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DMA, DMEA, OME mineral exploration assistance program file downloads

All Defense Minerals Administration dockets in ascending order

File sizes of scanned dockets vary from less than 1MB to nearly 500MB. Download times for large files will vary based on internet connection speed, network traffic, and computer processor speed. File size is shown, download scan by selecting the property name link. All scans are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) which require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Defense Minerals Administration dockets
Docket Agency File size Property Name County State All Commodities
0001 DMA 276 MB Chief Consolidated Mines JUAB UT Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
0007 DMA 5 MB Silver Knight Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
0009 DMA 10 MB Bluebird Prospect GILA AZ Copper
0011 DMA 9 MB MacAurthur Mine, and Swalley Mine CHEROKEE KS Lead-Zinc
0012 DMA 7 MB Robinson and Michigan-Uthoff Mines EAGLE CO Lead, Copper,Gols,Silver.
0013 DMA 6 MB Graham Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc
0014 DMA 19 MB Silver Star, Utah Lead and New Deal Mining Claims UTAH UT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper, Iron
0015 DMA 8 MB San Pedro Mine SANTA FE NM Tungsten, Copper
0016 DMA 2 MB Deep Rock Mine CHEROKEE KS Zinc
0020 DMA 6 MB Alto, Bland, Jefferson Mines SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper.
0021 DMA 85 MB Tennessee and Summit Alpha Mines MOHAVE AZ Lead, Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
0022 DMA 8 MB Pride of Bonita SAN JUAN CO Lead, Zinc, Copper
0023 DMA 1 MB Poso Property GILPIN CO Zinc
0031 DMA 3 MB Blue Jay Mine JACKSON OR Antimony
0032 DMA 4 MB Warm Springs VALLEY ID Lead-Zinc
0036 DMA 3 MB Golden Armells et. al. FERGUS MT Lead, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper, Iron, Manganese
0037 DMA 6 MB Pearl, ID GEM ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
0042 DMA 407 MB True Fissure and Durango Mines GRANITE MT Manganese
0045 DMA 2 MB The Mono Ore and Mono Extension Group of Claims MONO CA Tungsten
0049 DMA 80 MB Commonwealth Mine MADISON MT Lead, Silver, Zinc
0050 DMA 46 MB Tennesee-Schuykill MOHAVE AZ Lead-Zinc
0051 DMA 1 MB Royal Arch and Joycie Mines JEFFERSON CO Copper
0052 DMA 8 MB Joe Bowers Mine UTAH UT Lead-Zinc
0053 DMA 2 MB Moss Flower (Half Moon Mine) CHAFFEE CO Lead-Zinc
0054 DMA 8 MB Dusquesne Washington Camp Area SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
0055 DMA <1 MB Columbite deposit RIO ARRIBA NM Columbite-Tantalite
0057 DMA 4 MB Sunnyside Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ Copper
0058 DMA 1 MB Russell Gulch GILPIN CO None identified
0059 DMA 10 MB Buckeye Copper Mine SOCORRO NM Manganese, Copper
0060 DMA 1 MB Cora & Jupiter Mines SAGUACHE CO Lead-Zinc
0061 DMA 10 MB Sunshine Mine GARFIELD CO Manganese
0062 DMA 14 MB Dutch Flat Group MOHAVE AZ Tungsten, Gold, Silver
0063 DMA 1 MB Eagle Mine EAGLE CO Unknown
0064 DMA 54 MB Carbonate Group of Claims SUMMIT CO Lead, Zinc
0066 DMA 64 MB Ely Valley Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Manganese
0067 DMA 69 MB Marshall Mine ELKO NV Copper
0072 DMA 26 MB Ord Mountain Copper Mines SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Gold, Silver
0074 DMA 95 MB Richmond Eureka Mine EUREKA NV Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
0075 DMA No scan Paymaster (see DMA-84)

0076 DMA 7 MB Cayote Group MALHEUR OR Antimony
0077 DMA <1 MB Bohemia District UNKNOWN COUNTY OR Lead-Zinc
0080 DMA 4 MB Sunlight Basin PARK WY Sulphur
0081 DMA 65 MB Lake Creek Zinc BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
0084 DMA <1 MB Paymaster Mine

Lead-Zinc, Copper
0086 DMA 205 MB New Stockton, Ben Harrison and Larson-Muirbrook TOOELE UT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
0089 DMA 33 MB St. Lawrence Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Silver Tungsten
0091 DMA 1 MB Mackinaw Nickel-Copper Property SNOHOMISH WA Copper
0103 DMA 57 MB Wyoming Sulphur Deposits PARK WY Sulphur
0104 DMA 4 MB Costello Claims COCHISE AZ Zinc
0106 DMA 13 MB National, Copper King, and Missoula SHOSHONE ID Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Cadium
0107 DMA 73 MB Mayflower Mine WASATCH UT Lead-Zinc, Copper
0108 DMA 6 MB Granite Mountain Mine SILVER BOW MT Copper
0109 DMA 1 MB Last Chance, et al. CUSTER ID Lead
0110 DMA 152 MB Akron Unit GUNNISON CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
0112 DMA 6 MB Tres Amigos YUMA AZ Copper
0113 DMA 139 MB New Quincy Mine SUMMIT UT Lead-Zinc, Silver
0114 DMA 2 MB New Era Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead, Gold, Silver
0115 DMA 1 MB Grizzly Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
0119 DMA 5 MB McGrew Tin Prospect INYO CA Tin
0123 DMA 1 MB Hidden Tungsten Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
0124 DMA 37 MB Silver Bell Copper Project PIMA AZ Copper
0127 DMA 4 MB Nebo Iris Mine JUAB UT Lead-Zinc
0129 DMA 42 MB Dacotah Mine CASCADE MT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper
0130 DMA 3 MB Horsehead Limestone Deposit JOSEPHINE OR Limestone
0131 DMA <1 MB Arlington and Langdon Properties RIVERSIDE CA Manganese
0133 DMA 3 MB Reward Gold Silver Lead Mine INYO CA Lead
0135 DMA 2 MB Galena Hill Mine WASHOE NV Lead
0137 DMA No scan None identified BAKER OR Copper
0138 DMA 2 MB Tem Piute Tungsten Mine LINCOLN NV Tungsten
0142 DMA 8 MB Last Laugh Tungsten Mine DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
0143 DMA No scan Mt. Hope EUREKA NV Zinc
0144 DMA 12 MB Germania Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
0145 DMA 11 MB Grand Deposit Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
0146 DMA No scan New Sutherland INYO CA Lead-Zinc
0148 DMA 40 MB Brown's Lake Tungsten BEAVERHEAD MT Tungsten
0155 DMA 3 MB Bull Canyon Project MOHAVE AZ Tungsten
0157 DMA 1 MB Mine No.12 UNKNOWN COUNTY CO Tungsten
0158 DMA 5 MB Lucky Strike, Last Nickel and Silver King BOULDER CO Tungsten, Lead-Zinc
0160 DMA 1 MB Black Pearl Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
0161 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
0162 DMA 2 MB Montezuma Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ
0163 DMA <1 MB Tip Top Mine BOULDER CO None identified
0166 DMA 1 MB Gladiator Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
0168 DMA 3 MB Bear Tusk Mountain UNKNOWN COUNTY AR Manganese
0170 DMA 4 MB East ore body, Copper Queen Branch UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Copper
0171 DMA 33 MB West Park Mine WASATCH UT Copper, Gold, Silver
0172 DMA <1 MB Buckskin Mine DOUGLAS NV None identified
0173 DMA <1 MB Mountain View Mine

None identified
0176 DMA 32 MB Artz BRADLEY TN Cobalt, Manganese, Nickle
0181 DMA 27 MB San Manuel Copper Corp. Mine PINAL AZ Copper
0184 DMA <1 MB Dundas Property RAVALLI MT Scheelite
0185 DMA 7 MB Monocco Mine TOOELE UT Copper
0187 DMA 1 MB Columbus Rexall Mine SALT LAKE UT Lead-Zinc
0188 DMA 3 MB Kimmel Mine LEMHI ID Lead, Silver.
0191 DMA 9 MB Amarillo and Corpus Christi, Tx VARIOUS COUNTIES TX Zinc
0197 DMA 69 MB Dennison, et. al. INDEPENDENCE AR Manganese
0198 DMA No scan Quien Sabe SAN BENITO CA Antimony
0199 DMA <1 MB Gold Star Mining and Milling SILVER BOW MT Gold
0202 DMA 2 MB Minute Man Mine CASCADE MT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
0204 DMA 5 MB Copper King Group NYE NV Copper
0205 DMA <1 MB None identified BOX ELDER UT Lead, Zinc
0206 DMA 6 MB Standard Mine GRANT OR Cobalt, Gold
0207 DMA 1 MB Scotchman Mine SANDERS MT Lead-Zinc
0208 DMA 21 MB Blacktail Mine MISSOULA MT Lead
0210 DMA 1 MB Union Hill Shaft UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Tungsten
0211 DMA 57 MB Snoose Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
0212 DMA 3 MB Deep Ruth Mine WHITE PINE NV Copper
0232 DMA 2 MB Isabel

Platinum, Copper
0234 DMA 9 MB Eva Mine JUAB UT Lead-Zinc, Silver
0236 DMA <1 MB Angela Mine

0240 DMA 29 MB Christmas Mine GILA AZ Copper
0241 DMA 6 MB Ohio Tungsten Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
0242 DMA 5 MB Ruth Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
0243 DMA 5 MB Ogre and Bogle Tungsten Claims LUNA NM Tungsten
0244 DMA 15 MB None identified (American Asbestos Corp.) GILA AZ Asbestos
0245 DMA 14 MB Stockton & Gertrude Mining Group CHAFFEE CO Tungsten, Copper
0247 DMA 21 MB Tom Payne Mine SANTA FE NM Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Gold
0248 DMA 4 MB Grand View Lead Zinc Group GRANT NM Zinc
0249 DMA 24 MB Orphan Boy mine PARK CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
0253 DMA No scan Trickle-Bull Run Mine BAKER OR Manganese
0255 DMA 159 MB Whitedelf Mine BONNER ID Lead, Silver
0256 DMA 1 MB Girman Mine IOWA WI Lead-Zinc
0258 DMA <1 MB Mouat Chrome Property STILLWATER MT Chromium
0259 DMA <1 MB Golden Eagle and Quail Groups UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Gold, Silver, Copper
0260 DMA 5 MB McMahan Copper Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper
0261 DMA 1 MB None Identified (Kallas) BOISE ID Gold
0262 DMA 11 MB Horn Silver Mine BEAVER UT Zinc
0266 DMA 6 MB Yerrington Copper Project LYON NV Copper
0267 DMA <1 MB Silver Bell Mine

0268 DMA 10 MB Bonney-Manila & Miser's chest HIDALGO NM Copper, Gold, Silver
0269 DMA 182 MB Mineral Hill Copper(IDM E32) &Twin Buttes(IDM E33) PIMA AZ Copper, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Silver
0274 DMA 13 MB Iron Mask Mine BROADWATER MT Lead-Zinc, Silve
0280 DMA 8 MB Minnehaha Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
0281 DMA 1 MB Battle Mountain UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
0284 DMA 1 MB Stoney Pass

0285 DMA 4 MB Cherokee Mine LINCOLN NV Copper
0286 DMA <1 MB None identified
CA None identified
0287 DMA 10 MB Togo-Turk Mines STEVENS WA Copper, Silver, Gold, Lead, Nickel
0288 DMA 19 MB Mountain Mines SALT LAKE UT Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
0289 DMA 3 MB Manganese Deposit in Pinal and Maricopa Counties, MARICOPA AZ Manganese
0290 DMA <1 MB Ute, Ulay, and Hidden Treasure HINSDALE CO Lead-Zinc
0292 DMA 252 MB Abbott Quicksilver Mine LAKE CA Mercury
0294 DMA <1 MB Topaz Lead-Silver Mines MONO CA None identified
0295 DMA No scan Old Glory, Fern Creek MONO CA Lead-Zinc
0297 DMA 18 MB Record Mill PARK CO Lead-Zinc
0298 DMA 35 MB Grady Withrow Kaolin RUTHERFORD NC Monazite, Mica
0309 DMA 1 MB Blue-Jacket Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver.
0311 DMA <1 MB Kimberly Group OKANOGAN WA Lead-Zinc, Silver
0315 DMA 23 MB Bear and Float Claims GRANITE MT Tungsten, Silver, Lead-Zinc, Copper
0316 DMA 6 MB Lead Trust Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Silver
0317 DMA 12 MB Shamrock Mine IDAHO ID Tungsten
0318 DMA <1 MB None identified STEVENS WA Lead, Antimony
0319 DMA <1 MB T. & M. Antimony Prospect JACKSON OR Antimony
0321 DMA <1 MB Antimony Prospect near Stanley CUSTER ID Antimony
0322 DMA 1 MB Lucky Sticke Claims BAKER OR Antimony
0324 DMA 24 MB Parker Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
0325 DMA 63 MB Scandia STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
0326 DMA 23 MB Hope and Bullion Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper, Manganese
0327 DMA No scan Regal Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Arsnic.
0333 DMA 5 MB Mucsovite Mica Properties LATAH ID Mica
0335 DMA No scan Sunset Claims PLUMAS CA Manganese
0341 DMA 1 MB Amador Mine MINERAL MT Copper
0342 DMA 9 MB Amarillo and Corpus Christi Plants VARIOUS COUNTIES TX Zinc
0344 DMA 4 MB Mormon Girl Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
0345 DMA 2 MB Stalins Present Propsect PERSHING NV Uranium
0351 DMA 7 MB Star Mine CASCADE MT Lead-Zinc
0356 DMA 29 MB Pennsylvania Mine LINCOLN NV Copper, Silver, Lead, Gold
0357 DMA 1 MB Bonnie Lou Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY UT Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc.
0359 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
0360 DMA 1 MB None identified GILA AZ Iron
0361 DMA 1 MB Yellow Rose Lease UNKNOWN COUNTY CO None identified
0362 DMA <1 MB M.I.K. Mine

Gold, Silver, Lead.
0363 DMA 34 MB Galtie Boy Mines SAN JUAN CO Tungsten, Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
0364 DMA 5 MB Mineral Hill and Twinn Buttes Mines GILA AZ Manganese
0365 DMA 26 MB Shadow Mountains SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
0366 DMA 3 MB Johnsons Copper Prospect PINAL AZ Copper
0367 DMA 7 MB Bullshead Mine ELKO NV Copper
0368 DMA 1 MB Corundum Prospect DOUGLAS NV Corundum-Andalusite
0369 DMA 6 MB King Solomon Group NYE NV Antimony, Gold, Silver
0371 DMA 76 MB Grant County Mine GRANT NM Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
0372 DMA 6 MB Rising Star & Belcher SILVER BOW MT Lead-Zinc, silver, Gold
0374 DMA 11 MB Emerald Isle Copper Deposit MOHAVE AZ Copper
0381 DMA 9 MB Zinc plants at Amarillo & Corpus Christi, Tx. VARIOUS COUNTIES TX Zinc
0386 DMA <1 MB Devils Hollow Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY CO Mica, Feldspar, Beryl.
0387 DMA 2 MB Brown Derby Mine GUNNISON CO Columbite-Tantalite, Beryl
0388 DMA 8 MB None Identified (also see DMA-604) SOCCORRO NM Mica
0389 DMA 7 MB Sunset Mine PINAL AZ Copper, Silver, Gold, Lead, Zinc
0390 DMA 243.8 MB Highland-Surprise SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper
0391 DMA 25 MB Paymaster Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
0393 DMA 85 MB Sunrise Mine GRANITE MT Copper, Tungsten, Gold, Silver
0394 DMA 27 MB Teddy Group LEMHI ID Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver
0399 DMA 43 MB Abril Mine COCHISE AZ Zinc, Copper
0406 DMA 3 MB Silver Lead Properties LINCOLN NV Lead
0408 DMA 14 MB None identified CHEROKEE KS Lead-Zinc
0414 DMA <1 MB Lilly Mine,et al. POWELL MT Lead-Zinc
0416 DMA 7 MB Lead Mountain Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Barite
0418 DMA 2 MB Silver Butte Mine LINCOLN MT Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver.
0419 DMA 2 MB None identified COCHISE AZ Copper
0420 DMA 99 MB Bristol Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Silver
0421 DMA 18 MB Idaho Birthday Mines BOISE ID Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
0422 DMA 9 MB Mead Manganese property JOHNSON WY Manganese
0432 DMA 31 MB Iroquoise Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Cadium
0433 DMA 17 MB Bentley Mine LANDER NV Lead-Zinc, Silver, Manganese
0434 DMA 121 MB Lead Carbonate Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
0439 DMA <1 MB Mike Piscovich Lease WHITE PINE NV Zinc
0443 DMA 22 MB Unida Group YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Gold
0445 DMA <1 MB Iowa Mines Group

0446 DMA 18 MB Sweetwater Mine DOUGLAS NV Tungsten, Copper
0451 DMA 17 MB Metate Asbestos Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
0453 DMA 1 MB Centurion Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Copper
0454 DMA 3 MB Rio Grande Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold.
0455 DMA 9 MB The Bonus Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten, Carnilite, Fluorspar, Tantalum, Amethyst, Chrome
0456 DMA 2 MB Govenor Silver Mine SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc
0457 DMA 1 MB Austin Amazon Copper Mine GRANT NM Copper
0458 DMA <1 MB Weber Shaft PARK CO Lead-Zinc
0459 DMA 16 MB Ben Hur Mine GRAHAM AZ Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
0461 DMA <1 MB Weimer Mine CLARK ID Copper
0462 DMA 8 MB Blue Nugget Mining Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Gold, Silver, Iron, Turquoise
0463 DMA 7 MB Gilmore LEMHI ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
0467 DMA 18 MB Floral Lode UTAH UT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
0468 DMA <1 MB None identified

0473 DMA 10 MB Emma-Oregon-Galena Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
0474 DMA 2 MB Millsite, Last Hope, Oscar, Nugget, et al. MINERAL NV Tungsten
0475 DMA <1 MB None identified ELKO NV Lead-Zinc
0477 DMA 22 MB Copper Hill Mine AMADOR CA Copper, Zinc
0486 DMA 12 MB Bisconer TULARE CA Tungsten
0487 DMA 37 MB Black Hawk Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Silver
0490 DMA <1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Copper
0492 DMA 5 MB Hall Tunnel and Colorado Central Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Silver
0493 DMA <1 MB None identified
CO Mica, Beryllium, Feldspar.
0494 DMA 6 MB Wallipai District MOHAVE AZ Zinc, Gold, Silver.
0496 DMA <1 MB Lime Creek Mine ELKO NV Lead, Fluorspar
0498 DMA 2 MB Apache Mines BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
0506 DMA 22 MB Hermada Group ELMORE ID Antimony
0509 DMA 1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Copper
0510 DMA <1 MB Iron Mine GILPIN CO None identified
0514 DMA 21 MB King-Hecla Group GILA AZ Copper, Lead, Silver, Manganese
0519 DMA 7 MB Open Question Claim CUSTER ID Fluorspar
0520 DMA 12 MB Columbia Tungsten STEVENS WA Tungsten, Molybdenum, Silver
0522 DMA <1 MB American Flag Mine

None identified
0524 DMA 7 MB Various Claims WASHOE NV Copper
0525 DMA 100 MB Talisman Mine FERRY WA Copper, Lead-Zinc, Cadium, Silver, Bismuth
0526 DMA 3 MB None Identified TORRANCE NM Lead-Zinc, Barite, Silver
0527 DMA 18 MB Antler Mine MOHAVE AZ Copper, Zinc, Lead, Gold, Silver
0531 DMA 1 MB Independence Group of Claims HINSDALE CO None identified
0534 DMA 12 MB Hidden Vein Mine LEWIS AND CLARK MT Copper, Manganese
0540 DMA 7 MB Mt Vasques GRAND CO Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper
0542 DMA 13 MB San Bernardo Mine SAN MIGUEL CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
0544 DMA 4 MB Christmas Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead, Silver, Zinc, Copper
0560 DMA 38 MB South Price Mine SALT LAKE UT Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver
0561 DMA <1 MB Not provided

None identified
0562 DMA 8 MB Orient Eureka Gold Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Copper, Talc, Gold, Silver
0565 DMA 20 MB Yellowstone, et. al., Claims MEAGHER MT Lead-Zinc, Manganese, Silver
0577 DMA 18 MB McCarty Mine CALAVERAS CA Copper, Zinc, Lead
0582 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
0591 DMA 23 MB Sunken Basins IRON UT Iron, Gold, Molybdenum, Manganese, Nickel, Platinum, +
0592 DMA <1 MB Blue SkyProspect SHOSHONE ID
0594 DMA 56 MB Cable Mine DEER LODGE MT Tungsten, Copper, Gold
0595 DMA No scan Pricess Blue Ribon BLAINE ID Gold, Silver, Copper <lead.
0596 DMA <1 MB Cleopatra Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY WA Silver
0597 DMA 6 MB Harreld Martin Lease CHEROKEE KS Lead-Zinc
0600 DMA 16 MB Purkerson - Mead PERSHING NV Tin, Mercury
0603 DMA 2 MB Pilot Claim UNKNOWN COUNTY UT Copper
0604 DMA 6 MB American (also see DMA-388) SOCORRO NM Fluorspar
0605 DMA 1 MB Klamath River Chromite Project UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Chromium
0615 DMA <1 MB Iron King Claim TUOLUMNE CA Tungsten
0616 DMA No scan Pollard Canyon PERSHING NV Manganese
0617 DMA 46 MB Mount Union Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
0618 DMA <1 MB Golden Gem

None identified
0621 DMA 5 MB General Teller Mine SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc, Barite, silver
0624 DMA 12 MB Henrietta Mine PERSHING NV Zinc, Lead
0626 DMA <1 MB New Moose Mine NYE NV None identified
0627 DMA 74 MB Hayden Shaft LAKE CO Lead-Zinc, Manganese, Silver
0628 DMA 1 MB None identified UTAH UT Not identified
0630 DMA <1 MB Revenue Consolidated Group

None identified
0647 DMA 4 MB Copper King Mine (see also docket 2655) LARAMIE WY Gold, Silver, Copper
0648 DMA <1 MB Detroit Placer

None identified
0649 DMA 5 MB Lady Franklin Mine CUSTER CO Lead-Zinc, Silver
0651 DMA 5 MB Star Dust Group TOOELE UT Tungsten
0652 DMA 75 MB South Mountain Mine OWYHEE ID Zinc, Copper, Lead, Silver, Gold, Cobalt, Tungsten
0654 DMA 187 MB Keenan LAWRENCE SD Tin, Columbium, Tantalum, Tungsten, Gold
0656 DMA <1 MB Olsen Mine NEWTON MO None identified
0657 DMA 5 MB Black Rock Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper
0662 DMA 12 MB Williamson - Phontas Group CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
0666 DMA 1 MB Commanche Manganese GRANITE MT Manganese
0676 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
0679 DMA 4 MB Martin Mine FLATHEAD MT Lead-Zinc, Copper.
0680 DMA 3 MB Big Horn Mine BUTTE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver.
0681 DMA <1 MB Yankee Boy, et al. GRANT OR Cobalt
0682 DMA <1 MB Kennedy, Creek Mine MISSOULA MT Lead-Zinc, Copper
0684 DMA 3 MB Carlton SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
0685 DMA <1 MB Kenosha Pass PARK CO Fluorspar
0688 DMA <1 MB Blue Grouse Mountain Tungsten Deposit STEVENS WA Tungsten
0691 DMA 4 MB Silver Lake Mine PINAL AZ Lead-Zinc
0692 DMA 6 MB Little Jenny and Brighton Claims SAGUACHE CO Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper
0695 DMA 4 MB Baldy Mountain WEBER UT Manganese
0696 DMA 5 MB Dixie Ridge Mining Claim FRESNO CA Tungsten
0697 DMA 11 MB War Eagle Group YUMA AZ Manganese
0699 DMA 65 MB Black Warrior Mine CHELAN WA Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
0700 DMA 58 MB Argo Mine GRANITE MT Tungsten
0702 DMA 50 MB Comstock - Hopemore LAKE CO Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Iron
0703 DMA <1 MB Copper Basin LANDER NV None Identified
0713 DMA 2 MB None Identified (see also 605)

0724 DMA 1 MB None identified CLARK NV Mica
0725 DMA <1 MB Ida May Heubnerite

0727 DMA 3 MB Rock Creek Platinum FREMONT WY Platinum
0728 DMA <1 MB Hamill Group

0738 DMA <1 MB Fortune Mica Mine SAN MIGUEL NM Mica
0739 DMA <1 MB Vulcan Group of Iron Mines SOCORRO NM Iron
0744 DMA 81 MB Essex & Gilpin Eureka Group GILPIN CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, silver, Copper
0745 DMA 5 MB Stacey Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten, Gold, Silver
0746 DMA 1 MB none identified
CA Manganese
0747 DMA 14 MB Five Mining Claims FERRY WA Tungsten
0749 DMA 5 MB None Identified CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc, Silver
0757 DMA <1 MB None identified

Lead-Zinc, Copper
0763 DMA <1 MB Leadville Smelter Project

None identified
0764 DMA 6 MB Round Mountain Group PARK CO Tungsten, Uranium, Tin
0765 DMA <1 MB None identified MONTROSE CO Copper
0766 DMA 14 MB Nob Hill ELKO NV Lead-Zinc, Silver
0768 DMA 5 MB Copper King and Madonna Claims MADISON MT Lead, Silver, Gold, Iron, Sulphur
0769 DMA <1 MB Marvel and Silver Claim Group SANTA CRUZ AZ None identified
0770 DMA 3 MB Chatauqua Extension North Mining Claim SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc
0771 DMA 8 MB Keystone and Iris Claim SIERRA NM Lead, Silver, Zinc, Copper
0772 DMA <1 MB Old Troy Lode Mine NYE NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
0774 DMA 5 MB Gold Star Mine SUMMIT UT Lead, Zinc, Copper, Manganese
0775 DMA 11 MB Wild Bill Group MONO CA Uranium, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Tungsten
0776 DMA 16 MB Edna Mine and Wells Fargo Mine STEVENS WA Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Antimony
0780 DMA <1 MB Bonanza Mine

0781 DMA 1 MB None identified PINAL AZ Copper
0782 DMA 1 MB None identified

0784 DMA 2 MB Tintaya Copper mine

0785 DMA 1 MB Black Rock, et al., Claims STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
0786 DMA 1 MB Herbert Tungsten Mine TULARE CA Tungsten
0787 DMA <1 MB R.T.C. Mining Claims LEWIS AND CLARK MT None identified
0789 DMA 7 MB Badger - Sunflower Claim Group DOLORES CO Lead-Zinc
0793 DMA 11 MB Pass Creek Mine GALLATIN MT Zinc, Lead
0794 DMA No Scan Herbert TULARE CA Tungsten
0796 DMA <1 MB Lindburg Lease CUSTER ID None identified
0798 DMA 1 MB Black Hills District YAVAPAI AZ Copper
0810 DMA <1 MB Elk Creek Quartz VALLEY ID Lead-Zinc
0812 DMA 19 MB Bob Ingersoll Group & Sitting Bull Mine PENNINGTON SD Beryl, Mica, Lithium, Columbite, Amblygonite, Uranium
0813 DMA 1 MB Grace Mine COCHISE AZ Lead-Zinc
0814 DMA <1 MB None identified

Lead-Zinc, Copper
0816 DMA 9.6 MB Golden Chest Mine SHOSHONE ID Tungsten, Gold
0817 DMA 8 MB Pony Gulch Tungsten Mine SHOSHONE ID Tungsten
0821 DMA 5 MB Crystal Mine JEFFERSON MT Copper, Lead, Zinc
0823 DMA 1 MB Alexander-Brooklyn Mine NYE NV Tungsten
0824 DMA 7 MB Santa Catalina Copper Deposit PIMA AZ Copper
0837 DMA 7 MB Sunburst-Sceptre Group of Claims CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
0838 DMA 14 MB Tungsten (Chance) Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
0839 DMA 9 MB Tinitic Outpost Mining Co. property JUAB UT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold
0840 DMA 13 MB Baltic Claim Group KERN CA Tungsten, Gold, Silver
0842 DMA 297 MB Cape, Boulder, and Goodwin Creeks, et al NOME AK Tin
0843 DMA 6 MB Hubert Scott Mine MACON NC Mica
0855 DMA 21 MB Silver Rule Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold
0856 DMA 1 MB Carbonate King Zinc Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Silver
0857 DMA 1 MB Connors Group SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc
0858 DMA 7 MB Atlas Lead-Zinc Mine PIMA AZ Zinc
0859 DMA 13 MB American Group of Claims LUNA NM Manganese
0860 DMA 26 MB Ibex Extension LAKE CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
0861 DMA 202 MB Adamson Panaminas, Inc. Operation INYO CA Tungsten, Molybdenum
0863 DMA No scan River Queen Mine ADAMS ID Copper
0864 DMA 46 MB Snowbird Group VALLEY ID Tungsten, Fluorspar, Pyrite, Copper, Lead, Zinc
0866 DMA 20 MB Rocco-Homestake Mine WHITE PINE NV Lead-Zinc, Silver
0867 DMA <1 MB None identified
CA None identified
0868 DMA 52 MB Golden Valley Township RUTHERFORD NC Monazite, Zircon, Rutile, Ilmehite, Garnet, Gold
0869 DMA 1 MB Steen Property LEMHI ID Copper
0870 DMA 25 MB Twentieth Century SAN MIGUEL CO Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
0871 DMA 1 MB Smuggler Mine PITKIN CO Lead-Zinc
0872 DMA 4 MB Aladdin Mine ELKO NV Lead, Copper.
0874 DMA <1 MB Crystal Mountain Properties PITKIN CO None identified
0875 DMA 6 MB Black Diamond Manganesee Property MOHAVE AZ Manganese
0899 DMA <1 MB Custom Mill MONTEZUMA CO Zinc
0900 DMA 2 MB None Indentified GRANT NM Zinc, Lead, Copper
0908 DMA <1 MB Powers Shaft

None identified
0909 DMA <1 MB Non identified

0911 DMA 6 MB Montezuma Mine DOLORES CO Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
0913 DMA 8 MB Williams Tungsten Mine MOHAVE AZ Tungsten
0914 DMA 3 MB Mena Area POLK AR Manganese
0919 DMA 3 MB Silver Tip Mine PERSHING NV None identified
0922 DMA 3 MB Littleton Mine CLALLAM WA Manganese
0923 DMA 3 MB Big Pine INYO CA Tungsten
0925 DMA 6 MB Blue Bell MISSOULA MT Copper, Gold
0926 DMA 3 MB Beryl Deposit UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Beryl
0927 DMA 14 MB Pacific Mine UTAH UT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold
0930 DMA 56 MB Ruby Meadows Placer IDAHO ID Monazite, Cinnabar, Gold, Garnet, Zircon, Magnetite
0931 DMA 1 MB Silver Crown Group SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
0932 DMA 8 MB Glacier & Davenport Lode Claims CHELAN WA Zinc, Lead, Copper
0934 DMA 3 MB Holt House Ranch SAN BENITO CA Uranium
0935 DMA 15 MB York Mining Company SOCORRO NM Zinc, Lead, Copper, Manganese, Silver, Gold, Kyanite
0941 DMA 3 MB Sheldon Mining Co. Lease CHEROKEE KS Zinc
0942 DMA <1 MB Quartz Creek Property KING WA Molybdenum
0943 DMA 25 MB Whetrock Basin PINAL AZ Copper, Tungsten, Chromite
0944 DMA 10 MB Rainbow Mercury Mine BREWSTER TX Mercury
0947 DMA 5 MB Albemarle Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead, Flourspar, Silver
0964 DMA 70 MB Durand Group GRANITE MT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver.
0967 DMA 16 MB Black Hawk Mine GRANT NM Cobalt, Uranium, Silver, Nickel
0968 DMA 3 MB None identified CARSON CITY NV Copper
0969 DMA 12 MB Baxter Fluorspar Mine MINERAL NV Fluorspar
0972 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
0973 DMA 1 MB Weston and Crook Counties WESTON WY Bentonite
0979 DMA 13 MB Antimony Queen Mine OKANOGAN WA Antimony, Tungsten, Gold
0981 DMA 74 MB Washington-Idaho Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Cadium
0982 DMA 4 MB Cargo Muchacho Mine IMPERIAL CA Tungsten
0984 DMA 7 MB June - Echo Mine STEVENS WA Copper, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Silver, Gold
0989 DMA 75 MB Harrinton - Hickory Mine BEAVER UT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Gold
0990 DMA 13 MB Duncan Dieckman & Duncan Group No. 1 POLK AR Manganese
0991 DMA 7 MB Tungstar Mine INYO CA Tungsten
0992 DMA 2 MB Mohawk Group OKANOGAN WA Copper, Lead, Zinc
0993 DMA 33 MB East Utah Mine WASATCH UT Copper, Lead, Zinc
0996 DMA 15 MB Sushine Mine PIMA AZ Lead, Silver
0997 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1002 DMA 7 MB None Identified BURKE NC Monazite, Chromite, Zircon
1005 DMA <1 MB Shiprock UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Uranium
1019 DMA 21 MB Tip Top and Copper Duke Copper Mines PIMA AZ Copper
1034 DMA 6 MB Union Copper PLUMAS CA Copper
1035 DMA 8 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Antimony, Silicon, Aluminum, Silver, Colbalt
1036 DMA 8 MB Syringa Group VALLEY ID Antimony, Tungste
1037 DMA 1 MB McClements Mine DUCHESNE UT Lead-Zinc, Copper
1047 DMA <1 MB Robert Tungsten Property CUSTER SD Tungsten
1050 DMA 28 MB Utze Lode CHAFFEE CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
1051 DMA <1 MB None identified

1052 DMA 13 MB Deforest Copper Mine CARBON WY Copper
1054 DMA 10 MB Housley (Price - Williams) Mine HOT SPRING AR Lead-Zinc
1055 DMA 1 MB Caledonian UNKNOWN COUNTY CO None identified
1056 DMA <1 MB Burrows Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY CO None identified
1057 DMA 3 MB Tungsten Propsect GILA AZ Tungsten
1058 DMA 1 MB Eileen Mining Co. MINERAL CO None identified
1060 DMA 1 MB Drummond GRANITE MT Tungsten, Gold
1061 DMA 4 MB None Identified WATAUGA NC Copper, Gold, Silver
1063 DMA 21 MB Ute-and-Ule Mine HINSDALE CO Lead-Zinc, Silver
1077 DMA 4 MB Cabin Gulch Claims WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
1079 DMA 3 MB Mary P. Claims CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
1080 DMA 4 MB Steen Claims LEMHI ID Copper, Gold, Lead
1085 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1087 DMA 2 MB Eagle Shawmut Mine TUOLUMNE CA Lead
1088 DMA 38 MB Virgina Mine JASPER MO Zinc, Lead
1089 DMA 17 MB Lena HUDSPETH TX Lead, Silver, Zinc, Gold
1090 DMA 2 MB Franklin Mine LEWIS AND CLARK MT Lead, Copper
1091 DMA 4 MB Champion Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
1093 DMA 59 MB Buckhorn Group GILA AZ Asbestos
1094 DMA 86 MB Naildriver Mine WASATCH UT Lead-Zinc
1097 DMA 18 MB Various ORLEANS VT Asbestos
1098 DMA 117 MB Butterfield Mine SALT LAKE UT Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Tungsten
1099 DMA 72 MB Keetly Unit WASATCH UT Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, Copper
1100 DMA 122 MB Judge WASATCH UT Lead-Zinc
1101 DMA 13 MB Errington - Thiel ELKO NV Beryl, Mica
1102 DMA 2 MB Sagmore Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
1104 DMA No scan None Identified CUSTER ID Lead
1105 DMA <1 MB Albertson Claim

None identified
1106 DMA 1 MB Prospect Hill GRAFTON NH Mica, Beryl
1107 DMA 41 MB Forest Home Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
1108 DMA 45 MB Caselton - Black Prince LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Manganese
1109 DMA 6 MB San Miguel Mine SANDOVAL NM Copper
1110 DMA 3 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY CO Beryl, Columbium - Tantalum
1111 DMA 50 MB Treasure Mountain Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Manganese
1113 DMA 11 MB Placer Deposit RIO ARRIBA NM Columbite-Tantalite
1114 DMA 6 MB Pack-Saddle and Buckhorn Claims BOISE ID Antimony, Tungsten
1115 DMA 8 MB Alger Hill GRAFTON NH Beryl, Feldspar, Mica
1116 DMA 9 MB Pioneer Tungsten Mine DOUGLAS NV Tungsten
1117 DMA 1 MB None Identified KING TX Lead, Mica, Uranium
1118 DMA 15 MB Various Leases LAWRENCE MO Lead-Zinc
1119 DMA 36 MB Charles Nelson and Martin Radovan UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Copper, Silver
1120 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1121 DMA <1 MB None identified

1122 DMA 4 MB Big Cove Mine BUNCOMBE NC Mica, Kaolin
1123 DMA 1 MB Black Diablo HUMBOLDT NV Manganese, Silica
1124 DMA <1 MB None identified SAGUACHE CO None identified
1126 DMA <1 MB Fross Rare Metals Prospect WASHINGTON UT Mercury
1128 DMA 1 MB None Identified YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Gold, Silver
1129 DMA <1 MB None identified

1130 DMA <1 MB Sutter Creek UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Copper
1131 DMA 19 MB McCarty and Donner CALAVERAS CA Copper
1132 DMA 8 MB Whitehorse Mine BROADWATER MT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold
1133 DMA 4.4 MB Big Elk Group KOOTENAI ID Lead, Zinc
1134 DMA 1 MB Sodaspar Uranium Prospect UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Uranium
1135 DMA 4 MB Pinto Group INYO CA Lead, Manganese, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper
1136 DMA <1 MB So and So Mine GILA AZ None identified
1137 DMA 13 MB Greenleaf Fluorspar Mine LUNA NM Fluorspar
1138 DMA 4 MB Amadan Claim Group BEAVERHEAD MT Copper, Uranium, Nickel, Cobalt, Molydenium
1139 DMA 6 MB Grandview Mine INYO CA Lead, Gold, Silver, Zinc
1140 DMA 10 MB Reid-Mary Mine MACON NC Mica
1141 DMA 13 MB Campbell Mine MACON NC Mica, Feldspar
1142 DMA 17 MB General Exploration NEVADA CA Asbestos
1144 DMA 48 MB Camp Bird Mine OURAY CO Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper
1145 DMA 30 MB A. R. Jones Lease IOWA WI Zinc, Lead
1146 DMA 3 MB Adams TULARE CA Tungsten, Tantalum, Gold, Monagite, Thorium, Zirconium
1147 DMA 3 MB Last Chance PINAL AZ Copper
1148 DMA 2 MB Stump Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Cobalt, Zirconium
1150 DMA 4 MB Spring Creek Mine TELLER CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Manganese
1152 DMA 10 MB Excess Mine LUNA NM Lead, Silver, Tungsten
1153 DMA 2 MB Blue Jay Mine TRINITY CA Manganese
1156 DMA 4 MB Glenn Farms HARFORD MD Mica, Asbestos
1160 DMA 7 MB The Puzzler Lode PITKIN CO Iron, Manganese
1162 DMA 10 MB The Graphite, Hermoine, et. al. Claims UTAH UT Manganese
1163 DMA 9 MB Red Acres Quicksilver Mine STANISLAUS CA Mercury
1164 DMA 6 MB Mustang Group ESMERALDA NV Copper, Silver
1165 DMA 57 MB New Almaden Quicksilver Mine SANTA CLARA CA Mercury
1166 DMA 57 MB Mineral Rights Mine PEND OREILLE WA Zinc, Lead
1167 DMA 5 MB Porcupine Lode SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
1168 DMA 9 MB Tri Metalic Lode MONO CA Copper, Silver, Gold
1169 DMA 6 MB Post War Mine UTAH UT Manganese, Iron
1171 DMA 9 MB Hard Luck Mines POWELL MT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Cadmium
1172 DMA 12 MB Atwood Copper Group HIDALGO NM Copper
1173 DMA 55 MB Dives-Pelican Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
1175 DMA 73 MB Green Mountain Mine SANDERS MT Copper, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium
1176 DMA 80 MB Boulder Mercury Group JEFFERSON MT Uranium, Silver, Gold, Mercury, Lead
1177 DMA 27 MB Free Enterprise JEFFERSON MT Uranium, Silver
1179 DMA 18 MB Ventura Mine VENTURA CA Nickel, Copper
1180 DMA 5 MB Otte SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
1181 DMA 4 MB Corundum Hills Mines MACON NC Asbestos, Corundum, Vermiculite
1182 DMA 20 MB Calhoun Gold Mine LUMPKIN GA Tungsten, Gold, Silver
1183 DMA 1 MB None identified ESMERALDA NV Platinum
1184 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1185 DMA 7 MB Buttercup Mine CAMAS ID Lead, Zinc, Silver
1186 DMA 19 MB Last Chance Group BEAVERHEAD MT Thorium, Uranium, Cerium
1187 DMA 7 MB Little Ida Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead, Zinc, Copper
1188 DMA 12 MB Sedalia Mine CHAFFEE CO Copper, Lead, Zinc
1190 DMA 7 MB Mineralking CLARK NV Lead, Silver, Zinc, Vanadium
1191 DMA 12 MB Newton Claim & Flagstaff Claim LAKE CO Lead-Zinc
1192 DMA 5 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY CO None identified
1193 DMA 3 MB Unknown UNKNOWN WA Mercury, Graphite, Quartz, Radium
1194 DMA 1 MB Beasley No. 2 Mine MACON NC Mica
1195 DMA 3 MB Truebger POPE IL Fluorspar, Zinc
1196 DMA 7 MB Bales Prospect OKANOGAN WA Antimony
1197 DMA No scan Belle Eldridge, et al., Claims LAWRENCE SD Lead, Zinc
1198 DMA 47 MB Murphy Marble Belt CHEROKEE NC Talc
1199 DMA 16 MB Number Nine Pegmatite CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica
1200 DMA 15 MB West Blackstone Mine LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
1201 DMA 27 MB Prize Mine GILPIN CO Zinc, Lead, Copper, Gold, Silver
1202 DMA 2 MB None Identified VALLEY ID Tin, Nickel
1203 DMA 45 MB Little Grant Mine GRANT WI Zinc, Lead
1204 DMA 5 MB Calumet & Hecla HOUGHTON MI Copper
1205 DMA 4 MB Calumet & Hecla KEWEENAW MI Cobalt
1206 DMA 246 MB Jameson & Rooney, et. al. group of leases LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
1207 DMA 242 MB 13 Properties HOUGHTON MI Copper
1209 DMA 5 MB Fluorspar property near Jamestown BOULDER CO Fluorspar
1210 DMA 63 MB Various properties ORLEANS VT Asbestos
1211 DMA 4 MB Casper Mountain NATRONA WY Asbestos
1212 DMA 9 MB Virginia Bruce TRINITY CA Asbestos
1213 DMA 15 MB Stark Property NEVADA CA Asbestos
1214 DMA 5 MB Phillip Carey Manufacturing ORLEANS VT Asbestos
1215 DMA 12 MB Clarinda BONNER ID Copper, Gold, Silver
1216 DMA <1 MB Blue Moon Mine MARIPOSA CA Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold.
1217 DMA 8 MB Hide A Way & Hide Above Claims LARIMER CO Beryl, Columbite, Tantalite, Mica
1218 DMA 27 MB Buena Vist and Red Mountain Copper SANTA CRUZ AZ Copper
1219 DMA 140 MB Bully Hill Mine SHASTA CA Copper, Zinc, Cadium
1220 DMA 11 MB Lookout Mine SIERRA NM Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold, Silver
1221 DMA 10 MB Black Rose Uranium Prospect SANDOVAL NM Uranium, Coal
1223 DMA 17 MB Bulldozer Mine PIMA AZ Copper, Silver
1224 DMA 7 MB Cow Creek Mine AVERY NC Mica
1225 DMA 19 MB Erie Mine GUNNISON CO Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper
1226 DMA 5 MB Stoddard Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper
1227 DMA 35 MB Hancock & Blackstone LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
1228 DMA 5 MB Wickenburg & Coquille MARICOPA AZ Lead, Silver, Tungsten, Platinum,
1232 DMA 20 MB Schlosser CORDOVA AK Copper, Gold
1233 DMA 4 MB Pine Canyon Mine PIUTE UT Corundum, Kyanite
1234 DMA 8 MB Lage Antimony Prospect WHITE PINE NV Antimony
1235 DMA 1 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY MS Uranium, Silver, Lead
1236 DMA 14 MB White Top Pegmatite CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica, Feldspar
1237 DMA 7 MB Standard Mine MARICOPA AZ Copper, Lead, Nickel
1238 DMA 22 MB Hope Mine BONNER ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1240 DMA 6 MB Driessel Antimony Prospect CLEARWATER ID Antimony, Gold, Lead, Silver
1241 DMA 1 MB None identified GILA AZ Copper
1243 DMA 83 MB Bachelor Mine OURAY CO Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, copper
1244 DMA 3 MB Bernice & Rosie Claims LINCOLN NV Silver, Lead, Copper
1245 DMA 19 MB Ida Harlan Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
1246 DMA 2 MB Sally Rae LINCOLN MT Lead-Zinc
1247 DMA 4 MB George Washington & Lead Bell Claim Groups CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Copper
1248 DMA 27 MB Arkansas Manganese Co. POLK AR Manganese
1249 DMA <1 MB Ahsahka Monzanite Placer IDAHO ID Gold
1250 DMA 5 MB W. W. Martin Mine CLEVELAND NC Mica
1252 DMA 24 MB Maumee Mining Property SEARCY AR Zinc
1253 DMA 5 MB Utopia Mining & Milling Company ALBANY WY Manganese, Bismuth, Cobalt, Gold, Aluminum, Iron
1254 DMA 3 MB Sunset Mine SNOHOMISH WA Copper
1255 DMA 2 MB None Identified
1256 DMA 3 MB Hipps MADISON NC Mica, Feldspar
1257 DMA 4 MB Oriental Group CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc, Manganese, Gold, Silver
1258 DMA 18 MB Altoona Quicksilver Mine TRINITY CA Mercury
1262 DMA 7 MB Glendale Mine PENNINGTON SD Beryl, Mica, Columbo-Tantalite
1263 DMA 132 MB Hancock & Blackstone Leases et. al. LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
1264 DMA 41 MB Webster Nickel Exploration JACKSON NC Nickel, Cobalt
1265 DMA 11 MB Flint MADISON MT Tin
1266 DMA 9 MB Big Chief Group PENNINGTON SD Mica, Feldspar, Beryl
1268 DMA 2 MB Corky Group UNKNOWN COUNTY SD Beryl, Mica
1269 DMA 1 MB Mable H Mining Claim TULARE CA Quartz
1270 DMA 9 MB King Lode Claim ROUTT CO Manganese
1271 DMA 14 MB Old Soldier Group SOCORRO NM Copper, Lead, Zinc
1272 DMA 7 MB Champion & Oxide King Copper Project TAOS NM Copper, Gold, Silver
1273 DMA 17 MB Shannon Copper Mine COCHISE AZ Copper
1274 DMA 8 MB Manganese Ace Group UTAH UT Manganese
1275 DMA <1 MB Saguache Smelting Co. SAGUACHE CO Copper
1276 DMA 2 MB Various UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Manganese, Tungsten, Fluorspar
1277 DMA 10 MB Giant Tungsten Group PIMA AZ Tungsten
1278 DMA 5 MB Dolphin Tunnel KITTITAS WA Cobalt, Nickel, Uranium
1279 DMA 2 MB Gold King Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
1280 DMA 7 MB Cal-Creek IDAHO ID Monazite, Gold
1282 DMA 4 MB Empire Claim CUSTER SD Mica, Beryl, Gold
1283 DMA <1 MB Vindicator Group

None identified
1284 DMA 161 MB Yellow Pine Mine & Meadow Creek Mine VALLEY ID Antimony, Gold, Silver, Coppr, Lead, Tungsten, Arsenic
1285 DMA 267 MB Ima Mine LEMHI ID Tungsten, Antimony, Mercury
1287 DMA 5 MB Mt. Hough Manganese PLUMAS CA Manganese
1288 DMA 13 MB Schulite Extension Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten
1289 DMA 18 MB Forman Placer Mine HUMBOLDT CA Platinum, Gold
1290 DMA 18 MB Carr LASSEN CA Copper, Gold, Silver, Nickel
1291 DMA 2 MB Beaver Creek SUMMIT UT Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
1293 DMA 4 MB None Identified YANCEY NC Mica
1294 DMA 8 MB Leach & Leach GRANT NM Uranium
1295 DMA 65 MB Kille Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc
1296 DMA 1 MB Rare Earth Deposit UNKNOWN COUNTY WY Columbite-Tantalite, Beryllium.
1297 DMA 134 MB Andrus SAN MIGUEL CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
1298 DMA 2 MB None Identified ELKO NV Iron, Sulphur
1299 DMA 1 MB Meadow Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc, Silver
1300 DMA 1 MB None Identified GILA AZ Cobalt, Gold, Silver
1301 DMA 3 MB Dual No. 1 thru 14 & Harris Wash No. 1 GARFIELD UT Manganese
1302 DMA <1 MB None identified SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Manganese
1303 DMA 87 MB Red Cloud Mine YUMA AZ Lead-Zinc, Silver
1304 DMA 64 MB Kay Copper Mine YAVAPAI AZ Cobalt
1305 DMA 4 MB Copper Queen Group BEAVERHEAD MT Copper, Lead, Zinc
1306 DMA 1 MB Huamachuco

Silver, Lead, Zinc
1307 DMA 79 MB Fernando Mine INYO CA Tungsten
1308 DMA 6 MB Old Abe Mine LINCOLN NM Tungsten
1309 DMA 24 MB Yellow Circle Claim SAN JUAN UT Uranium, Vanadium
1310 DMA 5 MB Scorpio Annex Claim PIMA AZ Copper
1311 DMA No scan Jefferson Calhoun Group GILPIN CO
1312 DMA 19 MB Simon Mine MINERAL NV Lead, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Sulphur
1313 DMA 4 MB Blue Bird Hill IMPERIAL CA Kyanite
1314 DMA 13 MB Dead Cedar ELKO NV Copper, Gold, Silver, Lead, Iron
1315 DMA 56 MB Merritt, Wallis, Riniker Leases DUBUQUE IA Lead-Zinc
1316 DMA 7 MB Pikes Peak DUBUQUE IA Lead-Zinc
1317 DMA 2 MB Cummings ETOWAH AL Manganese
1318 DMA 27 MB Brutch Sulphur Deposit HOT SPRINGS WY Sulphur
1319 DMA 3 MB Taft Group CAMAS ID Lead-Zinc
1320 DMA 5 MB Nickel Mine CHURCHILL NV Nickel, Cobalt, Copper
1321 DMA 19 MB Lamar Tract POPE IL Fluorspar
1322 DMA 3 MB Elkhorn Lode CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica
1323 DMA 11 MB Copper Hill Mine LA PLATA CO Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum
1324 DMA 18 MB Otto Antimony Mine SEVIER AR Antimony
1325 DMA 179 MB Bullfrog Mine GRANT NM Lead-Zinc
1326 DMA 4 MB McConnell JEFFERSON MT Zinc, Silver
1327 DMA 2 MB Gray Gold Glen Placer PARK CO Tungsten, Chrome, Cobalt, Gold
1328 DMA <1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Mica
1329 DMA 11 MB Paramount SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten, Copper, Zinc, Fluorite
1331 DMA 5 MB None Identified MADISON NC Copper, Iron
1334 DMA 2 MB Highland Lode CUSTER SD Columbite-Tantalite, Beryl, Mica.
1335 DMA 26 MB Allured Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Copper, Iron, Gold, Silver
1336 DMA <1 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY ID Cobalt
1339 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1340 DMA 1 MB Adjuster & Husler Claims UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Copper
1341 DMA 12 MB Antelope Claims PIMA AZ Lead-Zinc
1343 DMA 3 MB Continental Lode UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Lead-Zinc, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Gold, Silver
1344 DMA 3 MB Shindler RIVERSIDE CA Beryl, Columbium, Tantalite
1345 DMA 5 MB Gustafafson GRAND CO Mica, Beryl, Tantalite
1346 DMA <1 MB Iron Mountain Area UNKNOWN COUNTY NM None identified
1347 DMA 13 MB Challenge Silver Lode Claim INYO CA Tungsten, Lead, Silver
1348 DMA 15 MB Forty-Niner Claim JEFFERSON MT Uranium
1349 DMA 4 MB None Identified FREMONT WY Manganese, Habnerite, Tungsten
1350 DMA 19 MB Saturday Mountain CUSTER ID Lead, Silver, Zinc
1351 DMA 11 MB Jenkins Lease IOWA WI Lead-Zinc
1352 DMA 11 MB Thomas Lease IOWA WI Lead-Zinc
1353 DMA 18 MB Pickwick Mine CHELAN WA Copper, Silver, Gold
1354 DMA 9 MB Karst & Table Mountain Groups MADISON MT Asbestos
1355 DMA 5 MB Tillicum Group GRANT OR Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Silver
1356 DMA 38 MB Black Warrior Mine ELMORE ID Monazite
1357 DMA 3 MB San Juan Mine COCHISE AZ Lead-Zinc
1362 DMA 1 MB Grandview Tungsten Mine SOCORRO NM
1366 DMA 6 MB Gardner SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1368 DMA 12 MB Norway Claim Group SUMMIT CO Manganese, Tungsten
1369 DMA 17 MB None Identified TALLADEGA AL Cobalt, Manganese
1370 DMA 3 MB None Identified TALLADEGA AL Manganese, Cobalt
1371 DMA 522 MB Fredericktown Area MADISON MO Lead, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt
1372 DMA 2 MB None Identified SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1373 DMA 1 MB Pine Ridge ANDERSON TN
1374 DMA 4 MB Old Mines WASHINGTON MO Copper
1375 DMA No scan None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY WI Lead-Zinc
1376 DMA 25 MB Scheelore Mines MONO CA Tungsten
1377 DMA 208 MB Black Rock Mine MONO CA Tungsten
1379 DMA 26 MB Snoqualmie Mines KING WA Antimony, Manganese, Silver
1380 DMA <1 MB Senate Mine GRANITE MT Copper
1386 DMA <1 MB Mount Davidson WASHOE NV Tungsten
1387 DMA 29 MB Ortiz Mine Grant SANTA FE NM Tungsten
1388 DMA 13 MB Huskins Mine GASTON NC Mica
1390 DMA 7 MB Chalk Mountain Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
1391 DMA 5 MB M. S. Bess Farm GASTON NC Mica
1392 DMA 2 MB Piloma, Turquoise & Digmore Groups YAVAPAI AZ Gold, Silver, Turquoise
1393 DMA <1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY NM Copper
1394 DMA 24 MB Slope Mine COOSA AL Tin, Autunite, Torbrernite, Mica, Feldspar
1395 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1396 DMA 2 MB Extension No. 1 MOHAVE AZ Lead, Vanadium, Molybdate, Gold
1397 DMA 35 MB Davis Zinc Field MURRAY OK Lead-Zinc
1398 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1399 DMA 20 MB W. T. Lee Estate JACKSON NC Mica, Felspar
1400 DMA 3 MB Red Lode Claim BOULDER CO Tungsten
1401 DMA 10 MB Wilson Mining Company JUAB UT Lead, Silver, Zinc, Sulphur, Iron, Lime
1402 DMA 10 MB Heber Lion Mining Co. WASATCH UT Copper, Gold, Silver, Lead
1403 DMA 1 MB Chiricahua Development Company COCHISE AZ Copper, Gold, Silver
1404 DMA 9 MB Primos Chemical Company UNKNOWN COUNTY TX Tungsten, Hubnerite
1405 DMA 5 MB Housel Gulch Placer Uranium Prospect MOFFAT CO Uranium, Gold
1406 DMA 13 MB Horn Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
1407 DMA 3 MB Friend Robertson Tungsten Property CUSTER SD Tungsten
1408 DMA 5 MB Sunbeam Claims JUAB UT Uranium
1409 DMA 13 MB Long Point Dome FORT BEND TX Sulphur
1410 DMA 4 MB None Identified LOS ANGELES CA Chromium, Thorium, Nickel, Gold, Silver
1411 DMA 8 MB Ariadne & Bee Claims JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc, Copper
1412 DMA 3 MB Duquesne SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
1413 DMA 2 MB Centennial Mine HOUGHTON MI Copper, Lead, Zinc
1414 DMA 2 MB Italian Mountain GUNNISON CO Lead-Zinc
1415 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1416 DMA 5 MB Lee Mining Company No. 1, 2, & 3 SALT LAKE UT
1417 DMA 1 MB Scott Farm UNKNOWN COUNTY NY Talc, Fluorspar, Quartz
1418 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1419 DMA 2 MB None Identified COCHISE AZ Copper, Gold, Silver
1420 DMA 2 MB Savage Gold & Copper Mine COCHISE AZ Copper
1421 DMA 2 MB El Sobrante COCHISE AZ Copper, Lead, Silver
1422 DMA 8 MB Goldacres Mine LANDER NV Tungsten, Gold
1423 DMA 4 MB Blanchard, Waddell & Adams COCKE TN Manganese
1425 DMA 14 MB Keesey Tunnel MINERAL MT Lead, Copper, Antimony, Silver
1426 DMA 8 MB Roosevelt Group CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Tungsten, Gold
1427 DMA 17 MB Evelyn Gold Group SANTA FE NM Copper, Silver, Gold
1428 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1429 DMA 20 MB Jacob's Chair Mesa SAN JUAN UT Uranium, Copper
1430 DMA 2 MB Copper Blossom Mine COCHISE AZ Copper, Silver, Gold
1431 DMA 1 MB Antimony & Antimony Extension NYE NV Antimony
1432 DMA 3 MB Copper Flower CLARK NV Cobalt, Nickel, Uranium, Copper
1433 DMA 4 MB Beecher Mine CUSTER SD Beryl, Columbite, Mica
1434 DMA 9 MB Fleetwood Tungsten Mine INYO CA Tungsten
1435 DMA 1 MB None identified CURRY OR Copper
1436 DMA 1 MB Copper Bullion & Morning Star Claims FERRY WA Copper, Gold, Silver, Lead
1437 DMA 12 MB C & W Mining Claims YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
1439 DMA 9 MB Copper Top MARICOPA AZ Manganese, Copper, Talc, Iron, Gold, Silver
1440 DMA <1 MB None Identified

1441 DMA 6 MB Central Standard Claims UTAH UT Lead-Zinc, Copper
1442 DMA 4 MB Kelley Place GRAFTON NH Beryl, Mica
1443 DMA 4 MB Plumbic Mines PIUTE UT Uranium
1444 DMA 6 MB L & L Claims INYO CA Tungsten
1445 DMA 1 MB Thunder Mountain INYO CA Tin, Titanium, Gallium
1446 DMA 37 MB Jo Reynolds Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Uranium, Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc
1447 DMA 335 MB Cold Sping Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
1448 DMA 3 MB German Group GILPIN CO Uranium, Lead, Zinc
1449 DMA 3 MB Clark Mountain SAN BERNARDINO CA Bastrasite
1450 DMA 5 MB Lucky Strike & Silver West KITTITAS WA Zinc, Gold, Silver, Lead
1451 DMA 5 MB Cricket Lime and Dolomite MILLARD UT Manganese, Calcium, Limestone
1452 DMA 16 MB Star Tungsten Mine ELKO NV Tungsten
1453 DMA 35 MB C. C. Lobdell Farm CHENANGO NY Iron
1454 DMA 9 MB Charlou LANDER NV Copper, Silver
1456 DMA 31 MB Brownstone Mine INYO CA Tungsten
1457 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1458 DMA 7 MB Big & Little Dick Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
1459 DMA 2 MB Cedar Tungsten Mine MADERA CA Tungsten
1460 DMA 3 MB Pleasant Valley Mine CUSTER SD Beryl, Tantalite
1461 DMA 5 MB Ibex Springs SAN BERNARDINO CA Talc
1462 DMA 8 MB Fluorspare CROOK WY Fluorspar
1463 DMA 103 MB Hill Top Mine PARK CO Lead-Zinc
1464 DMA 16 MB Red Bluff Group VALENCIA NM Uranium
1465 DMA 7 MB House & Kadaw Mining Property LINCOLN NM Asbestos, Tungsten, Iron, Fluorspar
1466 DMA 18 MB Addy Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
1468 DMA 10 MB Silver Streak Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Gold
1470 DMA 22 MB Pearl & Camp Bird Claims UTAH UT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
1471 DMA 46 MB Miller Mine UTAH UT Lead, Silver
1472 DMA 7 MB Criterion Mine PARK CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
1473 DMA 13 MB Birdie Mine SILVER BOW MT Tungsten, Silver
1474 DMA 4 MB Mineral Slope Lode SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
1475 DMA 2 MB Knight & Shepard Groups PITKIN CO Copper, Silver, Gold, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Antimony, Iron
1476 DMA 12 MB Eagle Point Group HIDALGO NM Tungsten
1477 DMA 10 MB Panco Manganese Deposits PITKIN CO Manganese
1478 DMA 27 MB Horse Canyon No. 1, Silver Fall 1 & 2 GARFIELD UT Uranium
1479 DMA 16 MB Yellow Canary Lode DAGGETT UT Uranium, Vanadium
1480 DMA 4 MB Jim Dandy Mine NYE NV Lead-Zinc
1481 DMA 3 MB Moore Creek Claim Group CALAVERAS CA Tungsten
1482 DMA 5 MB Casino Claim CLARK NV Lead, Copper, Zinc
1483 DMA 5 MB Homestake & Morning Star Claims PARK MT Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Silver
1484 DMA 8 MB Argonaut & Wilmot Claim Groups BAKER OR Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold
1485 DMA 24.1 MB Donahue Lease KOOTENAI ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper, Gold
1486 DMA 16 MB Revais Creek SANDERS MT Copper, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Nickel Cobalt
1487 DMA 2 MB Condon- Burke Claims SNOHOMISH WA Zinc, Lead, Copper, Antimony
1489 DMA 130 MB Sunset Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Cadmium
1491 DMA 16 MB New Elkhorn Group JEFFERSON WA Manganese
1493 DMA 11 MB J. Walter West Estate SPARTANBURG SC Monazite
1494 DMA 5 MB Comstock & Conquest Mines PEND OREILLE WA Lead, Silver, Zinc
1496 DMA 2 MB Sungold Mine IDAHO ID Tungsten, Gold, Silver
1498 DMA 3 MB Logan YORK PA Cobalt, Iron
1499 DMA 7 MB Chief Joseph Mine BOUNDARY ID Tungsten
1501 DMA 7 MB Mercer Caverns CALAVERAS CA Talc
1502 DMA 4 MB Rickardite Mines DONA ANA NM Lead-Zinc, Silver
1503 DMA 4 MB Hidden Treasure Group WEBER UT Iron, Graphite, Copper
1504 DMA 9 MB Kansas Mine WHITE PINE NV Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver
1505 DMA 17.8 Mb Black Prince & Homestake Claims SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1506 DMA 42 MB Black Pearl Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten, Silver
1507 DMA 4 MB Independence Claims ALBANY WY Platinum
1508 DMA 12 MB Carrietown Group CAMAS ID Lead-Zinc
1509 DMA 9 MB Blue Bird Mine BROADWATER MT Lead-Zinc
1510 DMA 7 MB C. L. Pitt's Farm CRAIG OK Lead-Zinc
1512 DMA 6 MB Bowler CLEARWATER ID Mica
1513 DMA 2 MB Old Iron Sides Mine CAMAS ID Lead, Silver, Mica
1514 DMA 18 MB Lucky Strike, et. al. BREWSTER TX Mercury
1515 DMA 4 MB Barbara & Judy Copper Prospects BEAVERHEAD MT Copper, Gold, Silver
1516 DMA 12 MB Mckeaver & Loon Lake Quadrangles FRANKLIN NY Iron
1517 DMA 4 MB Penland MACON NC Mica
1518 DMA 2 MB Early Acres Mine MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
1519 DMA 6 MB Meadow Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc, Silver
1520 DMA 2 MB Tule Indian Tungsten Mine TULARE CA Talc
1521 DMA 4 MB Tungstone SIERRA CA Quartz
1522 DMA 5 MB Blue Moon & Lucky Break Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
1523 DMA 6 MB Big Pine Group INYO CA Talc
1525 DMA 83 MB Silver Queen Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold, Manganese
1526 DMA 66 MB Elizabeth Mine ORANGE VT Copper
1528 DMA 19 MB Mabel Adit PARK CO Lead-Zinc, Silver, Manganese
1529 DMA <1 MB Monana Morning Mine JEFFERSON MT Lead
1530 DMA 4 MB Bannie Mine YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Lead
1531 DMA 9 MB Highland Lassie Mine TOOELE UT Lead-Zinc, Silver
1532 DMA 2 MB None Identified CHEROKEE SC Copper, Fluorspar, Graphite, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Monazi
1533 DMA 5 MB Diamond Dick Lode CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica, Feldspar
1534 DMA 8 MB South Queen of Bronze Mine JOSEPHINE OR Copper
1535 DMA 17 MB Copper Cliff LEWIS AND CLARK MT Copper, Silver
1536 DMA 2 MB Davis Dairy Farm WAKE NC Chromium
1537 DMA 3 MB Basin Range Province
NV Copper, Zinc, Lead, Fluorspar, Tungsten
1538 DMA 5 MB None Identified BLAINE ID Antimony, Silver
1539 DMA 9 MB Pirate Lode LAKE CO Molybdenum
1540 DMA 4 MB None Identified WASHINGTON UT Uranium, Vanadium, Silver
1541 DMA 5 MB Victory Claim Group KETCHIKAN AK Copper, Gold, Silver
1542 DMA 3 MB Broadway & sentinel Claim Groups SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper, Silver, Gold, Lead, Antimony
1543 DMA 7 MB None Identified SOCORRO NM Tin, Lead
1544 DMA 3 MB Crane Deposit HUMBOLDT NV Uranium, Vanadium
1545 DMA 9 MB Grover Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Mica, Beryl
1546 DMA 5 MB None Identified FRESNO CA Tungsten, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Lead
1547 DMA 3 MB Emperor-Duchess Claims PIMA AZ Copper, Silver
1548 DMA 23 MB Sylvania Mine ELKO NV Copper, Lead, Silver, Zinc
1549 DMA 19 MB Houston-Thomas Group GRANT NM Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper
1550 DMA 12 MB Sun-Gold PIMA AZ Copper, Lead
1551 DMA 3 MB Leader Manganese FRANKLIN ID Manganese
1552 DMA 4 MB Virginia Manganese TAZEWELL VA Manganese
1553 DMA 22 MB Sixty Claims SOCORRO NM Copper
1554 DMA 42 MB Gap Lode Mining Claim PENNINGTON SD Beryl, Mica
1555 DMA 6 MB Ace High Claims ROUTT CO Uranium, Zinc, Lead
1556 DMA 3 MB Jumbo Lode Claim PENNINGTON SD Beryl, Mica, Tin
1557 DMA 11 MB Warren Draw CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica
1558 DMA 7 MB High Climb PENNINGTON SD Beryl, Mica
1559 DMA 25 MB Cal-Tex Tungsten mine FRESNO CA Tungsten
1560 DMA 34 MB J. E. Weigel IOWA WI Lead-Zinc
1561 DMA 38 MB Powell - Steil Lease IOWA WI Lead-Zinc
1562 DMA 14 MB John J. Persons Lease IOWA WI Lead-Zinc
1563 DMA 78 MB Modarelli EUREKA NV Iron
1564 DMA 13 MB Owl Group KERN CA Tungsten
1565 DMA 8 MB Twentieth Century Claims GILA AZ Tungsten
1566 DMA 4 MB Sunbeam MADISON MT Manganese
1567 DMA 74 MB Eureka Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
1568 DMA 4 MB Mary Agnes & Morie R. Claims GRAND UT Tungsten
1569 DMA 15 MB Arizona Hancock Copper Company PINAL AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Uranium
1570 DMA 2 MB Eagle Mountain Mine RIVERSIDE CA Iron
1571 DMA 10 MB New Er Claims HUMBOLDT NV Copper, Beryl
1572 DMA 5 MB None Identified GOGEBIC MI Copper
1573 DMA 3 MB Black Rock Claims SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1574 DMA 14 MB Lava Creek INYO CA Tungsten
1575 DMA 14 MB Queen of Hills Mine MILLARD UT Tungsten
1576 DMA 9 MB Tungsten Group KERN CA Tungsten, Manganese
1577 DMA 12 MB Laynesville UNKNOWN COUNTY VA Manganese
1578 DMA 3 MB McCahill Group IRON UT Iron
1579 DMA 3 MB Desert View Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Iron
1580 DMA 4 MB Blue Cat EL DORADO CA Copper, Sulphur, Manganese
1581 DMA 5 MB Watchout Talc Claim INYO CA Talc
1582 DMA 2 MB None Identified UNKNOWN GA Asbestos
1583 DMA 4 MB Birch Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
1584 DMA 2 MB None Identified LEMHI ID Lead, Silver, Gold
1585 DMA 1 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Mica
1586 DMA 15 MB Tungsten City INYO CA Tungsten
1587 DMA 4 MB General Sherman Claims KERN CA Tungsten
1588 DMA 6 MB Richie & Paulsen Lease RIVERSIDE CA Beryl, Tantalite, Mica
1589 DMA 2 MB Axolotel Group CAMAS ID Monazite, Rare Earths, Titantite
1590 DMA 13 MB Shamrock Group FERRY WA Nickel, Lead, Silver
1591 DMA 4 MB Langer Claim Group KING WA Copper, Zinc, Lead, Antimony
1592 DMA 7 MB Shorty, Addition & Lulu Claims SILVER BOW MT Copper
1593 DMA 22 MB Ambassador Mine SANDERS MT Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper
1594 DMA 20 MB Sunday Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
1595 DMA 7 MB Coeur'd Alene & Pine Creek Antimony SHOSHONE ID Antimony
1597 DMA 5 MB St. Paul Quartz Mine LINCOLN MT Lead-Zinc
1598 DMA 4 MB Blue Bonnett Mine KITSAP WA Asbestos
1599 DMA 5 MB Iias Group KITTITAS WA Copper, Gold, Silver
1600 DMA 4 MB Yogo Group JUDITH BASIN MT Copper, Lead, Zinc, Iron, Gold, Silver
1601 DMA 5 MB Tuscumbia Lease SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
1602 DMA 5 MB Whirlwind Lode Claim POWELL MT Copper, Silver, Gold
1603 DMA 5 MB Tamarack Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
1604 DMA 42.8 MB Hyde BENEWAH ID Iron, Manganese
1605 DMA 1 MB None Identified SAN LUIS OBISPO CA Manganese, Copper
1606 DMA 5 MB Dixie Mine MARICOPA AZ Copper
1607 DMA 38 MB Red Rock Mine SANTA BARBARA CA Mercury
1608 DMA 47 MB Starbo Mine PIERCE WA Copper, Molybdenum, Gold, Silver
1609 DMA 14 MB Sunshine LEMHI ID Cobalt
1610 DMA 1 MB Bird Rock Mine SAN DIEGO CA Uranium, Tantalite, Columbite
1611 DMA 8 MB Ione, Muscovite, Redysar & Opal Claims ALBANY WY Beryl, Tantalum, Columbium, Mica
1613 DMA 32 MB Mahoney Mine LUNA NM Lead-Zinc
1615 DMA 11 MB Della JUAB UT Copper, Lead, Gold, Silver
1616 DMA 4 MB Ruby Mine SAN JUAN CO Tungsten, Manganese
1617 DMA <1 MB Westlake & Samsel Tracts GILA AZ Tungsten
1618 DMA 25 MB LaCasse - Childers JEFFERSON MT Manganese
1619 DMA 15 MB Blue Jacket Mine MINERAL NV Tungsten, Copper, Silver
1620 DMA 17 MB Schulte & Harvey Leases LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
1621 DMA 9 MB Bell Flat CHURCHILL NV Tungsten
1622 DMA 2 MB Alta Vista Quartz Claim MONO CA Copper, Silica, Quartz, Antimony, Silver
1623 DMA 8 MB Barrell Spring PERSHING NV Tin, Gold
1624 DMA 3 MB Comstock Claims ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
1625 DMA 5 MB Shooting Star ESMERALDA NV Tungsten
1626 DMA 5 MB Green Monster Group CLARK NV Uranium, Copper, Lead, Zinc
1627 DMA 11 MB War Eagle Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Fluorspar
1628 DMA 12 MB Copper Mountain Claim BUTTE ID Copper
1629 DMA 12 MB Dayton Iron Deposit LYON NV Iron
1630 DMA 17 MB Mineral Hills tract FRANKLIN MO Lead-Zinc
1631 DMA 87 MB Bow Knot Bend Area EMERY UT Uranium
1632 DMA 5 MB Kilburn Group POWELL MT Tungsten, Monazite, Gold
1633 DMA 95 MB State of Texas Mine COCHISE AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Gold
1634 DMA 23 MB Randolph Lead-Zinc Mine PINAL AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
1635 DMA 348 MB Minnie Moore & Queen of the Hills Mines BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1636 DMA 14 MB Atolia SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1637 DMA 2 MB Spidle Property SHELBY AL Iron, Dolomite, Copper, Zinc, Manganese
1638 DMA 13 MB Black Shaft & Elmo Mines HUDSPETH TX Copper
1640 DMA 15 MB Bed rock Quicksilver Mine ESMERALDA NV Mercury
1641 DMA 27 MB Minnie Moore Mine BLAINE ID Lead, Silver
1642 DMA 5 MB Justright & Malaya Groups SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Silver
1643 DMA 3 MB Rock House TULARE CA Tungsten
1644 DMA 7 MB Blackhawk Mine LINCOLN NV Lead, Silver, Copper, Iron
1645 DMA 3 MB Royal Tungsten TULARE CA Tungsten
1646 DMA 5 MB Viking Talc Mine INYO CA Talc
1647 DMA 9 MB Mt. Lewis Tungsten Claims TUOLUMNE CA Tungsten, Lead, Zinc, Copper, Nickel
1648 DMA 7 MB Zinc Mountain YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Zinc
1649 DMA 4 MB None Identified CLARK NV Mica
1650 DMA 14 MB Betty Mine PARK CO Cobalt, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
1651 DMA 145 MB Dorothy-Katie Mines BOULDER CO Tungsten
1652 DMA 2 MB Hawk CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica, Feldspar
1654 DMA 11 MB Sierra Zinc Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc
1655 DMA 3 MB Antimony Prospect HUMBOLDT NV Antimony
1656 DMA 8 MB Mica City Creek MACON NC Mica
1657 DMA 6 MB Callaway & Munday MACON NC Mica
1658 DMA 16 MB Devil's Canyon Mine KING WA Tungsten, Molybdenium, Silver, Copper, Gold
1659 DMA 4 MB Indain Creek Group NYE NV Manganese
1660 DMA 6 MB Hope Group ELMORE ID Antimony
1661 DMA 8 MB Monarch & Arletta Mines SAN BERNARDINO CA Talc
1662 DMA 4 MB Hall-Burra Mine MACON NC Mica
1663 DMA 4 MB Black Joe Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
1664 DMA 4 MB Enloe Mica Prospect MACON NC Mica
1665 DMA 11 MB Chalk Hill Mine MACON NC Mica, Feldspar
1666 DMA <1 MB Johnson Property YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
1667 DMA 2 MB Thunder Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY CO Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold
1669 DMA <1 MB Stevens and Turner Lease SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1671 DMA 8 MB Comet Mine LINCOLN NV Tungsten, Lead, Zinc
1672 DMA <1 MB None identified TULARE CA Lead
1673 DMA <1 MB None identified LOS ANGELES CA Chromium
1674 DMA <1 MB None identified LOS ANGELES CA Manganese
1675 DMA 4 MB Cabe Mine MACON NC Mica, Feldspar
1677 DMA 6 MB Pewabic Group GILPIN CO Uranium
1678 DMA 11 MB Cerro Gordo Mines INYO CA Lead, Silver, Zinc
1679 DMA 4 MB Harry Talley Mine MACON NC Mica
1680 DMA 4 MB Ledbetter Mine MACON NC Mica
1681 DMA 5 MB Mitchem FERRY WA Fluorspar
1682 DMA 8 MB Victory CUSTER SD Mica, Beryl
1683 DMA 10 MB F & A Galena Lode CUSTER SD Lead, Tungsten, Silver
1685 DMA 176 MB Happy Canyon & Hatch Canyon GARFIELD UT Uranium
1686 DMA 5 MB Golden Triplets Group BOUNDARY ID Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
1687 DMA 3 MB Inspiration JEFFERSON MT Lead, Gold, Silver, Copper
1688 DMA 1 MB None TULARE CA Tungsten
1689 DMA 4 MB Eagle Rock Claim TAOS NM Molybdenum
1690 DMA <1 MB Sink Float Plant UNKNOWN COUNTY NV Manganese
1691 DMA 1 MB None GRAHAM NC Copper, Zinc, Sulphur
1692 DMA 5 MB Rogers Mine MACON NC Mica, Feldspar
1693 DMA 20 MB Glengary Mine PARK MT Copper, Gold
1695 DMA <1 MB None identified

1699 DMA 10 MB Gold Nugget Claims LA PLATA CO Copper, Gold
1700 DMA 13 MB Country Home Farm MACON NC Mica
1701 DMA 274 MB Silver King Unit VARIOUS COUNTIES UT Lead-Zinc, Silver
1702 DMA 38 MB Copper King Mine LARIMER CO Uranium, Zinc, Copper
1703 DMA 11 MB H. S. Tungsten Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten, Beryl, Silver, Lead, Zinc
1705 DMA 1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Platinum
1706 DMA <1 MB None identified
CA None identified
1707 DMA 6 MB Blew Jordam SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc, Cadmium
1708 DMA 38 MB Apex Mine WASHINGTON UT Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver
1709 DMA 171 MB Hale-Georgia BARTOW GA Manganese, Mica, Iron, Barite
1711 DMA 5 MB Tungsten Queen MONO CA Tungsten
1713 DMA 2 MB Ione Claim Group SAN JUAN CO Lead, Antimony, Silver
1714 DMA 9 MB Lyle Knob Mine MACON NC Mica, Feldspar
1716 DMA 9 MB Idaho Manganese Corporation BANNOCK ID Manganese
1717 DMA 5 MB Duckworth Land FRANKLIN MO Lead-Zinc
1718 DMA <1 MB Matchless Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
1719 DMA 2 MB Glowworm Group BEAVERHEAD MT Tungsten
1720 DMA 4 MB Zachary Mine MACON NC Mica
1721 DMA 7 MB Meadows Mine MACON NC Mica
1722 DMA 31 MB Helmet Peak Mine PIMA AZ Lead-Zinc, Copper
1724 DMA 1 MB Bear River Quarry PACIFIC WA Limestone
1726 DMA 7 MB Groom Mine LINCOLN NV Lead-Zinc, Silver
1727 DMA 42 MB Carter Mine JUDITH BASIN MT Lead, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Tungsten
1728 DMA 12 MB Queen of Sheba & Carbonate Mine INYO CA Lead, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Gold
1729 DMA <1 MB Open Pit operation OURAY CO Lead
1730 DMA 4 MB Mozell, East Side No. 2 & Diamond Claims SOCORRO NM Lead
1731 DMA 13 MB Spider Claim Group JUAB UT Uranium
1732 DMA 4 MB Judson Mine MACON NC Mica
1733 DMA 27 MB Sauk Group SNOHOMISH WA Iron, Magnetite
1734 DMA 3 MB Mountain View Mine CUSTER ID Tungsten, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Gold
1738 DMA 72 MB Various Tracts JASPER MO Lead-Zinc
1742 DMA 4 MB Seneca Mine KEWEENAW MI Copper
1743 DMA 35 MB Royston Coalition Mine PIUTE UT Uranium
1744 DMA 10 MB Devil's Canyon Mine KING WA Quartz, Molybdenium, Tungsten
1745 DMA 2 MB None Identified MILLARD UT Tungsten
1746 DMA 6 MB Devil's Cayon Mine KING WA Molybdenum
1747 DMA 9 MB Hatcher Land NEWTON MO Lead-Zinc
1748 DMA 2 MB Ciricahua Developing Company VARIOUS COUNTIES AZ Asbestos, Copper
1749 DMA 11 MB Evelyn's Delight INYO CA Manganese
1750 DMA <1 MB Red Elephant Veins CLEAR CREEK CO Silver
1751 DMA 5 MB Cecil Mine MACON NC Mica, Feldspar
1752 DMA 11 MB Various Leases CATRON NM Tin
1756 DMA 4 MB Lucky Strike Group SAN MIGUEL NM Asbestos
1757 DMA 43 MB Bagdad Property YAVAPAI AZ Copper
1761 DMA 4 MB Peterson Property of Bailey Mt. Tract YANCEY NC Mica
1763 DMA 5 MB Chamac Mine LEMHI ID Fluorspar
1764 DMA 11 MB Quien Sabe et. al. FREMONT WY Tungsten, Beryl, Felspar, Tantalum, Mica
1765 DMA 3 MB Prospect TOOELE UT Lead-Zinc
1766 DMA 4 MB J. M. Roark & Sons Mine JASPER MO Lead-Zinc
1767 DMA 8 MB Sherman Brothers Mining Property OKANOGAN WA Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
1769 DMA 32 MB Yellowstone Sulphur Group PARK WY Sulphur
1770 DMA 11 MB Black Butte SAN BERNARDINO CA Manganese, Iron, Aluminum Oxide
1772 DMA 3 MB None Identified WASHINGTON UT Uranium
1774 DMA <1 MB None Identified
1775 DMA 2 MB None Identified CLARK WA Mercury
1776 DMA 33 MB Salt River Asbestos Deposits GILA AZ Asbestos
1777 DMA <1 MB None identified

1779 DMA 19 MB Burke-Martin Mines SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc, Silver, Manganese
1780 DMA 7 MB Wolverine Mine OTTAWA OK Zinc
1781 DMA 12 MB Copper Glance PIMA AZ Copper, Silver
1782 DMA 3 MB Tungsten King NYE NV Tungsten
1783 DMA 9 MB Bernice Group JEFFERSON MT Copper, Silver, Lead, Gold
1784 DMA 2 MB War Eagle Mine JACKSON OR Mercury
1789 DMA 7 MB Lava Manganese Sales Company BANNOCK ID Manganese
1791 DMA 2 MB None Identified LANDER NV Tin
1792 DMA <1 MB None identified
CA Copper
1793 DMA 4 MB Lena Group PIMA AZ Uranium
1796 DMA 11 MB Mayes Topaz Deposit GRANVILLE NC Kyanite (Topaz)
1797 DMA 9 MB Iron Horse Mine SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead-Zinc
1798 DMA 1 MB None Identified GILLESPIE TX Talc
1800 DMA 3 MB DeAnza mica flake Mill RIO ARRIBA NM Mica
1801 DMA 32 MB Fountainhead Mine MOHAVE AZ Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver, Copper
1802 DMA 5 MB Dawes Talc Mine ESMERALDA NV Talc, Tungsten, Uranium
1803 DMA 2 MB None Identified WASHINGTON UT Uranium, Copper
1804 DMA 4 MB Red Copper Group SAN BERNARDINO CA Copper
1805 DMA 2 MB Shade Rest Claim MADERA CA Tungsten
1806 DMA 5 MB Tungsten Prince & Tungsten Princess Claims KERN CA Tungsten
1808 DMA 5 MB Bundy Mine CAMAS ID Lead-Zinc
1809 DMA 9 MB Valley View Mine LEMHI ID Lead, Silver, Iron, Zinc, Sulphur, Lime
1810 DMA 6 MB Sky Lode CUSTER SD Beryl, Columbuim-Tantalum, Mica
1811 DMA 8 MB Triangle A CUSTER SD Mica, Beryl
1812 DMA 7 MB Tanner Lode CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica
1813 DMA 6 MB Mich Lode (Michaud Beryl) CUSTER SD Mica, Beryl, Columbo-Tantalite
1814 DMA 7 MB Wayside Lode CUSTER SD Mica, Beryl, Columbium-Tantalum
1815 DMA 2 MB Yukon-Black Beauty SAN BERNARDINO CA Tungsten
1816 DMA 7 MB Fouress Mine LINCOLN WA Lead-Zinc, Silver, Copper
1818 DMA 7 MB Bonus Claims LINCOLN MT Lead, Copper, Gold
1819 DMA 16 MB Alabama Group OTERO NM Zinc, Lead, Copper, Manganese
1820 DMA 3 MB First Chance UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Tungsten
1821 DMA <1 MB None identified UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Fluorspar
1822 DMA 18.5 MB Hansey Mine SHOSHONE ID Copper, Gold, Silver
1823 DMA 31 MB Victory Group LEMHI ID Copper, Cobalt
1826 DMA 2 MB Empress mine INYO CA Lead-Zinc, Copper
1828 DMA 7 MB Alhambra Mine ALPINE CA Tungsten, Gold, Silver
1829 DMA 69 MB Scallon-Todd Lease AITKIN MN Manganese, Iron
1830 DMA 7 MB Hill-Frick Claims MINERAL NV Tungsten
1831 DMA 23 MB Johnsburg Mine SKAGIT WA Lead, Silver, Gold
1835 DMA 1 MB Moses Property UNKNOWN COUNTY NC Mica
1836 DMA 4 MB None Identified EDDY NM Potash, Phosphate
1838 DMA 2 MB September Morn Copper Deposit EUREKA NV Copper
1840 DMA 9 MB Copper Knob Mine ASHE NC Copper
1842 DMA 1 MB Magnolia and Nadeau Groups UNKNOWN COUNTY CA Tungsten
1844 DMA 3 MB North Measow Claims TULARE CA Tungsten
1847 DMA 5 MB Comstock Group LAWRENCE SD Tungsten
1851 DMA <1 MB None identified

1852 DMA 2 MB A to Z No. 3 WASHOE NV Phosphate, Potash
1853 DMA 10 MB Harrington Hickory Consolidated BEAVER UT Lead-Zinc, Copper
1856 DMA 200 MB Mertie Lode UNKNOWN COUNTY AK Nickel, Cobalt, Copper
1857 DMA 3 MB Houston Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY NC Mica
1858 DMA <1 MB None identified

None identified
1859 DMA 3 MB Bryson Mine MACON NC Mica
1861 DMA 4 MB Mead Manganese JOHNSON WY Manganese
1864 DMA <1 MB None identified

1869 DMA 3 MB Alice M. & Helen M. LARIMER CO Beryl
1870 DMA 81 MB Joe & John Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
1871 DMA 9 MB Hercules Mine SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
1872 DMA 5 MB Munday - Ledford Mine CLAY NC Manganese
1873 DMA 2 MB None Identified CUSTER CO Uranium
1874 DMA 29 MB Mineral Hills Group PIUTE UT Uranium, Iron
1875 DMA 11 MB Little East Fork Mica Mine HAYWOOD NC Mica
1876 DMA 13.7 MB Monarch Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1877 DMA 11 MB Mulcahy Group JEFFERSON MT Lead, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold, Uranium, Tungsten
1879 DMA 25 MB Harris Wash GARFIELD UT Manganese
1880 DMA 4 MB Jupiter Mine MACON NC Mica, Feldspar
1881 DMA 2 MB Even Chance BLAINE ID Antimony
1882 DMA 3 MB Lucile Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten, Lead, Zinc, Silver
1883 DMA 3 MB Enigma Mines PITKIN CO Copper
1884 DMA 2 MB Indian Head Group SIERRA NM Manganese
1885 DMA 12 MB Hoosier Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
1886 DMA 7 MB Black Rock Group MOHAVE AZ Tungsten
1887 DMA 15 MB Caribou Mine BOULDER CO Lead-Zinc, Silver, Gold, Copper
1888 DMA 4 MB Sec.16 JASPER MO Zinc
1889 DMA 4 MB Gold King Group LINCOLN MT Lead-Zinc
1890 DMA 3 MB Homer or Last Chance Claims ESMERALDA NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
1891 DMA 2 MB None Identified SHARP AR Iron
1892 DMA 5 MB Superior & Dip Down Claims SIERRA NM Copper
1893 DMA 3 MB Hatch Prospect FRANKLIN ID Copper, Cobalt, Tungsten
1894 DMA 74 MB Red Bird Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc, Silver
1896 DMA 95 MB Spring Canyon -Bow Knot Bend Area GRAND UT Uranium
1897 DMA 12 MB Chautauguan Mine LAKE CO Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
1898 DMA 4 MB Oreana, Ragged Top, Alpine & Star Mines PERSHING NV Tungsten
1899 DMA 68 MB Bear Valley VALLEY ID Monazite, Uranium, Columbium-Tantalum, Titanium
1900 DMA 8 MB Powder Hill Mine AVERY NC Mica
1901 DMA 125 MB Gilmore Dome FAIRBANKS AK Tungsten
1902 DMA 60 MB The True Fissure Mine GRANITE MT Manganese
1903 DMA 9 MB Meadow Mine AVERY NC Mica
1904 DMA 1 MB None Identified UNKNOWN COUNTY AZ Mercury
1905 DMA 5 MB Independence Claims BLAINE ID Tungsten
1906 DMA 68 MB Mine MILLARD UT Tungsten
1907 DMA 7 MB Ray Consolidated Placer Mine JOSEPHINE OR Platinum, Gold
1908 DMA 26 MB John Hall Mine CHEROKEE KS Lead-Zinc
1909 DMA 25 MB Lincoln Mine JASPER MO Zinc
1910 DMA 2 MB Pollywood Creek UNKNOWN COUNTY SC Monazite
1911 DMA 19 MB Victor Toivonen's Eighty MARQUETTE MI Uranium
1912 DMA 7 MB Charles Robinson Mine YANCEY NC Mica
1914 DMA 4 MB Garden Branch Mine MACON NC Mica
1915 DMA 19 MB Brown Canon CHAFFEE CO Fluorspar
1916 DMA 4 MB Hungerford-McKinney MITCHELL NC Beryl
1917 DMA 11 MB Cook Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
1918 DMA 2 MB None Identified NYE NV Fluorspar
1920 DMA 3 MB J.B. Pritchard AVERY NC Mica
1921 DMA <1 MB Little Boy Mine MOHAVE AZ None identified
1922 DMA 7 MB Hemlick Property VALLEY ID Quartz
1924 DMA 4 MB Mine Hill Mine JACKSON NC Mica
1928 DMA <1 MB Hardscrabble Mine CUSTER ID Gold, Silver,Lead
1930 DMA 22 MB West Exposure Prospect GRANITE MT Silver, Lead, Zinc, Gold
1931 DMA 7 MB None identified SAN JUAN UT Uranium
1932 DMA 21 MB Molly Bawn Mine CLEAR CREEK CO Lead-Zinc
1933 DMA 10 MB Carie Springs Area SAN JUAN UT Uranium
1934 DMA 5 MB Warren Peak Property GRANITE MT Lead
1935 DMA 12 MB Rustler Group of Claims BLAINE ID Lead
1936 DMA 20 MB Blue Kitten Mine BLAINE ID Lead-Zinc
1937 DMA 6 MB Crazy Mtns PARK MT Uranium
1938 DMA 5 MB Horse Mountain Uranium Mine EAGLE CO Uranium
1939 DMA 8 MB Cross Lode Claims 1 to 7. YAVAPAI AZ Copper, Lead
1940 DMA 3 MB Last Chance Mine OKANOGAN WA Tungsten
1942 DMA 3 MB Cody Mine MACON NC Mica
1943 DMA 5 MB Releif Mine PERSHING NV Tungsten
1944 DMA 10 MB Sunset Mining claims POWELL MT Lead-Zinc
1945 DMA No scan Warm Lake UNKNOWN COUNTY ID Lead, Silver, Gold
1946 DMA 2 MB None identified MACON NC Mica
1948 DMA 64 MB Rip Van Winkle Mine ELKO NV Lead-Zinc, Silver
1949 DMA 37 MB Lucky Strike Mine LANDER NV Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
1950 DMA 47 MB Elizabeth Mine ORANGE VT Copper
1951 DMA 12 MB Browns Lake Tungsten Deposit BEAVERHEAD MT Tungsten
1954 DMA 8 MB Gig Chief Group FERRY WA Tungsten
1955 DMA 10 MB Winters Prospect AVERY NC Mica
1957 DMA 41 MB Jomac Mine SAN JUAN UT Uranium
1958 DMA 17 MB Needle Gun Vein GRANITE MT Lead-Zinc
1959 DMA 36 MB Hoodo Mine CUSTER ID Lead-Zinc
1964 DMA 2 MB T-Bone Tungsten Property LANDER NV Tungsten
1965 DMA 15 MB Reliance Copper Mine MARICOPA AZ Copper
1966 DMA 49 MB Penn Mine CALAVERAS CA Copper, Zinc
1967 DMA 7 MB Scheelite and Aplite Claims JEFFERSON MT Tungsten
1968 DMA 83 MB Holmes Property PIUTE UT Uranium
1973 DMA 1 MB Snake Creek Canyon WHITE PINE NV Manganese
1974 DMA 4 MB Snake Creek Canyon WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
1975 DMA 1 MB None identified
CA Tungsten
1976 DMA 1 MB None identified
CA Tungsten
1977 DMA 1 MB None identified
CA Tungsten
1979 DMA 8 MB Copper Prospect KING WA Copper
1980 DMA 9 MB G-W Mine BEAVERHEAD MT Lead, Silver
1984 DMA 7 MB West Gateway Mining District MESA CO Uranium
1985 DMA 11 MB Herriman Farm MARINETTE WI Asbestos
1987 DMA 3 MB Nova Jean Claim SAN BERNARDINO CA Lead, Copper
1995 DMA 2 MB Happy Hill No. 2 Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY NC Mica
1996 DMA 2 MB Discovery Claim FAIRBANKS AK Silver
2005 DMA 26 MB Shanley Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2006 DMA 1 MB Caribo Mill BOULDER CO Tungsten
2007 DMA <1 MB None identified SOCORRO NM None identified
2008 DMA 6 MB Worm Creek Manganese Prospect BEAR LAKE ID Manganese
2009 DMA 11 MB Ramsdell Mine GILA AZ Manganese
2010 DMA 11 MB Silver Butte Mine ELKO NV Lead
2011 DMA 13 MB Wiegie Group CUSTER SD Columbite-Tantalite, Garnets, Gold, Tin
2012 DMA <1 MB May, Desty, John and Black Line Mines CLARK NV Lead-Zinc
2013 DMA 24 MB Amador Mine MINERAL MT Copper
2014 DMA 2 MB Nickel Dome No. 1 & 2 Claims BAKER OR Nickel, Asbestos
2015 DMA 5 MB Boss & Atlantus CASCADE MT Lead-Zinc, Silver
2017 DMA 10 MB Nancy Mine No.2 GRAFTON NH Mica, Beryl
2021 DMA 22 MB Bonanza Copper Mine YUMA AZ Copper
2022 DMA 3 MB Tom Greene Mine MITCHELL NC Mica
2023 DMA 6 MB No Name Mine SAGUACHE CO Lead, Copper
2024 DMA 1 MB None identified PIERCE WA Lead-Zinc
2028 DMA 239 MB U. S. & Lark Mine SALT LAKE UT Lead-Zinc
2030 DMA 17 MB Zannarapolis No. 28 Mine YAVAPAI AZ Tungsten
2031 DMA 6 MB Josephine,Albertson, and Mideloy Mines CHAFFEE CO Cobalt, Nickel, Platinum, Uranium.
2032 DMA 5 MB Lulu Stibnite Claim SAN JUAN CO Antimony
2033 DMA 8 MB Grey Eagle Mine LANDER NV Lead-Zinc, Copper
2034 DMA 23 MB White Pine & Bell Group JEFFERSON MT Lead-Zinc, Gold, Silver
2035 DMA 5 MB Auburn Hot Springs Sulphur Deposits LINCOLN WY Sulphur
2036 DMA 6 MB Wetherbee Prospects MERRIMACK NH Mica, Beryl
2037 DMA 12 MB Peugnet ST FRANCOIS MO Lead
2039 DMA 1 MB None identified SANTA CRUZ AZ None identified
2040 DMA 4 MB Rare Metals Mine PINAL AZ Molybdenum, Copper
2041 DMA 4 MB Woody Mine AVERY NC Mica
2044 DMA 62 MB Red Cloud Mine INYO CA Lead-Zinc
2045 DMA <1 MB Wolf Tongue Mill UNKNOWN COUNTY CO Tungsten
2046 DMA 14 MB Goshute Indian Reservation JUAB UT Quartz
2047 DMA 5 MB Stephenson Mine BREWSTER TX Manganese
2051 DMA 2 MB Fish Creek Mountain Deposit MADERA CA Tungsten
2053 DMA 6 MB Fish Creek Mountain Deposits MADERA CA Tungsten
2054 DMA 12 MB Galt Mine CASCADE MT Lead-Zinc
2056 DMA 7 MB Ponca Mine PENNINGTON SD Mica
2057 DMA 2 MB None identified JEFFERSON CO Copper
2058 DMA 12 MB Hallie A Tungsten Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2059 DMA 2 MB Tip Top Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2060 DMA 6 MB Pride of the West & Green Mountain Mines SAN JUAN CO Lead-Zinc, Copper
2062 DMA 4 MB Last Chance Lode BOULDER CO Tungsten
2063 DMA 1 MB Paymaster Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2066 DMA 9 MB Silver Queen Lead Zinc Mine YAVAPAI AZ Lead-Zinc
2069 DMA 9 MB Loma Prieta and Copper Hill Mines YAVAPAI AZ Copper
2070 DMA 3 MB Sanford Crane Property WILKES NC Mica
2072 DMA 4 MB Buchskin Mine DOUGLAS NV Copper, Gold
2074 DMA 2 MB Mike Horse LEWIS AND CLARK MT Lead-Zinc
2075 DMA 7 MB Donner Mine CALAVERAS CA Zinc, Copper
2076 DMA 3 MB Berrett & Ricks Prospect BEAR LAKE ID Lead, Copper
2077 DMA 7 MB Busche Graphite Prospect MORRIS NJ Graphite
2078 DMA 7 MB Bruce Lode CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica, Columbite-Tantalite
2081 DMA 10 MB Cliff Gold Mine BAKER OR Tungsten
2083 DMA 3 MB Tungsten Property ELKO NV Tungsten
2084 DMA 2 MB Tungsten No. 1 Mine GILA AZ Tungsten
2085 DMA 14 MB Rock King Load CHAFFEE CO Tungsten
2086 DMA 44 MB Vasco No.7 Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2087 DMA 14 MB Lucky Jack et al. MINERAL MT Fluorspar
2090 DMA 20 MB Near Greenwood, BC.

Copper, Gold, Silver.
2091 DMA 2 MB Warren Draw Pegmatite CUSTER SD Beryl
2092 DMA 2 MB High Climb Pegmatite CUSTER SD Beryl, Mica, Columbite
2093 DMA 13 MB Round Mountain NYE NV Uranium
2094 DMA 15 MB Robbs Farm POPE IL Fluorspar
2096 DMA 4 MB Big Bar TRINITY CA Nickel, Cobalt and Copper
2097 DMA <1 MB Lone Oak Mine
CA Mercury
2099 DMA 4 MB Torpedo-Eclipse Manganese Mine OURAY CO Manganese
2101 DMA 20 MB Penn CALAVERAS CA Copper, Zinc.
2102 DMA 10 MB Swiss Boy And Silver Crop Mines CHAFFEE CO Lead-Zinc
2106 DMA 7 MB Plumbago Mtn. Beryl Prospect OXFORD ME Beryl
2109 DMA 3 MB Meadow Mountain MINERAL MT Lead-Zinc
2110 DMA 4 MB Jim Brown Mine WATAUGA NC Mica
2111 DMA 4 MB Beullon Holland Mica Mine MACON NC Mica
2113 DMA 21.5 MB Sunrise Mine SHOSHONE ID Lead-Zinc
2114 DMA 23 MB Iron King Manganese Claim GILA AZ Manganese
2116 DMA 3 MB Granite Queen ADAMS ID Copper
2118 DMA <1 MB Argo Mine GRANITE MT Tungsten
2119 DMA 2 MB Moore Mine TROUP GA Mica
2120 DMA 3 MB Dean Mine PAULDING GA Mica
2121 DMA 12 MB Hogg Mine TROUP GA Beryl, Mica
2122 DMA 5 MB Temple Mine CARROLL GA Mica
2123 DMA 84 MB Lucile Mine STEVENS WA Lead-Zinc, Silver, Tungsten, Cadinium, Antimony
2124 DMA 18 MB Glove Mine SANTA CRUZ AZ Lead-Zinc
2125 DMA 6 MB Lobo Tungsten Deposit FRESNO CA Tungsten
2126 DMA No scan Badger Creek Mine ASHE NC Manganese
2127 DMA 10 MB Early Mine MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
2128 DMA 106 MB La Salle and La Sal claims MESA CO Uranium, Vanadium
2131 DMA 53 MB Germania Mine STEVENS WA Tungsten
2132 DMA 13 MB Black Goose Mine SOCORRO NM Manganese
2133 DMA 20 MB Squaw CanyonUranium Vanadium Claims SAN JUAN UT Uranium
2135 DMA 89 MB Buddy & Freedom No. 2 PIUTE UT Uranium
2136 DMA 19 MB Apex Tungsten Mine JUAB UT Tungsten
2138 DMA 10 MB Hilltop Mine WHITE PINE NV Tungsten
2141 DMA 7 MB Belle Eldridge Gold Mines LAFAYETTE WI
2146 DMA 6 MB Moose Mine PARK CO
2149 DMA 5 MB Big Doe Zinc Mine BLAINE ID Zinc
2151 DMA 3 MB Cagle Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2152 DMA 3 MB Felix Hall Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2154 DMA 3 MB Gregory Knob Corundum Mine MACON NC Corundum-Andalusite
2157 DMA 15 MB Silver Star MADISON MT Copper, Gold, Silver
2158 DMA 1 MB Tungsten Mine BOULDER CO Tungsten
2159 DMA 2 MB Apex Prospect COCHISE AZ Lead
2160 DMA 37 MB Chataugau Mine SUMMIT CO Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver, Gold
2163 DMA 3 MB Tipple Claims WHITE PINE NV Lead, Zinc, Silver
2164 DMA 3.7 MB Wolf Lodge Co. KOOTENAI ID Lead
2167 DMA 9 MB Globe Asbestos Mine GILA AZ Asbestos
2171 DMA <1 MB Black Bird Claim LANDER NV Tungsten
2172 DMA 10 MB Black Bird Claim LANDER NV Manganese
2173 DMA 9 MB Chance Mine SHERIDAN WY Monzanite
2174 DMA 3 MB Colorado and Utah UNKNOWN COUNTY CO Uranium
2175 DMA 21 MB Cardiff Mine SALT LAKE UT Lead, Zinc, Copper
2176 DMA 2 MB Sherman Valley BEDFORD PA Manganese
2177 DMA 16 MB Garibaldi Mine SILVER BOW MT Manganese
2178 DMA 8 MB Press Brown and Tom Kirby Mines WILKES NC Mica
2179 DMA 11 MB Lucy Load et al. claims GRANITE MT Manganese
2180 DMA 6 MB Pharlap No. 1 KERN CA Manganese, Beryl
2181 DMA 9 MB Raby Corundum and Mica Mine MACON NC Corundum-Andalusite, Mica
2184 DMA 34 MB Rowe Leases LAFAYETTE WI Lead-Zinc
2185 DMA 18 MB Golden Anchor Mine IDAHO ID Tungsten
2186 DMA 21 MB Selvidge Property WEBSTER MS Iron
2187 DMA 3 MB Leonard Prospect JUDITH BASIN MT Lead-Zinc
2189 DMA No scan None Identified RAVALLI MT Fluorite
2190 DMA 3 MB Blue Juniper Copper Mine MILLARD UT Copper
2191 DMA 8 MB Western Slope Const., Sauk Claims WHATCOM WA Iron
2192 DMA 18 MB Blue Star Tungsten Project MARIPOSA CA Tungsten
2194 DMA 15 MB Red Rock Claims INYO CA Tungsten
2195 DMA 7 MB None Identified CHEROKEE AL Manganese
2196 DMA 2 MB Lawrence Coggins Mine MACON NC Mica
2198 DMA 2 MB None Identified ST TAMMANY LA Sulphur
2199 DMA 1 MB None Identified

2200 DMA 7 MB None Identified ST TAMMANY LA Iron, Lead, Copper
2203 DMA 9 MB Climax Claims WHITE PINE NV Iron
2204 DMA 2 MB None Identified MACON NC Mica
2205 DMA 2 MB None Identlfied MACON NC Mica
2206 DMA 5 MB Dillard Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2207 DMA 2 MB Claude Goodman Prospect SEARCY AR Fluorspar
2208 DMA 12 MB Whaley MISSOULA MT Copper
2210 DMA 10 MB Brooks Mine SWAIN NC Beryl, Mica
2211 DMA 6 MB none identified UNICOI TN Manganese
2212 DMA 5 MB V. O. Buchanan Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2213 DMA 38 MB Meadow View Mine CUSTER ID Zinc, Tungsten, Silver
2214 DMA 9 MB Copper Head Mine SISKIYOU CA Copper
2215 DMA 2 MB Rowland Prospect MACON NC Mica
2216 DMA 6 MB Eagle Peak Copper Mine UNKNOWN COUNTY WA Copper, cobalt
2217 DMA 6 MB none identified POWELL MT Lead-Zinc, Copper, Silver
2218 DMA 9 MB Harrison Mine YOLO CA Mercury
2219 DMA 5 MB Buzzard Knob Mine MACON NC Mica
2220 DMA <1 MB none identified

2221 DMA 4 MB A.T. hurst Mine MACON NC Mica
2224 DMA 4 MB Hall-Cagle Mine JACKSON NC Mica
2226 DMA 7 MB Mueller-Kelley Prospect RIVERSIDE CA Copper, lead
2227 DMA <1 MB Scheelite Placer Claim FREMONT WY Tungsten
2230 DMA 2 MB Hawkins Mine STOKES NC Mica
2231 DMA 3 MB Reindeer Group LAWRENCE SD Manganese
2903 DMA 3 MB Milt Lewis Mine YANCEY NC Mica
2904 DMA 3 MB A. T. Nurst Mine MACON NC Mica
2905 DMA 3 MB Lequire Mine MACON NC Mica
2906 DMA 4 MB Lenoir Mine MACON NC Mica
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