke Mica Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4554 DMEA 22 MB Black Mountain Prospect BUNCOMBE NC Mica
4555 DMEA 2 MB North Field Mica Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4556 DMEA 5 MB Old Crowder Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4557 DMEA 3 MB Little Sqwaw, et al., Groups GRAND UT Uranium
4558 DMEA 2 MB Yellow Dog Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
4559 DMEA 15 MB Ann Claim Group, et al. GARFIELD UT Uranium
4560 DMEA 8 MB Nellie, et al., Claims SANDERS MT Lead-Zinc
4561 DMEA 5 MB Ignorance Claims PLUMAS CA Uranium
4562 DMEA 3 MB Lucky Susan Group MINERAL NV Uranium
4563 DMEA 8 MB Thumbum, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
4564 DMEA 63 MB Jet Claims BIG HORN WY Uranium
4565 DMEA 15 MB Central Tunnel Project CLEAR CREEK CO Copper, Lead, Zinc, Uranium.
4566 DMEA 5 MB Edna Claims GRAND UT Uranium
4567 DMEA 13 MB Miles Standish Mine ORANGE NY Uranium
4568 DMEA 243 MB Moly or Questa Mine TAOS NM Molybdenum
4569 DMEA 12 MB Greiner Tract NELSON VA Rutile
4570 DMEA 5 MB Alta Calif. Copper Mine DEL NORTE CA Copper
4571 DMEA 11 MB Cina Mine Claims IRON UT Mercury
4572 DMEA 64 MB Hilltop Mine PARK CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4573 DMEA 3 MB Raven Claims MESA CO Uranium
4574 DMEA 2 MB Stibnite No. 1 & 2 Claims JACKSON OR Antimony
4575 DMEA 3 MB Queen, et al., Claims ELKO NV Manganese, Uranium, Titanium.
4576 DMEA 5 MB Merritt Propsect TALLAPOOSA AL Mica
4577 DMEA 34 MB Skyline Claims NATRONA WY Uranium, Selinium
4578 DMEA 3 MB Brushy Creek Mine AVERY NC Mica
4579 DMEA 8 MB Texan & Ajax Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4580 DMEA 179 MB Puncheon Camp Creek Area GRAINGER TN Zinc
4581 DMEA 162 MB Czar Knob Area CRAWFORD MO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4582 DMEA 167 MB Coutrois Area WASHINGTON MO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4583 DMEA 165 MB Viburnum Area IRON MO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4584 DMEA 102 MB Vanura 2, et al., Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4585 DMEA 11 MB Jenny B., et al., Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
4586 DMEA 129 MB Cedar Springs Area GRAINGER TN Zinc
4587 DMEA 2 MB Missing Link Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4588 DMEA 37 MB Doctor Kalloch Mine JUDITH BASIN MT Lead-Zinc
4589 DMEA 38 MB Give Away, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4590 DMEA 103 MB Sec.14.T14N,R10W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4591 DMEA 3 MB Old Job Willis Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4592 DMEA 5 MB White Chief, et al., Claims OURAY CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4593 DMEA 6 MB Big Buck Claims Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4594 DMEA 9 MB Maybe Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4595 DMEA 4 MB Carbonate Lead No. 1 Claims SIERRA NM Lead
4596 DMEA 3 MB D & R Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4597 DMEA 35 MB Ella Claim SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4598 DMEA 3 MB Squibb Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4599 DMEA 8 MB Nest Egg No. 1 & 2, Claims LEMHI ID Uranium
4600 DMEA 9 MB Grand Cove Claims JACKSON OR Copper
4601 DMEA 17 MB Corona Mine NAPA CA Mercury
4602 DMEA 4 MB Rock Point Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
4603 DMEA 42 MB Waterfall Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4604 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Strike Claims GRAHAM AZ Copper
4605 DMEA 2 MB Lot 4,Sec.2.T27N.R9E. SNOHOMISH WA Copper, Tungsten
4606 DMEA 5 MB Single Jack & Lucky Boy Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4607 DMEA 3 MB Deerhorn Claims ELKO NV Uranium
4608 DMEA 12 MB Harold Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium
4609 DMEA 3 MB Eureka Claims LARIMER CO Uranium
4610 DMEA 16 MB Section 71, Block G-5 PRESIDIO TX Uranium
4611 DMEA 3 MB Pack Rat & Rainy Day Claims DOLORES CO Uranium
4612 DMEA 12 MB Samuel J. Tilden Property CHAFFEE CO Lead
4613 DMEA 29 MB La Bajada Mine SANTA FE NM Uranium, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt.
4614 DMEA 53 MB Round Valley and Tungsten Hill Mines INYO CA Tungsten
4615 DMEA 15 MB Knight No. 2 Mine GREENVILLE SC Mica
4616 DMEA 5 MB Black Colt & Blackie Claims SIERRA NM Manganese
4617 DMEA 9 MB Tedco Mineral Claims PARK CO Uranium
4618 DMEA 3 MB Lawson Property PICKENS GA Mica
4619 DMEA 68 MB SandraGroup of Claims CARBON MT Uranium
4620 DMEA 7 MB Tungsten Properties CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
4621 DMEA 46 MB Pink Lady, et al., Claims FREMONT CO Thorium
4622 DMEA 8 MB Nancy, Lola, GMR and Rogerrosa Group of Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Uranium
4623 DMEA 8 MB Dusty Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4624 DMEA 3 MB Willie Knob Mine AVERY NC Mica
4625 DMEA 24 MB Moody Rock Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4626 DMEA 36 MB Little Springs , et al., Claims EAGLE CO Uranium
4627 DMEA 3 MB Tom Cantrell Mine AVERY NC Mica
4628 DMEA 13 MB New Arrowhead Claims IRON UT Lead-Zinc
4629 DMEA 6 MB Potential Uranium Group GILPIN CO Uranium
4630 DMEA 3 MB Big 3, White Cloud, Ruth and Owl Group of Claims HIDALGO NM Lead-Zinc, Copper
4631 DMEA 87 MB Vanadium Queen Claim SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4632 DMEA 3 MB Charlotte, et al., Claims MESA CO Uranium
4633 DMEA 4 MB Dellinger Mica Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4634 DMEA 10 MB Old Pool Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY CT Cobalt, Nickel
4635 DMEA 4 MB Justice Mine AVERY NC Mica
4636 DMEA 2 MB Tom Benfield Mine AVERY NC Mica
4637 DMEA 61 MB Sunetha Anticline ARCHULETA CO Uranium
4638 DMEA 4 MB Toby, et al., Claims GRAND UT Uranium
4639 DMEA 14 MB Bench Claim Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4640 DMEA 5 MB Globe Manganese Mine GILA AZ Manganese
4641 DMEA 32 MB Axehandle Mine JEFFERSON OR Mercury
4642 DMEA 2 MB Margaret Bryant Claims MONO CA Uranium
4643 DMEA 61 MB Sumitville Mine RIO GRANDE CO Copper, Lead
4644 DMEA 86 MB Rim Group of Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4645 DMEA 3 MB Barney Winters Property AVERY NC Mica
4646 DMEA 20 MB McKinney Mica Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4647 DMEA 1 MB Lot 1, Block 3, Hennepin Village PUTNAM IL Uranium
4648 DMEA 3 MB Bee Ridge Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4649 DMEA 7 MB Fox, et al., Group Leased CONVERSE WY Uranium
4650 DMEA 3 MB Callahan Prospect AVERY NC Mica
4651 DMEA 9 MB New Klondike Mine MILLARD UT Tungsten
4652 DMEA 83 MB Bourne Tract NELSON VA Rutile
4653 DMEA 32 MB Sunbeam Mine JUAB UT Lead-Zinc, Copper
4654 DMEA 60 MB New Idra Mine SAN BENITO CA Mercury
4655 DMEA 13 MB Joker, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4656 DMEA 115 MB Ascencion Mine JEFFERSON CO Uranium, co
4657 DMEA 6 MB Yellow Cat & Tim Groups GRAND UT Uranium
4658 DMEA 9 MB Littles Mine ASHE NC Mica
4659 DMEA 106 MB Clayton Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
4660 DMEA 25 MB Andies Claims LINCOLN NV Mercury
4661 DMEA 20 MB Lehmbecker Lease SPOKANE WA Uranium
4662 DMEA 2 MB Mead Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
4663 DMEA 1 MB Whisant Prospect RUTHERFORD NC Mica
4664 DMEA 4 MB John Group of Claims GRAND UT Uranium
4665 DMEA 96 MB West Limestone Group MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4666 DMEA 2 MB Stoney Peak No. 6 GRAHAM AZ Uranium
4667 DMEA 5 MB Cross Bow and Conrad Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4668 DMEA 1 MB Chinook Deposit PACIFIC WA Rutile, Monzanite, et al.
4669 DMEA 9 MB D & R Claim Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4670 DMEA 6 MB Rising Sun & Enterprise Claims GILA AZ Copper, Manganese, Tungsten.
4671 DMEA 58 MB Sec.15,T29N,R38E. STEVENS WA Uranium
4672 DMEA 2 MB Stormy Weather, et al., Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4673 DMEA 41 MB Valzinco Area SPOTSYLVANIA VA Lead-Zinc, Copper
4674 DMEA 40 MB Bondurant Area BUCKINGHAM VA Lead-Zinc, Copper
4675 DMEA 31 MB Hunter Area LOUISA VA Lead-Zinc, Copper
4676 DMEA 2 MB Crystal Mine SONOMA CA Mercury
4677 DMEA 6 MB Copper King & Eagle Point Claims MILLARD UT Tungsten
4678 DMEA 6 MB Blue Jay & Chena Claims FERRY WA Uranium
4679 DMEA 36 MB Charter, et al., Claim Groups SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4680 DMEA 3 MB Cliff, Silver Plate, et al., Claims YAVAPAI AZ Copper
4681 DMEA 42 MB Virginia Williams Property WYTHE VA Zinc
4682 DMEA 3 MB Flat Claims MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4683 DMEA 8 MB Mauney Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
4684 DMEA 5 MB Poor Richard, et al., Groups FREMONT WY Uranium, Selenium
4685 DMEA No scan Silmont No. 1& 2 Lode Claims JEFFERSON MT Copper, Lead
4686 DMEA 12 MB Falls Prospect CLEVELAND NC Mica
4687 DMEA 24 MB Calumet Claims SNOHOMISH WA Copper
4688 DMEA 6 MB Jerry Claims LINCOLN NV Copper, Lead,Zinc.
4689 DMEA 2 MB Hector--McNeil Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4690 DMEA 13 MB Moody Mine MACON NC Mica
4691 DMEA 4 MB Atom, et al., Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4692 DMEA 3 MB Arrowhead, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4693 DMEA 1 MB Cox Property MITCHELL NC Mica
4694 DMEA 1 MB Alice, et al., Claims PIMA AZ Copper
4695 DMEA 4 MB Ollis Stratton Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4696 DMEA 8 MB Bright Mars No. 1&2 Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
4697 DMEA 45 MB Suprize Claim SAN JUAN CO Uranium
4698 DMEA Unavailable Lost Cabin Mine KOOTENAI ID Lead-Zinc
4699 DMEA 7 MB Uranium Quartz Lode, et al., Claims JEFFERSON MT Uranium
4700 DMEA 7 MB Daisy Group EMERY UT Uranium
4701 DMEA 17 MB Jill, et al., Claims HARDING SD Uranium
4702 DMEA 4 MB Benge Gap Mine ASHE NC Mica
4703 DMEA 20 MB Guadalupe Mine SANTA CLARA CA Mercury
4704 DMEA 7 MB Silver Cliff Mine NIOBRARA WY Uranium
4705 DMEA 6 MB Lushbough Property(Lillian Tract) CUSTER SD Mica
4706 DMEA 2 MB Triad Mining Group DAGGETT UT Manganese
4707 DMEA 1 MB Red Rock, et al., Claims CARBON WY Columbite-Tantalite, rare earths, Uranium.
4708 DMEA 4 MB Blue Mule Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
4709 DMEA 53 MB Mint, et al., Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4710 DMEA 18 MB Lucky Six Group of Clqaims JUNEAU AK Uranium
4711 DMEA 6 MB Fall Claim SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4712 DMEA Unavailable East Page Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
4713 DMEA 433 MB Thunderbird Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4714 DMEA 5 MB Goosepimple Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4715 DMEA 17 MB Mount Tobin Group Claims PERSHING NV Mercury
4716 DMEA 3 MB Lux Claim CONVERSE WY Uranium
4717 DMEA 3 MB Bessie Johnson (J.M. Lyle) Mine MACON NC Mica
4718 DMEA 3 MB S & S & Cascade Group of Claims LAKE OR Cinnabar
4719 DMEA 60 MB P.H., Teton, et al ., Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4720 DMEA 3 MB Fern Creek Lode Mining Claim MONO CA Lead-Zinc, Copper
4721 DMEA 84 MB Fair Day, et al., Claims BOULDER CO Uranium
4722 DMEA 22 MB T.3S., R.71W. JEFFERSON CO Uranium
4723 DMEA 2 MB Sec.25,T35S,R3W. JACKSON OR Uranium
4724 DMEA 2 MB Lost Pick Claims SNOHOMISH WA Uranium, Copper
4725 DMEA 2 MB Marty K Claims LAKE OR Uranium
4726 DMEA 4 MB Monitor Claim Group PIMA AZ Copper
4727 DMEA 3 MB Dennis D. Claims ROUTT CO Uranium, rare earths
4728 DMEA 6 MB Bornite Claims UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Copper
4729 DMEA 8 MB Cuprite Claims SANDOVAL NM Uranium, Copper
4730 DMEA 61 MB Bonita, et al., Claims SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4731 DMEA 2 MB Doughboy Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4732 DMEA 40 MB Morning Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc, Copper
4733 DMEA 6 MB Ontario Minerals Claims INYO CA Uranium
4734 DMEA 11 MB Blevins Canyon Claims GILA AZ Uranium
4735 DMEA 36 MB Sta, et al., Claims CUSTER CO Thorium
4736 DMEA 3 MB Big Mine CHESHIRE NH Mica
4737 DMEA 1 MB McHary-Hice Tract CALDWELL NC Mica
4738 DMEA 27 MB Kathlen-Margaret Claims TALKEETNA AK Copper
4739 DMEA 4 MB Old Cinnabar Mine YUMA AZ Mercury
4740 DMEA 4 MB State Lease No. 0-19050 and 0-19051. CONVERSE WY Uranium
4741 DMEA 17 MB Big Ridge Mica Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4742 DMEA 194 MB Star Claims and Leased Land FALL RIVER SD Uranium
4743 DMEA 4 MB Sunday Claims MINERAL NV Uranium
4744 DMEA 9 MB Auntunite Mining Claims Group TUOLUMNE CA Uranium
4745 DMEA 5 MB Headache & Sage Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4746 DMEA 74 MB Elizabeth Mine ORANGE VT Copper
4747 DMEA 32 MB Dubois Uranium Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4748 DMEA 8 MB Garfield Mine GARFIELD CO Uranium
4749 DMEA 8 MB Marie Claim GRANITE MT Manganese
4750 DMEA 25 MB Kemper Property LIVINGSTON KY Fluorspar
4751 DMEA 14 MB T.8&9S., R.3E. FALL RIVER SD Uranium
4752 DMEA 1 MB Mother Lode Claims CROOK OR Mercury
4753 DMEA 14 MB Hermes Mecury Mine VALLEY ID Mercury
4754 DMEA 6 MB Mother Lode, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Uranium
4755 DMEA 44 MB D. V. and Vanderwalker Groups SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
4756 DMEA 17 MB King Edward Claim SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4757 DMEA 3 MB Platner Mine CROOK OR Mercury
4758 DMEA 6 MB Black oxide, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4759 DMEA 48 MB Wild Horse Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4760 DMEA 24 MB Timber Beast Group HARNEY OR Uranium
4761 DMEA 6 MB Walker & Condie CLARK NV Tungsten
4762 DMEA 9 MB Denny & Char Leases SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4763 DMEA 18 MB Sand Basin Placer GRANITE MT Thorium, Uranium, rare earths, Columbium,tantalum,Yttrium.
4764 DMEA 3 MB Hoyle & Sparks Mica Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4765 DMEA 32 MB New York Claims SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4766 DMEA 3 MB Moore Creek Mine CALAVERAS CA Tungsten
4767 DMEA 6 MB Dandy, et al., Claims FERRY WA Uranium
4768 DMEA 11 MB Adamson Mine INYO CA Tungsten
4769 DMEA 5 MB Lawrence Fluorospar Prospect INYO CA Fluorspar
4770 DMEA 5 MB Black Oak Mercury Claim No. 1 SONOMA CA Mercury
4771 DMEA 16 MB Holman Mine FRESNO CA Chromium
4772 DMEA 7 MB Addy Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
4773 DMEA 9 MB Perdue Claim Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4774 DMEA 25 MB Red Flat Claims CURRY OR Nickel
4775 DMEA 13 MB Royal Reward Mine KING WA Mercury
4776 DMEA 3 MB Santa Anita Claim BROADWATER MT Lead-Zinc
4777 DMEA 21 MB Etna Springs Resort Area NAPA CA Mercury
4778 DMEA 2 MB Malachite No. 1 TRINITY CA Copper
4779 DMEA 12 MB Johnson Mine Property MITCHELL NC Mica
4780 DMEA 1 MB Indian Creek Property YANCEY NC Mica
4781 DMEA 9 MB Gopher Hole Claims, et al. MONO CA Uranium
4782 DMEA 4 MB Peterson Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4783 DMEA 4 MB Horace Baker Mica Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4784 DMEA <1 MB Independence Area HAWKINS TN Zinc
4785 DMEA 66 MB Arlington-Black Jack Mines RIVERSIDE CA Manganese
4786 DMEA 29 MB SugarLoaf Area SHASTA CA Copper, Zinc.
4787 DMEA 67 MB Confidence, et al., Claims PINAL AZ Copper
4788 DMEA 4 MB Beasley No. 1 & 2 MACON NC Mica
4789 DMEA 1 MB Ledger Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4790 DMEA 3 MB Blackbird Mine OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
4791 DMEA 35 MB Black Knight and Billikin Lodes JEFFERSON CO Uranium
4792 DMEA 34 MB Abo, et al., Claims LINCOLN NM Uranium, Thorium
4793 DMEA 51 MB Pallaoro Lease JEFFERSON CO Uranium
4794 DMEA 12 MB Windmill Claims COCHISE AZ Uranium
4795 DMEA 101 MB Hilltop Mine CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
4796 DMEA 2 MB Cliff Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4797 DMEA 4 MB Horse Cove Prospect WASHINGTON TN Manganese
4798 DMEA 6 MB Boss-Bixby Project IRON MO Copper, Lead
4799 DMEA 30 MB South Edisto River area AIKEN SC Rutile, Monzanite
4800 DMEA 31 MB Hanson Lease SPOKANE WA Uranium
4801 DMEA 4 MB Chalk Hill Mine MACON NC Mica
4802 DMEA 4 MB Coronation, etal., Placers SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
4803 DMEA 17 MB Medford Prospect UPSON GA Mica
4804 DMEA 2 MB Charles Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4805 DMEA 13 MB Avery Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4806 DMEA 4 MB Geen Brook, et al., Claims MINERAL NV Uranium
4807 DMEA 11 MB Paul McMahan Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4808 DMEA 10 MB Little Senator Mine BONNER ID Lead
4809 DMEA 3 MB George Ledford Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4810 DMEA 5 MB West End Cinnabar Prospect LEWIS WA Mercury
4811 DMEA 152 MB Kitching's Mill Area AIKEN SC Rutile
4812 DMEA 2 MB Red Doe Claims RIO BLANCO CO Uranium
4813 DMEA 39 MB Southpaw Claims LINCOLN NV Manganese
4814 DMEA 20 MB Rainbow and Cord Claims NYE NV Uranium
4815 DMEA 12 MB Mystery Sniffer Claims BEAVER UT Uranium
4816 DMEA 3 MB Rachele, et al., Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4817 DMEA 5 MB Muller Manganese No.1 & 2 Claims LUNA NM Manganese
4818 DMEA 2 MB Cinnabar Lode No. 3 PERSHING NV Mercury
4819 DMEA 8 MB Van Ness Mine NYE NV Mercury
4820 DMEA 320 MB Spook and Skul Claims CONVERSE WY Uranium
4821 DMEA 7 MB Big Timber Mine JEFFERSON MT Manganese, Lead
4822 DMEA 212 MB T37-38,R73W CONVERSE WY Uranium
4823 DMEA 7 MB Berry Prospect GRANT OR Nickel
4824 DMEA 7 MB Arflack Farm CRITTENEDN KY Fluorspar
4825 DMEA 12 MB Mercer Prospect UPSON GA Mica
4826 DMEA 154 MB Hubbard Homestead MESA CO Uranium
4827 DMEA 18 MB Bethel Property UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Mercury
4828 DMEA 14 MB Mathis Prospect UPSON GA Mica
4829 DMEA 3 MB United Mine GRAFTON NH Mica
4830 DMEA 2 MB Bloomington Caynon BEAR LAKE ID Selenium
4831 DMEA 10 MB Valley Mine FERRY WA Selenium
4832 DMEA 7 MB Copper Head, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4833 DMEA 12 MB W.G. Gouge, SR. Property MITCHELL NC Mica
4834 DMEA 3 MB G.H.T., et al., Claims GARFIELD UT Uranium
4835 DMEA 35 MB Fire Fly, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4836 DMEA 36 MB Lookout, et al., Claims SAGUACHE CO Uranium
4837 DMEA 2 MB Slate Creek Property RAVALLI MT Tungsten, Copper, Silver, Lead.
4838 DMEA 6 MB Castle Peak Mine STOREY NV Mercury
4839 DMEA 4 MB Antimony Claims KITTITAS WA Antimony
4840 DMEA 7 MB Fool Hen Property BEAVERHEAD MT Tungsten
4841 DMEA 4 MB Lona Medford CLEVELAND NC Mica
4842 DMEA 189 MB Sec,32T14N,R8W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4843 DMEA 4 MB Fern Hill Cinnabar Mine LEWIS WA Mercury
4844 DMEA 73 MB Walnut Creek and Tony Mesas GILA AZ Asbestos
4845 DMEA 113 MB Sec17.T13N,R9W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4846 DMEA 2 MB Titanium Mine SANDOVAL NM Rutile, Brookite
4847 DMEA 3 MB Potato Chip Prospect YANCEY NC Mica
4848 DMEA 53 MB Saints John Mine SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc
4849 DMEA 128 MB Cave Line, et al., Claims BIG HORN WY Uranium
4850 DMEA 114 MB Little War Creek area HANCOCK TN Zinc
4851 DMEA 5 MB Merchrome No. 2 , et al., Claims SANTA BARBARA CA Mercury
4852 DMEA 13 MB Cove Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4853 DMEA 3 MB Waycaster Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4854 DMEA 13 MB Buster No. 3 BSG Lode CUSTER SD Mica, Beryl
4855 DMEA 6 MB Philura Group of Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
4856 DMEA 3 MB President Group JEFFERSON MT Uranium
4857 DMEA 9 MB Bingham Tunnel Project SALT LAKE UT Lead-Zinc
4858 DMEA 89 MB Renegade, et al., Claims MONTROSE CO Uranium
4859 DMEA 6 MB Key, et al., Placer Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Thorium, rare earths, Uranium.
4860 DMEA 5 MB Paymaster Groups and Mann Claims ESMERALDA NV Lead-Zinc, Copper, Selenium
4861 DMEA 9 MB Stormy Day Mine PERSHING NV Tungsten
4862 DMEA 4 MB Cave Mountain Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
4863 DMEA 13 MB Dixie Claim Group SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4864 DMEA 3 MB Champion Mine AMELIA VA Mica
4865 DMEA 5 MB Ajo Claims CARBON WY Uranium
4866 DMEA 4 MB Prince Lode Claim OURAY CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4867 DMEA 6 MB Mathis-Dean Property LEMHI ID Uranium
4868 DMEA 5 MB Karn Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4869 DMEA 11 MB Monte Cristo Claims WHITE PINE NV Copper
4870 DMEA 30 MB Garfield Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
4871 DMEA 10 MB Hodges Nickel Propsect LITCHFIELD CT Nickel, Copper
4872 DMEA 78 MB Sec16.T13N,R8W MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4873 DMEA 9 MB Malachite Mine JEFFERSON CO Copper
4874 DMEA 130 MB Royal Mine SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4875 DMEA 3 MB Lucky Thirteen Uranium Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4876 DMEA 11 MB Sentinal Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Beryl, Uranium, Thorium
4877 DMEA 4 MB Oceanic Mine SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Mercury
4878 DMEA 8 MB Grizzly Group, et al., Claims TRINITY CA Copper
4879 DMEA 11 MB Ray-Liner Mica Mine MACON NC Mica
4880 DMEA 2 MB Garret Mine MACON NC Mica
4881 DMEA 2 MB Tilley Mine JACKSON NC Mica
4882 DMEA 4 MB Bowers Mine JACKSON NC Mica
4883 DMEA 7 MB Roaring Hole Mine JACKSON NC Mica
4884 DMEA 4 MB Sentinel, et al., Claims BROADWATER MT Lead-Zinc, Copper
4885 DMEA 5 MB Elk Mine AVERY NC Mica
4886 DMEA 16 MB Pruitt No.4 Prospect SPOTSYLVANIA VA Copper, Zinc
4887 DMEA 6 MB Birthday Present, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Uranium
4888 DMEA 13 MB McHone Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4889 DMEA 85 MB Laymon Property CROOK WY Uranium
4890 DMEA 10 MB Grassy Wood's Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4892 DMEA 25 MB Lucky Boy Claims OWYHEE ID Mercury
4893 DMEA 3 MB Bryant Property CALDWELL NC Mica
4894 DMEA 9 MB Little Sparkler and McTom Claims KERN CA Uranium
4895 DMEA 18 MB Jay Bird and Sun Valley Claims COCONINO AZ Uranium
4896 DMEA 36 MB D-10 Prospect DAVIDSON NC Lead-Zinc, Copper
4897 DMEA 10 MB Porcupine Group BIG HORN WY Monazite, Beryl
4898 DMEA <1 MB Taylor Prospect No. 2 HART GA Mica
4899 DMEA 5 MB Mother Lode, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Uranium
4900 DMEA 3 MB Cinderella, et al., Claims CHAFFEE CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
4901 DMEA 27 MB Banner Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4902 DMEA 3 MB Frostad Homestead STEVENS WA Nickel, Chromium, Talc.
4903 DMEA 200 MB Reed Mine YOLO CA Mercury
4904 DMEA 10 MB Rockin Chair Claims RIO ARRIBA NM Beryl, Mica,Columbite, Tantalite.
4905 DMEA 3 MB Mark Young Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4906 DMEA 36 MB Long Dike Group of Claims LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
4907 DMEA 73 MB Project 2 POPE IL Fluorspar
4908 DMEA 18 MB Bobtail, et al., Claims GILA AZ Copper
4909 DMEA 10 MB Reynolds Falls Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
4910 DMEA 14 MB Weld Property YANCEY NC Mica
4911 DMEA 4 MB Steven Greene Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4912 DMEA 6 MB Huskins Mine GASTON NC Mica
4913 DMEA 2 MB Otis E. Teague Property ALEXANDER NC Mica
4914 DMEA 3 MB Wallis Property SHASTA CA Copper
4915 DMEA 4 MB Edd Willson Mica Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4916 DMEA 8 MB Valley View, et al., Claims EMERY UT Uranium
4917 DMEA 2 MB J.L.C. Claims SHASTA CA Copper
4918 DMEA 4 MB Mainland & Sitklan Island Group of Claims KETCHIKAN AK Mica
4919 DMEA 80 MB Chumway Park and Tallahassee Creek Claims FREMONT CO Uranium
4920 DMEA 10 MB Clarissa Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4921 DMEA 5 MB Comstock Mine LARAMIE WY Copper
4922 DMEA 32 MB Cloudland Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4923 DMEA 6 MB Cochran Mine CHEROKEE GA Mica, Beryl
4924 DMEA 63 MB Hamilton Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
4925 DMEA 6 MB Charles Robinson Property YANCEY NC Mica
4926 DMEA 8 MB Blue Ox Claims, et al. PENNINGTON SD Mica, Beryl
4927 DMEA 3 MB Athalene, et al ., Claims LEMHI ID Lead
4928 DMEA 4 MB Self Mine GASTON NC Mica
4929 DMEA 12 MB Orr, et al., Claims MOFFAT CO Uranium
4930 DMEA 12 MB Ed Sparks Property YANCEY NC Mica
4931 DMEA 3 MB Charles B. Medford Property HAYWOOD NC Mica
4932 DMEA 3 MB Montana Special Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, rare earths,Rutile.
4933 DMEA 6 MB Conference GUNNISON CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver.
4934 DMEA <1 MB Mt. Baldy Mining District BEAVER UT Uranium
4935 DMEA 19 MB Lone Star, et al., Groups YUMA AZ Uranium
4936 DMEA 12 MB Little Brown Prospect UPSON GA Mica
4937 DMEA 12 MB Lick Ridge Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4938 DMEA 27 MB Mint Claims SNOHOMISH WA Copper
4939 DMEA 5 MB R.B. Phillips No. 2 MITCHELL NC Mica
4940 DMEA 2 MB A.K. Harris Property CLEVELAND NC Mica
4941 DMEA 2 MB Ben Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4942 DMEA 2 MB Chuck Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4943 DMEA 4 MB Promise, et al., Claims LAWRENCE SD Uranium, Thorium, rare earths.
4944 DMEA 21 MB Treasure Mountain area SAN JUAN CO Manganese
4945 DMEA 22 MB Spencer Mine STOKES NC Mica
4946 DMEA 19 MB twiggs Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
4947 DMEA 127 MB Warren Friendship Prospect VARIOUS COUNTIES ME Nickel
4948 DMEA 15 MB Needle Gun Mine GRANITE MT Manganese, Lead, Zinc
4949 DMEA 40 MB Philura and Grass Flat Claims SAN MIGUEL CO Uranium
4950 DMEA 3 MB White Horse and Bay Horse Claims CALAVERAS CA Molybdenum
4951 DMEA 3 MB Ruby Red Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, rare earths
4952 DMEA 7 MB Trolley Bent Mine YANCEY NC Mica
4953 DMEA 36 MB Elkhead Mine DOUGLAS OR Mercury
4954 DMEA 5 MB Spokane Indian Reservation Land STEVENS WA Uranium
4955 DMEA 3 MB Krueger Tract WASHINGTON MO Lead-Zinc
4956 DMEA 4 MB A Mine AVERY NC Mica
4957 DMEA 9 MB Francis Mioning Tract OURAY CO Manganese, Fluorspar
4958 DMEA 50 MB Lowley Lease STEVENS WA Uranium
4959 DMEA 4 MB Mill Knob Mine MACON NC Mica
4960 DMEA 5 MB The Littles Mine ASHE NC Mica
4961 DMEA 7 MB Sisk Property BOULDER CO Uranium
4962 DMEA 66 MB Watson Hicks, Tyner Properties CRITTENDEN KY Fluorspar
4963 DMEA 39 MB Grimes (Eli Brown) Property LIVINGSTON KY Fluorspar
4964 DMEA 48 MB Uncle Ben and Pascal Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
4965 DMEA 13 MB Knight Owl Claims ALBANY WY Uranium
4966 DMEA 3 MB Spaqrks Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
4967 DMEA 4 MB Globe Prospects 2,3,4. SULLIVAN NH Mica
4968 DMEA 7 MB Snipe Bay PETERSBURG AK Nickel
4969 DMEA 5 MB Peters Mine MONROE GA Mica
4970 DMEA 2 MB Brown Mine UPSON GA Mica
4971 DMEA <1 MB None Identified Lemhi ID
4972 DMEA 8 MB Harden Mine ASHE NC Mica
4973 DMEA 5 MB Big Ridge Mine HAYWOOD NC Mica
4976 DMEA 4 MB Lucky Win Mine IDAHO ID Uranium
4977 DMEA 2 MB Trail Creek Claim BLAINE ID Copper, Titanium
4978 DMEA 2 MB Hope & Bullion Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Antimony,Cobalt, Uraninite.
4979 DMEA 8 MB Black Goose & Magnum Claims SOCORRO NM Manganese
4980 DMEA 6 MB Ohio Mine BLAINE ID Lead
4981 DMEA 230 MB Mayflower Mine WASATCH UT Lead-Zinc, Copper
4982 DMEA 3 MB Mud Hole Mine MACON NC Mica
4983 DMEA 5 MB Davy Creek MADISON MT Manganese
4984 DMEA 3 MB Avery Mine AVERY NC Mica
4985 DMEA 5 MB White Rock Mine AVERY NC Mica
4986 DMEA 17 MB Wellington Mine SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc
4987 DMEA 4 MB Snow Prospect(Baird Cove) MACON NC Mica
4988 DMEA 5 MB Mary Jane Claims FERRY WA Uranium, Thorium, rare earths
4989 DMEA 5 MB Iron Mask Mine BONNER ID Copper
4990 DMEA 5 MB Hope Mine BONNER ID Copper
4991 DMEA 4 MB Shawver, et al., Claims FREMONT WY Uranium
4992 DMEA 5 MB Noxon Mine SANDERS MT Copper, Lead , Zinc.
4993 DMEA 15 MB Fern Cinnabar Group VALLEY ID Mercury
4994 DMEA 5 MB Mike, Kate, Bill Claims NYE NV Antimony, Selenium
4995 DMEA 14 MB San Mateo Dome Project MCKINLEY NM Uranium
4996 DMEA 32 MB Daley West Mine SUMMIT UT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Gold
4997 DMEA 3 MB Long Branch Mine JACKSON NC Mica
4998 DMEA 3 MB Old Pool Mine LITCHFIELD CT Nickel
4999 DMEA 6 MB Big Nickel and Desert Group LEMHI ID Cobalt
5000 DMEA 6 MB Dives-Pelican, Seven thirty Group. CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
5001 DMEA 2 MB Butterfly Mine LEWIS AND CLARK MT Copper
5002 DMEA 6 MB Night Hawk Property SILVER BOW MT Manganese, Copper
5003 DMEA Unavailable Gold Hunter Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
5004 DMEA 11 MB Iron Blossom No. 1 Mine JUAB UT Lead, Copper.
5005 DMEA 4 MB Ivanho Mine NAPA CA Mercury
5006 DMEA 7 MB Dixie Mt. GRANT OR Cobalt
5007 DMEA <1 MB Little Bob Prospect PAULDING GA Copper, Zinc. Ga
5008 DMEA 72 MB Chaffin Tract WYTHE VA Zinc
5009 DMEA 127 MB Sec.21T13N,R9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
5010 DMEA 7 MB Sec.29T13N,R9W. MCKINLEY NM Uranium
5011 DMEA 7 MB Saddle Mountain Claims PINAL AZ Copper
5012 DMEA 4 MB Brooks- Ashley Property STEVENS WA Tungsten, Uranium.
5013 DMEA 5 MB Bluebird Group of Claims GILA AZ Mercury
5014 DMEA 10 MB Rampart Mine SILVER BOW MT Copper, Lead
5015 DMEA 4 MB Armstrong, Vissing, and Bedrock Groups WASHOE NV Uranium
5016 DMEA 2 MB Holliday Tract ANDERSON SC Mica
5017 DMEA 2 MB San Juan, et al., Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Thorium, Copper
5018 DMEA <1 MB None Identified Paulding GA
5019 DMEA 3 MB Shepard Mine MACON NC Mica
5020 DMEA 41 MB Sunshine, et al., Claims LEMHI ID Cobalt, Copper
5021 DMEA <1 MB None Identified San Juan UT
5022 DMEA 5 MB Section 32, Block G-5 BREWSTER TX Uranium
5023 DMEA 8 MB Ulysses, N. Fork and E. Fork Claims LEMHI ID Cobalt, Nickel
5024 DMEA 2 MB Staggs-Quilici Mining Claims ELKO NV Mercury
5025 DMEA 8 MB Gomax Mine MINERAL CO Lead-Zinc
5026 DMEA 42 MB Luttrell Prospect UNION TN Zinc
5027 DMEA 4 MB Barbie and Hilltop Manganese Claims YUMA AZ Manganese
5028 DMEA 4 MB Red Rock Quicksilver Mine ESMERALDA NV Mercury
5029 DMEA 4 MB Old Abernathy Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
5030 DMEA 4 MB Hidden Hand Claim Group POWELL MT Lead
5031 DMEA <1 MB None Identified Utah UT
5032 DMEA <1 MB None Identified Lemhi ID
5033 DMEA 7 MB Norb Claims CARBON WY Uranium
5034 DMEA 15 MB Buffalo, et al., Group of Claims LEMHI ID Thorium, Uranium, rare earths.
5035 DMEA 23 MB East Ridge, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
5036 DMEA 40 MB JFR Claims, et al. SAN JUAN UT Uranium
5037 DMEA 44 MB Spencer-Richardson Lease CUSTER SD Uranium
5038 DMEA 16 MB Standen-Taylor, De pue, and Oxide Metals leases. FALL RIVER SD Uranium
5039 DMEA 38 MB Bear Lodge Property FALL RIVER SD Uranium
5040 DMEA 7 MB Panco No. 1(Edwards Bros. ) Mine MARIN CA Mercury
5041 DMEA 5 MB Altoona Mine TRINITY CA Mercury
5042 DMEA 6 MB Silvers Mine YANCEY NC Mica
5043 DMEA 11 MB Last Chance, et al., Claims BEAVERHEAD MT Thorium
5044 DMEA 41 MB Ore Knob Mine ASHE NC Copper, Zinc.
5045 DMEA 5 MB Copper State Mine MEAGHER MT Lead-Zinc
5046 DMEA 6 MB Blackhawk Mine MEAGHER MT Manganese, Lead
5047 DMEA 3 MB Copper City Mine BROADWATER MT Copper
5048 DMEA 5 MB Rush Mine MARION AR Zinc
5049 DMEA 5 MB Monteal Star Mine JEFFERSON MT Copper
5050 DMEA Unavailable Day Mines, Pilot Project SHOSHONE ID Lead, Copper, Zinc
5051 DMEA 3 MB Hot Shot, et al., Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
5052 DMEA 3 MB Knight Mine ROCKINGHAM VA Mica
5053 DMEA 2 MB Deer Trail Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
5054 DMEA <1 MB None Identified Lincoln WA
5055 DMEA 2 MB McKinney Mine AVERY NC Mica
5056 DMEA <1 MB Joe Corley Propect UPSON GA Mica
5057 DMEA 2 MB James C. Blount Prospect UPSON GA Mica
5058 DMEA <1 MB Walker Field Prospect UPSON GA Mica
5059 DMEA 2 MB Woodrow Prospect MITCHELL NC Mica
5060 DMEA 3 MB Starr Mine OKANOGAN WA Molybdenum
5061 DMEA 34 MB Silver Lake Mines SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold.
5062 DMEA 3 MB Blackbird Mine BREWSTER TX Manganese
5063 DMEA 3 MB Black Devil Claims LANDER NV Manganese
5064 DMEA 12 MB Aldridge Property GRAND UT Uranium
5065 DMEA 4 MB Rock Fork Mine YANCEY NC Mica
5066 DMEA 14 MB Cane Creek Moab Area GRAND UT Uranium
5067 DMEA 2 MB Tarzan et al., Claims MESA CO Uranium
5068 DMEA 2 MB Thumb Butte Claims PINAL AZ Manganese, Copper
5069 DMEA <1 MB Redskin Claims PARK CO Uranium
5070 DMEA 5 MB Crawford Ranch MENDOCINO CA Mercury
5071 DMEA 9 MB Silver Bead Claims CHAFFEE CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
5072 DMEA 1 MB Moonbeam & Blue Bell Claims PEND OREILLE WA Uranium
5074 DMEA 5 MB Clinton Mine MISSOULA MT Copper, Lead, Silver , Gold.
5075 DMEA <1 MB None Identified MINERAL NV
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